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What Are The Best Basketball Shoes For Flat Feet

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The Best Basketball Shoes For Flat Feet

Top 5 Best Basketball Shoes for Flat Feet – Review Crunch

I love playing basketball and I couldnt imagine being in pain every time I got on the court. But for some people thats their reality. I imagine that it could be quite disheartening to suffer with flat feet and be unable to find a shoe that offers proper support for your arches or the lack thereof. Flat feet should not deter you from playing your favorite sport.This article / review will hopefully bring a bit of relief by helping us choose the best basketball shoes for flat feet that will support and comfort the flat footed amongst us

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Factors To Consider When Purchasing Basketball For Flat Feet

Flat feet are a term used to refer to a condition where a person has little or no arch. In normal human beings, theres an arch on the foot parallel to the ground, which helps distribute the weight on the feet and legs.

That also provides a spring which is essential for any basketball player. Therefore it has to be flexible so that it can keep up with the sudden movements you make when you play basketball. To perform your best feet, you need to have excellent support to reduce stress, which could cause injury.

Today, manufacturers have designed shoes that will help players with flat feet play more effectively with a low risk of injury. It has enabled talented players to overcome the tiny disadvantage of being flat-footed poses.

This saves the place a lot of money, which would be used in surgeries or other medical expenses if they got injured because of flat feet. Being this important, selecting a pair of shoes is very important, and some factors need to be considered carefully before you purchase a pair for yourself.

Size variations

There are many different brands of shoes, and they all have different sizes. A size 8 for one brand can be a different size in another brand since different brands use different designs to make the issues.

If not adequately addressed, this difference can be a problem for the player intending to use the shoes. These shoes must have good feet because they would otherwise be catastrophic.


Ankle support


Your condition


Adidas D Lillard 20 Static

The Adidas D Lillard 2.0 Static Basketball shoe is one of the most technically advanced shoes made by the company. This shoe comes with the technological innovations like TORSION SYSTEM, BOUNCE and SprintFrame.

The Adidas D Lillard 2.0 Static shoe comes with the BOUNCE padding. The padding is very much soft on your feet and provides unmatched stability to your feets, making the overall experience more than comfortable.; The sole of this shoe is made of the Continental Rubber. It makes the shoe more flexible than the others.

The Adidas D Lillard 2.0 Static is the best shoes for the people with Flat feet or plantar fasciitis. The tightly woven shoe with the TORSION System and other innovative technologies make this shoe a perfect for anyone who has flat feet and wants to play basketball.

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Nike Air Force 1 High

A trendsetter in terms of basketball shoes. This shoe has been acknowledged by the majority of basketball players. Not only does this shoe look sleek, but it also provides top-notch support and comfort. The best high-top design out there in the market has substantial inner padding and cushioning to keep your feet relaxed.


  • The upper body is made of leather, giving it the glimmer.;
  • Extensive air sole provides adequate cushioning;
  • The midsole and the outer sole provides great ankle support;
  • Timeless colorway selection to go with
  • The design is made as such that you can use it in different activities
  • Nylon ankle strap to hold your feet firml

People like the premium materials used to build this particular model. The trendy look is in fact what attracts athletes around the world. This shoe has tremendous ankle support. People use it in different activities, from running to skateboarding and outings. Collectors have been putting the Nike AF1 in their collection.

  • The shoe creases quite easily
  • A bit bulky and heavy compared to other lightweight options

If you are looking for a stylish trendy pair of shoes that gives your flat feet a good run, look no further. The Nike AF1 is here.

Adidas Mens Ownthegame Basketball Shoe

Top 10 Best Basketball Shoes for Flat Feet Reviews 2021 ...

When it comes to Adidas it is the top performer in many terms including performance, cushion, fitness, and stability. This basketball sneaker is for you if you have unusually wide narrow feet. With excellent cushion and impact protection, Adidas mens own the game basketball shoe if top on the market nowadays.

The traction performs one step ahead because it has dual-zone traction that is enough grippy to bite the slippery surfaces even if you perform dynamic moves. The cushion is also bouncy and comfortable because of Cloudfoam that is soft lightweight and sturdy.

Yet the material is durable and stays in shape for a long. The OrthoLite enhances moisture management and is washable. The upper is crafted with PU leather with a combination of mesh that is easy to clean the dust and water. The TPU material is coated to the heel thus making it flexible and elastic for moving with ease.

Overall, the design is sleek, and dashing the 3 strips of Adidas brings to it a more exceptional level of professionalism. Along with indoor courts, the shoe is compatible with outdoor weather conditions also. You can order your casual size because it has a regular fit.

