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How To Clean Vessi Shoes

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Vessi Shoes Brand Review

How to clean your Vessis | Vessi Footwear

Vessi shoes are a must-have if you like the idea of true waterproof sneakers. As seen in our Vessi shoes review, they provide a great product and service for anyone who wants to run around and not worry about the weather. I mean, we live in Vancouver, and we need these shoes! In addition, they come with a free exchange or return policy, so dont be scared to order your pair of Vessi waterproof shoes online today.The level of detail put into designing their products is apparent from the moment you open your package from Vessi Shoes. Just from taking one shoe out of the box, it is clear that they have been designed with care to ensure you have a positive customer experience.The materials used in the construction of your shoes are simple but effective. The material is a blend of nylon, polyester, and cotton for durability that can withstand time and use.The shoe itself feels like it should be comfortable to wear all day long, considering that the material is quite lightweight. Its breathable and easy to move around in. I like most about the shoes. After all, they feel like you arent wearing anything at all because they are so versatile. Depending on location, you can wear them both with or without socks to accommodate your preferences for colder or warmer weather.

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Vessi footwear is a small business, but I went out on a limb to try them out. I wanted waterproof shoes that look like sneakers.

I order about 4 of them in two different styles 9 or 10. Im a 9.5 so I dont know which will fit better. Turns out its half size down and 9 fits better. I ended up choosing the city sneakers and returned the other pairs without even opening them up.

After I returned them about 4 weeks later after they received it. I had to email them to even get a response. After another week I get an email stating that they will not refund me because:

Lesley here from Vessi! I hope youre having a great day!

Weve received your Mens Everyday Midnight Black 10 back at our warehouseThanks for your patience and taking the time to send your shoes back to us!

Unfortunately, your shoes were reported to show signs of wear and were not in the condition specified in our return requirements, and we wont be able to process your return because the shoes cannot be restocked. Our warehouse will be sending your shoes back to your address.

NO I did not get them back. NO they did not refund me.

They charged me for the shoes that I returned anyways. Never have I ever experienced this with a shoe company.

And heres the kicker: they ripped in the back heel after 2 months of wearing them.

Also there are multiple reviews about the sole being uncomfortable, cheap, and moving around every time you put on the shoe.

Where Are Vessi Shoes Made

Vessi shoes are made in Vancouver, Canada. Vessi Shoes is both a footwear brand and an e-commerce marketplace with all products manufactured in Vancouver, Canada, under the brand name of Vessi Shoes.Each pair of Vessi shoes is meticulously designed on every level. The top layer incorporates their nano-filtering membrane, Dyma-tex technology, and a stretch knit layer to keep moisture and debris out. The antibacterial insoles are removable and may be replaced with custom or orthotic insoles, which I believe is more convenient for individuals. Finally, the bottom has a Herringbone grip with carved grooves that effectively zone out water for increased traction.

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How Well Are They Made

Vessi is a crowdfunded company, and it shows. While their shoes are not made poorly, you can see small gaps in their construction that highlight their startup status. They arent an established brand with a bunch of tenure- they are the upstart that is attempting to enter and disrupt an already-crowded market.

I have to stress that the gaps in construction are small: a misaligned cut along the edge of the sole here, a tiny gap between the heel and the shoe there. Things that you wont see unlesse youre looking for them, but theyre there. Both the Sneakers and Slip-Ons have these small defects, but theyre so small that I cant be bothered to warranty them.

I was concerned that these defects would cause problems, but after six months with the Sneakers, they still look as good as the day the arrived- none of the small issues I found have grown or changed.

What Was Vessi Trying To Fix

Will WHITE Vessi shoes STAIN?? Are they hard to clean? (I ...

Living in a wet climate means you have wet shoes very frequently.

Wet shoes suck. A lot.

Wet socks suck even more.

Vessi Shoes can be worn in all seasons and all weather conditions.

