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How To Try On Shoes On Goat

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Is Goat Legit And Safe To Use

How to Sell Shoes on Goat Step by Step Guide 2020

Right off the bat, GOAT is a legit site, and the chance of getting scammed is incredibly low. The team behind the app assures users theyre doing everything in their power to verify the authenticity of items sold through their platform.

But GOAT is a marketplace, which means any verified sellers can market their shoes through the app. So, how exactly does GOAT do quality control?

From its early stages, GOAT has employed a ship-to-verify model. In short, when someone buys a pair of sneakers from a vendor, those dont get shipped to the buyer.

Instead, the sneakers ship to GOATs team first. GOATs team of experienced sneaker specialists examine each item, ensuring they are authentic and in the condition promised by the seller.

Then, the sneakers get shipped to the buyer with GOATs guarantee of authenticity. They also have a money-back guarantee if they make an inaccurate determination.

Moreover, GOAT has an AI-assisted process to spot fakes before they even get to the experts. With thousands of unique styles and models in their warehouse at any given time, its hard to get to each one in time.

Using an expert-trained AI image recognition system, theyre able to screen out fakes instantly. The system is trained with a massive list of signals that can trigger fraud detection.

Ultimately, GOAT acts as an expert middleman between buyers and sellers to verify the authenticity of their products. And, they do that very well as theyre in the top 100 selling apps.

Goat Funding And Valuation

Initially, the company raised $7.6 billion in funding from Y combinator, Upfront Ventures, Andreessen Horowitz, and Reddit.

In 2017, GOAT merged with Flight Club and became the largest monopoly in the secondary sneaker marketplace. Despite the merger, the two brands operated independently, capturing different channels in the marketplace.

GOAT focused on web and mobile app sales, and Flight Club dominated the global retail and e-commerce market with its physical stores.

The GOAT group raised $60 million in funding through venture capital firms like Index Ventures, Webb Investment Network, Matrix Partners, Upfront Ventures, and Accel.

Although GOAT targets a niche market, its backed up by large investments. In 2019, Footlocker invested 100 million in GOAT, making it their largest investment in history.

A strategic investment aimed to create a seamless, frictionless experience for customers partaking in the secondary market. GOAT used the funding to scale operations and meet domestic and international demand. Footlocker leveraged GOATs technology to advance the sneaker buying experience.

GOAT has recently raised another $195 million in Series F financing, a massive round that values the company at $3.7 billion, according to sources familiar with the deal.

Goat Group Launches Ar Try

GOAT Group, the online sneaker marketplace that operates GOAT and Flight Club stores, has taken a leap forward with its new AR Try-On feature.

Through the companys app, customers can try on some of the rarest and exclusive shoes GOAT has to offer, including Nike Dunks featuring the Deftones, FLOM, Wu-Tang, and Iron Maiden Air Force 1 models that feature the Stash, Black Album, Head Automatica and Stash x Futura and unreleased sample shoes like the Air Jordan 4 Purple Travis Scott, Air Jordan 3 Fragment, Air Jordan 4 Undefeated and Air Yeezy Glow in the Dark Tour.

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Making The Purchase Safe

For shoes over $300, Goat requires sellers to send their sneakers in for verification, first. Goats experts examine the shoes and make sure theyre authentic, and your purchase is backed by a buyers guarantee whether the sneakers are verified or not. If you buy a pair of fake Nikes, you can send them back and get your money back.

Mutual Benefit Through Risk Minimization

How To Get CHEAP Shoes On Goat

GOATs platform business model is designed to mutually benefit all the three parties involved the seller, GOAT, and the buyer.

GOATs marketplace is based on the trust system in which the company has built a proprietary algorithm that determines the legitimacy of every item listed on its site.

Expensive rare collectibles can be susceptible to damage, theft, etc., and thus GOAT mitigates risk in various ways.

  • GOAT does not bear the risk of storing inventory. After online verification, they call for in-hand verification only after a buyer has placed a bit on it. The risk is mitigated because the product is in GOATs possession only during the authentication process before being shipped to the buyer.
  • The seller doesnt get paid until the product is verified. It protects both the buyer and GOAT against counterfeit products and fraudulent sellers.
  • The buyer protection ensures that sneaker enthusiasts feel secure making large purchases on their favorite products without worrying about fraud.

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Order Canceled With No Sensible Explanation

I was a first time customer. I was looking to replace a particular pair of discontinued running sneakers with the exact same model and size. I found a brand new pair on which was my size and a good price. It was the only pair in the size and color I wanted. I purchased them and the seller sent the sneakers to GOAT for evaluation prior to GOAT sending to me. GOAT notified me that the box was very damaged but the sneakers were okay. If I wanted to go through with the order the seller would give me 5% off. If not, my money would be fully refunded. I chose the discount and I saw the 5% refund on my credit card and quickly got a notification from UPS that the shipping label was created. Within a couple of days, my order was spontaneously canceled. When I reached out to customer support, it took several days for them to get back to me but I was told the sneakers were “mis-verified”. I don’t know what that means and when I asked them this they told me they don’t know how it was mis-verified because the order was canceled. These sneakers are back up on their website available for 2.5 times the amount I initially paid! Seems like a scam to me!