Have a look at the Best basketball shoes for wide feet

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Best Basketball Shoes For Flat Feet Or Low Arches

One of Nikes signature basketball shoes of the past, the Air Force One is the traditional basketball sneaker that offers a mix of ankle support, soft cushioning, and a flat sole made for all different foot types.

The Air Force One sneakers have a unique style of ankle support; with high-quality leather upper that includes a Velcro ankle strap. This strap enhances the ankle support thats needed to make fast cuts on the basketball court.

Furthermore, the Nike Air Force One High contains a midsole with superior cushioning, so that no matter how flat-footed you are and how hard you run on the basketball court, you are almost guaranteed to be comfortable and confident when you are playing.

The best part about sneakers like the Nike Air Force One is that you have potential to get your moneys worth out of them. You can wear them while playing hoops or when youre going out with your friends.


  • The well-cushioned sole provides a comfortable experience
  • Ankle strap offers high-quality support
  • Could be used for casual wear as well as on the court


Similar to the Nike Air Force One, the Air Jordan One basketball shoe has high ankle support and a casual leather finish, but this shoe is lighter in comparison.

From a cosmetic perspective, the biggest difference between the Air Jordan One sneaker and the Nike AF1 is the lack of an ankle strap, and the Air Jordan wings stamped on the outside of the ankle.


Adidas Crazylight Best Basketball Shoes For Outdoors

Are you looking for the best basketball shoes for rough outdoor courts? Adidas Crazylight is my best recommendation for that. Its key selling point is its full-length Boost setup that is both comfortable and amazingly responsive.

Unlike the Dame 3, Crazylight comes with CONTINENTAL Rubber sole.; This one is performance-friendly and durable even for outdoor courts. Amazingly, it also seems a little bit resistant to dust than Harden 1 and Dame 3.

What about the size? Perfect! This is the one type of shoe that you wont have to worry about fitting . Its stable, comfortable, and non-restrictive. Theres also enough ventilation to keep your feet throughout the game.

Major drawbacks

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Best Cheap Basketball Shoes For Flat Feet: Adidas Mens Dame 5

The Dame 5 from Adidas are low top basketball shoes for flat feet that let you play low and fast like Damian Lillard. At a very fair price, you get a solid performer that combines balanced cushion, exceptional traction, superior lockdown, and guaranteed comfort.;

The models TPU lateral support wing is perfect for athletes with flat feet. Adidas makes the outsole from thermoplastic polyurethane, which is a lightweight and long-lasting material that can resist abrasion and splitting. Hence, the shoes keep your feet stable and prevent any heel sliding or slippage.;

If you like making hard cuts, the Dame 5s wide outriggers on both sides of the sneaker ensure you have all the stability you need. These shoes wont roll over, especially since they have a broad base. Even when you make sharp turns, the shoes stay in constant contact with the court.;

The full-length bounce cushioning provides a great combination of responsiveness, flexibility, and impact protection. Since the cushioning is springy, running with flat feet wont become a burden. All in all, theres a lot of impact protection without losing court feel or stability.;

More than that, the midsole also contains lightweight cushioning. The suede upper and lace closure make the sneakers extra comfortable. Also, there are internal pads under the textile tongue and along the midfoot.;

Product Highlights


What Does It Mean To Have Flat Feet

Top Basketball Shoes for Flat Feet (2018)

Simply put, flat feet refers to a lack of arch in the foot. For some people there can be pain and for others they are perfectly fine. Most people have no problem walking and may not even realize they have an issue. Normally being flat footed doesnt really effect the daily life of those with the condition. The primary challenge comes when they get involved in rigorous or strenuous physical exercises. Some find running and jumping to be a bit painful at times and as we all know, there is a lot of running in a well played basketball game. The absence of proper footwear can really have a negative impact on your performance.

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Buying Guide For Basketball Insole

Insoles are not all made the same. The differences in these items are great and you have to choose your insoles according to the problem you have and what you want the insole to do for you.

Before you buy insoles consider what kind of shoe they will be used in. Do you need more support more cushion, or odor prevention? Do you need more arch support or more support at the heel of your foot?

Once you know what type of problem you want to address, and what type of shoe you wish to put the insole in, then considering the following things about the items. With a little research and planning you will be able to find an insole that puts a spring back into your step.

How Flat Feet Can Affect Basketball Players

Fallen arches will prevent the sole from making complete contact with the floor. Having said that, athletes with flat feet will find it difficult to move their feet up and down or side to side at the ankle.;

Such rigid foot movements can cause pain, and eventually, limited foot motion. Basketball players need balance and footwork, but without stability from the foot, these key playing traits can prove challenging.;

A basketball player with a flat foot does not get sufficient arch support. The pressure from foot movements can travel directly up to the legs, increasing the risk of injury. This is why athletes need to combine well-fitted shoes and treatment.;

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Under Armour Mens Team Drive 4

This shoe which is specially built for basketball players was 1st released in 2017 and consists of the following dimensions- 10.39 x 8.58 x 4.09 inches and it weighs around 14 ounces.