Vessi believes that you shouldnt have to settle when it comes to your sneakers, so they created a shoe that can be worn all day, every day, in any weather. Vessis shoes come with the Dyma-tex, their patented, 100% waterproof, breathable knit will keep your feet cozy all year long cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Thats pretty stinking cool.

Long story, short: The Vessi company believes that you should not have to settle when it comes to your shoes. Vessis product offers a shoe that you can wear all day, every day in any weather condition.

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Can You Put Orthodic Insoles Into Vessi Shoes

Yes, the enhanced stretch goal insoles that come with the Vessi shoes are removable so you can put in your own orthodic insoles if they are not too thick. The heel thickness of your orthodics should preferably not be over 1cm for the optimal Vessi fit. Our standard insoles are 5mm thick in the heel so 1cm may make you feel like you are slightly elevated.

Clean Shoes With Soapy Water

Add a small amount of liquid laundry detergent to a bowl of warm water to create a soapy cleaning solution. Working in circular motions, apply the cleaning solution to the shoes using a soft cloth. Periodically rinse the cloth with warm water as you clean to avoid spreading dirt or stains across the shoes. For stubborn spots like grass stains or ground-in dirt, use the toothbrush and soapy water or a bleach pen to gently scrub the mesh fabric.

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A Quick Guide On How To Dry Shoes Fast And Efficiently

Wearing wet shoes can cause wrinkling and lead to a bacterial infection if worn for a long time. Having the shoes on without socks can cause your feet to blister. Some situations will get your shoes wet, like running in the rain, coming from the beach, or accidentally stepping into a puddle. Unless you have a Vessi pair of shoes with a knit technology that repels water while maintaining a breathable inside, your feet are bound to be soggy and squishy. Let us look at the different methods will help you go about how to dry shoes.

Do Vessi Waterproof Sneakers Work

Will WHITE Vessi shoes STAIN?? Are they hard to clean? (I found out!)

To be honest with you, I was skeptical. I thought these might feel like rubber boots. But the first thing youll notice when putting them on is how lightweight, comfortable and breathable they are.

I decided to do a simple test: wear these outside and pour water over them. It was the most surefire way to make sure that they were actually waterproof.

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How Do Vessi Shoes Fit

How does the Vessi Weekend Sneaker fit? Theyre very snug, stretchy and comfortable, but well elaborate on that.

Vessi shoes run a bit bigger than we expected, as far as sizing goes. We picked a size 10 . They were a bit bigger in the front than anticipated.

They also are very stretchy, so even if you get a shoe thats a bit small, it wont feel small because your foot will be able to stretch-fit. Vessi doesnt have half sizes so wed recommend going for one size below what you normally wear .

Whats The Comfort Factor

Quite high. These shoes feel great, which is actually surprising to me because for the warranty claim Vessi didnt have these in a size 11, so I ordered a size 10 and hoped theyd fit.

And they fit great, as it turns out. Just as comfortable as the size 11s I had ordered, but with a bit more snugness around the sides and top of the foot. I find the increased snugness to be more comfortable, especially when walking or jogging. This is due to the stretch material, which effortlessly adapts to the size and shape of my feet.

Ordering a size down was a gamble, but it paid off!

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Heres What I Do Like About The Vessi Everyday Shoes

Although most of the Vessi Everyday shoes is made from polyester, polyurethane, rubber and lightweight Ethylene-vinyl acetate , the other parts of the shoe, such as the glue and some of the rubber are made with vegan materials. Vessi doesnt specify exactly what vegan materials, though I can venture a guess .

The minimalistic design with minimal branding reminds you of Allbirds. The muted colors are pleasant, especially in Dusty Rose .

The shoes are flexible and lightweight. You dont see toe humps and the build of the shoes is solid. Theres a good amount of arch support, and the inner sole is removable, so you can always slip in your custom orthotics.

They are pretty comfortable, and the soles have ridges, which makes them less slippery and builds traction.

