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Are On Cloud Good Running Shoes

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Comfort Above Anything Else

Best ON Running Shoes 2020 | Cloud X, Cloudflow, Cloudboom, Cloudflyer

In a study that analyzed 40 years of running injuries, researchers found that comfort plays a significant factor in reducing injuries.

Comfort is made of:

  • Perfect size. If youre not sure which size you need, check our ultimate size guide.
  • Perfect fit. This means your shoe isnt too tight nor it feels too loose around your heel or forefoot. Additionally, no part of the shoe should give you discomfort – there should be no pinching nor uncomfortably tight areas.
  • Cushioning. Its that soft foamy layer that makes your feet experience walking on clouds feeling.

Research has shown that comfort might go as far as improving the running economy and decreasing injury risk . Runners usually report more comfort with more cushioning.

Typically, lightweight running shoes offer less cushioning, and we therefore generally dont recommend beginners to pick running shoes that weigh less than 250 grams. This way, youll leave aside two extremes: racing flats and extremely bulky running shoes. More experienced runners can find joy in having a pair of lightweight running shoes for their speed runs.

a light daily trainer vs. a heavy max-cushioned trainer

Still Not Sure Which On Running Shoes To Buy

I hope you enjoyed this On Shoes review, if youre still not sure which On Running shoes to buy, visit our Best On Running Shoes Buyers Guide for an ordered list of the top ON Clouds for road and trail running. It has been designed to make your buying decisions easier.

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On Cloud 5 Vs On Cloud X

The core differences between the On Cloud 5 versus the On Cloud X revolve around how each shoe is intended to be used. There are three major differences between the On Cloud X and On Cloud 5 that I think are worth mentioning.

The first major difference is the base of the shoe and the CloudTec midsole construction. Both shoes have a low-profile CloudTec midsole, but the On Cloud Xs midsole is slightly wider and more stable. This is to help the On Cloud X perform better in cross-training settings by increasing the base and surface area of the shoe to support different exercises.

More specifically, the On Cloud X has a built-in Speedboard with raised sidewalls to assist with balance and stability. Its a subtle detail that isnt inherently noticeable, but you can feel the difference when training.

The second major difference is the upper construction and lacing system used. The On Cloud 5s eyelets are built to accommodate Ons speed lacing system and traditional laces. This feature changes the midfoot construction slightly and makes the boot a bit longer to easily slip the shoes on and off compared to the On Cloud X.

The On Cloud X utilizes a traditional lacing system and its upper construction is a bit more durable for training purposes. On the forefoot and midfoot, the upper is more abrasion resistant and delivers a slightly thicker material compared to the On Cloud 5.

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Responses To On Cloud Shoes Review: Light As A Feather With Sturdy Support

  • Amanda moore

    Do they have an arch support, it is a must for me.

  • Kirsten Borrink

    I mention this in the review. Its moderate. It is not enhanced like youd find in Brooks or Asics. You can add an insole if needed.

  • julie

    How is the heel stability?

  • Robin Wold

    I am on my second pair of on cloud tennis shoes. I have bunions and plantar fascitis and these shoes work great for me. I get lots of compliments on the way they look.

  • Kirsten Borrink

    I love how easy they are to get on and off. Love the natural-feeling support, room for toes and great cushioning/shock-absorption. THanks for the feedback!

  • Christena Umsted

    They didnt help the burning pain I get from my arthritis. My daughter, with plantar fasciitis swears by them

  • lisa clark
  • What You Need To Know

    On Cloud X Running Shoe
    • Weighs 10.7 oz. for a US M10.5 / 7.9 oz. for a US W7.5
    • Full ZoomX midsole and full rubber outsole
    • Flyknit upper provides premium comfort for all foot types
    • Hopefully you boarded the crypto express early in the game, because this is a $180 daily trainer

    ROBBE: The last couple of years for the Nike running family have been like a cryptocurrency rollercoaster. It started with an early plunge as the much-beloved Epic React line mets its demise, then rebounded with the birth of the OG React Infinity. Then a surprise Olympic Trials Alphafly NEXT% drop sent shockwaves through the market, and was quickly followed by a flat plateau of the ho-hum Nike React Miler . Oh and somewhere in there, the Pegasus Turbo 2 just disappeared because darlings are meant to be killed, I guess.

    Hopefully you bought in at the bottom, because things are bouncing back with the Nike ZoomX Invincible Run. Nothing will drive a price higher than being crowned the only daily trainer in the Nike fam with a full ZoomX midsole that big, bouncy vanilla milkshake bottom that brings all the boys to the yard. Couple that with a wildly wide outsole base, a Flyknit upper, and other stuff, and you have a shoe that is kind of unlike anything else.

    After all, this was a shoe borne out of the desires of athletes testing Vaporfly iterations without the plate. Ask, and three years later, you shall receive.

