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What Are The Best Running Shoes For Bunions

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Altra Men’s Al0a4vqt Torin 45 Plush Road Running Shoe

The 10 Best Shoes for Bunions

Our rating: 7 / 10


  • Probably isnt the shoe for the long slow plods
  • If you arent used to low drop shoes then you may not find them very comfortable initially

If youre looking for the perfect running shoe for your bunion pain then look no further. This road running shoe from ALTRA provides all the features youre looking for.

Overall this is a solid and versatile shoe. It was specially designed for narrow, high instep, and bunion feet. The low-to-the-ground design and the shape of the toe box target these anatomies perfectly.

This is an excellent choice for short to mid-distance running. It has an efficient mesh and airflow drainage system. That easily manages heat and moisture buildup in hot weather conditions.

Wearing Properly Fitted Running Shoes

Bunions Running Shoes

Overall, wearing properly fitted running shoes and arch support will keep your feet happy and healthy. Also, remember not to wear shoes that are more than likely going to cause more pain and trauma to your bunion. In all, we hope that this list of the top 10 running shoes for bunions has helped you to better understand the importance of a supportive running shoe, especially when it comes to having a bunion!

Asics Gel Kayano 25 Running Shoe

These synthetic shoes have a midsole made of Solyte which makes them not only lighter than Asics standard EVA and SpEVA, but better cushioned and more durable. The shaft is a low-top which is good for flat feet and bunions because it puts no pressure on top of the foot and does not squeeze.

It includes an Impact Guidance System that is made of linked components to enhance the natural way you walk from placing your heel on the ground to lifting up your toe. FluidRide Midsole by Asics gives the best combination of spring back and cushioning in a lightweight and durable package. The FluidFit upper integrates a multi-directional stretch mesh that is reinforced and adapts to your foot to fit you like a glove.

The exoskeletal Heel Clutch System provides superior support and provides an exceptional fit to your heel. It also has Rearfoot and Forefoot Gel Cushions that absorb shock from impact. This system allows agile movement in multiple planes as the foot shifts positions during the gait cycle. This is 25th edition of the Kayano features FlyteFoam Propel and FlyteFoam Lyte cushioning for an incredibly lightweight and responsive energized padding system that provides top-notch comfort from heel to toe.

  • Less durable than previous Kayanos
  • Stiffness in the top of the shoe may lead to blister
  • Somewhat bulky compared to similar shoes

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Altra Paradigm 45 Best Drop

What we like
  • No trail running protection

Being among the first companies to make use of the Zero-Drop tech, ALTRA is the best at utilizing it. The prime example of this statement is the ALTRA Paradigm 4.5.

Zero-Drop means that your forefoot and heel will be at the same distance from the ground when they touch it. Consequently, you will be able to enjoy the low-impact, proper running form.

The combination of the knit upper and the Altra EGO midsole provides a pleasurable and stable running experience. This stability is further enhanced through the built-in StabiliPods that help you regain balance immediately.

There is, however, no rock plate, which means you do not get any protection while trail running. We strongly recommend only using these shoes for road running.

The Wide And Comfortable: Asics Mens Gel Venture 5

Top 7 Best Running Shoes for Bunions (2021Tested Pain Free ...

Witha structure that has adequate room and ample rearfoot cushioning, these GelVenture 5 running shoes provide pain relief for runners with bunions. Thecushioning and insoles do not crowd the space. Plus, the toe box is wide enoughto let your feet move freely.

Despiteits wide design, these shoes keep it comfy and secure with the lacing system.They are also true to size and have decent arch support for low to high arches.And to make sure you get the support and shock absorption you need when youtake the trails, these shoes are designed with trail-specific outsoles forresponsive traction.

So,whether youre running for long or short distances, these Gel Venture 5 mightjust be the one for you.


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Salomon Speedcross 5w Trail Best Grip

What we like
  • Heavy

Rain is among the most difficult issues runners have to deal with. If your shoes do not have enough grip, you risk a high chance of losing balance and falling down. This issue will never concern you if you get the Salomon Speedcross 5W Trail.

