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How To Get Free Shoes From Foot Locker Online

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Join Foot Lockers Vip Program For Free Shoes

How to get Sneakers for Cheap in 2021! | Jd Sports, Size, Footlocker, Nike & more

Foot Locker has been selling quality shoes for over 35 years. In 2019 Foot Locker made sales amounting to more than $8 billion!

To get access to exclusive offers and free shoes you must join the Foot Locker VIP program.

The program offers lots of awesome benefits. Special contests, exclusive coupons, and a birthday discount are some of the great things you can benefit from as a Foot Locker VIP member.

How can you get free shoes?

First, you need to become a platinum member. To do this you must spend $300 within one year. Once youve gained platinum status you unlock more awesome rewards!

A fantastic benefit of the Foot Locker VIP platinum program is that when you make a purchase of either $100, $150, or $200 you will get rewarded with a gift card. Gift card values are $10, $15, and $20 based on how much youve spent.

These rewards can then be used to purchase free shoes when you have enough!

Different Ways To Get Free Shoes

The first question is How can you get free shoes?

There are several methods I will discuss in this guide -although the shoes are free it does require a little effort on your part.

One popular method is product testing. You can receive free samples of sneakers or shoes to try out. All you need to do in exchange is provide your honest feedback!

If product testing doesnt sound like your thing then there are some other methods you can use to get free shoes.

You can signup to sites that let you earn rewards for completing tasks. When claiming your rewards select the option that gives you a gift card that can be used to buy shoes. Buying new shoes or sneakers with a gift card youve earned is a great way to get them without having to part with hard-earned cash!

Other ways to get free footwear include looking for free shoes via various rewards or help and support programs.

I will explain everything in detail throughout this guide. Make sure to read to the end for a full understanding of how to get your free shoes today!

Take Advantage Of Flx Rewards

Do you shop at Foot Locker often? If so, sign up for their reward program. Foot Locker FLX rewards give you XPoints for your purchases and 1,000 XPoints just for signing up. 100 points equal £1 off your order, which means registering gives you a £10 voucher alone. Not to mention, FLX members enjoy free standard delivery.

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Search For Limited Time Foot Locker Discount Codes

You wont always be able to find codes, but they are the best way to bargain shop. Whether it is 25% off specific brands like adidas or Nike, an extra 10% off already discounted items or even 20% off sitewide, Foot Locker discount codes offer great value. We often recommend visiting our page often to see if one is available. Treat yourself to a new pair of trainers, update your wardrobe or buy friends and family a gift.

How Do You Become A Product Tester For Free Shoes


Companies are often looking for different types of product testers at different times. For example, when releasing a new line of shoes, a company may target testers in certain demographics such as male or female, age, athletic ability, weight, etc.

To become a product tester, you normally must sign up for the company programs. Once your information has been accepted, you will become a part of the companys database. When you are a part of the demographic that the company is looking for, you may be chosen as a product tester.

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Saving With The Sale Section

Foot Locker hosts sales throughout the year where you can find stylish shoes and clothing at amazing prices. Check out their year-round sale section to find incredible deals on sportswear and shoes for the whole family. Shop a selection of products from top brands like Nike, Adidas, Timberland, Converse, and more for up to 50% off!

Shop now and save money with the latest Foot Locker discount code offers from our page!

How Else Could I Get Free Shoes

Another way to get free shoes is to check local online groups to see if any are being given away. Sites like Facebook and Craigslist can be a great way to get free stuff. As the shoes are used the condition may not be ideal. Getting second-hand shoes can be a fantastic way of saving money for kids shoes. Kids grow fast so saving money on shoes is a bonus!

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Brooks: Free Shoes For Nhs Staff And Other Healthcare Workers In Europe

In April and May 2020, Brooks donated a total of 6,000 pairs of free running shoes to healthcare workers across Europe, including NHS staff in the UK as well as Germany, Austria, Italy, Spain, France and more.

While the program isnt active as we write this, its worth keeping an eye on their site to see when it reopens, as theyve hinted at running a similar offer again in the near future.

Legit Ways To Get Free Shoes

Footlocker employees promo code

Can you get free shoes online? Yes, and Im going to tell you how.

Maybe your budget is tight, and you are looking for options to save some money. Maybe you have super-active kids and cannot keep up with shoes, t-shirts, or clothes for them.

Or maybe you are a runner, and you are always on the lookout for new running shoes.

Whatever the reason, you can get a brand new pair of shoes without spending a penny. In the article below, I show you where to get free shoes.

