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What Are The Best Barefoot Running Shoes

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What Barefoot Running Shoes Are Available

The Best Barefoot Running Shoes – Product Review

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There is a vast selection of barefoot running shoes available from which to choose. The first on the market was the Vibram FiveFingers. They were initially introduced for water sports, but they quickly became popular with runners who wanted to experience barefoot running while still protecting their feet.

These barefoot running shoes have a unique design with 5 toe pods. The toe separation eliminates many foot problems that runners experience including athletes foot, chafing and black toenails from running. As these shoes are quite low, you will need to slowly transition to them.

Choose a model that has a great fit and is comfortable for you. Each style has a different feel. They should be worn loose and many prefer to wear them with socks, but you can wear them without socks. The average retail price is approximately $130 US. Check out the styles below:

Types Of Barefoot/minimalist Shoes

Between wearing traditional shoes when running and going barefoot, you will find the innumerable and impressive nuances of functionality and coverage. What already passes for the best barefoot running shoes may run quite as a gamut. So, we will examine the two major types of barefoot/minimalist shoes which are widely used by many runners. Regarding the similarity, you might notice that these two types share the common thing which no physical foot support.

Minimalist Shoes

They are the hybrid of traditional shoes and barefoot running shoes. So, it can be an excellent choice for almost all runners to start easing into the barefoot running. The minimalist shoes features the lightweight construction, with no or little arch support. Its heel drop which is about 4 or 8mm can encourage a forefoot or midfoot strike, but still, offer flex and cushioning.

Read more:

The Different Types Of Minimalist Running Shoes

Theres no industry-wide way to define the different types of minimalist running sneakers, but shoes that offer little or no support, have a zero drop, and barefoot style running shoes, including five-finger ones, generally fall into this minimalist category, Dr. Kor says.

  • Zero-drop shoes: Zero-drop shoes are constructed with an entirely flat sole, so theres no difference in cushioning from heel to toe. This affects the feel of the foot strike. Less aggressive cushioning at the heel encourages shifting the strike toward the mid- and forefoot, says Josh Honore, trainer for Row House and STRIDE on Xponential+. Zero-drop shoes still provide some cushioning and are therefore more forgiving on the joints than some minimalist or barefoot shoes.

  • Barefoot shoes: On the other hand, barefoot shoes dont have much material, so theres even less covering between your feet and the ground. This means theyre much more flexible and dont compromise foot motion, but there are drawbacks. These shoes dont really protect your feet, so if you step on hard rocks or glass, for instance, theres a big risk for injury there, Dr. Kor says. That said, barefoot shoes, like Vibrams five-finger shoes, allow for more freedom of movement in your toes, Dr. Kuizinas says.

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How Much Cushion Do You Want

The Best Barefoot Running Shoes

Running shoes are broadly classified into four categories of cushioning: Barefoot, Minimal, Moderate and Maximum. The term minimalist shoes applies only to the first two categories, so your first decision is whether you want barefoot or minimal cushioning. The choice is largely determined by how much cushioning youre willing to forgo.

Barefoot running shoes: The notion of barefoot shoes is an oxymoron, of course, since true barefoot running is defined by the absence of shoes. But this term is used to describe shoes that offer the closest feel to being barefoot. They may either come with separate toe pockets to let each toe flex individually, or they may fit more like slippers.

Barefoot shoes, which are almost always zero-drop shoes as well, have a flexible, extremely thin layer of shoe between the bottom of your feet and the ground. They provide no arch support or stability elements. You can wear them with or without socks toe socks are available for barefoot shoes with individual toe pockets.

Minimally cushioned running shoes: These are a hybrid of barefoot shoes and traditional running shoes. Theyre nimble, lightweight and flexible, with little to no arch support, but contain more cushioning than barefoot shoes. Theyre an excellent way to ease into barefoot running, or to simply get a better feel for the terrain without forgoing all midsole padding.

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Other Medical Considerations With Minimalist Shoes

While anyone can try running in barefoot or in minimalist running shoes, not everyone will be able to do so successfully. Compared to a heel-striking gait, the forefoot or midfoot striking that most minimalist shoes encourage puts more strain on the Achilles tendon, which can lead to injury in some runners. In addition, if you have plantar fasciitis, tendinitis, flat feet, bunions or hammer toes, minimalist shoes might not be right for you.

Consult your doctor or podiatrist before deciding whether switching to minimalist shoes and potentially altering your running gait will be beneficial or harmful for you.

Best Barefoot Shoes 2022

Barefoot shoes continue to innovate and grow in popularity. People are turning to barefoot shoes for their CrossFit workouts, weekly runs, lifting sessions, and daily wear. Barefoot shoes come with a fairly wide range of benefits depending on the context in which you plan to use them.

If youre new to barefoot shoes, then youll definitely want to check out my barefoot shoes guide. This guide will help you properly acclimate to barefoot shoes, so when you make your selection below, youll be much more poised to wear your new barefoot shoes without running into a bunch of foot fatigue.

