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What Are Good Outdoor Basketball Shoes

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Outdoor Basketball Shoes Buying Questions And Answers

Top 5 Best Outdoor Basketball Shoes 2020! So Far…

What are the best basketball shoes?

The concept of ‘best’ is subjective. Also, what is best for you depends on a combination of the shoe’s performance, comfort, and price points.

The best basketball shoes in the market are:

  • Nike Men’s Air Force 1 Low shoes
  • Under Armour Men’s Lockdown 4
  • adidas Originals Men’s Pro Bounce 2018 Low shoes
  • Nike Men’s Air Visi Pro VI
  • adidas Men’s Dame 5

Do basketball shoes make you jump higher?

Basketball shoes have a unique design that helps in vertical propulsion. Shoes that have air cushions or incorporated springs will give you a slight edge. However, it does not make a very significant difference in the vertical leap.

If you want to jump higher, it is best to do some exercises. There are plenty of videos that teach how to jump higher on basketball courts. The best way is to keep practicing regularly.

Is it bad to wear basketball shoes on concrete?

Wearing basketball shoes on the concrete road will not cause you any discomfort. But it can damage your shoes. The basketball shoes have specially designed outsoles with tractions. Friction against unsmooth surfaces on the road can wear the outsoles down soon.

If you are serious about basketball, we suggest you keep the use of your basketball shoes limited to concrete courts.

How to wipe basketball shoes?

How long do basketball shoes last?

Under Armour Sc 3zer0 Iii

“Most Comfortable Basketball Shoes”

Under Armour Men SC 3Zero is one of the best outdoor basketball shoes that provide great support and stability. It is made of carbon fiber shank and particularly rated for balance to the feet and maintains good support during the game. Especially, this pair is known for being lightweight outdoor shoes that are comfortable to wear for hours on basketball courts. The durable rubber sole has awesome traction because of various directional patterns and provides solid grip and control on outdoor surfaces.

Key Features:

Read features of the Best Shoes for Dunking.

Best Outdoor Basketball Shoes Buyers Guide

Basketball shoes can be expensive, but if youre a serious player then make no question about the importance of investing in a solid pair of kicks. High-quality comfortable footwear helps protect your body from sustaining injuries. It also helps you fair the harsh environment of an outdoor court without inhibiting your natural range of movement.

From rigid ankle supports that help you avoid a painful sprain to grippy soles that prevent slips and falls. Best outdoor basketball shoes help players train properly, reach new heights , and keep themselves from getting benched.

Whats more, basketball shoe companies have thoroughly embraced unique styles and colorways that give individual players a sense of confidence and attitude on and off the court. In a sport that requires minimal gear and quick footwork is a rite of passage, theres no better way to show your affection for basketball than to invest in a solid pair of shoes. Before you go out and buy your next pair of basketball shoes, carefully consider what youre looking for and what you need. A solid pair of outdoor b-ball kicks needs to provide comfort, stability, and traction. They also need to be worthy of the demands of your chosen position, style of playing, and the right fit for your personal physique.

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Tips For Buying Basketball Shoes For Outdoors

As you have seen, there are innumerable choices to consider when you step outside to buy the best basketball shoes for yourself. There are so many of them out there, that you are definite to get overwhelmed. But this is not a heat of the moment decision to make. You cannot buy a basketball shoe based on impulsive decision making.

You are required to consider some things before you invest in the right pair of shoes. Every basketball enthusiast understands the basics of a perfect basketball shoe. But if you are a newbie in the world of basketball, then we have a handful of tips for you right here.

Air More Uptempo ‘2016 Release’

Hawkwell Kids Casual Outdoor Basketball Shoes ...

If youre a Bulls fan, then odds are you know the Uptempos. They became famous on the feet of Scottie Pippen during the Bulls legendary 1995-1996 run, but theyve since been cemented as an absolutely iconic staple of vintage sneaker culture. The black and white color-way is muted, while the emboldened AIR branding gives them some real flash. The black rubber outsole makes them a great pair of kicks for the blacktop, and the black suede will keep them from looking too beat up outdoors.

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Jordan Shoes Air 1 Mid Se Light Club

Cool Women’s Basketball Shoes

Another iconic shoe by Air Jordan for women, a strong comeback by the most loved shoe brand Nike. A combination of vibrant colors, indeed the shoe is noticeable and looks cool. Awesome finishing and texture along with a touch of leather Nike signature, bright red zigzag stitching anchor on the sides. Certainly, this pair is our favorite and one of the coolest basketball shoes for women.

  • Mix material shoe: synthetic leather, suede and good quality mesh materials
  • Durable rubber outsole for longevity, stability and solid traction
  • The toe upper is perforated for ventilation
  • Rubber midsole for good support
  • Air-Sole responsive cushioning provides great comfort
  • Polyester textile padded tongue with lacing system for enclosed fit
  • Padded heel collar for ankle support
  • Vibrant basketball shoes, cool appearance
  • Comfortable and lightweight
  • Good traction on hardwood court
  • A bit pricey as compared to other basketball shoes

Read detailed features of the Best Indoor Basketball and find which ball is good for hardwood court.