The main material of these shoes outsole is a type of high abrasion rubber. This ingredient, alongside the deep lug design, makes for quite a strong grip on any surface. Even if you are trail running through heavy rain, you will still be able to stride easily.

The upper part of these shoes is quite breathable, thanks to its synthetic mesh material. There will be no discomfort, no matter how long you wear this pair of shoes. The mesh will also be gentle to your bunion.

The biggest weakness of the Salomon Speedcross 5W is the fact that it feels quite heavy. And this heaviness will limit your gait as well as your running speed.

Definition And Symptom Of Bunions

A bunion is a foot deformity that occurs on the joint of the big toe. Its formation takes time.

Normally the big toe should be straight, but when affected with bunions, the toe will curve inwards towards the other toes. As a result, the skin at the joint of the big toe becomes exposed.

A bump forms around that area, which eventually turns red and very painful. Some other symptoms of bunions include numbness and a burning sensation in the region affected by bunions.

For more information on bunions and recommended shoes for bunions, just check our article:Various foot conditions and how to pick shoes based on your foot!

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New Balance 1080v10 Fresh Foam Best Budget Running Shoes For Bunions And Supination

The Fresh Foam X midsole is a single layer of cushion, running from heel to toe and provides a more precise comfort than the previous version.

This one gives you a real soft cushioning with a lot of responsiveness.

Also, the toe box is wide and it helps your bunions to remain stress-free.

This in-turn keeps them from rebelling. In other words, you will be pain-free.

Also, the midsole cushioning runs till the tip of the shoe. Since this cushioning is shock absorbent, the impact of running is not passed onto the big toe.

This further relieves the bunions from stress and it doesnt aggravate.

The collar and the tongue are sufficiently padded and this keeps your feet stable and you have a comfortable run whenever you run in them.


  • Made for people with underpronation.
  • Great cushioning and support.
  • Great for people with plantar fasciitis.


  • Some felt the arch support is not adequate.
  • For some, the heel seems wide.

It isdrum roll, please

Altra Torin Knit 3.5 Running Shoe It is supportive, have wide toe-box and is supremely comfortable. You may try this out and I guarantee that you will not regret.

Topo Athletic Magnifly 2 Running Shoes

How to Lace Running Shoes // For Morton’s Neuroma, Bunions, and Wide Feet

This well-padded, zero drop running shoe is built with a sturdy, snap-bottom layer and a sweeping toe rocker. It is made for running on the road of light and ventilated materials. Topo is a great wide fitting shoe for people with bunions and comes recommended as one of the only brands that does it right. All Topo shoes are built with little to no distance between the heel and toe, called drop.

It assists in appropriate weight distribution during the gait cycle and provides a more natural stride. Far from having to change the way you run, natural form will put less pressure on your foot and help heal injuries like bunions, flat feet, and post surgical pains that get irritated by other shoes. Topo features a roomy toebox. It also gives a multi-density midsole with two layers of padding one that cushions the foot and another that is firm and responsive on the ground. It is made of lightweight, breathable materials that feel like a second skin.

And with a 0mm drop you have the most natural possible running and walking experience with a minimalist shoe. This is a great brand with a roomy toebox if you dont need much padding. These have less cushioning and youll feel more firmness and direct connection to the ground. These run slightly larger in size so you may want to order half a size smaller than usual.

  • 0mm drop for a pure minimalist shoe
  • Wide toebox allows your toes to splay for comfort and balance
  • Two layers of padding for cushion and responsiveness


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For Flat Feet: Asics Womens Gel

Taking the second position is ASICS Gel-Venture 7 Running Shoes. These shoes have a plush tongue and collar for user comfort. Additionally, the running shoes are lightweight and flexible, thanks to the supportive cushioning. The breathable fabric lining is another addition. It allows moisture and warmth to wick out for cool and dry feet.

Durable and practical

The ASICS Gel-Venture is an excellent option for durable and practical running shoes for bunions. These shoes integrate a removable foam insole. Because of this, you can wear them with the insole for underfoot comfort or remove them for easy cleaning. Whats more, the shoes can mold to the shape of the feet so that each run can be highly comfortable. The running shoe integrates a sturdy synthetic leather upper for durability plus an internal heel that contours to the feet.