Below, Ive broken all of my favorite barefoot shoes into different sections based on the context in which you plan to use your barefoot shoes. Ive tested every single model in this list and if you have any questions about barefoot shoe comparisons and so forth, please dont hesitate to reach out and ask. I want to make sure youre investing in the right pair of barefoot shoes.

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Barefoot Shoe Brands From Narrow To Wide

In the photo below I ordered 35 different barefoot shoe brands that carry everyday barefoot sneakers and lifestyle shoes from narrowest to widest. This is looking specifically at width across the ball of the foot you can see that there are variations in overall shape between them which may make some shoes feel narrow on your foot, even if they measure wide at the ball of the foot . Also, keep in mind that some brands have different width options available, and variations between models. This is my best attempt at generalizing the information to help orient you!

A couple notes: Some of these brands that show up as a narrower option sometimes work for even extra wide feet. Most notably, Wildling Shoes and Mukishoes. Both of these barefoot shoe brands have extra flexible soles that flatten out and tend to accommodate a variety of shapes. Wildling also often has wide-fitting options even with the same sole shape . While its true that the actual sole width on those two brands are in the correct order in this photo, you may find that they still fit wide. Ultimately well all experience shoes differently, so take everything here with a grain of salt.

Connect With A Live Expert To Get Advice About Running

Best minimal running shoes – top 3 barefoot running shoes review – Vibram Five Fingers ETC

With Virtual Outfitting, an REI expert will answer all your questions and provide fit tips.

You can also try on shoes and get expert fit advice in REI stores. Call ahead and ask for details on the stores current COVID protocols.

Fit tips: The heels and toes of barefoot shoes should fit like a glove. Minimally cushioned shoes, in contrast, need to have enough width in the toe boxes to allow the feet to spread out naturally. For that same reason, also make sure you have a little extra length in minimally cushioned shoes.

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Are Minimalist Running Shoes Better Than Normal Running Shoes

So, why might someone opt for minimalist running shoes over traditional running sneakers? The thought process is that minimalist shoes allow runners to strengthen the muscles within their feet, which may reduce injury.

One September 2021 study published in Scientific Reports found that wearing minimalist footwear during daily activities for six months increased foot strength by 57 percent. Another August 2018 study published in European Journal of Sport Science found that when runners gradually incorporated minimalist options into their training over the course of 26 weeks, their feet got stronger. The jury’s out on whether or not that translates to fewer overuse injuries.

Ultimately, some people simply prefer low or zero drop, and like how lightweight barefoot shoes are. And the best running shoes really are the ones that fit well and feel good on your feet.

The Best Barefoot Running Shoes

Although the asking price is high for a minimalist shoe, as soon as you open the eco-friendly paper wrap that the Softstars arrive in, and breathe in the waft of leather, you can see where your money is going, and pleasingly it is on skilled craftspeople rather than branding and fancy packaging. The leather is sumptuously soft and therefore it feels as though it breaths very naturally. The eyelet chain is smartly reinforced to allow for a good mid-foot lockdown and increase longevity we think the whole shoe will last well if looked after.

The heel is internally padded with more leather, which makes them comfortable, but a bit tricky to get a good lockdown. The other esoteric design choice is the toe rand bumper, a thin rubber material that feels like a bike inner tube, its tight across the toenails and ensures the shoes volume is experienced as width rather than height. Softstar have used Vibrams excellent MegaGrip rubber on the outsole, and the 4mm lugs provide impressive grip over most terrain. The addition of a firm but thin midsole introduces a well judged level of underfoot protection producing a ride thats high in natural ground feel and low in painful impacts. At 130mm in width, the forefoot is unusually wide if you dont have wide feet, there is a narrow fit option thats well worth considering.

Read our full Xero Genesis review

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Best For Trail: Merrell Trail Glove 6 Eco

  • Weight: 3.6 ounces , 2.6 ounces
  • Heel-to-Toe Drop:0 mm

If you’re looking for a pure feet-to-the-ground experience, the Vibram shoes are the best barefoot running shoes for you. And the shoes, which frame the foot as well as each of the toes individually, certainly have a niche audience.

Unlike other sneakers on this list, this particular style is made with individual casing for each toe, making the shoe look more like a foot glove than a sneaker. They also have no cushioning at all so it’s really important to transition slowly into these kinds of shoes.

“I always recommend runners who are interested in trying a minimalist running shoe that’s drastically different than what they’ve worn before consult with an expert, such as a runner-focused podiatrist or physical therapist, before purchasing,” Julie Sapper, an RRCA-certified coach, tells

Buy , Price: $120

Vivobarefoot Primus Lite Iii Womens Shoes


Best Minimalist Shoes for Road Running

Sizes: women: 5.5-11.5 men: 7-15Colors: women: obsidian, botanical green, bright white, zinc, and apple blossom men: obsidianPros: Lightweight and flexibleCons: Wears down easily

Founded in 2012, Vivobarefoot is all about celebrating barefoot running to promote stronger feet and more functional, natural movement. Made with a thin midsole, the Primus Lite III is designed to help your feet feel more connected to the ground. Dr. Kuizinas recommends these for road running, as they have a wide and flexible shank and a durable, grippy 4mm outsole to withstand a variety of terrain. Theyre also made with sustainable materials to reduce the impact on the environment.

