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Where Are Belvedere Shoes Made

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Are You Ready To Invest In A Pair Of Belvedere Shoes

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If your closet is full of luxurious clothes, shoes, and accessories, a pair of Belvedere shoes would fit into your collection perfectly.

Even if you’re just starting to invest in your shoe collection, Belvedere shoes are a great shoe to start with. If you prefer shoes that are sleek, durable, and comfortable, this shoe is for you.

Reach out to us with any questions you have regarding Belvedere shoes today!

It Takes Great Time And Skill To Make Belvedere Shoes

Being a shoe-maker is not an easy task, especially for Belvedere craftsmen. It takes a few years to perfect the Italian way of designing Belvederes. Aside from the amount of skill required to make these shoes, it is also an in-depth process that pays attention to every detail.

The shoe artisan ensures that the quality is not compromised from the design, sewing, gluing up to the finishing touches.

Belvedere Eel Shoes Price & Reviews

The Belvedere eel shoes are relatively more cost efficient and the price of these shoes range from anywhere between $239 to $349 at the time of writing. These shoes appeal to a wide diversity of customer tastes. The Belvedere Nino Eel & Ostrich shoes are great for business occasions and come in black, antique red/scarlet and antique camel colors. The Belvedere Mare Ostrich/Eel shoes, on the other hand, are more bold and come in trendy colors like purple and navy. The Belvedere Vitale Eel & Calfskin High Top sneakers is one of our favorites and is priced at $239 and comes in a black/burgundy combo.

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Belvedere Shoes Are Made The Italian Way

Before you go ahead and buy a pair of Belvedere shoes, you should first be aware of the process of making it. That way, you can appreciate it better and expand your knowledge as well.

While most shoes are manufactured in a factory to produce large quantities fast, Belvederes are different. They are made the Italian way meaning each pair is designed by hand. With Belvedere shoes, rest assured you are getting the quality you are paying for.

In the Italian method of shoe-making, you wont find huge types of machinery and dozens of workers. Instead, the Italian way is inspired by intricacy and quality. Each stage is done manually and each artisan has a specific task.

This sophisticated process only uses handpicked and fine-skinned leather. All of the materials are tanned and finished to avoid any flaw. The size of the leather scales is also perfectly matched with even texture.

Men Who Recognize Style And Quality By Belvedere

Belvedere Vero Cuoio Crocodile Shoes Made in Florence ...

It’s no different from spending big money on a luxury car and expectingto feel the most comfort imaginable whilesitting and driving inside the car. That is the samephilosophy that Belvedere employs when they work their magic with the liningsand insoles of their fine handmade shoes. The whole point of wearing great shoes is that they feel greaton your feet, and that is what you can always expect with these fine exotic skinshoes. It’s an experience thatno matter how hard I try to expressinto words, it simply hasto be experienced in person. Then and only then is it truly understood what makes these shoes special.

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Belvedere Exotic Skin Shoes

If you’re looking for Belvedere exotic skin shoes, you’ve come to the right place. Upscale Menswear offers a phenomenal selection of exotic skin shoes, handmade by Belvedere, one Italy’s top high-fashion designers.Belvedere shoes are for the most discerning of clients who seek and value luxury style, premium leather, and superior comfort. Handcrafted using the highest quality genuine leather, including crocodile, ostrich, and eel skins, Belvedere exotic skin shoes are sure to make a statement wherever you go and make you stand out from the crowd.Available in a plethora of styles, colors, textures, and skins, there is a pair of Belvedere exotic skin shoes for every man’s taste in designer shoes. Shop our range of Belvedere exotic skin shoes today, and choose from a range of styles including loafers, sneakers, lace-ups and Oxford Shoes in a variety of colors.

