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How To Reserve Nike Shoes

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Nike Snkrs App Tip #: Use Different Accounts For Each Device

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This should be another obvious Nike SNKRS app tip. But if you are a newbie it is something that you need to know. Nike will cancel and/or ban accounts that attempt to make multiple purchases during hype drops. So you will want to cop one sneaker per account.

Change Up Your Address

Another problem is that Nike will also cancel multiple orders that have the same shipping address. So you will need to make sure to change up your name and street address on each account. For example, you can type Street with abbreviations such as St., Str., and etc.

Verify Your Accounts

Another important thing to note about these accounts is that Nike uses cellphone numbers to verify the accounts. So after setting up your account, you will receive and text notification. That means you will need to use different phone numbers for each account also.

Getting additional cellphone numbers is easier than it sounds. You can use your family and friends numbers to set up these accounts. Then ask them for the verification codes when they receive them.

Other Ways to Get Phone Numbers

Many resellers will buy verified SNKRS app accounts online. These accounts are advertised as being verified. However, those can be tricky like mentioned above. You will have to be careful not to change any information on these accounts or log into them verify often. If you do, then again you run the risk of being unverified.

How To Purchase On The Nike Snkrs App

Purchasing on the Nike SNKRS app is simple. First, look at the product you are trying to purchase under the upcoming tab and make note of the date & time listed for its release. You will know the product will be for purchase if it says Available at at . Most often, Nike releases products at 10 AM EST. There will be a button that says, notify me. By clicking this, you will be notified when the product has become available.

When it is near the time of the release, make sure to open the app a few minutes early to both refresh your feed and be there before the time of the release to ensure you are as fast as possible. Navigate to the product page for the shoe releasing and wait for it to become the time of the release.

Once the product becomes available, the notify me button will change into a purchase button. Click the button and select the size youd like to purchase. Also make sure all of your shipping & payment info is correct. The purchase will either go through right away, or you will see the word pending. If you see this, your order has not gone through yet. Be patient and with a bit of luck you will get past pending and see a Gotem order confirmation screen. This whole process usually takes up to 10 minutes. If you dont get them, it will eventually say sold out. Try again next time!

Where Should You Get Your New Sneakers Shipped

After youve successfully installed the SNKRS app onto your Android or iOS device, youre still left with the problem of SNKRS not shipping outside of the United States. Fortunately for you, weve detailed what steps you can take to get your hands on Nikes limited edition offerings, regardless of your location:

In order to get your newly-purchased Nike sneakers to your door, youll need to take advantage of a reshipping service such as Stackry. These reshipping services allow you to buy a product from a U.S. vendor, and then have it shipped to a secure U.S.-based address before forwarding it to you.

At Stackry, we take pride in being your first choice for reshipping your new Nike sneakers. Our services are highly affordable, and we guarantee that whatever you buy will make it to your doorstep safe and sound!

To get started with us, navigate to our website and create your account. After your hassle-free account is created, its time to move on to your dashboard: There, youll find the address to our warehouse, where youll have your very own locker to store all your purchases. Copy down the provided address, and then set it as your primary shipping address within the SNKRS app.

Congratulations, youre now ready to begin shopping with Nikes SNKRS app! Youll have instant access to the latest and greatest limited releases Nike offers, which usually only make it into the hands of U.S. customers.

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The Best Way To Bring Nike Snkrs To Your Doorstep

Here at Stackry, our mission is to give you access to the best fashion and clothing accessories, regardless of your location. If you live outside of the USA, it can be difficult to buy Nikes newest and most sought after sneakers. These shoes are a great addition to anyones wardrobe, so they often sell out fast! Without having a plan to secure your place in line, youll have a hard time scoring the latest sneakers from Nikeas the nicest sneakers are sometimes bought up within minutes!

To help you get your hands on the most popular shoes Nike has to offer, weve put together this guide. Youll learn the secrets to scoring the latest and greatest additions to Nikes lineup using their SNKRS app. Read on to learn how to bring your SNKRS game to the next level!

How To Enter Drawings On The Nike Snkrs App


Draws on the app are a bit easier, because all you have to do is enter the draw within the amount of time given. You will know when a product launch is a draw because on the product page it will say, Draw opens at . There will also be a notify me button if youd like to receive a notification when the draw opens.

To enter a draw, navigate to the product page of the shoe youd like to purchase once the draw opens. The notify me button will change to enter draw. There will be a clock showing how much time you have to enter, usually between 20 minutes to an hour. It is suggested that you join the draw right away to ensure you have enough time to enter. It will ask you to input any necessary info. Once youve entered, just wait!