Will it be effortless? No, it wont. It will require some work and some diligence on your part, but its completely worth it. Shall I show you how to do it?

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  • Choose your way to get free shoes
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    Nike React Infinity Flyknit : Best Nike Shoes For Beginners

    Made a resolution to get fit and start running? If youre on the hunt for top running shoes for jogging novices, the React Infinity Flyknit 2s by Nike are worth looking at. Having the right kit takes half the battle out of jogging and these are some of the top running shoes for men out there.

    The Infinity Run running shoe offers comfort, support, and stability without it ever feeling like your feet are constricted or your natural movement hampered. The React midsole is the dream balance of soft and firmwhile the guide rails by the heel and Flywire cables at the lace eyelets will make you feel extra secure .

    Want to start running but need an extra push? Sticking a pair of the React Infinity Flyknit 2s in your gym bag is a great place to begin.

    Best for: Building up your stamina in a pair of fan-favourite everyday staples. Colours: A range including black, black and white, and white

    Most Common Types Of Running Shoes

    With these things in mind, here are some details about the most common types of support and cushioning available in running shoes:

    Neutral Running Shoes

    Neutral runners evenly distribute weight down the center of the shoe and tend to have medium-height arches.

    If you find that the wear pattern on your old shoes is centralized on the ball of the foot and heel, you may want to look into shoes with neutral support. These shoes do not include the added support of stability shoes, instead neutral shoes focus on absorbing shock to help you put on miles comfortably.

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    Get Free Shoes From Puma

    The third-largest sportswear brand in the world, Puma offers the chance to test its products. Interestingly the founder of Puma was the brother of the Adidas founder! You could say shoes run in the family .

    Puma product testing works differently from the others weve seen so far. You must download the Pumatrac app from the Google Play Store or the App Store. The app is completely free and once downloaded you can apply to become a Puma product tester.

    You can read the terms beforehand to see if you would be suitable. If you are interested then download the app and get started!

    A great feature of the Puma testing program is that you can keep the shoes at the end of the test. Awesome!

    How To Reuse Old Shoes

    Foot Locker Canada Online Deals: Save 15% Off on Purchase ...

    If the only problem is that the cushioning is worn out, consider repurposing your old running shoes.

    You can use old shoes to cut the grass or work in the garden. Painting the walls? Throw on an grubby pair so you dont have to worry about them. You could also cut off the backs and use them as slip ons to take the dog out.

    When your running shoes are ready to be retired, consider recycling, donating or repurposing them in some way to cut down on waste or improve some elses life.

    By Maureen Wise. Maureen caught the running bug in high school when she was the only female to run the two-mile race on her high school track team. Not that she was a fast runner thenor nowbut shes been at it for 20 years and has run more 5Ks than she cares to count.

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    Help When You Need It

    If you have any questions about ordering online, the VIP program, or anything else, you can check out the FAQ page for Foot Locker. Here, most questions about shipping and returns, online accounts, VIP Rewards, and more. However, if youre question isnt answered in the FAQs you can contact customer service over chat on the website, by email at , or by phone at 1-800-479-6674 if you prefer to talk to a representative.

    Other Ways To Earn Free Shoes

    The list above covers most major shoe manufacturers that offer free shoes via their product testing programs.

    But becoming a product tester isnt the only way to get shoes and sneakers without paying. If you think a little outside of the box, youll begin to see many other opportunities.

    Here are a few ideas to try.

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    Expired Coupons For Foot Locker

  • Sign up to Foot Locker mailing list

  • Shop slides and sandals at Foot Locker

  • Join FLX for member only sales & free shipping

  • Footlocker promo code – Get 20% off $50 order

  • Footlocker coupons – Take 25% off $99 order

  • Get up to 40% off footwear at Footlocker

  • FootLocker promo code – Save 25% off $50 order

  • Shoes – Get up to 40% off at FootLocker

  • Clothing – Save up to 50% off at FootLocker

  • Free shipping on orders over $50 at Footlocker

  • Free Shoes For Financial Support


    Buying a good pair of shoes can be expensive. If youve got kids as well, then the family shoe bill could be high!

    If you are struggling financially the good news is that there is some help available.

    Soles4Souls has a mission to help people in need get shoes. A top-rated non-profit Soles4Souls is helping to clothe people around the world. The program also helps the environment as it prevents clothing waste from going to landfills.

    All you need to do is complete the request form to get the help you need today. The application process is straightforward. Simply give your personal details and a brief explanation of your situation.

    Once youve given your info, Soles4Souls will be in touch when they can help you.

