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How To Clean White Shoes Without Bleach

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Fighting Stains With Toothpaste

  • 1Wipe your shoes with a damp cloth to get them wet. Wet the end of a microfiber cloth or towel and gently wipe it across your shoes. Get your shoes slightly damp but not soaking wet so the toothpaste can foam up.XResearch source
  • Try using toothpaste on fabric, mesh, or sneakers.
  • 2Rub a pea-sized dab of toothpaste into the shoes with a toothbrush. Put the dab of toothpaste directly onto your shoes where there are heavy stains. Spread the toothpaste thin so it coats the entire area before working your toothbrush in small circular motions. Work the toothpaste into the shoes fabric thoroughly before letting it set for 10 minutes.XResearch source
  • Make sure to use a non-gel toothpaste thats white. Other colors may leave stains on your shoes.
  • 3Wipe the toothpaste and dirt away with a wet cloth. You can use the same wet cloth as before to wipe the toothpaste off of your shoes. Make sure to get all of the toothpaste off your shoes so it doesnt leave any marks.XResearch source
  • 4Let your shoes air dry completely for 2-3 hours. Set your shoes in front of a fan or in a well-ventilated room. Leave the shoes to completely dry. Once theyre dry, your shoes should look a few shades lighter.XResearch source
  • Leave your shoes outside in the sun to speed up the drying process.
  • Chemical Solution: Stain Removal

    Do the two previous methods not satisfy you? Are you looking for something else? If so, consider this method.

    The stain remover is a mixture of chemical ingredients, which makes it more powerful than the stain stick. Creating enzymes to break the structure of debris, it can get rid of the most stubborn stain.

    Some necessary equipment:

    • A spray can of stain remover

    Detailed Instruction:

    Step 1: Wet your shoelaces.

    Step 2: Spray the chemical solution on the surface of white laces and leave it there for a while.

    Step 3: After a few minutes, you can see the dirt disappearing.

    Step 4: Apply your desired wash cycle. Top Tip: Let it air dry to whiten shoelaces. Do not try to speed up the process with other tools none of the heat sources except the sun can serve as a fabric protector. A hair dryer or heat gun can burn your laces, and in the worst case, can make your laces turn yellow.

    Here are some advantages and disadvantages of this method:


    • An instant process with high efficiency: You only need to apply the stain remover on your laces and wait.
    • A wide range of choices: You can search for it in any shop online or offline.


    • Because of its chemical ingredients, you may need a pair of gloves during the process to protect your hands.

    Scrubbing Your Shoes With Soap And Water

  • 1Mix dish soap into 1 c of warm water. Any liquid dish soap will work for cleaning your shoes. Use about 1 teaspoon of soap so the water is sudsy but still clear. Stir the cleaning solution with a toothbrush so its evenly mixed.XResearch source
  • Soap and water work best on all kinds of shoes, including white leather.
  • If you dont want to use dish soap, you can substitute 12 cup of white vinegar.XResearch source
  • 2Clean the soles and rubber pieces with a magic eraser. Dip the magic eraser into your soapy water and wring it out. Wipe in short back and forth motions along parts of your shoes made of leather, rubber, or plastic. Keep working the eraser until all scuffs and stains are removed.XResearch source
  • Magic erasers can be found in the cleaning section of your local department store.
  • 3Scrub stains with a stiff-bristled toothbrush. Dip the head of the toothbrush into the water so the bristles are wet. Work the bristles in small circular motions on the surface of your shoes, focusing on heavily stained areas. Use a slight amount of pressure to work the cleaning solution into the shoes fabric.XResearch source
  • Keep the toothbrush you use to clean out of the bathroom to avoid any confusion.
  • Tip: If your white shoelaces are stained, take them out of your shoes and scrub them with your toothbrush separately.

