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How Long Does It Take To Get Shoes From Goat

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Why And How Are Items Graded

GOAT App . . How Long For Shipping & Tips To Get Your Shoes Faster Yeezy QNTM Unboxing

To provide buyers comfort around the quality of items being purchased, we developed a proprietary grading system for GOAT Clean items. Once an item goes through the GOAT Clean process, we assess the condition of the item inside and out. We score each part of the item and ultimately assign a grade that communicates the overall condition of such item.

Like New: Minimal to no signs of wear.

Excellent: Slight wear on tread with minimal creasing.

Very Good: Gentle wear with some creasing, scratches, and/or slight discoloration.

Good: Moderate wear with visible creasing, scuffing, and/or discoloration.

Best Place To Buy Sneakers: Stockx Vs Goat

Buying sneakers has never been a straightforward exercise than using the internet. At least, for many people. Thanks to the current internet and the smartphone age, which came at the right moment to complement each other. Sneakers like any other type of purchases, including the shopping of electronic devices, and groceries is an involving exercise since research is much needed.


Sneakers, like other electronic devices, are highly hyped in todays world. Everyone wishes to have the best of the best primary reason why sneaker resale shops became a thing. For some people, sneakers are more than just casual shoes.

StockX and GOAT are sneaker shopping stores that stock sneakers from the leading brands in the world like Nike, Adidas, Gucci, and even Balenciaga, to name a few. Both the duo involves online-only shopping, and that may be an issue to people who have some trust issues purchasing goods off- or eBay the worlds leading e-commerce stores.;;

For the sneaker possessed individuals, both StockX and GOAT are some of the best platforms to buy your obsessions from. The two platforms are more like the same but with various features that can make one more superior than the other in its unique way. So, let us dive into the different elements of both StockX and GOAT to help find which is the best one for your specific needs.

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It Took Forever To Receive These Shoes It Took Forever To Receive These Shoes Return Boots For My Wife The Picture Of The Boots Was Perfect But The When The Boots Came They Are Nothi

It took forever to receive these shoes !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!It took forever to receive these shoes return boots for my wife the picture of the boots was perfect but the when the boots came they are nothing like they are of very poor quality and i want my money back ! I was trying to return this shoes back to the company several email no response then i I used Google to search for the company Contact number and i finally found their contact number which iS six zero sevenNINE8i contacted the customer service team is really aweome kind and polite with me customer service was a great help I needed to find out if my return had been received she was able to confirm it was received and my refund was processed I always have a good experience with customer service

I purchased a Dark Brown Wig with Cap included?? What I received was nothing like the picture advertised? A) It’s Black…… Not Dark Brown?B) It’s way TOO SMALL and doesn’t sit on my head, even though I have a small head!C) The SIDES don’t come down to my chin as advertised. Only comes down to my ear lobe?????D) No CAP INCLUDED? Nothing like they advertise. There a scam. Also They trade under so many different address’. Now they want me to send it back but I have to pay return postage? It’s a joke. 1) Email BEGINS WITH supportmenshape2) Company advertised as The Goat Stuff3) RETURN ADDRESS IS ….Name: LI ZHI PENG Country: CHINA

Shoes Purchased Are Not Promised

6 / Super Rare 1970s Yeti Boots Long Goat Fur Apres Ski Moon

Paid for a pair of sneakers that were confirmed by seller. Seller never sent the shoes after I received a confirmation that the shoes were on their way through UPS. Seller basically reneged on the deal and now the shoes cost way more and the Goat says they’ll refund me. Now they expect me to pay more on a new bid when I’m already paying a premium on the shoe, instead of them paying the difference on the new order after confirming that the original shoes were in transit. Why should I miss out after they confirmed the shoe was coming. If they had a better system I could’ve possibly bought the sneaker from another seller the same price or lower. I already have purchased other sneakers and want to buy more but this left a sour taste. Poor customer service because in a store if something you bought was damaged or misplaced you would get the same item at the price you bought it, might I add, a discount. I’ll edit this review if it turns out that they did the right thing and honor my initial purchase.

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Is Goat A Reliable Sneaker Trading Platform

The rise of e-commerce platforms has contributed to the growth of counterfeit goods, making it difficult to find legit online selling sites and platforms.