The ankle portion has a collar structure that provides better support and a comfortable fit. The entire shoe is made up of synthetic fibre that allows a lot of air movement.

These basketball shoes which are apt for flat feet have wrapped around the toe region which adds the flexibility of movement. And, the exposed Micro Gheel unit adds firm cushioning which works best for flat feet.

The only major problem with the shoe is people experienced sweaty feet after one hour of wearing it, even if it was wet on the outside so people faced problems with their balance.

  • The quality of the shoes is reported to be poor if considered the expense.
  • Problems are reported about the lacing of the shoes.
  • Not good air circulation.

The Best Basketball Shoes For Flat Feet Of 2021

10 Best Basketball Shoes For Flat Feet (Reviewed 2019)
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Are you a basketball player who has constant foot pain when completing typical everyday tasks or, more importantly, when playing basketball? Have you been told you have flat feet and are now looking for shoes that will allow you to play more comfortably? If you have answered yes to either of these questions, you are in the right place.

Having flat feet is extremely common and something that many people live with every day. Normal activities like running, jumping, and typical activities associated with playing basketball may cause excessive pain for individuals with flat feet. Having the right shoe is one way to prevent this.

Having flat feet is something that affects numerous people differently. You do not have to experience the worst symptoms to have them. It is something that can be inherited or developed.

This article will go in-depth on some of the best basketball shoes for individuals with flat feet and answer questions that people may have about flat feet or individuals with flat feet. To find the information you seek, all you have to do is keep reading.;

If you want to get back to playing basketball, get our top pick basketball shoes for flat feet here.

What Makes It Unique:

Why Choose These Basketball Shoes for Flat Feet:

What Makes It Unique:

Why Choose These Basketball Shoes for Flat Feet:

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Nike Basketball Shoes For Flat Feet:

If you are seeking the best basketball shoes that fit best with flat feet, then this Air Visa from Nike can prove to be your viable pick.

It is easy to slide your foot in and out of these shoes, and the manufacturer of this product claims that a player wont witness any pinch point in this basketball shoe even after using this shoe for a prolonged time.;;

While walking in this pair of shoes, it would seem like you are walking on a carpet made of silk.;;;

These basketball shoes provide users with great traction and keep the grip of the user firm even while playing on slippery terrain.

For the price this product comes in handy with, this can be a solution to your flat feet.;

If you really want to get your hands on a gear that helps you stand out from the crowd and make your every move on the basketball court, then these Precision III shoes by Nike can prove to be a good option for you.;;

This basketball shoe is considered to be a universal product, besides providing users with the ultimate combination of cushion and containment, this pair of shoes provide players with premium comfort even during extensive matches.;;

Having said that, these basketball shoes come within a lightweight midsole and teams up with multi-directional traction to provide users with soft steps and quick cuts.;;

If you are a defender on the team and are looking for the best basketball shoes that prove to be efficient to disrupt defenses with their dizzying jab steps, then this product can be your viable pick.

Why Should You Get Different Basketball Shoes For Flat Feet

If you need prescription glasses, would you settle for costume glasses? Hypothetically, if your eyes mandate that for you to live comfortably and see the world around you, special lenses are needed, it wouldnt make sense to get any other type of glasses. The same can be said for individuals with flat feet.

People with flat feet often do not have an arch in their foot, as the name implies. This makes regular shoes uncomfortable because they lack the support that a flat foot needs. This lack of arch ultimately puts a strain on the foot in other places. It can also limit your movement and make having great posture hard.

If a player consistently ignores the need for better shoes, things like swelling and even joint injury may occur. Having great movement and posture are two things that basketball players need on and off the court to ensure they have long and prosperous careers. These are all reasons why individuals with flat feet invest in shoes for flat feet. Many companies are aware of the need for shoes for flat feet individuals and have made items at a variety of price points.;

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Nike Zoom Kd12 Warriors Basketball Shoes

The Zoom KD12 Warriors is elegantly designed and features a unique construction meant to satisfy flat-foot athletes who prioritize exceptional performance and style. It has the breakthrough sole technology, Zoom Air, across its entirety below its sock liner. This ensures that the sole offers added bounce and extreme responsiveness to the athlete. As a result, you can make much quicker runs to the basket.

In addition to this, the Zoom KD12 Warriors has Quad Axial Flywire cables fitted to its upper side to enforce its minimalistic and lightweight build. The outsole has a non-marking rubber sole that enables the basketball shoes to have excellent traction.

The pros

  • Not very suitable for wide feet
  • It needs to be broken in to achieve maximum performance

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