When the countdown clock ends, you will likely be notified if you won the draw within 30 minutes, but it can take up to 24 hours. Usually, the notification happens fast. If you win, it means youve successfully purchased the shoes and you will also see an order confirmation.

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How To Avoid Common Sneaker Reselling Mistakes

While its important to be excited and have the energy to really jump into the sneaker resale game, sometimes you need to slow down. Jump on good deals. But any time you feel that something is off or theres a red flag listen to those instincts.

Even the top shoe reselling hustlers have been taken in by fake sneakers before. While in theory PayPal or other services have a money protection guarantee, getting your money back can be a hassle.

For anyone who has ever dealt with PayPal returns, its not a guarantee, either. If you get into a he said, she said argument with the seller of fake shoes a PayPal customer service rep is not the one you want making a final decision on hundreds of dollars.

Another common mistake, is not warning PayPal about a surge in transactions.

If theyre not used to seeing a lot of movement in your PayPal account, many transactions in the thousands of dollars for used sneakers could get the account flagged. This is a headache, but it is one you can work around.

If you have to upgrade to a business account, so be it. Better than losing out on deals. Or having your hard earned money frozen in the account.

Finally, have a plan for management.

Do you have a good bank roll and plan on buying a large number of authentic sneakers before selling? Are you planning to buy shoes and then flip them quickly? You need to know how much space you have, have a plan for tracking inventory as well as expenses and profits, and manage your process.

Where And How To Buy And Sell Shoes

Now that you have the shoes, you must find the best channels where you can sell them to turn in a profit.

You can start by creating an account on a consignment shop like StockX to resell the shoes there. Both sites serve as middlemen between buyer and seller. Therefore, you deal directly with either website to sell your shoes. Send them the sneakers when youve chosen the highest bid, and they will take care of the rest.

Sites like StockX are convenient ways to sell your shoes and ensures buyers that they wont be duped by fake sneakers.

On the flipside, you dont get the personal touch from consignment stores that go with seller-to-buyer transactions. However, if youre not much of a salesman or a people person, then this shouldnt be a problem.

If you want the traditional way of reselling shoes, you can always go the way of Facebook Groups, Craigslist, and eBay. These sites allow you to put your personal touch on your pairs product page.

As a best practice, you need to be descriptive and detailed as possible about the sneakers. Leave no stone unturned and make sure that you are honest in your description. Assuming that youre a new seller, itll take time before buyers warm up to you. Therefore, you need to keep working on gaining the trust of buyers and continue marching forward.

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Nike Snkrs App Tip #1: Join A Good Cook Group

If you have read my other articles then you probably want to drive a nail through your eyeball every time you read me talking about having a GOOD cook group. Having a GOOD COOK GROUP is imperative to have for every reseller looking to cop hype releases. You will be surprised how much a good cook group can provide you enough information that will help you flip more.

You can be notified before a potential shock drop or early release happens well in advance. Depending on how good your cook group is, you can be notified days before anyone else knows. This gives you plenty of time to prepare.

There are some really good cook groups that I have been apart of that were able to leak information that other cook groups didnt even know about. Some cook groups know websites where sneakers are going to be dropping that others have no clue about.

Nike Snkrs App Tip #: Wait

Air Jordan Reserve on SNKRS? Nike Production Plant Shutdown?

DO NOT REFRESH once you have entered the draw or while you are in line. . You will notice some lag during the drop the time. If you are like me, you have the habitat of refreshing the app when you notice this lag. You will need to fight the urge.

Refreshing the app will not fix the lag because it is due to the amount of traffic that is on the app. By refreshing you run the risk of losing your spot or even having your raffle entry deleted.

DO NOT BACK OUT after submitting your draw entry. If you have to close out the app while Nike chooses winners, then simply just minimize the app. Dont close out or back out. I believe you can actually back out of the entry because it has happened to me. There have been times when I hit the back button after submitting the entry and the app shows that I didnt enter the draw.

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How Long Does Snkrs Takes To Notify

The answer is it depends on the launch. The two most common types of SNKRS launches are Draw or DAN and Let Everyone Order or LEO. For a Draw launch, Nike officially states it will notify within 24 hours, however, notification normally takes place with 15-30 minutes. For a LEO launch, you may be placed in a queue but as soon as youre selected and your payment is processed you will be notified within two-10 minutes after launch time.