Plus, my feet look cute in the shoes.

Vessi Shoes Price List

We Tried Vessi Footwear: The World

A critical issue to consider while conducting a Vessi shoe review, and to be honest, and the sneakers arent exactly cheap. However, the prices arent ridiculously high either, especially for the benefits and features you get.According to a Vessi shoe review, youll wind up paying the same price as you would for a well-known brand like Nike or Adidas. Even better, purchasing a single pair of Vessi sneakers will likely save you money compared to purchasing numerous pairs of shoes for various reasons. The following are the prices stated for their collection:

Mens and Womens Everyday Slip ons : $135 CAD

Mens and Womens Everyday Sneakers : $135 CAD

Mens and Womens Cityscape Sneakers : $135 CAD

Mens and Womens Everyday Move : $140 CAD

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I Tried These Vessi Sneakers For Everything From Hiking To Hiit Here’s What Happened

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I recently took a trip to upstate New York to spend a few days in nature. Naturally, before leaving, I started to think of all the shoes I’d need to bring rain boots, hiking boots, and sneakers. Then I remembered I’d been given a pair of the Vessi Everyday Move sneakers to try out, so I threw them in my suitcase as backup shoes.

Having to wear these sneakers on dirt roads, rocky paths, and wet grassy terrain, I expected these sneakers would let me down at some point. I already knew these sneakers claimed to be waterproof, but I suspected some water would get through, they wouldn’t rinse clean, or they’d make my feet incredibly sweaty.

Instead, the Vessi Everyday Move sneakers ended up surpassing my expectations, becoming my new go-to shoes.

The One Small Downfall

Obviously, these are not going to protect your feet from really deep puddles. If you step in a puddle that is deeper than the top of the shoe, water will come into the shoe. Not a giant deal but something to be aware of.

I didnt test this out, but Id imagine that the shoe would struggle to dry a bit of water got inside the shoe from the top of the shoe. Just be careful when puddle hunting. You definitely dont want to go puddle hunting for a deep puddle on accident.

If you do just let them air dry and all will be good in the world.

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Overview Of Vessi Shoes Brand

Vessi Shoes have been designed from a single concept to help people find the perfect shoe for any activity. Vessi shoes are part of a big collection that includes sports shoes, wedding shoes, casual shoes, and even active footwear. They were established in 2009 to give their users a simple way to buy the best shoe that will meet all their needs.

Vessi provides a wide range of sports shoes in different sizes and designs for men, women, and children. The types of sports shoes available include trainers for casual and business wear, sports loafers, and even athletic footwear.Tony Yu, Andy Wang, and Mikaella Go established Vessi footwear in Vancouver, Canada. The brand debuted in 2017 with a Vessi Kickstarter campaign. As of September 5th, 2019, the firm had raised an amazing $1,260,557 from 9,365 backers, despite starting with a modest target of $25,000. Allow it to sink in. Many individuals are enthusiastic about their concept, and the brand did not disappoint.

If youre unconvinced that sneakers are waterproof, I get it. However, the idea of Vessi shoes withstanding rain, wind, muck, filth, snow, and slush appears to be too good to be true. The Vessi shoe review discovered the brands secret: Vessi waterproof shoes feature a patented Dyma-tex membrane woven into the knitting. Additionally, the fabric is layered with engineered material to provide additional flexibility, moisture-wicking, antibacterial insoles, and a non-slip Herringbone grip.

I Tried These Vessi Sneakers For Everything From Hiking To Hiit

How I Clean My Waterproof Vessi Shoes | Vlogmas Day 8

I recently took a trip to upstate New York to spend a few days in nature. Naturally, before leaving, I started to think of all the shoes I’d need to bring – rain boots, hiking boots, and sneakers. Then I remembered I’d been given a pair of the Vessi Everyday Move sneakers to try out, so I threw them in my suitcase as backup shoes.

