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How To Measure For Shoe Lift

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Getting The Right Fit

How much Height do Shoe Lifts really add?

According to the American Orthopedic Foot and Ankle Society, more than 43.1 million Americansone in every six personshave trouble with their feet, mostly from improperly fit shoes. A serious public health concern, foot problems cost the U.S. a painful $3.5 billion each year.

Yet, according to the American Podiatric Medical Association, only a small percentage of the population is born with foot problems. Rather its neglect and lack of awareness of proper careincluding proper shoe fitthat brings the problems on. Since fewer than 10% of shoe salespeople have had even basic training in foot anatomy or shoe sizing, the foot problems that result from poor fit are hardly surprising.

What Do Different Shoe Widths Mean

Youve probably wondered what does shoe width letters mean when shopping for a new pair of kicks.

Foot width letters are simpler than they seem, and they usually go from AAA to EEE. To simplify:

  • AAA: Extra-narrow.
  • EEE: Extra-wide.

But theres more to the story.

Women usually have narrower feet than men, which is why A is more common in womens shoes and E for men s shoes.

D is actually a standard shoe size for men, but a wide shoe for women.

For women, B is a standard foot width.

Shoe Sizing And Fitting: The Ultimate Guide

Correct shoe sizing comes down to measuring your feet beforehand. But, unfortunately, your feet arent going to slide snugly into a pair of Nikes like they will a pair of Timberlands. Different types of shoes, from boots to heels or running shoes, will also require a different fit.

You also need to think about whether your toes touch the tip of the shoe when youre trying them on. And how do you find the right size for running shoes and allow for movement? Thats not to mention what the correct size is for high heels or boots.

But youre in the right place.

Well go through all you need to know about shoe sizing and fitting in this article, including size conversion charts. Also, refer to our guide for men, women and kids sizes and take out the guesswork.

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How Do You Know What Size Sports Shoes To Buy

Sneakers and other sports shoes have their sizing tricks, and no two shoe manufacturers or models are the same.

Even the same model of shoe, when redesigned, can see a shoe size change. This is because the internal mechanics of the shoe evolve, and even a small adjustment in an insole may leave less room for your foot.

This is why you always need to measure your feet before buying, but youll never know what fits until you try on the shoe.

Different sports will often use different things. For example, soccer cleats need to be tight, and theyre often bought half a shoe size smaller. Running shoes are the opposite.

How To Choose Snowshoes


Snowshoes let you make the most of winter, whether that means hiking on your favourite trails, exploring in the mountains, or swapping your running shoes for running snowshoes. Snowshoeing is as easy as putting one foot in front of the other and choosing snowshoes can be just as simple once you know what to look for.

When youre buying snowshoes, use these factors to help you make your decision:

  • Where you plan to snowshoe: Will you be on mellow terrain, climbing steep slopes or running?
  • What size snowshoes to buy: Follow our guide to get the right snowshoe size.
  • Different materials and bindings: They each have their pros and cons.
  • Snowshoe add-ons and extras: Find out what other gear you might need.

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Points Of Proper Shoe Fit

  • Buy fit, not size. Sizes vary among brands and styles so dont be wedded to a particular size.
  • Buy the type of shoe that is made for the use intended. A dress shoe means one thing, a shoe for standing all day means another. A shoe for walking is a different matter.
  • Select the shoe that is designed to support and fit your particular foot type. Flexible/pronated feet require a different fitting strategy than rigid/supinated feet. Your fitter may have to help you with this.
  • Have both feet measured and fit the larger foot .
  • Have your new shoe fit with the particular socks, hosiery, or stockings that you intend to wear them with.
  • Heel slip does not always mean that the shoe is too big. It may mean that you have a flexible foot. Ask your fitter for more information.
  • When standing you should usually have 3/8 to 1/2 from your longest toe to the end of the shoe. Remember that your big toe may not be your longest toe.
  • Choose styles that conform as nearly as possible to the shape of your foot. If you have a wide and/or square-shaped foot, pressure on the 5th toe can be more important for fit than fitting the big toe.
  • Shoes should feel good when you buy them. Dont buy uncomfortable shoes hoping they will break in and feel good later.
  • Take your time buying a new pair of shoes. Walk around the store and listen to your feet. Ask for a salesperson who is professional and understands feet as well as shoes.
  • Can You Adapt My Shoes

    If you know the height that you require as a clinician like an orthotist has told you the height then we should be able to adapt your footwear.

    If you have had footwear adapted by the NHS but you would like more but you don’t know the height you can send us a sample of previously adapted shoes to copy.

    If you are unsure or dont know if you have a shortening then we would require you come for an assessment so our orthotist can measure the height.

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    Mens Guide To Shoe Sizing

    Did you know that the average foot size for men in the US is about 10.5, and worldwide, the number is between 9 and 12?

    Youre forgiven for estimating your shoe size based on height weve all done it, but theres more to nailing your shoe size.

    Height depends on both genetic and environmental factors, and foot size correlates with height.