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    On Running Review: The Worlds Lightest Trainers

    On has made a big splash in its relatively short existence, and now has the accolade of being the fastest growing running shoe brand in the world. Founded in 2010 by a three-time world duathalon champion and multiple Ironman winner Oliver Bernhard, together with his friends David Allemann and Casper Coppetti, the vision from the off was to come up with a fast and truly revolutionary running shoe. Whilst that term gets bandied around too much, in Ons case you just have to look at the Cloud or Cloudflow to realise that these are unlike any other running shoes on the market.

    They set out to solve the two perennial problems in distance running shoes: of combining a cushioned, soft landing with a firm, responsive take-off and a highly cushioned shoe that is also extremely lightweight. Plenty of shoes on the market are good at one or the other, but not both. Distance shoes tend to be either fast, responsive and lightweight or comfortable, cushioned and heavier. On has come up with a shoe design that genuinely delivers on both fronts, built around two main innovations.

    Where Do You Plan To Run

    Road-running shoes are designed for pavement and occasional forays onto packed surfaces with slight irregularities.

    • Light and flexible, they’re made to cushion or stabilize feet during repetitive strides on hard, even surfaces.
    • Best for people who run on sidewalks, road, treadmills or track.
    • Road-running shoes have flatter, smoother soles to create a consistent surface for running on paved roads.

    Trail-running shoes are designed for off-road routes with rocks, mud, roots or other obstacles.

    • They have bigger lugs than road-running shoes for better grip on uneven terrain.
    • They are sometimes fortified with plates underfoot to help protect your feet from rocks or sharp objects.
    • Theyre generally stiffer through the midsoles for more support on rugged trails and uneven surfaces.

    Cross-training shoes are designed for gym workouts, cross-training or any balance activity where having more contact with the ground is preferred over a thick platform sole.

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    On Cloud Unique Shoe Features

    On Cloud running styles such as the Cloudmonster, Cloud 5, Cloud 2.0, Cloudflow, Cloud X and Cloudrunner, and waterproof styles will allow you to enjoy running on clouds in the style that is perfect for you. On has many fun styles and colors and will make your run feel and look good!

    • Curbside Pick Up at all locations
    • Online Customer Service
    • Curbside Pick Up at all locations
    • Online Customer Service

    They Look Chic While Providing Support

    On Shoes Cloud Running Shoe Review | Terradrift

    One thing you need to know about me is that I have extremely, extremely flat feetas in I have no arch in my foot whatsoever. As a runner, this has caused constant problems . If I wear a shoe without any support, the arches of my feet end up hurting within the hour, and my shins will reap the consequences by the end of the day. But this does make me a very good judge in how supportive a shoe is.

    If Im heading out to a coffee shop to work for a few hours, running errands, or heading to a friends house for a wine night, my preferred shoe to get me there is always a sneaker. I love being able to walk as long as I need to and being comfortable, but most athleisure shoes deliver in looks and leave a lot lacking in the comfort departmentbut not these.

    Whenever I wear these sneakers, they feel chic in a model-off-duty way but are also so comfortable and supportive that I truly can walk all day long in them without blinking. Their design is extremely minimal and lightweight, and when theyre on your feet, they feel athletic in a sleek waysomething that I cant get enough of.

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    Where To Go From Here: Starting The Search For Your Best Road Running Shoes

    With this all in mind, it can still be tricky to narrow your choices down to just a few pairs you that will suit your needs. If youre still feeling unsure as to what your best shoe looks like, head over to our shoe finder here, answer a few questions and see what results you find for your next new pair. Weve also highlighted some of our road running fan favorites and most popular models below is your next pair one of these?

    On Cloud Shoes Customer Reviews

    Lets take a look at what On Cloud customers had to say about their purchases:

    Super comfortable uppers. If you like ground contact, I think youre gonna like the ride alot but if you like cushioning, you should look elsewhere. ImSwedishBTW on Reddit

    Ive tried the Cloudswift which as marketed as their cushion shoes, the On Speedboard which sits right under your foot makes it really firm despite the softness of the midsole. I feel like it needs a little more cushion in between your feet and the board. Decent running feel though, its a little overrated I reckon badongers on Reddit

    Love ON! Bouncy for running, great energy return, and the rubber sole really grips the floorgreat for burpees and lateral movements. debs26 on Reddit

    On running have some of the nicest uppers and best aesthetics around. The problem is the Cloud cushioning system is a fundamentally flawed concept, the pods clog up with stones and dirt and arent durable. Despite this On Running continue to persevere with it as its their trademark/USP. Its a shame if they combined those uppers with a more traditional mid and outsole they might make some really good shoes snowdoniarunner on Reddit

    Based on reviews directly from customers, most agree that On Cloud shoes:

    • Have comfortable uppers but could use more cushioning
    • Good for gripping the floor but not great for long runs
    • Tend to get rocks stuck in the soles

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    Agile Laces Energetic Outsole

    In the wet, youll still be fine however some precautions if its very wet and going up or downhill as you may struggle in testing environments. For most of your average condition, weather and road surfaces, the On Running Cloud will handle them superbly. I also want to comment on the traditional laces youll find stashed in the box too while the speed laces serve excellent for the majority of the time, when you really want to grind and push hard, they are too short to make use of the lace holes towards the tongue, and further down towards the toe.

