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What Are The Best Shoes For Playing Pickleball

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Mizuno Wave Inspire 15 Shoe

What are the Best Shoes for Pickleball?

Are you looking for the finest quality shoes for pickleball? If yes, you are in the right place to dig in. Now I am going to present the Mizuno wave inspire review, a best-selling running shoe. Nevertheless, pickleball players love this masterpiece.

New engineered meshsupplies smooth ventilation and breathability. In the front of the shoe, alittle bit extra toe protection is installed to get rid of any kind of hitting.The durable eyelets on the side make the pair strong.

Equipped with Mizuno Wave technology in the midsole this daily running shoe provides cushioned and stable ride. Moreover, the euphoric padding system in the midsole layered on the top of each other gives you extra cushioning and responsiveness.

Besides, Mizuno way plate technology serves as an extra spring component attached in the midsole. It is going to give you a nice smooth stride. U4ic midsole and U4icX heel wedge with soft cushion give smooth landing. The segmented rubber outsole at the bottom gives plenty of grip, traction, and flexibility.

Adidas Performance Womens Asmc Barricade Boost Tennis Shoe


The Adidas Womens ASMC Barricade Boost tennis shoe is an amazing option for those whose toe box is a bit wider. The Barricade Boost model is an upgraded version of the Barricade line of shoes by Adidas, whose trademark is providing support and stability while also being extremely durable and comfortable.

It features an upper made of breathable and seamless mesh which is welded to a lightweight TPU foil, allowing for a perfect fit and utmost comfort while also being incredibly durable and providing stability, especially for lateral movements. Locked by ergonomically shaped TPU counter, its heel provides optimal stability during abrupt movements.

The Adidas Womens ASMC Barricade Boost shoes also has soft and shock-absorbing ADIPRENE+ EVA midsole that reduces the impact received by your ankle joints and knees during particularly hard landings. It also has a boost foam in the heel which gives you the best energy-returning properties, allowing you to move forward, backward, or side-to-side with light and fast steps.

Its adiWEAR 6 outsole provides ultimate traction even in extremely harsh courts, making it incredibly durable. The entire sole ensures that it wont have you slip and you can focus more on the game.

New Balance Mens 608 V5 Cross Trainer Shoes

The 608 V5 ensures all-day comfort with its large heel crash pad and it features a durable molded PU insert. It features a relaxed fit to provide versatile comfort wear and also helps in superior traction under different court surfaces. These cross trainer shoes are made from 100% leather and feature a sturdy rubber sole. One main reason behind their superior comfort is that they feature cushioning from all the angles. It also includes an NB comfort insert for memory comfort that lasts for long.

These training shoes boast an Abzorb heel crash pad to absorb impact with a combination of compression resistance and cushioning. Such a cushioning at the midfoot renders exceptional shock absorption as well. The dual-density collar foam keeps the feet feel great and its dual-density collar foam prevents irritation around the ankles. As these shoes feature a flexible outsole, they are flexible and their deep flex groves cover the entire length of the shoe to help move in comfort.;


  • Lace-up closure at the tongue enhances comfort and stays as a statement of style.
  • Extremely comfortable and nice looking shoes.
  • Well-cushioned shoes that enhances the comfort of the users.


  • Narrow toe box can be uncomfortable on the foot.

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Can Your Use Pickleball Shoes For As Tennis Shoes Or Volleyball Shoes

It depends on whether you purchased indoor shoes or outdoor shoes. The general rule of thumb is that tennis shoes can be used for outdoor pickleball use, while volleyball shoes can be used for indoor pickleball use. However, some people may own versatile shoes that can be worn in all court scenarios.;

To Get More Durability Out Of Your Pickleball Shoes You Should Look For:

What Are The Best Shoes For Pickleball? Choose These 4
  • Durable toe cap and heel
  • Thicker rubber

Pickleball involves a lot of forward and backward movement on hard courts. So, when looking to increase durability you should pay attention to the two areas that receive the most impact: the toe cap and heel. Thick rubber will also wear and tear slower than thin material.;

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Best Pickleball Shoes For Men

As Ive written in the past, I strongly believe that the shoes you wear while playing pickleball are more important than the paddle you use, really a good pair of shoes is the most important piece of pickleball equipment youll buy.