    But now that youve got your measurements, were ready to identify where you land on the chart. The below size chart of shoe will help you identify your shoe size for most casual styles of men s shoe, but here are some sizing quirks to look out for when buying:

    • Boots: Calculate for a bit more room since your feet will need to breathe. Youll also likely use thicker socks with boots.
    • Sandals: Usually best when you calculate ¼ of an inch extra to avoid your toes from going over the top of the shoe.
    • Dress and sports shoes: The fitting can be a bit trickier, and youll need to pay attention to different things. Well cover both in this article, so dont worry.

    Shoe Size Is Crucial For Foot Care

    Heel Lifts: How they can help, what size you need & more!

    Shoes are not only crucial to your style, but also for foot care. Wearing the wrong size shoe can actually bring you a lot of health problems. Not only will your feet suffer, so will your ankles, knees, and back.

    Diabetic people should be especially careful as ill-fitting shoes can become a critical health problem.

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    How To Measure Kids Feet

    To measure a kids feet, proceed as you would with an adult, but take extra care to find the correct size. This means you need to pay attention to keeping the foot flat and make sure your child isnt clenching their toes or the arch:

  • Place a piece of paper under their feet and trace the outline with a pencil. If you have an infant younger than 12 months that doesnt stand on their own yet, you can measure their feet when sitting or lying down.
  • Measure the foots length from the toes to the heel, just like you would with an adult.
  • Add about a ¼-inch to the measurement for growth and movement.
  • Make sure to measure both feet, as there are often differences in sizing. Go with the bigger foot.
  • If your child is between sizes, always pick a shoe size thats bigger rather than smaller. Kids dont shrink, but they will outgrow a shoe too small really fast.
  • Measure your childs feet every couple of months and whenever youre buying new shoes to make sure youve got the right size.
  • How To Measure Your Heel To Ball Ratio

  • Stand on a flat surface on a clean piece of paper with your heel touching and not overlapping the edge of the page. Mark the heel out holding the pen perpendicular to the foot- now extend the line, using a ruler from the curved end of the heel to the outside of the foot

  • Get the person helping you to mark the spot where the ball of your foot touches the paper-

  • if you have normal arches- this will be quite obvious to spot as it will be the part that touches the paper in front of the gap that your arch will make.

  • If you have fallen arches, this ball position should be identified from the top of the foot but finding the ball position with your fingers, then touching the paper in exactly the same position and marking that off.

  • Using a measuring tape, the person measuring you will measure the length from the ball position to where you extended the heel line.

  • This measurement is your heel to ball ratio- repeat on the other foot.

  • Most off-the-shelf insoles are made somewhat longer than you need, so you can trim off the excess, the measurements above are purely for a more specialized performance insole or for a custom corrective one.

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    How Do You Stretch Shoes That Are Too Small

    If you accidentally bought a pair thats too small in length or width, theres not much you can do. However, if theyre a bit too tight in one specific spot, there are a couple of hacks you can try to expand them.

    Note that some materials will adapt more to these techniques than others. Leather usually stretches a bit, but synthetic fabrics may not stretch that much.

    • Thick sock trick.
    • Rubbing alcohol spray.

    Thick Sock Trick

    Need to break in a pair of boots or heels that are a bit too tight? Heres an easy trick to stretch them out before you leave the house:

  • Find the thickest pair of socks you can fit into the shoe. These can be woolen winter socks if the shoe is big enough.
  • Put the socks and shoes on and wear them around the house when you walk and do chores.
  • The socks will help you stretch out the shoes, and theyll be the right size when you use them with thin dress socks.

    Remember to take them off after a while or if you feel discomfort or pain. The goal is to stretch the shoe, not your feet!

    Hairdryer Hack

    This trick is much like the previous one, but the heat speeds up the process.

  • Put on a thick pair of socks, and squeeze your feet into the shoes.
  • Direct a hairdryer to the shoes to warm them up.
  • Try to move your toes around as much as you can.
  • Keep the socks on until your feet have cooled down and, if you still need a bit of extra room, repeat.
  • Ziploc Freeze

  • Fill the bag with water.
  • Carefully place the shoe and the bag in the freezer.
  • Rubbing Alcohol Spray

    Staying Active With Pain Caused By Uneven Leg Length

    EVENup Shoe Balancer

    Daily discomfort can be managed and in many cases improved with moderate intensity, low-impact exercise. During times of heightened symptoms, low intensity range of motion exercises and stretches may help relieve muscular tightness. High impact and intensity exercise should be avoided until symptoms are fully under control or until your physiotherapist or kinesiologist suggests it is ok for you to do so. An appropriate warm up and cool down should always be performed before and after exercise to ensure optimal muscle function. If you are new to exercise or have questions regarding appropriate exercise selection, consult with your kinesiologist or physiotherapist.

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    How Mens Dress Shoes Should Fit

    Theres nothing worse than having to wear a pair of dress shoes that are too tight for an entire day. And if you need to wear them every day, you know the right fit is absolutely crucial.

    Fitting a dress shoe is different from other types of men s shoe. The socks youll wear are usually thinner, and the shoe is likely to be less cushioned and comfy.