    Thats where the normal laces are better suited, for a more snug, firm hold across your feet. I would like to see either another set of speed laces that are long, or just make the current ones a bit longer so we can still enjoy the same level of convenience and assurance, while allowing us to use the other lace loops.

    Youll find the On Running in a bunch or colorways from the subtle, too the stylish to the eccentric. Im particularly a fan of the Cloud design aerodynamic with its profile and unique outsole design, reminiscent of Nike Air Max but refined and more appealing to the eyes. For premium running shoes, the attention to detail is remarkable, with perforated holes on the tongue, mesh body etched with In Running trims, accents and Swiss flag.

    On Cloud X Review: Also Consider

    On Cloud Mens Cloudsurfer Running Shoes

    The Under Armour TriBase Reign 3 is not only an amazing workout shoe but it also won the T3 Awards 2021 in the ‘Best Workout Shoes’ category. The TriBase Reign 3 offers more breathability and better grip than its predecessor the equally as competent Under Armour TriBase Reign 2.

    The Nike Metcon 6 is one of the most popular workout shoes on the market, especially among Crossfit athletes. It is more breathable and has an updated topcoat that is supposed to be even more resilient than the one found in the Metcon 5, which was pretty resilient already. Not bad!

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    On Cloud Shoes Review: Worth The Hype

    We may earn a commission from links on our website, but this doesn’t influence the opinions of our editors.

    Finding the right running shoes can be a challenge, but we help make the process a little bit easier with our On Cloud shoes review below!

    When it comes to running shoes, there is no shortage of options. The amount of brands alone is enough to be overwhelming: from Nike to Adidas to ASICS, how do you know which ones are right for you?

    On Running, a Swiss performance running brand is one company promising to make the best performance running shoes in the game with their CloudTec® technology. These shoes have been majorly hyped over the last few years, but are they worth all the attention? Keep reading to find out in our On Cloud shoes review.

    What Is Arch Support And Why It Matters

    We have done a meta-analysis of more than 150 studies about arch support, where we interview doctors of physical therapy, podiatric surgeons, coaches, and podiatrists.

    The conclusion is that arch support cannot make a huge difference to injury risk or the performance for runners unless you have a special foot condition, in which case you should seek a specialist. A few rough guidelines:

    neutral shoe vs. stability shoe vs. motion control shoe

    To determine pronation, look at your used footwear – do you wear them evenly? If theyve been worn more on the outer sides, youre underpronating. If theyve been worn more on the inner sides, youre overpronating. Even wear means neutral pronation.

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    On’s Running Shoe Technology

    On’s CloudTec® is the driving force behind the companys unique running shoes. The cushioning system is made of cloudshollowed-out pods that offer not only shock absorption but also stability and energy return.

    Every On running shoe features CloudTec® and has protective heel cushioning to provide a stabilized, natural strike. Its adaptive rubber sole absorbs the stress of landing, and the clouds spring back from impact in order to offer a smooth transition to an explosive take-off.Apart from this revolutionary technology, On has developed technology that helps all kinds of athletes run on all kinds of surfaces.

    Why Use On Cloud Shoes

    On Running Shoe Review Cloud: The Best Triathlon Shoe of 2016

    What is it about the design of On Running shoes that makes them different? The bottom of the shoe is the main focus of what they claim their technology does.

    1. Reduces Muscle Fatigue

    They talk a lot about a study showing how their shoes are better, so lets break this down.

    It was a study of 37 trained male runners, doing their daily runs. The On running shoes were found to be similar to standard running shoes in terms of ground force and running economy.

    But there were two areas where it fared better than standard:

    • Average 1.3% lower heart rate hence the more efficient claim
    • Average 5.5% lower blood lactate hence the less muscle fatigue claim

    2. Improves Speed Off Ground

    The pods compress both horizontally and vertically and then rapidly expand, helping to propel you faster off the ground.

    Instead of losing energy in your foot strike, its being harnessed and pushed right back out.

    This is part of their Speedboard technology.

    3. Reduces Injuries

    Additionally, the way the clouds react helps to reduce injuries from that braking force that comes through poor form.

    Due to the individual pods, the sole is able to adapt to your stride. Where a standard shoe is only going to move one way from toe to heel. This gives you better shock absorption and cushion, no matter how you land.

    Again, I havent seen a specific study on this so its more anecdotal from runners.

    4. You Like the Way they Feel

    How does it feel when you put it on? How do your legs feel when you finish runs?

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