Weve reviewed shoes from all the top sports manufacturers on the market to come up with the following shortlist of the top-rated pickleball shoes for men. ;If I had to pick just one;shoe as the best choice for outdoors it would be theAsics Gel-Court FF and my pick for indoor pickleball is the;Asics Mens Gel Rocket 9.

Ill admit, I am biased towards Asics!;I discovered ASICS GEL® Kayano running shoes over a decade ago and became an Asics fan. Whenever I need a new pair of running shoes I just upgrade to the most recent Kayano model.currently the Gel-Kayano 24. ;Anyway, enough about running, for pickleball I wear the;ASICS Gel-Court FF Tennis Shoewhich is currently my personal top choice for Best Pickleball Shoes for Men.

I am a huge fan of Asics shoes and wearing the new FlyteFoam model is pure comfort for me. However, ;these are top of the line so I realize the price may be too much for some people. Continue reading below to see more of my top picks and detailed reviews including shoes from other top brands and other more affordable options.;

All About Running Shoes

Most people who start playing pickleball for the first time will play their first game in whatever athletic looking shoes they have in their closet. The thought process goes something like this: Oh hey, these look tennisey, they should work fine. Whenever I hear this I want to play the Price is Right buzzer out loud.

It makes sense though; I did the same thing when I first started. I played in my running shoes for a few months before I switched.

But the cool looking shoes that you pulled out of your closet are most likely going to be running or training shoes of some kind and not proper court shoes. In other words, not the kind of shoe that you want to wear for pickleball. People typically dont go out and buy shoes specifically designed for tennis or other racket sports if theyre not a participant. So the chances of you having bought a pair for casual wear is next to zero.

Running shoes are a bad idea because theyre not designed for lateral movements like we talked about earlier. They are designed for running, which means going straight forward. They are lightweight, flexible and have very little support on the sides. This is the last thing youll want for pickleball.

Again, people who use running shoes arent going to be moving side-to-side, so manufacturers dont have to add bulk to the sides. That, in turn, makes the shoe lighter which is great for runners.

I call it Shoe Yoga

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Prince T22 Hard Court Pickleball Shoes

The Prince T22 Hard Court shoe is a classic amongst hard court veterans who have relied on these shoes for years. If youre looking for a hard-wearing, non-marking, comfortable pickleball shoe that you can rely on, then Prince T22s wont let you down.

The Prince T22 court shoe is a durable and supportive shoe that is built on the Prince T series technology. This reliable court shoe has been a staple for many serious club players in the tennis scene for years and perfectly compliments anyone who is serious about pickleball. In fact, Prince shoes are suitable to be used as tennis shoes, volleyball shoes or pickleball shoes.

The shoes feature a PRC 1000 durable outsole with a herringbone tread that provides grip and stability on-court. The midsole contains an EVA midsole with a ShockEraser heel that absorbs impact when bouncing or jumping. The shoes upper is made from a breathable, synthetic upper that provides great ventilation and comfort.;

These attributes combine to build a shoe that is reliable, comfortable and hard-wearing. Maybe not the most stylish shoe on-court , but when you consider performance on-court, its an easy choice to make when buying the Prince T22s.;

Standout Features

  • Extremely durable and comfortable pickleball court;shoes
  • ShockEraser heel technology that absorbs impact and protects the foot
  • Great ventilation thanks to the breathable mesh upper

Support & Ankle Protection

Select the Best Pickleball Shoes

You cannot imagine a pair of Athletic shoes without suitable support.