Breaking Down The Nike App At Retail

No matter how quickly technology finds its way into brick-and-mortar stores, there are still unique ways that retail and digital can come together to provide a better shopping experience. The new Nike App at Retail was designed to intuitively bridge the worlds of tech and physical retail, all through the power of your smartphone . Read more to learn three questions answered by the Nike App at Retail, bringing a new level of service into your Nike store and transforming your phone into the ultimate shopping companion.

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Gender Option On Nike Snkrs

Now, this is a bit controversial. But Ive seen it happen myself. Most of the accounts on Nike SNKRS are male and due to the cluster, Nike tends to favor female accounts a bit more. If you set your accounts gender to female, this gives you that increased chance of copping SNKRS. Nike wants to be inclusive and therefore female accounts are able to check out quickly.

Moreover, if you switch your accounts gender, Nike doesnt even ask for any further verification. So theres really no harm in switching your gender on Nike SNKRS.

Nike Snkrs App Tip #: Use No More Than 3 Devices Per Ip Address

Pin by Quim on Shoes

It is believed that the Nike SNKRS app will ban purchases that have multiple entries from one IP address. Each device has its own IP address unless the devices are all connected to the same Wifi router. If you want to enter more then I would recommend using the data connection on your phone instead of connecting to the Wifi.

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How Are Shoes Released On The Nike Snkrs App

When it comes to shoes actually releasing via the Nike SNKRS app, there are several methods in which the pairs will drop. The first of these is a general first come first serve method, also known as a FLOW release. These pairs are usually less hyped and available in much larger quantities, and also not expected to sell out straight away. You can cop pairs from this method simply by adding to cart and filling out your payment details, it shouldnt be too much trouble.

Next up is the LEO method, which is a two minute raffle system. The pair will drop at an allocated time and users will be allowed to sign up with their personal details and payment method for 2 minutes only. After this period the entries will close and Nike will randomly select certain accounts as winners. Their payment methods will be charged and they will have successfully copped the sneakers in question. Medium-hyped sneakers are usually released via this method to make sure everyone stands an equal chance of copping.

Last but definitely not least is the DAN raffle system, which gives users a 15 minute window to enter the raffle. The fundamentals of this system are exactly the same as the 2 minute raffle, it just gives users more time to enter. This type of release is specifically reserved for high-heat sneakers such as Off-White or Travis Scott collaborations. Once again, winners are picked totally randomly and you must enter your address and payment details prior to entry.

Nike Snkrs App Tip #: Spoof Your Location

As I mentioned at the beginning of this post, the Nike SNKRS App will do shock drops in exclusive cities in the United States. This means a lot of people are left out across the country. Sometimes, hype releases will only drop in those locations.

However, you can still cop those sneakers even if you are not in one of those cities. The best way to do this is by spoofing the location on your phone. That way, Nike believes you are actually in that location. A good app that you can use is FakeGPS.

All you have to do is plug in the longitude and latitude of a spot in the city that you are targeting. You can find this information by using a google map. The app also gives you the option to drag a target to the location.

Do keep in mind, with some of these drops you will be required to pick up the sneaker from a retail location in that area. So make sure that you can have the sneaker shipped to you instead.

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Creating An Account & Downloading The App

Firstly, you must have an account with Nike to use the Nike SNKRS app.Create an account here:

Next, download the Nike SNKRS app. It will be available in the Apple or Android app store.Download Nike SNKRS:

Once the app is downloaded, make sure to sign in once you open it. Once you are signed in, you will be able to see your home feed with In Stock& Upcoming releases. There is also a Discover tab, where you can view Nikes featured stories. Your Inbox is where you will receive any messages. Lastly, you can view your Profile. It is recommended that you fully set up your Nike+ profile before any sneaker releases happen, as this will make sure the checkout process goes as quickly & smoothly as possible.

What Is A Nike Snkrs Pass

Nike Factory Store Hacks – 5 Tips to make more money selling shoes on amazon FBA

A Nike SNKRS Pass is a unique Nike member reward that is included in the SNKRS App. When available, it comes up in your SNKRS feed and enables you to select your choice of Nike sneakers which you can purchase and pick up from a store later.

Interestingly, the App tells you if a Nike location near you might have available inventory and size that you are looking for. Once that is confirmed, you will see a Reserved for Pickup notification on the screen along with the confirmed shoe, size, date and location for pickup.

The SNKRS Pass is designed for only those who are members so no one can purchase sneakers on behalf of the member. They will have to show a valid photo ID, which could also be a military ID, for the purchase. The first and last names of both the photo ID and the SNKRS Pass must match. Also, only one reservation per person, per shoe style is allowed.

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