    Dont be put off by potential discomfortproperly fitted dress shoes from the right brand shouldnt be uncomfortable.


    Youll need a little less room between the shoe and your foot than with a running shoe or sneaker. Still, you should be able to fit your finger in the shoe right behind your heel.

    If your work has you on your feet in dress shoes for long hours, you can calculate a bit more space. Try them on at the end of the workday if you can to get the most authentic feeling possible.


    When fitting the shoe, pay attention to any pressure at the sides of your toes. Does your pinky feel unnaturally crushed? Is there a lot of pressure on your big toe?

    That pressure might end up being a nasty blister at the end of the day. If you wear dress shoes every day, you might develop long-term problems.

    Clarks and Cole Haan are quality brands with wide and comfortable dress shoe sizes for those with extra-wide feet. Check them out if your feet are on the wider side.



    To make wearing dress shoes easier, use a comfortable insole that provides the correct arch support for your feet.

    Clarks vs. Cole Haan Shoes Sizing

    How Do You Measure Your Shoe Size

    You can measure mens, womens and childrens footwear the same way, but youll have to take into account that the sizes are very different:

  • Measure your foot.
  • Compare it to the specific shoe size conversion charts below.
  • Also, check out the shoe width charts in this article if you suspect your feet are wider or narrower than standard.
  • Heres how you can measure your feet:

  • Measure your feet in the afternoon so youll get a more accurate size. Theyre likely to be more swollen after hours of standing and movement.
  • Find a piece of paper larger than your feet and grab a pencil and a ruler. You should wear socks or tights youll be wearing with the shoes.
  • Place the piece of paper on a flat surface, preferably against a wall, and step on it with your foot. Keep your heel against the wall for the best accuracy.
  • Outline your foot on the paper. Follow your foot closely and keep the pen in an upright position to avoid sizing up or down. Repeat on the other foot.
  • Measure your foot with the ruler from the tip of your longest toe to the heel and at its widest point. If one of your feet is bigger than the other, use that measurement as your reference.
  • Compare your length measurement to the shoe size conversion charts below, depending on whether youre picking mens, womens or kids shoes. Also, see the specific information below for dress shoes, sports shoes and heels.
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    Measuring Your Feet At Home

    If you dont have access to the Brannock Device, you can also measure your feet at home.

    It merely takes a simple sheet of paper, a pen and a measurement device

    But theres a setback with this method: You wont be able to measure your arch. It is definitely more accurate to use the Brannock Device.

    So here are 13 tips for a proper shoe fit that will help even more:

    Legs That Arent Equal In Length

    Height Insoles & Shoe Lifts – Frequently Asked Questions – Add Height

    During periods of strenuous activity, it is essential to wear proper footwear that provides enough support and cushioning. Because of LLD, you must wear sympathetic footwear with the correct lift for your shoe.

    Ask your pedorthist about a shoe that is suitable for ones foot shape and the tasks that you plan to participate in. While striving to alleviate your discomfort, it is important to exercise cautiously and under the supervision of a skilled professional.

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    Single Cork Heel Lifts

    The Heel Lift needs to fit inside the heel part of the shoe.Our innovative cork heel lifts are designed to fit many types of shoes and boots. They are lightweight and made from high-quality cork covered with soft vinyl. The lift’s beveled edges prevent curling in closed heeled shoes, and the lift is tapered at the front for a smooth transition from arch to foot.

    Primary Benefits

    • Raise one or both heels to align the structures.
    • Support the joints such as knees, hips and shoulders.
    • Support the heart and other organs of the body that benefit from a strong, balanced structure.
    • Support the nervous system through which all organs, glands and structures receive energy.
    • Women’s shoe size 11.5 and larger
    • Men’s shoe size 10-12

    Heel Lift C5

    • Men’s shoe size 13 and larger

    Note: The recommendations above are only a guide to cork heel lift sizes. Since most of the heel lifts are the same thickness, begin by choosing the size that fits most securely into the heel portion of the shoe. If possible, actually insert the cork heel lift into shoe to test fit. Shoes may require different size cork heel lifts .

    *VerVita heel lifts work well with CRA-flex® orthotics by Foot Levelers

    How Are Lifts Added To A Shoe

    Depending on the amount required, the lift can either be applied within the shoe underneath the footbed or orthotic, or directly to the midsole of the shoe.

    Shoe Lifts Added to the Footbed or Orthotic

    Assuming the shoe has adequate depth and full-length volume, lifts up to approximately 1cm can be placed within the shoe. This type of lift is nice because it doesnt add much weight to the shoe and is completely hidden within the shoe underneath an orthotic or insole.

    Shoe Lifts Added to the Midsole

    When shoe lifts exceed 1 cm, they are more typically applied to the midsole of the shoe. If this is the case, the midsole of the shoe is split, the full-length lift is added and the outsole is reapplied to sandwich the lift into the midsole of the shoe. This type of shoe lift can be performed by a Canadian Certified Pedorthist and is tailored to the design of the shoe in order to provide esthetic appeal.

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