During pickleball sports, your ankle becomes very vulnerable and may twist if your shoes lack strong ankle-support construction.

Also, you need to make lateral movements frequently which puts heavy stress on your ankle. So, you need to choose a shoe that features sturdy ankle support and a soft pad collar for extra comfort.

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Are Pickleball Shoes Necessary

If youre willing to spend money on paddles and other equipment, you should really consider buying pickleball shoes.

Though the equipment improves your overall game, its the shoes that will help you play safe and prevent injuries.

Not just that, good quality shoes that compliment your feet will help you play pickleball with confidence, and enable you to move quickly across the court.

Just imagine the amount of pressure that falls on your feet when you run laterally or you land following a jump?

While your feet can handle them, what about your shoes? If its quality is not up to the mark, you might experience an awkward landing which can cause serious injuries.

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Extra cushioning in high-quality shoes can make a massive difference. Similarly, if your shoes dont support your arches and heels, your movement can be limited.

Lastly, if you dont invest in a quality pair of shoes, you risk problems such as knee discomfort, ankle pain, heel pain, hip, and lower back issues.

If youre playing pickleball at least 1 time a week, I would strongly recommend picking up pickleball shoes. They dont have to be ones on this list .

Top 8 Pickleball Shoes

All of our best pickleball shoes reviews focus on how the shoe performs in comfort, durability, and wear-and-tear tests. Our reviewers favored lightweight shoes, that remained extremely durable and stable underfoot.;

However, there really is something for everyone on our top 8 best pickleball shoes list and the great thing is, each shoe is available for both men and women. Looking for something specific? Our top list also includes running shoes, tennis shoes, and pickleball shoes for all pickleball player types.

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The Best Wide Fit Pickleball Shoes For Women: Adidas Barricade

Available in both a wide and an extra wide fit, the Adidas Barricade tennis shoes provide all the comfort you need on the court.

Not just a spacious fit, these tennis shoes are perfectly designed to handle the pickleball court. They have excellent grip, so you never need to worry about slipping. They also offer plenty of support as they wrap around the foot.

If youre looking for an easy to break in, stylish looking pair of pickleball shoes that wont feel tight, its hard to beat the Adidas Barricade. They also come with a removable insole, so you can get the perfect fit no matter what your size.

When Do I Need New Pickleball Shoes

Best Pickleball Court Shoes

This is something you need to depend on your feeling and visual inspection apart from mileage calculation. When you cannot feel the adequate ankle and arch support from your shoes, you must look for a new one.

You also need to consider some other issues. If the insoles are worn, your comfort will be compromised.

Besides, the heel counter tends to provide lesser support. The midsole also begins to crack. These are the signals you must notice to look for your new pair of shoes.

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Asics Womens Gel 1150v Volleyball Shoe

Not only is the ASICS for indoor sports, but it can also be used for running or walking. With comfortable pads and cushions, it provides safety and security for your foot and ankle during vigorous practices. This shoe has been regarded as an excellent choice for a return of investment.

  • Its powered with the PGuard Toe Protector technology that provides durability to a great extent.
    • It has tongue and collar embedded with foam for the ultimate comfort of toes and foot.
    • Its perfectly compatible with multi-plane movement, thus giving your foot the needed flexibility.
    • The sole is adequately ventilated, allowing air passage for your toes to breathe.
    • The gel cushion technology allows your legs to work for long hours without feeling fatigued.

    Customers Say

    People were ecstatic at the affordable price and high quality of the ASICS. Its an excellent choice for beginners with six different styles. Although, some people complain about how the arch support doesnt work correctly and how shoe space is too narrow.

    New Balance Mens Mc806 Tennis Shoe


    New Balance is a brand whose main focus in their shoes is the functionality and not the image. Their Mens mc806 Tennis shoe is no different, known as a good choice for pickleball shoes.