Under Armour Mens Curry With Charged Cushion Midsole

Under Armour is more of an underrated brand in the market because its not as popular as the likes of Nike or Adidas. However, this doesnt mean that the manufacturer isnt making anything innovative. When we talk about Mens Curry, we only know elegance, comfort, and protection of feet. Although the shoes cost a little bit more than 100 bucks, they are worth every single penny you spend on them. With a high-top design and with a comfortable midsole, Under Armour Mens Curry will make sure that you can roam around the court freely without any pain or problem. Dont believe me? Check out what this tiny beast has to offer and make your verdict accordingly!

Important Features About Mens Curry:

;Threadborne Upper;

First things first, the best basketball shoes for volleyball comes with a combination of mesh and Threadbone upper. It not only improves the balance but also keeps the inside environment as breathable as possible.

;Charged Cushion Midsole;

Shock absorption is not a piece of cake for most of the shoes. However, Mens Curry with its charged cushion midsole perfectly absorbs all the shock while keeping your feet as protective as possible. Comfort and support, on the other hand, remains the same.

;Anafoam for Optimum Fit;

  • Outsole might get detached from the front.

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Best Outdoor Basketball Shoes 2021

Let me get it straight, Normal shoes cannot survive the harsh outdoor conditions and theyll simply tear out when you make a quick run in the basketball court.

So, what? Is there any solution? Yeah, there is: To get yourself the best outdoor basketball shoes.

You might be thinking that what good can a rugged pair of outdoor basketball shoes do? Well, for starters: these shoes are durable enough to withstand the harshness of rough outdoor surfaces.

Not only that, but the traction they offer is way too premium. With outward grooves and a durable rubber outsole, you wont even think of getting slipped no matter how quick your footwork is.

Got it? Now, let me address one more problem, that is, Where to get the most reliable and durable outdoor basketball shoes?

I mean, with a variety of so many shoes, the decision to make a perfect choice becomes daunting.

This is where I can help you. To tackle the shoe-finding problem, Ive compiled a list of 10 top-rated outdoor basketball shoes available in 2021. The features I kept in mind while compiling the list were, durability, comfort, superior traction, and affordable budget.

Take a look as follows:

Air Raid Og ‘black Grey’


These kicks were designed specifically for outdoor wear. The 2020 reissue is a revival of Tinker Hatfields 1992 iteration, featuring the now iconic cross-strap design. The black and white color-way is minimal, but the Air Raid embossed on the strap lets sneakerheads know exactly what these kicks are. The outsole utilizes extra-durable rubber, making these rugged sneakers a truly perfect fit for your needs on the blacktop.

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Shoe Durability For Outdoor Basketball

Outdoor basketball puts a heavy demand on the durability of basketball shoes. The extreme range of temperatures of outdoor courts could weaken the best shoe materials. The wear and tear inflicted by concrete floors, debris, gravel, and potholes could prove challenging for even the most well constructed shoes. To last long in such a demanding environment, outdoor basketball shoes need to prioritize durability over other aspects such as stylishness.

Durability depends on two things: materials and construction. In our experience, shoe uppers made from synthetic materials such as polyester or composite materials are better at this durability game than those made of natural materials such as leather or canvas. For construction, your best bet is to pore through online reviews and talk to other basketball players. But in general, basketball shoes from most of the major athletic brands are usually pretty well-constructed.

Budget Choice: Spalding Nba Street

This is what I like to call the economy option. This is the best basic, rubber outdoor basketball on the market and especially recommended for kids or beginners. The pebbling gives you a good grip no matter the weather, the seams allow for better handles and the rubber is still soft enough for a decent feel. This ball also comes fully inflated so you can start to shoot hoops right away!

If you are looking for a basketball for your kids then the Spalding NBA Street is a perfect choice. The rubber is very durable and will survive rough treatment and the ball will keep its air pressure even if it is left outdoors. Good luck finding a basketball that provides better bang for the buck!

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Nike Lebron Soldier Xi Mens Basketball Shoes

The Nike LeBron Soldier XI is regarded as one of the most durable and best outdoor basketball shoes. What makes this model stand out from the rest is its innovative lockdown feature. Some of its features are:

  • Traction: These shoes come with solid translucent outer sole with decoupled rubber pods. These provide extra durability and a range of motion. It features a hexagonal pattern with works great for multi-directional traction.
  • Cushion: The Air Zoom technology of Nike gives low-profile, responsive cushioning to these shoes. There are air compressed tensile fibers located in the midsole. Whenever you press your foot, the compressed tensile fibers give back a springing effect.
  • Material: These shoes feature a ballistic nylon mesh upper construct. The mesh gives maximum durability and is resistant to abrasion. The sides of the shoes and the toe part are made of synthetic leather for lightweight support.
  • Lockdown: The Nike LeBron Soldier XI features an innovative strap system that provides 360 degrees of lockdown. It boasts of four hook and loop velcro straps that secure the foot from side to side and front to back.
Innovative four hook and loop straps for lockdown Laces give a solid lockdown with internal cables than straps
Ballistic nylon mesh upper that is abrasion resistant The herringbone pattern provides better traction than other patterns.
Air Zoom Technology cushioning

Best Basketball Shoes For Wide Feet True To Size Fit 2021

Best Outdoor Basketball Shoes 2019

Have you ever experienced that you purchase basketball sneakers and they start feeling soreness and pain in your feet because they are not for wide feet or not true to size? So, today you will get your signature shoe that will fit your wide feet. We have listed the 8 best basketball shoes for wide feet;which are true to size and have wide bases. Basketball shoes always hurt if they dont have wide-toe box that is suitable for wide feet.