Rearfoot Gel Technology

This shoe is specially designed for athletes who love outdoor activities and running. It features a GEL cushioning system plus an EVA midsole. Because of this, it can absorb impacts for a smoother transition. Adding to that, there is a trail-specific rubber outsole. The outsole features reversed lugs to promote optimal downhill and uphill traction on different types of terrain.

Ortholite sock liner

Q: Can I Continue To Wear High Heels If I Have A Bunion

If you have Bunion shoes you will require to stay away from High-Heeled shoes since High-Heels cause an excess burden on your forefoot aka bunion. If you consistently put more stress on your bunion it will continue to get larger over time & create excess pain to the bunion shoe area. In all, if you dont want to cause more pain to your Bunion we would recommend you dont wear any kind of high heels.

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New Balance Mens And Womens 860v11

The New Balance 860v11 is a class of its own when it comes to supporting and comfortability! The 860v11 offers a core of soft cushioning EVA in the midsole with a tough polyurethane rim for more support and durability which is known as ENCAP. Also, the blown rubber outsole helps to provide maximum shock absorption for your bunion. Also, the toe box of the New Balance 860v11 is extremely roomy in both width and depth this provides a proper fit for your bunions. With a legacy that spans over three decades, this timeless go-to sets the industry standard! Youll be treated to the perfect combination of cushion and stability. Grab a pair of the 860v11s and go for a run, youll have plenty of support and room for your bunion.

New Balance Mens And Womens 1540

Best Running Shoes for Bunions [2020] Top Bunion Running Shoe

The New Balance 1540 is made with technology that helps deliver support and stability to your run. The 1540 features ENCAP technology, what ENCAP offers your foot is a core of soft cushioning in the midsole and a tough polyurethane rim for added support and durability. Also, the 1540 has a Rollbar that helps to reduce rear-foot movement. The 1540 has a wide forefoot and has a mesh pocket where a bunion would sit. This allows for added comfort and breathability. Also, the forefoot has a slight flare to help reduce forefoot pressure while you run. All of the durable and shock absorbing materials that come inside the 1540 make it an outstanding option for someone who has a bunion and is looking for a running shoe with optimal support and durability. In all, the 1540 offers you everything you need to run comfortably!

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Best Nike Shoes For Bunions 2022

Painful bunions can greatly affect your mobility. But proper footwear should help alleviate discomfort so you can walk and maybe even run in the blink of an eye. We all know Nike as one of the leading brands of any type of athletic gear. So I decided to check out their lineup to find out if they offer any suitable shoes for people who want to stay active even with a painful bunion or two.

Wondering which ones are at the top of my list? Check out these 8 top options and my reviews in more to learn more about the best bunion shoes from the Nike brand.

Iv Bunions And Mortons Neuroma

Mortons neuroma is a painful affliction of the forefoot. This should not be confused with the ball of the foot pain. These are two different conditions.

Features to look for in shoes


The outsole should be made of durable rubber, which can absorb extra shock when you change your pace when running.


Ensure that a high-quality foam material is used in the midsole to provide the necessary cushioning and comfort level desired.

Stretchable upper part

The upper part should be breathable, flexible, and lighter for comfort. This provides an irritation-free fit and that nothing wears you down when running.

This bump forms along the side of your little toe.

Features to consider in shoes

Flexible upper

A soft mesh that is stretchable is gentle against bunions and prevents pressure.


The insole should be well cushioned to absorb impact and prevent pressure.

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For High Arches: Asics Womens Gt

Introducing the GT-1000 9 Running Shoes, these shoes are a perfect combination of lightweight comfort and style. The shoes are made of organic super fibers for comfort, safety, and durability. Additionally, they integrate a breathable mesh upper that allows moisture and warmth to get out for dry and comfortable feet.

Gel and FlyteFoam technology

The GT-1000 9 Running Shoes integrate a Rearfoot GEL technology cushioning system coupled with FlyteFoam technology. The GEL cushioning system can attenuate shock for smooth transitioning. On the other hand, the FlyteFoam technology can provide an excellent bounce back and responsiveness for protection from shock.