Having to wear these sneakers on dirt roads, rocky paths, and wet grassy terrain, I expected these sneakers would let me down at some point. I already knew these sneakers claimed to be waterproof, but I suspected some water would get through, they wouldn’t rinse clean, or they’d make my feet incredibly sweaty.

Instead, the Vessi Everyday Move sneakers ended up surpassing my expectations, becoming my new go-to shoes.

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Vessi Shoes Review: Sizing

If youve looked on the Vessi website you may notice there are no half sizes. This makes it a little tough to find shoes that fit exactly the way you order shoes, especially if you normally order a half size.

Im typically a size 9.5 in Mens and like a looser fit. So, I ordered up to a size 10. If you like a snugger fit, simply size down.

Its up to you how you like these great shoes to fit. Most shoes tend to have pretty different sizing, which is a pain.

But have no fear, Vessi offers free standard shipping and 90-day returns and exchanges within North America on orders over $80.

Why Are Vessi Shoes Good For Nurses

So why are Vessi shoes, like the Weekend Sneaker or Everyday Sneaker, a good choice for nurses? What makes them one of the best nursing shoes?

  • Waterproof: Having nursing shoes that are waterproof are not only important for safety, but for cleaning as well. Not allowing dangerous fluids to penetrate your shoes is an important concern for many nurses.
  • Comfort: Vessi shoes have unmatched comfort that are not rivaled by any of the traditional nursing shoes. They truly are one of the most comfortable shoes we have ever tried on, especially without socks.
  • Durability: Durability is important for any nursing shoe. Why? Were literally on our feet all day! So, having a good durable shoe is very important and Vessi provides that.
  • Functionality: This can be a difficult category to tackle, however they achieve functionality with their lacing system. While it is similar to a traditional lacing system, there is enough stretch to help you easily slip in and out of your shoes which is very important for certain nurses .
  • Design: Matching your favorite nursing scrubs to your shoes can be important to nurses. Vessi offers several colors and styles that match the modern design of trendy scrubs such as FIGS, Cherokee INFINITY, Greys Anatomy.
  • Washable: THESE SHOES ARE WASHABLE. Literally in your washing machine. This is HUGE. Being able to sanitize your shoes after a long weeks shifts is important for health and disease prevention.

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How Long Does The Waterproof And Moisture Wicking Features Last

The waterproof and moisture wicking features last the entire lifespan of the shoes with normal wear. However, long-term rough wear and tear, improper use, abuse of the shoes may potentially damage the waterproof membrane and cause its waterproof functions to be compromised. For example, do not pierce the shoe with sharp objects, that will break the membrane and water may seep through the damaged area.

The Weekend Sneaker Size And Fit

A Regular Can of WD

Vessi has a handy fit guide on their website, which helps you choose the correct size based on the type of sneaker youre ordering. They recommend ordering your usual size, except for the Weekend sneaker, which they recommend you go down a size.

Im typically a size six in shoes, so I dutifully sized down to a 5. Truthfully, I was a bit nervous doing this since I typically prefer a shoe thats a little large than too snug.

When I first tried on the sneakers, they were indeed snug not uncomfortably so, but enough that I was a little concerned they would chafe during longer walks.

However, the handbook explained that Vessis are made to have a sock-like fit and will likely feel a bit snug in the beginning. However, after wearing them for a while, the shoe molds to your foot.

My first walk outside in these shoes revealed that some breaking in is required with these. My left foot was totally fine, but the right shoe was rubbing my heel a bit by the end of the first walk.

However, after a week of wearing them, they stopped rubbing, and the fit feels perfect, like it was made custom for my foot!

As for the insole, there is a fair bit of support there, but not like a running shoe. The Vessi website even says that their shoes are designed for casual wear, and not really for fitness or running, and I would agree with this. That said, they are pretty comfortable for walking, and my feet are not tired or sore after my usual 3-4 km walk.

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