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Belvedere Ostrich Shoes Price & Reviews

Shoes made with Ostrich leather have a pretty wide price range starting with the Belvedere Elio Calfskin & Ostrich High Top Sneakers at $279 to the Belvedere Barone Hornback & Ostrich Boots that are priced at $629. These high end boots come in the traditional black and brandy/antique brown colors as well as the more stylish blue jean color. Customers looking for the business formal shoes may want to look at Belvedere Susa or at other options like Isola, Onesto II, Cotto and Siena. Each of these models come in the traditional black and brown colors that appeal to the traditionalists. Those of you feeling adventurous should look at the purple colored Belvedere Mare Ostrich/Eel shoes or the cognac/white combo model of the Belvedere Elio Calfskin & Ostrich high top sneakers.

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Belvedere Shoes Use Fine Leather

Each piece of leather used on Belvedere shoes has been tanned and finished.

As if quality leather on the outside of the shoe isn’t enough, it’s also used inside the shoe. While alligator or crocodile skin makes up the outside of the shoe, smooth, soft lambskin leather lines the inside.

The soles of the shoe are also properly tanned to add durability to the shoe. A properly tanned sole is going to dramatically extend the life of your pair of shoes! Plus, the sole will provide better traction to avoid slips.

About The Belvedere Shoes Brand

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Belvedere shoes represent the best in luxury exotic shoe manufacturing and offers customers beautiful footwear and a great value. Their Italian inspired designs cover the entire spectrum of classic and timeless stylings to more edgy and trendy creations. Utilizing the finest exotic leathers including crocodile, caiman, ostrich, lizard, and eel, Belvedere has quite successfully married the boldness of exotic materials with the sensibilities of the “every day” man. The collection boasts a wide range of styles, from standard lace ups, to tassel loafers, to wing tips, boots, and sneakers. There is a perfect Belvedere shoe for the office, for the night out, and for just relaxing. Among the most highly regarded exotic shoe makers, Belvedere stands out as a brand that offers extremely unique creations that are priced to give men a value unsurpassed in the footwear marketplace.Comparing favorably to other mens exotic shoe makers, such as Zelli and Alan Payne shoes, Belvedere is a collection that the discerning exotic shoe connoisseur must consider.

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Studio Belvedere Baybridge Men’s Shoes Lace Up Brown 11 1/2 D Made In Brazil

Seller:yiron100%, Location:Pacific Grove, California, US, Ships to: US & many other countries, Item:284302016628STUDIO BELVEDERE BAYBRIDGE MEN’S SHOES Lace up BROWN 11 1/2 D Made in Brazil. STUDIO BELVEDERE BAYBRIDGE MEN’S SHOES Lace up BROWN Size 11 1/2 D Made in BrazilI wore these once and they look brand newThanks for looking I will let the pictures do the talking Condition:Pre-owned, Condition:Excellent, Country/Region of Manufacture:Brazil, Department:Men, Style:Casual, US Shoe Size:11.5, Theme:USA, Type:Casual, Upper Material:Leather, Color:Brown, Closure:Lace Up, Brand:Belvedere, Shoe Width:D See More

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You Need Years Of Experience To Make Belvedere’s

They then carefully hand cut the leather to make surethat the right and left shoes match well. Next a specialistuses a a special splitting machine to shave off a layer from the underside of theexotic leather to equalize the thickness of all the pieces of skins being used. The followingprocess is for the veteran shoemaker to use a Skiving machine to makethin edges of the skin forbetter and smoother sewing. Depending onthe style of Belvedere shoes made, the shoemakerwill poke decorative holes into the leather usinga pressing machine. The following step is for the shoemaker tosew the individual pieces of exotic skin to createthe upper part of the shoes.Then, he or she will gently hand hammer the stitch-work to make the seams lay flat giving a smootherappearance.

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Why Belvedere Shoes Are Great

The quality of Belvedere shoes can’t be beaten.

Belvedere shoes are made from crocodile or alligator skin, which makes them a luxurious choice for men who enjoy dressing well. If you like to enjoy the finer things in life, and you’re a bit of a “shoe snob,” Belvedere shoes are the perfect option for you.

