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Steve Madden Sneakers For Women

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Steve Madden Maxima’s Upmarket Alternative: Gucci Flashtrek

Steve Madden Maxima Sneaker SKU: 9535735

Although it was molded with a hiking sneaker style, the fit-for-a-queen Gucci Flashtrek was designed to win the fashion scenes.

Similar to the Steve Madden Maxima, this sky-rocketed priced sneaker displays its eye-catching lavish crystals. Wearers can easily detach this bejeweled strap if they opt to flaunt a less flashy look.

Graphic Sneakers And Sneakers With Embroidery

An other cool trend is the graphic trend. We spotted a lot of patches and embroidery this season on our fashion. Of course shoes couldn’t be left behind! Sneakers with patches and sneakers with embroidery are the perfect way to give your daily look a fun, fashionable upgrade. Graphic shoes are cool and the perfect way to make a fashion statement! We see a lot of sneakers with a floral pattern or star printed sneakers. Do you own a pair of shoes with patches or shoes with flowered embroidery yet?

Whether you’re going for platform sneakers, metallic sneakers or sneakers with patches this season, one thing is sure: your sneakers are allowed to stand out! We love this comfy-fashionable trend, do you too?

Steve Madden Sneakers For Women

Comfy and fashionable really is our – all time favourite – fashion duo. We couldn’t be happier that the sneaker trend is still going strong! With our great collection of fashionable sneakers you’ll definitely find a trendy sneaker to match your style. So looking for cool sneakers or trendy sneakers? Steve Madden sure has the perfect pair of sneakers for you!

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