    The MC806 shoe is a continuation of their 800 series which is popularly known for its support and stability while still being comfortable. This shoe features a reinforced toe and laces which ensures good fit and sturdiness for the serious players. You see the way the shoes designed to keep you and your feet stable on the courts while playing, giving the pickleball player more support and control over their movement.

    Additionally, the combination of its leather upper and rubber sole gives the shoe great shock absorption, allowing the pickleball player to recover faster during hard landings. The additional comfort coming from New Balances ABZORB cushioning system also makes the shoe great for those intense plays on the pickleball court.

    However, since New Balance is more concerned with the quality of the shoe over its appearance, the only available color is white. Furthermore, many report that its insole and rubber outsole quality isnt as good as the previous models and its toe box can be quite cramped and not as roomy as before.

    Additionally, many have also reported that this model wears out much faster than the others which can be a problem considering this is a pickleball shoe made for intense playing.

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    Adidas Mens Barricade Club Shoe

    An excellent pair of tennis shoes that badminton and pickleball players simply love. These pickleball shoes were made for use on clay tennis courts, but will, also, serve you well on cement. In addition, though the outsole rubber is harder, to facilitate outdoor use, these shoes are non-marking, which would mean that you can wear them on other occasions. You, also, need to play indoors. They feature a supportive TORSION SYSTEM which was developed for aggressive players

    Adidas Barricade Pickleball Shoes

    Best Shoes for Pickleball 2020- Men’s & Women’s Best Choice

    Topping our list at number one on our best pickleball shoes guide is the famous Adidas Barricade court shoes. Known for their formidable stability and durability, the Adidas Barricades are brilliant court shoes that are well suited for pickleball.;

    The Barricades conform naturally to your foot and feature a forged mesh-upper that improves comfortability. With excellent stability and durability at toe and sole, these brilliant Adidas court shoes are a great option for serious pickleball players.

    Pickleball players who play pickleball with Adidas Barricade court shoes note the comfort and stability that the court shoes provide. The mesh-upper ensures that you can flex, lunge, and change direction quickly, while the formidable sole and toe support give you the grip required on-court. In fact, its the grip, strong midfoot shank, and low-to-the-ground forefoot that gives you a really good feeling when hitting the ball in any position.;

    Whats more, the Adidas Barricades are known for their strong wearing soles which can take hours upon hours of hard outdoor, and indoor court action. Its the same attributes that give the court shoes excellent traction and minimize the risk of slippage or twisting your ankle on outdoor courts.

    On top of this, the mesh-upper creates a breathable shoe that is lightweight and easy to move in. The Adidas Barricade is our top pick for the best pickleball shoes around.;

    Standout Features

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    Adidas Performance Mens Barricade Shoes

    Adidas has made a fantastic tennis shoe in the Barricade, and its great for outdoor pickleball too. The rubber sole is the least high-tech feature of the shoe. The synthetic upper is an airy, super comfy bonding between mesh and foil. These materials are also strong and durable. Youre not likely to need another Pickleball shoe before youve played at least sixty hours on these.


    • These shoes are top of the line if you are looking for branded shoes that arent too expensive.
    • They are comfortable, provide good support and traction.
    • In these shoes, the shaft measures approximately low-top from the arch.
    • These shoes are light, flexible and non-marking.
    • These Adidas shoes are made with textile as the primary material and are quite durable.
    • Sizing and Fitting of these shoes are pretty standard.


    • Since these shoes are narrow, customers with broader feet may face an issue.
    • The inner sole of the shoe is glued to the base.

    Outside the upper, Adidas has used ADITUFF material, which is exactly what it sounds like. It is a super tough material that will look almost as good as new even after those sixty hours of playing.


    Like the womens Gel Rocket 7 from ASICS, this excellent shoe for volleyball & pickleball has a Trusstic midsole and a strong rubber outsole for rugged outdoor playing. The rubber is a natural gum rubber, which gives the shoe very good traction on an indoor court.




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