GOAT, which is a nod to the sports term for Greatest of All Time, is one of the most reliable platforms for buying and selling sneakers today.

Launched in 2015, GOAT was founded by college friends Eddy Lu and Daishin Sugano. The idea of a sneaker buy-and-sell app came after Daishin bought a retro pair of Air Jordan 5 Grapes, which turned out to be fake.

Scottie Pippens first official signature shoe, the Air Pippen, in the OG black and Varsity Red colorway, retails for $378,073

As a self-confessed sneakerhead, Daishin was left disappointed, more so because he was not able to get his money back due to eBays poor policy.

It became apparent that the industry I loved was fragmented and unsafe. Many people buying sneakers were running into the same problems. There are entire subreddits, social accounts, and blogs built around how to spot fakes.

We knew we could use technology to solve many of the existing problems and with the knowledge we already had in the space, we would have an additional edge. We also decided it was important for us to find an industry that serves a passionate and youthful generation.

After talking with Eddy about his experience, the two decided to build the app with an aim to become the worlds most trusted marketplace.

Products Available: Stockx Vs Goat

As I had told you earlier, GOAT only deals with sneakers as per now, unlike StockX, which seems in pursuit of diversifying its portfolio. Another interesting fact about GOAT is that the platform resales both new and used sneakers. But StockX only deals with new sneakers.;

With the availability of only new sneakers, prices will be a bit higher. However, you have a guarantee that you are adding a new pair of sneakers in your collection. On GOAT, you have the option to buy either new or used sneakers. And for safety reasons, all sneakers are inspected before they are shipped to a customer.

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How Does It Work

Goat was co founded by creator Eddy Lu, who launched the startup in 2015 with the goal of making it easier to bid on shoes without the risk of being duped into purchasing counterfeits or fake shoes. The website uses actual human inspectors and image recognition to sell and trade collectible shoes.

As a consumer, you can sell or buy your sneakers on Last year, sellers made over $2 million from the app, making it a good way for people to clean out their closets and upgrade their style. As a seller, Goat removes many of the concerns over unwittingly reselling fraudulent products. The screening program utilized by Goat offers users a reliable way to buy and sell their shoes.

In order to list your shoes, a seller must send in seven photos, each of which must match a list of requirements. Goat will then determine whether they are real and safe to list, using a database of real and fake versions to figure out the legitimacy of the shoes.&nbsp

As a seller, you can bid on shoes just as you might on eBay. The seller then ships the shoes to Goats headquarters, where they are inspected carefully for damage and authenticity. You can find or sell just about any kind of shoes at below retail price on, with top brands including Yeezy, Gucci, and Air Jordan.

My Son Sold A Pair Of Shoes On Goat And


My son sold a pair of shoes on Goat and was to receive $135. Goat tried to deposit the money into a closed account, the bank kicked it back and Goat will not give him his money even though the shoes have gone on to the buyer. No one will get back to my son and they have claimed the money is at the bank but it is not. We know our bank personally and they said they kick it back. So they basically stole my kids shoes. You can not trust Goat to do things right.

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Things You Need To Know Before Getting Pet Goats

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I’m Having Issues Purchasing What Do I Do

Occasionally our payments processor is unable to complete your purchase. This can be for a number of reasons, including an incorrect credit card number, insufficient funds or wrong zip code. Please review the card number you entered and the zip code first and if those are correct, we recommend contacting the card-issuing bank. If youre still having issues, please contact us for additional assistance.

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Who Owns Goat App

The cofounders of the Goat App are Eddy Lu and Daishin Sugano. The two college buddies founded the app because, simply, they were bored. They wanted to quit their dull corporate jobs and go into business for themselves. The first few attempts didnt quite pan out.

Their idea for a shoe selling app not only panned out but netted them a cool $60 million. They called the app Goat in honor of the basketball star and popular shoe icon Michael Jordan, known as Greatest Of All Time.