The new lacing system in one of our listed basketball shoes will also offer you the most surprising support to the ankles and midfoot.

Along with that, they provide optimal support and comfort to wide footers. Wide footers often got a problem of feeling tiredness after some time while playing because of their heavyweight feet but these basketball shoes are light-weight and offer responsiveness. They will also provide you impact protection and stability even if you land on the heel after jumping.

So were going to introduce you to the most satisfied best basketball shoes for wide feet.

Our Top Picks!

List of all best basketball shoes for wide feet

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Under Armour Mens Lockdown 4 Best Street Basketball Shoes

This product is fabulously made with synthetic mesh and sole. This imported shoe is so great in quality the perforated leather provides breathability. The mesh upper on the shoe is flexible and durable also allows excellent airflow to keep your foot dry and sweat-free so that you can easily play your sport without any irritation.

The shaft measures make the shoe more comfortable for use, as the synthetic molded upper fits greatly and locks fast, it prevents twisting and ankle move and keeps your feet protected. Its quite lightweight that the player feels so easy to wear this shoe. The midsole delivers a responsive ride that a player would love to have

The underfoot cushioning provides protection and easiness to the player and the rubber sole with multiple adaptive traction patterns to provide on-court movement.

Features :

  • Responsive fit and fast look


Adidas Performance Mens Crazy Bounce Basketball Shoe

Ideal for: Men

If you are looking for a shoe that provides that extra bounce for your jump, then youve found the right pair.

This pair of basketball shoes has incredible support with the synthetic overlays.

The mid-cut design of these shoes also offers a certain ankle support for those who play this game intensely.

Their rubber outsole provides a great grip on both indoor and outdoor courts.

Also, their bounce technology provides comfort for players who tend to jump more than others.

The lightweight design of these shoes also helps with extended verticals and other jumps.

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Nike Mens Air Visi Pro V Most Durable Basketball Shoes

Nike Mens Air Visi Pro V is an outstanding and remarkable choice for basketball players. The item is durable and is specifically designed for use over the long term. Therefore, it will not disappoint you in terms of sturdiness. Such high durability is attributed to the quality construction of the product.

Furthermore, the breathable mesh bootie present inside the shoe is the most admired feature and is the reason for its high popularity among consumers. The mesh allows the shoe to fit correctly around your feet, thereby eliminating any open space and providing a perfect fit. In addition to this, the sock-like fitting makes the model suitable for physically challenging tasks like basketball, trial hiking, running, and other related sports. The fitness of the shoes is like a sock due to sock liner fitting and is extremely comfortable with a great fit.

Hence, with these shoes, you can rest be assured about the comfort and performance. Another fantastic attribute present in the system is the air-filled heel piece, which amplifies the cushioning effect inside the material and offers soft support under your heels. This attribute is also advantageous while jumping as the heels provide a smooth surface while landing.

If you want outdoor basketball shoes then the best in ground basketball hoops are essential

Air Jordan 35 Sp Tp Pf ‘center Of Gravity’

5 Best Outdoor Basketball Shoes 2021

The Air Jordan 35, which debuted this year, is a welcome addition to the Air Jordan series. The Center of Gravity color-way features a suede gray highlighted by pops of navy blue and vibrant pink hues. From a performance perspective, it includes a stabilizing Eclipse Plate 2.0, which extends up the midsole for lateral structure and support. The Zoom Air cushioning under the heel improves the sneakers overall comfortability, while the extra-durable rubber outsole makes this pair of kicks a great choice for outdoor play.

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Under Armour Curry 3zero 3

Fans of Under Armour love the Curry product line for its comfortable cushioning and excellent traction. The Curry 3 Zero 3 is unlike its predecessors. It comes with a unique low top design, micro G cushioning, and lots more. Some of its important features are:

  • Traction: The rubber soles are solid and come in a herringbone pattern. This pattern is ;the best for traction since it allows multi-dimensional movements. It gives stability and a good grip on all kinds of courts. The pattern is tight around the toe area, and it becomes wide and deep from mid-foot down. The traction pattern makes these shoes as one of the best outdoor basketball shoes.
  • Cushion: The cushioning is great with Micro G cushioning technology. It provides good shock absorption from an impact. The midsole has Micro G foam that enables cushioned landings and explosive takeoffs.
  • Material: The material used is fully synthetic and doesnt feel stiff or plastic-like. It has a soft feel, and is breathable and flexible.
  • Lockdown: It has a uniquely designed lacing system. The collar area is heavily sculpted and padded and cups the Achilles area. That ensures that the ankle area is secure and the heels remain locked down.
The material may feel cheap.
Lightweight with micro G cushioning

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