Not only are these shoes made from high-quality material, but the design is exquisite. Italian styling makes these shoes sleek. Plus, the shoes are also comfortable.

Belvedere Alligator Shoes Price & Reviews

Belvedere Vero Cuoio Crocodile Shoes Made in Florence ...

Alligator leather is extremely popular among customers looking for premium dress shoes as well as those who are interested in loafers, sneakers and boots. The most premium Alligator shoe in the collection today is the Belvedere Lago Alligator Dress shoes that is priced at $699 at the time of writing. These shoes are available in a range of colors like black, cognac, gray and navy. The Belvedere Libero Quilted Leather & Alligator Cap Toe boots is brilliantly made with stylish side zipper lace up and side buckle leather lining. This is priced at $429 at the time of writing.

Customers who are fans of Belvederes masterful hybrid makes could check out the loafers from the Belvedere collection. The Belvedere Plato Alligator & Calfskin bit loafers are available in black, dark burgundy and chocolate colors while the Belvedere Bari Caiman & Ostrich Tassel loafers are available in brown and black. These loafers are priced under $399. Fans of caiman leather may also check out the Belvedere Corona Lizard & Caiman sneakers that is available in dark brown/brown. This is priced at $323 at the time of writing.

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They Are Built With Crocodile Skin And Lambskin Leather

Belvedere shoes are the embodiment of comfort and style, all thanks to their high-quality materials and sophisticated design. These luxurious shoes are made of crocodile skin on the outside and lambskin leather on the inside, giving them a fine finish and a soft sole.

The interior of the shoes is built with smooth lambskin leather, which ensures that your feet are comfortable wherever you go. As a finishing touch, the soles are tanned to add an extra layer of protection and durability. This also gives improved traction to the surface to avoid unwanted slipping. You always have the option to have your Belvedere shoes re-soled to enhance their appearance.

Belvedere Lizard Shoes Price & Reviews

Belvedere shoes made with lizard leather are priced between $323 and $395. In this price range, you get a diverse mix of various types of shoes. This includes strap shoes like the Belvedere Otto Lizard Monk Strap shoes that is priced $395 and is available in antique peanut antique navy, antique dark burgundy and black colors. You also have sneakers like Belvedere Corona Lizard & Caiman and bit loafers like the Belvedere Italo Crocodile & Lizard. This is available in classic colors like Black, Brown and Navy colors. The Belvedere Karmelo Lizard cap toe shoes have the classic touch and come in black and tan colors.

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Are Belvedere Shoes Made In The Italian Method

The short answer is yes. Belvedere shoes are made with the Italian method of shoe making. Lesser shoes are mass produced in huge factories withhundreds of factory workers and dozens of machines. You just won’t find that inthe facility where Belvedere shoes are made. It is a far simpler environmentbecause most of the processes are done by hand. There are also far fewer peoplewho have the required skills necessary to hand-make these shoes. Designerquality shoes like Belvedere shoes feature superior construction processes that can’t be foundor used on inferior quality shoes. The time ittakes to make these shoes is not cheap. Time is money. All of these processesmake Belvedere’s comfortable to wear.

One of the first things needed is the proper material forfine shoe making. Belvedere shoes follow the traditional Italian methods offine shoe making. Using only the very best leathers are what Italian shoes areknown for as well as style. Fine exotic skin leather that is finely tanned andfinished. The skins are not only handpicked but are checked for any type offlaw that may either make the shoes less durable or not live up to the qualitypotential that Belvedere’s are famous for. The leather scales on say a pair ofalligator shoes are closely matched as well. When you receive these shoes, youwill see that the scale size will be the same on both the left and right shoe.This is very important. Imagine have a pair of shoes where the scale texturesdon’t match.