Can I Pay In My Local Currency

Vintage Apres GOAT HAIR FUR BOOTS US 8 / Europe 38.5 / UK

All fees are listed in US dollars, unless otherwise stated. We are not responsible for currency exchange rates, except as described below. If you are an international buyer, you may have the option to buy items in your local currency or US dollars. If you opt to pay in your local currency:

We’ll automatically display your order total in your local currency on the checkout page. Your order total includes the foreign exchange rate as well as any applicable fees or costs.

If you return a purchase that was purchased in your local currency, you will receive GOAT Credit in the amount you paid in your local currency converted to USD.

Offers can only be made in USD at this time. We may display approximate conversions to help you make the best offer.

Selling is only available in USD at the time.

Some payment methods may not be supported.

Because foreign exchange rates fluctuate, the price you see for an item in your local currency on one day may be different from the price for that same item on another day. The foreign exchange rates we apply are updated daily. GOAT takes no responsibility for the accuracy of any foreign exchange rate applied to your purchase or return.

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What Happens If Goat Finds A Fake

If Goat finds that the sold sneakers are inauthentic, the buyer gets a full refund. The seller has the option of having the shoes sent back to them at the expense of having the shoes disposed of. Shipping costs must be paid in advance within two weeks. Goat is willing to give a seller the benefit of the doubt, but only so far.

So Is Goat Legit & Reliable

And is buying and selling on GOAT worth it?

That really depends. The process for becoming a seller can be quite complicated compared to other apps for selling clothes, shoes or any other item really,;but its understandable since GOAT simply wants the best for its customers.

While many complaints have been listed on the Better Business Bureau, it does seem that an overwhelming majority of users do enjoy and use the app.

So, if you happen to be interested in luxury brand shoes and sneakers, or if you have some of these to sell, GOAT is definitely a place you want to check out.

We hope this GOAT app review has been useful for you. Have you had any experiences buying or selling on GOAT? Are there any apps you use to sell your shoes? Let us and our readers know about your experiences in the comments below.

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What Are The Commissions For Selling On Goat Clean

A commission fee is only charged when an item sold on GOAT Clean is purchased. For items with a sale price of $350 and below, the commission fee is 30% and for all other items, the commission fee is 25%. The commission fee includes the seller fee, cash out fee, and shipping. Funds earned from selling items on GOAT can be deposited to your bank account through ACH direct deposit or to your PayPal account.

Why Am I Supposed To Ship My Sneakers To Goat

How To Make Money Selling Shoes On GOAT App (Beginners Guide)

To ensure all items sold on GOAT are authentic, sellers are required to send their items to us for verification by our specialists. Depending on where you are located, the package will be directed to one of our global facilities.

Once your items have been authenticated, we’ll deposit your earnings to your account for cash out and ship the items to the buyer.

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How To Confirm A Sale On Goat

Are you looking to sell shoes on Goat? If someone bought the item, you confirm the sale by tapping the Generate Label. Goat will then send you a prepaid, pre-addressed shipping label.

Every shipping label comes with a tracking number that is connected to the order for Goat and you to track. Keep in mind that items have to be shipped in precisely the same condition in which they were listed to start with.

Shipping: Stockx Vs Goat

Because sneakers have to undergo a verification process, goods from a third-party reseller can be delayed a bit. GOAT assures that products will typically take between seven to ten business days to be shipped but the process is much faster sometimes. StockX is slower in shipping their products as compared to the GOAT and can take up to two weeks for the sneakers to reach the buyer. Plus, GOAT has an Instant Shipping feature that will have the company ship the already authenticated sneakers to you after placing your order.

GOAT charges $10 for shipping goods across the US and between $30 to $40 to other countries. StockX charges $13.95 for shipping in the US and between $30 to $40 in other parts of the world.

A handy feature that is available in GOAT is an Order Progress feature that lets you track the order throughout the entire process from the point of placing an order. Although a similar feature is available on StockX, it is not comprehensive as GOATs.

Both StockX and GOAT have their advantages and disadvantages as sneaker resale websites. However, some of these features can enable you to gauge which service is more appropriate to use as per your needs.

But in general, StockX seems to offer a better sneaker shopping experience than GOAT. StockXs order progress feature is more advanced and informative. Our staff recommends StockX for their rigid authentication checks, ease of use platform and easy returns!

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