Goat The Saving Grace For Sneaker Enthusiasts And Brands

Lu said nostalgia plays a significant role as collectors are sensitive about the story behind the shoe.

Collectors worldwide fancy rare sneakers and are willing to pay hundreds of dollars for them. But, they constantly fear counterfeit products.

Brands like Nike have been battling against fake products for decades now.

GOAT became a solution, not just a company, and gained popularity because they removed fear and replaced it with trust.

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The Future Of Physical Sneaker Resale

Physical retail still has a place. Back in 2018, Goat Group acquired bricks-and-mortar sneaker consignment store Flight Club, which has locations in Miami, Los Angeles and New York. The acquisition diversified the brand and has provided US Goat fans with a destination to enjoy sneaker culture IRL, says Sugano.

However, sneaker influencer Le says many sneakerheads find Flight Club more of a museum than a retail destination because of its inflated prices. I know are trying to do certain moves to stay away from that stigma, but they are seen as so expensive that a lot of people often go there just to look at the rare shoes and not actually purchase anything.

Le represents a subset of sneakerheads fatigued by the inflated prices of the resale market. But he thinks a mix of retail with sneaker resale can work in physical stores. One thing that a lot of these stores are missing is the hype, he says. A lot of kids don’t want to go to stores because there’s nothing exclusive or rare. Putting rare sneakers into the store alongside retail is genius… It’s gonna attract a lot of consumers to at least get eyeballs on their clothing.

While Goat has no immediate plans to expand its brick-and-mortar footprint, the company says it is committed to a mix of physical and digital marketplaces. We’re well positioned, especially coming out of Covid, on both ends of online and physical retail, says Sugano. is a very important aspect of our business.

How Does Goat Make Money Business Model Of Goat


When it comes to buying and selling sneakers online, GOAT is definitely the leader. What started as a place for sneaker enthusiasts to buy just their favorite pair of kicks has quickly grown into a legitimate marketplace with some really cool features.

GOAT is one of the fastest-growing sneakers marketplaces in the world, now valued at $3.7 billion. For every sneaker bought on the platform, the team verifies it for its authenticity before it is shipped to the buyer, making it stand out from other sneakers marketplaces.

Youd think selling sneakers wouldnt be as profitable as other businesses, but GOAT generates a lot of revenue.

So, how does GOAT make money? GOAT is a consignment marketplace for buying and selling authentic sneakers. GOAT makes money by charging a 9.5% commission on sales that it facilitates through its platform.

In this article, well take a deep dive into their business model and find out how GOAT makes money.

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Shoes Purchased Are Not Promised

Paid for a pair of sneakers that were confirmed by seller. Seller never sent the shoes after I received a confirmation that the shoes were on their way through UPS. Seller basically reneged on the deal and now the shoes cost way more and the Goat says they’ll refund me. Now they expect me to pay more on a new bid when I’m already paying a premium on the shoe, instead of them paying the difference on the new order after confirming that the original shoes were in transit. Why should I miss out after they confirmed the shoe was coming. If they had a better system I could’ve possibly bought the sneaker from another seller the same price or lower. I already have purchased other sneakers and want to buy more but this left a sour taste. Poor customer service because in a store if something you bought was damaged or misplaced you would get the same item at the price you bought it, might I add, a discount. I’ll edit this review if it turns out that they did the right thing and honor my initial purchase.

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Legs differ, and a great deal of this tutorial is up to your creative decision. However, this tutorial makes legs that are relatively thin at the front and bulky at the back, so you can follow that more closely if you prefer.

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Is Goat Legit Will You Get Scammed

ArchRead more April 6, 2020

Buying a pair of fake sneakers has never been easier, and it has never been easier to get scammed into buying knockoffs online. Therefore, it makes sense to try to be super careful, but even then, you might end up on the receiving end of a bad deal.

GOAT is allegedly trying to change that. They claim to provide a marketplace for buying and selling authentic sneakers. But is it legit? Keep reading to find out.

Can I Trust Goatcom

This sneaker

With plenty of reviews and users on the app – currently, the app has nearly 100,000 sellers with several million members and satisfied customer reviews- there is plenty of reason to trust as a way to buy or sell your shoes. Customers like that it is less complicated to use than is eBay, and that sellers can often list the shoes for a higher price than they might fetch on other platforms.

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I’m Satisfied With My Shopping

I’m satisfied with my shopping experience today! My order NUMBER IS #954356838 customer line6°74³8///////three4nine8They did an amazing job resolving myThey did an amazing job resolving my issues when the boots came they are nothing like they arewhen the boots came they are nothing like they are of very poor quality and i want my money back ! I was trying to return this shoes back to the company several email no response then i I used Google to search for the company Contact number and i finally found their contact number which iSi contacted the customer service team is really aweome kind and polite with me customer service was a great help I needed to find out if my return had been received she was able to confirm it was received and my refund was processed I always have a good experience with customer service

From Fake Air Jordans To A Trusted Reseller

College friends Eddy Lu and Daishin Sugano, a developer and designer, were serial entrepreneurs who had quit their corporate job to pursue ideas. They developed high-cost, low-quality apps when the iPhone came out and failed a few times.