DuoMax support system

Whats more, these shoes highlight a DuoMax support system. In particular, there is a dual-density midsole system. This system is positioned to enhance stability and support. Additionally, there is an EVA sock liner. The sock liner can provide a cushioning performance and mold to the unique shape of the foot for guaranteed comfort.

High abrasion rubber outsole

For exceptional performance on all kinds of terrains, this shoe features a high-abrasion rubber outsole. The outsole features lugs that are placed in critical areas of the outsole for durability and exceptional gripping performance.

Orthofeet Proven Relief Of Foot And Heel Pain Extended Widths Best Plantar Fasciitis Orthopedic Walking Shoes Diabetic Bunions Womens Sneakers Sonoma Brown

Best Running Shoes For Bunions || 6 Ideal Men-Women Running Shoes For Bunions
  • GUARANTEED COMFORT! Test our shoes for up to 60 DAYS and see for yourself why Orthofeet is regarded by millions as the WORLDS MOST COMFORTABLE and stylish orthopedic shoes.
  • PLANTAR FASCIITIS? HEEL PAIN? FOOT PAIN? NEUROPATHY? Orthofeet orthotic shoes offer the BEST ORTHOPEDIC SHOE solution.
  • EXTENDED WIDTHS These SUPER COMFORTABLE womens casual shoes with soft, non-binding uppers are available in Medium, Wide and Extra Wide widths, offering a PERFECT FIT.
  • SENSITIVE FEET? DIABETES? ARTHRITIS? NEUROPATHY? Soft uppers with smooth interior lining and extra foam padding provide SUPERIOR COMFORT and protection for sensitive feet and an ideal footwear solution as womens diabetic shoes, womens arthritis shoes and womens shoes for neuropathy.
  • BUNIONS? HAMMERTOES? A wide & roomy TOE BOX offers a comfortable, non-binding fit for the front part of the foot and toes, and eases pressure on bunions, hammertoes Mortons Neuroma & swollen feet.

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Skechers Womens Ultra Flex Statements Light Grey Sneaker 9 M Us

  • Air cooled memory foam insole
  • Lightweight
  • AIR CUSHION DESIGN- With air cushion design of shock absorption to protect your feet and keep your ankle more comfortable.
  • CUSHIONING & SUPPORT- Plantar Fasciitis? Heel Pain? Foot Pain? Our shoes Lightweight ergonomic sole with air cushioning along with premium orthotic insoles that feature anatomical arch support and multiple cushioning layers provide soft, pillow-like support that works wonders to improve comfort and ease pain on the foot and heel, all the way up your knees, hips and lower back caused by flat feet, overpronation, arthritis, neuropathy and diabetes.
  • INSTANT RELIEF- Diabetes? Arthritis? Neuropathy? Soft, pliable uppers with seam-free fabric lining and extra foam padding, provide superior comfort and protection for sensitive feet, offering the best solution for womens diabetic shoes, womens arthritis shoes and womens shoes for neuropathy.
  • 3-Pairs Removable Insole- 1 pairs arch support insole, extra 2 pairs 3mm and 5mm insoles as spacer .
  • SIZING & CARING TIP- These adjustable slippers for swollen come in 8 sizes (size 6, 6.

Mizuno Wave Inspire 16 Best Flexibility

What we like
  • A good amount of cushion
  • Weak heel padding

The main advantage that the Mizuno Wave Inspire 16 Road hold over other options is its flexibility. Thanks to the incredibly stretchy Innerflex tech, you can expect the outsole to perform just like your feet.

They also have a spacious toe box design, a life-saver if you have bunions. The mesh material is also form-fitting enough that even the biggest of bunions can fit in nicely.

Mizuno has also given the upper a full upgrade with how the mesh material was constructed. Thanks to it, the shoes have the same thickness as their previous model but with more breathability.

The only bad thing that we can say about the Inspire 16 is that its heel padding needs more work. Using the shoes semi-regularly for a few months and you will find holes in the heel cushion.

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