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The Best Barefoot Running Shoes In 2022

Well, thats my list of the top 10 pairs I think you should consider in 2022.

While you should definitely take your time considering all of your options plenty of barefoot running shoes arent exactly cheap if you start with the list above, I think youll have an easier time finding the right pair for your specific needs.

Of course, if youve already bought a pair and have any feedback that youd like to share, please feel free to do so in the comments below. If enough people recommend the same pair, Ill update our list with more popular options.

Adidas Performance Adipure 3603 Training Shoe Best For Price

This next generation 360 shoe continues to reinforce the power of Adidass training shoe series. Indeed, it is specifically made to have more flexibility, comfort, lateral stability and support your feet while training. Though it is slightly heavy, this one of the best barefoot running shoes is much lighter than other same range of shoe. And rest assured as there is a sufficient amount of cushioning placed in the shoe to provide your feet resting on this incredible softness.

As for its flexibility, this shoe with a feature of flexibility would allow a free range of motion while running. It means the shoe is able to enhance your foots natural movement. As it is applied the deep flex groove architecture, you are not only able to bend the sole easily but also granted a smooth ride. Likewise, its four-way stretchy mesh uppers are capable of adapting to all movement without forcing pressure on your feet.

Besides, its upper are made from the synthetic polyurethane to enhance the shoe’s longevity, while the outsole is made from non-marking rubber with flex grooves carved on. Altogether, your shoes are guaranteed to provide reliable traction. Indeed, when running in wet conditions, your shoe can firmly grip the surface and avoid you from slippage risk. Moreover, there is a pair of extra eyelets in the collar sections that help you tighten the shoe and hide the laces inside at ease.



Rating 9.4/10

To sum up

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Trust Your Feet Not Experts And Top

The best thing to do if youre buying your first pair of running shoes is to go to the running-specialized store. First and foremost: youll try them on and see if they are a good fit for your feet. Then, you might even get good advice from a store employee. Heck, they might even scan your feet and let you know precisely what features they have regarding pronation, arch height, etc.

If you decide to do your research online first, weve written a whole chapter on what to pay attention to! Its not a good idea to trust experts and top-10 lists.

Best For The Track: Nike Zoom Rival Waffle 5

The Best Barefoot Running Shoes | Vivobarefoot Review
  • Weight: 4.6 ounces
  • Heel-to-Toe Drop:0 mm

Track shoes are a special breed of minimalist sneaker, as they’re made to feel like a second skin with rubber soles and small lugs to help with traction. This spike-less go-to also comes with textured laces to help keep knots a little more secure than the traditional styles.

“Some of the fastest runners are wearing minimalist shoes with their spikes,” says Somers. “If you’re going to start using one, make sure to ease into the experience. Maybe try them during a track workout, but wear another pair to and from. The last thing you want to do is go from 0 to 100, which could result in injury.”

Buy Price:$65

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How We Chose These Shoes

Every shoe on this list has been selected by one of our editors here at Runners World. Weve researched the market, surveyed user reviews, consulted with product engineers, and used our own experience in these shoes to determine the best options. Weve handpicked each pair based on value, test impressions, expert recommendations, and how the shoe performs overall. Here are 10 top picks to consider if youre making a move on minimalismjust be sure to ease them into your running routine gradually.


Tesla Trail Running Minimalist Barefoot Shoe Best For Men

The Tesla shoe is widely known for its incredible ability to strengthen your ankle and accelerate the foots natural motion. Due to a lack of cushioning and arch support, this minimalist shoe is super lightweight , and thus you would not feel it while wearing for the run.

Besides, it impresses many users at its zero-drop, yes, the shoe is completely flat to ensure you enjoy the maximum experience of barefoot running. Additionally, this zero-drop side would help to stimulate and develop your foot bottoms muscle. Since then, you are assisted in running more stable.

Importantly, its rubbers thickness is 2mm with trade patterns adds to the shoe’s durability. So, you can stably run on variety types of surfaces. In other words, its exceptional outsoles can resist against slip as well as help you boost the tempo effectively. Especially, the Tesla adds more padding at the forefoot section to protect your feet while ensuring no discomfort to your ground-feel.

Though some people find its breathability is not much outstanding, its uppers are specifically made from thin material to keep the shoe free from foul odor. Besides, the uppers have a high ability to remove dust or keep stain away to ensure the fresh air in the shoes interior. Moreover, it is advised to wear the Tesla in winter without sock needed as for they are weather-wise shoes.



Rating: 9.2/10

In short

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