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    The Importance Of Rotating Your Running Shoes

    Hard core runners often have multiple pairs and styles of running shoes including racing flats, trainers, long distance shoes and trail runners. Another great reason to have more than one pair of running shoes is that rotating your shoes gives them a chance to air out, dry out and rebound between workouts.

    This last point is extremely important and you should always have at least two pairs of running shoes at any given time. Midsole cushioning materials and memory foam inserts can take as long as 24 hours to fully recover after a run. If you have two or more pairs of running shoes in your athletic shoe stash at all times, this means you can rotate between shoes and let one pair dry out and recover while you are wearing a second pair.

    How Does Foot Locker My Countdown Work

    4.9/5countdowndetail here

    Instead of entering sweepstakes like before, customers can log in and select the upcoming shoe they want, their size, and up to three different Foot Locker, Champs Sports or Footaction locations in their area. From there, a countdown clock begins while the app sorts through all of the entries for a certain sneaker.

    Furthermore, how long does Foot Locker waitlist take? Being waitlisted means that anyone who has won a reservation has 2 hours to accept the reservation. If they do not accept the reservation, it will be forfeited and go anyone on the waitlist.

    Also asked, can you reserve shoes at Foot Locker?

    Just over a year ago Foot Locker announced a brand new App Launch Reservation Procedure, allowing its most loyal customers first dibs at high-prized footwear. After being available in only select cities, Foot Locker has announced that its App Launch Reservation Procedure is now nationwide.

    How does the launch locator work?

    Simply put, when a shoe nears its release date, it will become live on the app. Through the Launch Locator on the app, you will be able to register for a chance to reserve and purchase the sneakers at up to three stores in your area.

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    New Balance Shoes & Clothing: Built From The Ground Up

    New Balance Athletics planted its roots when British emigrant William J. Riley found his home in Boston, Massachusetts. Better known by the simplified New Balance name, the company began its journey in footwear by selling arch supports along the East Coast. In the 1930s, Riley enlisted the help of salesman Arthur Hall to help sell his patented product and discovered that they were a hit with people who stood for long periods of time, like policemen and firefighters. The business changed hands several times over the next few decades with few changes, until 1960, when New Balance introduced the Trackster. The brands first running shoe marked a turning point for the company with its innovative ripple sole making waves in the track scene. But it wasnt until the 70s that New Balance would skyrocket to international fame for footwear and apparel.

    Price Adjustment Facility At Foot Locker


    Price Adjustment usually deals with partial refunds that are a consequence of a price reduction at Foot Locker itself. In case you have already bought an item, and its price gets reduced, you can, within some timely limit, claim the difference between the old and new price.

    Your item must fulfill the following criteria, so you can take use of it.

  • Sales Price Did you pay the full price when you bought the item originally? If yes, you cant get a partial refund.
  • Timeliness When did you buy/order the item? Are you still within a time period of 10 days? Price adjustments after 10 days will not be honored.
  • Receipt You need to present the original receipt when asking for a refund.
  • After verifying of your claim, Foot Locker will refundthe difference in the original form of payment.

    Note: Foot Locker reserves the right to verify your request before approving it.

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    Get Free Shoes From Vans

    If you are into skateboarding, then you will be very familiar with Vans. Since the 60s Vans have been designing stylish footwear and clothing for skaters. Since then, theyve progressed to sponsoring BMX, surfing, snowboarding, and motocross.

    Vans dont have a product testing offering. Instead, they have a program called Vans Family. As part of the Vans Family, you can earn points for completing various tasks. These points can be redeemed for rewards towards Vans products.

    Tasks include watching fun videos relating to your interests. You can also earn points for making qualifying purchases.

    To make things super easy you can download the Vans Family app from the Play Store or the App Store. Boost your points while on the go or simply treat yourself!

    Here is the genuinely exciting thing about being a member of the Vans Family and its that they regularly send members free shoes!

    Although there is no guarantee you will be chosen, sending free shoes is a regular occurrence, so you have a great chance of getting free Vans shoes!

    How To Get Free Shoes

    The rules of participation for product testers will vary with each company.

    While some companies allow you to keep the shoes you test, provided you submit feedback according to their specified parameters, other companies ask that you send the shoes back for analysis by developers.

    In the cases where youre asked to send the shoes back, the company may keep them indefinitely or send them back to you to keep when theyre finished with the analysis.

    Still other companies may send you other items to keep in exchange for your feedback, such as a new pair of shoes, or a gift card.

    Either way, you could seriously reduce the amount of money you spend on shoes if you participate in one or more of these programs. Heres the scoop on the shoe companies we found that will give people free shoes.

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