Belvedere Crocodile Shoes Price & Reviews

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There is a wide range of shoes, loafers, sneakers in the Belvedere shoe catalog. What we love about these shoes is not only that they bring together multiple exotic leathers, but also the wide range of stylish designs on offer. Take the Belvedere Lucas Crocodile & Calfskin Wingtip shoes for example. This features a stunning tri-tone of either dark-gray/gray/light-gray or brown/camel/tabac. Another favorite of ours is the Belvedere Astor Calfskin & Crocodile sneakers that are made with the brands signature ornament leather lining and rubber sole. Besides the classic black and brown colors, these sneakers are also available in red, blue and olive colors. If you love such tasteful colors, you should also check out the Belvedere Urbano Crocodile & Calfskin Wingtip Shoes collection that is available in Emerald Safari, Wine Safari, or the Belvedere Alessio Crocodile & Calfskin Hi Top Sneakers that is available in red.

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You Will Only Find Fine Leather Used Exclusively

Buttery soft lambskin leather for the full leather interiorof the shoes is the next item that all of these shoes possess. You will neverever find anything but fine glove quality leather inside a pair of these shoescoddling your feet. All fine shoes only have full leather linings. Lastly, properlytanned and cured shoe sole leather for providing not only the style of theshoes, but durability. If you are spending several hundred dollars on a pair ofshoes, you at least want the shoe soles to able to last and give you propertraction while wearing them. Poorly tanned leather soles just won’t last long.Belvedere shoe soles will last you several years of regular use before you willneed to have your shoes re-soled.

One of the benefits of buying any pair of Belvedere shoes isthat they are made to last. Since only expensive leathers are used inside andout, the quality thing becomes a factor. You can wear these shoes for severalyears until the soles wear out and then be able to get new soles put on them.On cheap shoes, this is simply not possible. For one thing, the interiors ofcheap shoes will wear quickly since they are usually made with man-madematerial like cloth or vinyl and sometimes both.

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Whether you are dressing up for a fancy dinner party or just a strut down the street, the Alfred can be the foundation of your outfit. These shoes are made for both form and function. Genuine alligator leather gives the shoe a more modern appearance. For comfort, it features a leather lining and cushion insole to protect your feet with each step.

The Alfred shoe comes in two colors: black rust, as shown here, and Camel. Although the colors are considered traditional, these shoes are quite an innovation. They are dyed using a hand-staining process. This method of coloration brings out the unique patterns that naturally occur in the leather. It also ensures that no two pairs are alike. Tassel laces add another layer of aesthetic interest.

Men’s footwear values tradition. For instance, the classic designs never lose their appeal. The Alfred shows how these traditions can be refreshed with a more contemporary design.

Genuine Alligator

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How Many Steps And Hands To Make These Shoes

On a pair of hand made shoes like Belvedere, there are many steps that take place to make them but usually only one or two shoe artisans ever touch each individual pair of shoes. Everything is done by machine with cheapshoes. After those steps are finished,the next step is toliberally apply the under part of the shoe with glue where the leather sole is going to be attached. This type of glue takes about ten minutes to setand attach the sole to the upperof the shoe.The gluing process ensures that the sole stays completely put when it’s time topermanently stitch the upper part of the shoe to the sole. The next process isto insert the edge of the leather sole through a leather splitting machine tosplit a thin layer of the leather sole. This allows the shoemaker to sew thestiff leather sole to the upper part of the shoes using heavy duty twine. Allof this is to make sure that the sole of the shoe will not come apart.

It All Starts With The Designer’s Sketch

Belvedere Men

A Belvedere Italian Shoe designers vision first originates of a new Italian shoedesign when it first gets sketched out on a plastic sheet. To help the Belvedere shoe designer really make the shoe sketchcome to life and make the designer perfect the shoe style, they put the sketch of the new shoe onto a shoe form which iscalled a Last. The Exotic skinleathers like crocodile skin and Alligator skin that Belvedereuses will have variationsin either the scales or ribbing. An exotic skin leatherspecialist has to match up thetexture of the leather.

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