  • Dont try to completely dry your shoes with the towel. Just lift off the excess cleaning solution from the surface.
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    How To Clean Canvas Sneakers

    Canvas shoes like Chuck Taylors and Supergas can be difficult to clean because grime works its way into the shoes fabric. However, canvas can generally withstand a substantial amount of scrubbing, so most stains can be removed with a bit of work.

    After mixing some dish soap and water, clean your shoes by scrubbing them with a toothbrush in small, circular motions. When youre done, wipe them down with a damp towel to clear off any remaining suds.

    Let your shoes dry between rounds of cleaning. You wont be able to tell how much dirt remains if theyre still wet.

    If your sneakers still have stains, try using a stain remover like Tide or OxiClean. Apply the stain remover, and let the liquid sit for about five minutes before dabbing with a damp cloth. I was initially hesitant to try something this aggressive, but sneaker-cleaning legend Jason Markk said its okay, so Im fine with it.

    Into the washing machine?

    A hotly debated topic is whether you should toss your shoes into the wash. Some have done this successfully. But dont discount stories of shoes disintegrating in the washing machine . So proceed with caution because its not a gentle process.

    How Do I Wash Nike Sneakers

    How to Clean White Sneakers Without Bleach

    White Nikes look especially bad if they are dirty, probably because sneakerheads take such good care of them we have a higher expectation on how our Nikes should look. So heres how to clean your Nikes. 1. Remove the laces and use a dry, soft brush to get off any debris or mud. 2. Make a mild cleaning solution using 2 cups of water and a small amount of laundry detergent. . 3. Mix the solution together4. Massage the laces with the solution for about 2 minutes and then rinse them dry. Air dry your laces. 5. Use a soft-bristled brush and your solution to clean the soles of your Nike shoes. Blot dry with a soft cloth. 6. Use an old toothbrush to gently scrub the main fabric of your Nike shoes. Use a dry cloth to blot the excess solution off your shoes and lift any remaining soap. You do not need to rinse your shoes, nor should you in order to keep their structure intact. 7. Air dry at room temperature.

    When cleaning nikes it is best to avoid putting them in the washing machine or using bleach. Because nikes have an internal structure to them machine washing and bleach can cause them to look older and hold their shape less.

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    Air Drying Sneaker Tips

    • Air dry never tumble dry. The last thing you want to do is shrink your shoes or develop cracks in the rubber from a hot dryer.
    • Place wet shoes in a warm location with good air circulation.
    • Stuff wet shoes with crumpled newspaper to speed up the drying process.
    • Be careful if you leave your shoes in direct sunlight to dry. Too much sun exposure can cause the rubber or leather to crack. The sun can also bleach colored shoes to a lighter shade.

    A Good Wash And Sunshine

    The first place to start with yellowed or generally dirty shoes of knit material, canvas, or canvas with leather detailor pretty much any kind of human-made type of materialis a simple wash and dry.

    First, remove laces and insoles and fill a bucket or small tub with warm water and a tablespoon of laundry detergent. Holding the shoe by the toe or the back heel, swish it around in the soapy water for a few minutes. Let it sit for a few minutes, swish again, then rinse under warm water. Repeat. Or, use your washing machine . In both cases you can toss the insoles in, too.

    After the second wash-rinse cycle let the shoes drip-dry in the tub or outside. If you can let them dry in the sunshine, this will help them get even whiter. You might find a good washing is enough to get your shoes white again.

    If, before you dry the shoes, you think they are not white enough yet, try the scrubbing technique described in the the first method.

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    Clean Shoes With Soapy Water

    Add a small amount of liquid laundry detergent to a bowl of warm water to create a soapy cleaning solution. Working in circular motions, apply the cleaning solution to the shoes using a soft cloth. Periodically rinse the cloth with warm water as you clean to avoid spreading dirt or stains across the shoes. For stubborn spots like grass stains or ground-in dirt, use the toothbrush and soapy water or a bleach pen to gently scrub the mesh fabric.

    How Can I Whiten My Shoes Without Bleach

    How to Clean White Shoes!!! NO BLEACH!!!!!

