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What Are The Best Pointe Shoes

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The Best Beginner Pointe Shoe

Best Pointe Shoe Hack for SMELLY FEET

Apr 17, 2012 | Articles, Ballet Tips, Pointe Articles, Uncategorized

If you are a beginner en pointe, it is preferable to have a short to medium vamp length, rather than a long one. The reason for this is to enable you to attain full contact with the platform on the floor with relative ease.

Another vital feature for the beginner en pointe, is a flexible shank. This will enable you to develop articulation of the foot from the onset. There are many different or contradictory opinions on this topic, but both Vicki Attard and Lisa Howell agree that a beginner should have a more flexible shoe in order to learn how to correctly work through a high 3/4 pointe position. This simple movement really is the key to successful and injury free pointe work!

It is wise to start off with a wider platform when beginning en pointe. This not only gives you a greater surface area to balance on, but allows more room for the toes. Highly tapered pointe shoes can encourage the development of bunions, so are best avoided especially in the early years of training.

Dont expect a brand new pointe shoe to feel like a slipper instantly, it is a good idea to personalise it a little. You can try softening the box at the front and/or wings a little, and depending on the chosen type of pointe shoe, the shank may need a little softening. If you are going to soften any part of the shoe, but particularly the shank, I recommend a gentle approach, trying the shoe on at regular intervals to monitor.

What To Do When Getting Fit For Pointe Shoes

You need to consider several things when fitting the first pair of your Pointe shoes. Therefore, I suggest an appointment with the podiatrist before beginning Pointe work.

The podiatrist may guide you on trimming your toenails accurately because long toenails will be tough to manage in pointe shoes. You may need assistance to treat bleb, slight and hard corns, impacted toenails, and remove peeling skin.

Wrongly sized pointe shoes may cause rankles, corns, aching feet, and wounds.

In my opinion, Demi-Pointe shoes should be used as groundwork for Pointe work. They are considered transitional shoes from flat pumps to Pointe shoes. They have a full leather outsole making them more resistant than flats.

As the footwork becomes more challenging due to more resistance, the feet are getting prepared for pointe work. Hence, I strongly suggest demi-pointe shoes because they will make the transition to pointe work relatively easy.

I think pointe works development process needs to be gradual because it will harden your toe and toughen your feet and ankles.

Over time, you will recognize the points of friction between your pointe shoes and toes. You may try different types of padding until you discover the most suitable setting for you.

You may also need to make changes to your padding if you have shorter toes because it is challenging to find pointe shoes for shorter toes. The padding will ensure that your toes have the necessary support.

Suffolk Stellar Pointe Shoes

Item Details

The Suffolk Stellar, now available in a beautiful Brown color!

Stellar is perfect for the lower profile foot and enables the dancer to get over the platform while fully articulating her feet.

This shoe gives the dancer a strong supportive box, wider platform, and arch-hugging insole. Dancers will feel lifted and will be less likely to sit in this pointe shoe.

The medium vamp with the signature Suffolk U shape is handcut to perfection.

This low profile shoe with stable platform has a flexible upper vamp for superior comfort and fit.

Features a Standard 2 mm board shank.

As this is a brand new product with limited availability, please allow up to 8 weeks of delivery time.

Available Sizes

The Brown Suffolk Stellar Pointe Shoes are available in Sizes 2-8. Sizes 2-7.5 are available in Widths N, XN, X, XXN, XX, XXXN, XXX, and XXXXN. Sizes 2.5-7 are additionally available in Width XXXX. Size 8 is available in Widths N, X, XX, and XXX only. All sizes are available in a Standard shank only.

Fitting suggestion is U.S. Street Size minus two sizes.

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Procuring The Right Kind Of Shoes For Wide Feet

Wide and tapered feet If the big toe is longer than all the other toes, and it is tapering downwards, then you would have people feet. If it is wide, then you would require a pair of shoes which are triangular in nature.

Wide and square feet If you have square feet, it is pretty easy to recognise wherein all your toes will be of an equal length. Therefore, you would need a square box as well as a very high ground. The square will be depending upon the shape of your feet.

Inverted feet-When the two toes in the beginning happen to be of a similar size to the big toe and it starts tapering from there, then one has inverted feet. Therefore, one would need a rounded square box that has a high wing.

Some Of The Good Brands For Pointe Shoes

Which Are The Best Pointe Shoe Toe Pads?

Russian pointe Created in the year 1998 in Moscow, these are one of the premium and most popular brands of dancing shoes. These are especially good for people that have a wide set of toes simply because they have been created with a narrow heel.

Freed The Company which is based in London is amongst one of the best-known designers and manufacturers of dance shoes for professionals. Having been in business since 1929, their pointe shoes are amongst the best that you can find in the United Kingdom.