In 2013, Sugano purchased a pair of Air Jordan 5 Grapes from eBay, which turned out to be fake. That is when sneaker enthusiasts Lu and Sugano identified a lucrative market for secondary sneaker brands.

The rise in counterfeit sneakers available created significant problems for brands, an issue that Lu and Sugano could solve through GOAT.

Two years later, in 2015, they founded GOAT to build a trusted marketplace for authentic sneakers.

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Paid Close To $400 For A Pair Of Shoes That Are Too Big

Paid close to $400 for a pair of shoes. Ended up being the wrong size so I sent them back in the EXACT same condition we received them. Was later told that they had scuff marks, hair, markings and were tried on so they would not refund my money. This is not very comforting knowing they sent me these shoes in the very same condition without taking a bit of notice and did not mind at all sending them to me this way. All my options were at this point was to sell or have shoe returned to me. Could not get any help with selling the shoes or the process and now stuck with a pair of shoes that can not be used. Waste of $400! Never again…

What Is Goat And How Does It Work


GOAT is an online marketplace to buy and sell authentic sneakers via the web and mobile app. It accesses the secondary market as an intermediary between sellers and buyers, verifying authenticity for the buyer.

Based in 13 locations worldwide, their ship-to-verify model and buyer protection make them a trustworthy brand. Their selection ranges from trending releases in the present, rare collections from the past, and unreleased samples from the future.

They provide an experience that allows anyone to purchase the exact shoe they want at a price they are willing to pay.

Their business model works best when we connect the most passionate buyers with the most passionate sellers. Think of it in terms of supply and demand if they can match up the right sneaker with the right customer, everyone wins.

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How Does Goat Verify Authenticity

As per GOATs guide, sellers upload pictures of sneakers from different angles. Once GOAT approves the pictures, they post them online for buyers to bid on them.

When they have a buyer, GOAT asks the seller to ship the product.

Their first round of screening happens through a combination of different technology like machine learning and digital authentication.

The second round is an in-hand verification, where they check the product physically before sending it to the buyer.

Inside Goats Plans To Merge Sneaker Resale And Retail

Vogue Business

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The booming sneaker resale market is no longer just about flipping Jordans and Dunks. Sneaker resale marketplace Goat is thinking much bigger off the back of doubling its valuation last month to $3.7 billion, following a $195 million Series F funding round.

The ambitious aim is to develop Goat into the leading e-commerce destination for young, cool consumers to shop retail and resale at once across luxury, streetwear and sneakers.

Goat hit $2 billion in gross merchandise value over the last 12 months as consumers flocked to buy and sell authenticated sneakers and clothing as a hobby or side-hustle during the pandemic. The platform now has 30 million members and 600,000 sellers across the world.

The figures keep on escalating. The global sneaker resale market alone could be worth $30 billion by 2030 according to Cowen, and multiple platforms want a piece of the pie. Ebay partnered with SneakerCon in 2020 to step up its sneaker authentication services. Goats main competitor, StockX, which also operates on a third-party authenticator model and was recently valued at $3.8 billion, hit $1.8 billion in GMV in 2020.

The Goat app has the look and feel of a luxury retail site, with added features like AR try-on.

Some 80 per cent of Goats members are either Gen Z or millennial. Gen Z is the fastest growing demographic on the platform, points out chief brand officer Sen Sugano.

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How Does Goat Make Money

GOAT is a resale marketplace for authentic sneakers that enables sneakerheads to buy and sell authentic sneakers. GOAT makes money in the same way that most marketplaces do. It takes a percentage of each sale.

The business model of GOAT is pretty straightforward: GOAT makes money by charging sellers a fee for every successful sale. There are no listing fees, no subscriptions, and they dont hold any inventory.

This is called the revenue split model because GOAT doesnt own any of the inventory.

The seller fee is the same whether youre listing an item at $100 or $1,000. The 9.5% commission fee will be subtracted from your final sale price before your money is deposited into your bank account. In other words, if you sell an item for $100, GOAT will take $9.50 out of your final sale price

All sellers start with a rating score of 90. And they have to pay a commission fee that is the sum of the platforms 9.5% commission and an additional seller fee.

For every cancellation, they deduct 10 points from their rating. On the other hand, for every successful sale, they add 2 points to the rating.

Even when a sellers rating drops, GOAT may charge them 9.5% if they successfully deliver authentic products.

GOAT currently does not make money by selling customer data or ads.

Seller Rating
Below 50 25% + seller fee or suspension

Note: The seller fee is different for every user depending on the location and the shipping address.

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