    We dont recommend using bleach when cleaning your shoes. It can be harsh on the materials and wear down your shoes. Instead, follow all our tips above depending on what kind of shoes you have. Overall, the best tool youll find for cleaning shoes is definitely dish soap!

    But for really sparkling white shoes, the baking soda and white vinegar paste is going to work wonders.

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    Expert Tips For Cleaning White Canvas Vans

  • Remove the laces and wash them separately in a mix of mild dish soap and warm water. Rinse and let them air dry before re-lacing your shoes.
  • Before your first wear and after every cleaning, spray Vans with a water and stain repellant spray to help them stay cleaner longer. The GH Cleaning Lab likes Kiwi Sneaker Protector for both leather and canvas shoes.
  • Spot clean stains promptly with a mix of mild dish soap and water so they’re easier to remove.
  • Unique Notice: White Leather Shoelaces

    As you know, have many solutions on clean white shoelaces without bleach. But these can only apply to casual fabric, not to a unique material like leather.

    Leather, one of the most stunning and phenomenal materials, is super hard to get dirty. But once the leather laces are not protected wisely, it can be challenging for us to clean white shoelaces. Here is our suggestion:

    Some necessary equipment:

    Detailed Instruction:

    Step 1: Use a toothbrush to rub all the dirt away.

    Step 2: If the stains are not off, you can continually soak a soft cloth in soapy water.

    Step 3: Use that damp cloth to gently wipe the stains.

    Step 4: Repeat the drying process as in the previous steps.

    Top Tip: After you have done everything, apply oil treatment to protect your leather laces.

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    How To Clean White Sneakers With Baking Soda:

    This method works best for canvas shoes, and mesh shoes. If you have some very stubborn stains like blood or coffee you may need to do more than one cleaning or use a spot cleaner, like this one .

    what you need:

    • measuring spoons and measuring cup
    • old toothbrush
  • Remove shoelaces and any caked-on debris from shoes. You can use a brush like this one.
  • In your mixing bowl, combine 1 tablespoon baking soda with 2 tablespoons white vinegar, and a cup of water.
  • Mix together until a paste is formed.
  • Use your old toothbrush to cake the entire shoe in the mixture. Pay special attention to any stains. Work the paste in using a circular motion.
  • Soak laces in any excess paste
  • Once the shoes are caked with your mixture, place them in direct sunlight for 3-4 hours. If you are in a hurry, you can put them out for 30 minutes minimum.
  • After that time, the paste should be fully dried and can be brushed off. Or clap your shoes together to remove excess paste if you do not have a shoe brush. You can also use another old toothbrush to remove the dried paste.
  • If any paste is still stuck on your sneakers, use a clean sponge or damp rag to remove it.
  • Repeat if any stains remain.
  • Re-lace shoes and show off your shiny white sneakers
  • Can I Use Lemon Juice To Clean White Shoelaces

    How To Clean Shoes White Shoes or Vans Simple!

    Yes! If there are no particular stains on the fabric, lemon juice is a great tool to brighten your white shoelaces back to their former glory! Just grab a cup of water and mix in two tablespoons of fresh lemon juice. Then take a toothbrush, gently scrub the fabric and rinse in cold water. Finally, lay the laces in the sun! This will enhance this acids bleaching abilities!

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    Try A Dedicated Shoe Cleaner

    If youre serious about your sneakers, buying a designated shoe cleaner is your best bet. Different shoe stores often sell their own versions . Adrian Campana, the regional manager for Livestock footwear in Toronto emphasizes that people should look for natural cleanershe likes Jason Markks Premium Sneaker Cleanerso harsh chemicals dont wear away your shoes.

    Dalton Jackson, founder of Canadas Sole Exchange: The Ultimate Sneaker Show, likes Canadian brand Moneysworth & Bests gel cleaner, which he says is amazing for removing dirt and grass stains.