Grishko-A popular brand making use of natural materials, Grishko is amongst the best when it comes to using the finest satin in their shoes in order to provide it with a wonderful appearance. The shoes are also stable and the platforms are flat in order to provide excellent balance on pointe.

Bloch A relatively popular brand amongst dancing shoes, Bloch has been making pointe shoes for quite a while. Their professional quality products are amongst the best for people that have started dancing all the way to professionals.

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Wendy Wu Girls Womens Pink Ballet Pointe

Are you in need of a glamorous looking but cheap pair of Pointe Shoes? The Wendy Wu brand is available to give you that and much more.

This ballerina shoe is made with satin or canvas material, resulting in durability and comfort that makes your ballet sessions fun and stress-free.

As a neophyte ballet dancer, worrying less about toes or ankle injuries that may lead to surgeries is the reason this pair is manufactured with the right support and toe protection.

Top Features

  • It can serve as props for photoshoots
  • It is available in different colors to match your costumes
  • Affordable price for its level of quality


  • The elastic band is not stretchy

If your feet are medium narrow with high arches, Wendy Wu Girls Womens Dance Shoe Pink Ballet Pointe has got you covered as it fits well and has sturdy arch support.

It is a lovely gift item for children and teens at birthdays to twirl at home, school practice sessions, or to imitate their favorite ballet star at an event.

Wide Feet Vs Narrow Feet

Oh that it were as simple as just discussing the difference between wide feet and narrow feet for dancers. Foot shape, especially for those who want to dance en pointe, is not just about width but also about how toes are aligned. The number of combinations is too huge to break down when you consider the three main foot types and then consider the implications of width.

Suffice to say, that its 100% essential for you to understand your own precise foot shape before starting along the road to buying the best ballet shoes for pointe. Luckily, if you are at this stage in your dancing career, you will have the ear and guidance of a professional dance teacher. Theyll be best placed to understand your particular needs and make sure that you get the most secure fit possible.

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Kukome New Pink Ballet Dance Toe Shoes

If you love to attract attention when performing, then you will be glad to own a pair of one of the best pointe shoes of the year.

The quality of the material used is perfect, soft, and comfortable.

It gives the desired balance required to be at your best while swirling on the dance floor on your toes.

It is an excellent pointe shoe for beginners, given that the shank used for the bottom is hard enough to provide the needed support to stand on the toes.

Top Features

  • PROS:
  • The package is inclusive of toepads
  • Due to its glamorous look, it can serve as a costume for home decoration and photography sessions
  • It is soft and smooth to break-in
  • It will help you well during practice
  • The price is as good as the quality


  • Irregular sizes
  • It is too wide for narrow feet

Children and teenagers can spin and leap around in this pointe shoe because of the softness and glimmer used to manufacture the fabric.

KUKOME New Pink Ballet Dance Toe Shoes gives comfort without compromising on quality since comfort is vital to a ballerina either during practice or at a professional level.

Determine The Width Of Your Feet

BEST Pointe Shoes of 2020

Impacted by: Toe Type Foot Width Degree of Compression

Pointe shoe width is one of those things that is just too difficult to predict. The best way to find the right shoe based on width is to be fitted by a professional.

However, if youd like to learn more about pointe shoe width, then there are some interesting facts.

If youre not getting enough support from your shoe with the correct box shape and vamp length, then you can try upping the length and going down the width until you find the right fit.

If you go too wide, then the metatarsal wont have enough support, which causes you to sink down into your shoe with all the weight on your big toes .

If your pointe shoe is too narrow, then you can start to lose feeling in your feet over time . Too narrow of a shoe can also result in the shank twisting off center .

Measuring Width isnt as Easy as You Think

Because every dancers feet will react differently to compression, finding the right fit for width isnt as easy as youd think. Try squeezing the sides of your feet where bunions form, what happened? If your foot moves a lot, then that means it will also expand vertically. This impacts something called your foot profile height.

All pointe shoe manufacturers have varying width options, but they wont all offer the same choices.

Because of the vast differences in dancers feet, pointe shoes vary from extra narrow to extra wide.


Long slender tapered feet, or highly compressible.

Medium Narrow



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Beginner Ballet Pointe Shoes

These pointe shoes are specifically designed with a soft shank, which is much easier for beginners to use while they are strengthening their foot and ankle muscles.

They come with toe protector pads and are made of pink satin with a leather sole. They run a little small so you should buy half a size smaller than your usual shoe size.

How Often Should You Replace Your Shoes

Considering the relatively high price tag of pointe shoes, one would hope that theyd have some longevity but youd be wrong. The general rule is that pointe shoes will last for less than 20 hours of use. One tip for extending their life a little is to make sure that theyre thoroughly air dried between uses.

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Choose The Right Pointe Shoe By Determining Your Box Type

Do you remember that fancy image we showed earlier? Well, your box type is going to depend on your toe shape and width, the length of your toes, the degree of compression and your foot profile height.

Keep in mind that the Box Shape is one of the most important parts of pointe shoe fit. Choosing the wrong box shape can lead to pain in your toes, bruising, and all of those bad things we mentioned earlier.

The goal here is to choose the box shape that follows the shape of your toes the closest.

Sidenote: There are 3 main box shapes that are used by pointe shoe manufacturers. These are:

1. Tapered2. Slightly Tapered3. Square

Now, that youre looking for box shapes from manufacturers, you may be tempted to start going off of reviews and recommendations. Dont!

Youll find that there are misconceptions about different brands, and each will offer a variation of a shoe that comes in one of these three box shapes. Every dancer has different feet, and your best bet will be to try the different brands and models until you find one that is just right.

Are Russian Pointe Pointe Shoes Good For Beginners

The Best Ballet Pointe Shoes.


All dancers need pointe shoes that fit them like a glove and provide the exact right support for their individual feet and technique. For beginners, these factors might be even more important.

In her first experience on pointe, the beginner needs to feel comfortable, supported and safe. To achieve that feeling, she needs a shoe that fits perfectly, in both shape and specifications like shank strength, and is of high enough quality to be durable and dependable.

The options available in Russian Pointe pointe shoes a full selection of models with different shapes, a choice of vamp shapes and heights, and a choice of shank strengths mean that each dancer can find a fitting almost as precise as she would in custom-made pointe shoes just for her.

For a beginner, this level of fitting can make all the difference. Pointe work is challenging at the best of times, but in an ill-fitting shoe, the dancer can easily become frustrated and find that she isnt advancing as she would like. With a perfect fit, she is much more likely to experience success and satisfaction.

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Can A Dancer Just Put On A Pair Of Pointe Shoes And Start Dancing

No! Each time a dancer gets a new pair of pointe shoes, she has to break them in. Some methods include:

  • darning the platform of the box to provide traction and prevent the satin from fraying
  • pounding the box of the shoe with a hammer to soften it
  • opening and closing a door on the box
  • cutting the satin off the box and using a carpenters file to rough up the sole
  • lining the inside of the box with floor wax or shellac to mold the shoes and prolong wear

All dancers on their own ribbons and elastic to hold their shoes in place.

Wewesale Blue Ballet Pointe Shoes

If you really want to stand out from the crowd, or you need pointe shoes for a specific costume, then you cant go wrong with these blue pointe shoes. They have a full leather sole and the outer material is satin. They come with the ribbons pre-attached.

They run a little small, so you should order half a size larger than you would for normal shoes.

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Meet Perfectfit A Smart Fitting Solution

PerfectFit is a system that lets you create a supportive, glove-like fit inside your pointe shoe. Follow a simple molding process to make your own customized pair of inserts in minutes. Instead of reactively padding painful pressure points, PerfectFit proactively prevents them by filling only the negative space in your shoe box. Unlike padding, you can still feel the floor and the shoe . Enjoy day-to-day comfort and control, all while protecting your feet for the long run. We think everybody deserves to dance a little more comfortably, confidently, and joyfully .

Dance in your new PerfectFit inserts as soon as you like theyre ready to go!


How Do I Break In My Pointe Shoes

The Best Pointe Shoe Accessories with @Miss Auti

The only way to break them is by wearing them and using them, but always under a teachers supervision, as explained above. Once youve become more experienced en pointe, youll know the places where you need to develop more bend and flex and youll able to work on this without the help of your teacher.

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Bloch Womens European Balance Pointe Shoe

A beautiful collection handmade from every ladies favorite shoe brand, Bloch, gives the ballerina feeling of being able to stay on their toes 24/7.

The shank is sturdy and stays in contact with your instep, providing the necessary protection to the toes.

You get a secure and snug fit because there is no space for your toes within the tapered box.This pair has a broad platform that allows for even distribution of weight which will, in turn, reduce extended stress on the metatarsals.

With its thin outsole and wide platform, your feet stay on the dancefloor without fear of falling or tripping.

Top Features

  • It is an excellent pointe shoe for low-arched foot dancers
  • You can get a snug fit with the elastic drawstring
  • Presence of a heel seam cushion to reduce the creasing of the material.
  • There is a gel insert under the big toe for protection from injury
  • It has a wide toe box to help with balancing while en pointe.


  • The shank breaks after a few wears

In any case, it is a fabulous ballerina shoe since the low profile on the footwear means the leg line enjoys perfect continuation.

Beginners and professionals will find Bloch Womens European Balance Pointe Shoe a brilliant choice among the best pointe dance shoes in the market.

It has features that ensure the toes receive the right protection.

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