    Bleach Clean Your White Shoes

    To clean white shoes with bleach, mix the bleach and water solution in a well-ventilated area, or outside, and gently scrub the shoes using an old toothbrush. Rinse the shoes in warm water and air dry them overnight if possible. If your sneakers still look dirty, try this hack to transform worn-out sneakers into brand-new ones.

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    Work Place Safety Shoes

    Do you wear white shoes, or shoes with white laces? If yes, you surely wish to know how to clean white shoelaces without bleach.

    Usually, people use bleach to clean their white shoelaces.

    As you may know, too much bleaching is going to weaken the shoelacesâ fiber. Also, bleach is not eco-friendly and it may cause health problems. And finally, if your shoelaces are made of leather, you cannot bleach them.

    But did you know you can clean the white shoelaces without bleach? Stick on to find out how.

    Can I Just Put My White Running Shoes In The Washing Machine

    How To Clean White Shoes Without Bleach!

    This method is only recommended for fabric or flyknit shoes, and you should put them in a mesh laundry bag or pillowcase before running your shoes through a delicate cycle. Bediones removes the laces from her shoes first for a better clean, and Hardie suggests taking out any removable insoles first. Just as you can with any laundry load of whites, you can throw in a little baking soda to whiten your shoes even more. Bediones recommends washing a maximum of two or three pairs at a time.

    While machine washing shoes is much easier than hand cleaning, it comes with caveats. Never put your shoes through the dryer, and always dry them indoors. Sunlight is your enemy, says Hardie, as white soles can turn yellow in the sun. Campana further warns that throwing your sneakers in the washing machine will greatly decrease their lifespan, so use that cleaning method sparingly.

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    Can You Put White Sneakers In The Washing Machine

    Yes, you can put white sneakers in the washing machine. This should be avoided with Nike shoes or any shoes that have a stiffer structure. Here is the best way to machine wash sneakers:1. Clean off any debris or mud using a soft brush, like this one.2. Remove shoelaces3. Place your sneakers and separate shoelaces in a mesh laundry bag. This will prevent them from tangling. If you dont have a mesh bag I highly recommend getting one or at a minimum using a pillowcase that is knotted at the top. This will also protect your washing machine. 4. Use a gentle liquid detergent, about half as much as you would use for a normal load. Note- sneakers should be washed in a load on their own, or with something like towels. 5. Use a gentle cycle with cold water. The delicate cycle on most washing machines will work well. 6. Air dry in a well-ventilated location, do not put them in the dryer!

    How To Clean White Shoelaces Without Bleach

    As we said above, bleach can damage your shoelaces, and it is not the best way to clean white shoelaces. Here are some main reasons:

    • The color of the laces: White turns yellow. You cannot use this method when you have stunning leather white shoelaces because it will cause discoloration.
    • The quality of laces: The cloth will be ruined and unfavorably hardened

    Therefore, we should find alternatives for bleach. As you know, any problem has its answer. This article will provide you with four different methods instead of bleach. You should read it carefully, then choose for yourself the most suitable way.

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    Dish Soap Can Do The Trick

    Dish soap is designed to cut through grease and grime. Therefore, it might work well for removing stains from white mesh shoes.

  • Make a paste using a few drops of dish soap and a few tablespoons of water.
  • Swirl the paste around until its foamy and no color residue from the soap remains.
  • Dip a toothbrush into the paste.
  • Scrub the shoe gently with the soapy brush.
  • Rinse with cold water.
  • How To Clean Leather Sneakers

    How to Clean White Tennis Shoes Without Bleach ...

    Thankfully, leather sneakers are the easiest to clean. If youre using Crep Protect Wipes, open a fresh one, and use the soft side of the cloth to gently buff out any marks. If the dirt is stubborn, use the textured side of the wipe. If you dont have Crep Protect Wipes, a Magic Eraser will also work well .

    To more easily reach those hard-to-clean nooks and crannies, you can remove the laces .

    Make sure your shoes are totally dry before you wear them.

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