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What Are The Best Shoes For Lower Back Pain

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Nike Zoom Mens Vomero 12 Running Shoes #1 Pick

Best Shoes For Back Pain Sufferers – TRASH your traditional athletic shoes and WATCH THIS!

Nike Mens Vomero 12 Running Shoes offer plush comfort and a responsive ride.

The upper of these shoes has an engineered mesh with a seamless inner sleeve to allow breathability and comfort. The EVA midsole offers excellent cushioning.

Nike Vomero 12 provides remarkable cushioning and is ideal for athletes who experience lower back pain when running.

  • This shoe is highly responsive as it features a durable outsole design that provides extra grip and more cushioning during running.
  • The midfoot is equipped with Flywire straps to ensure secure lock-down of the feet, hence, prevents knee or joint injuries.

The shoe features air zoom and lunarlon technologies which encourage more cushioning, allowing for a smoother and responsive ride. Youll be impressed by the plush soft cushioning that this shoe has to offer. It also allows a seamless transition from heel to toe.

Perfect fit: Nike Zoom Vomero 12 is equipped with Flywire cables that secure the upper of the shoe while helping to hold down your mid-foot for maximum support and comfort.

  • Excellent Upper: The upper of the shoe features a synthetic fabric and mesh system to allow more ventilation inside the shoe.
  • The collar is covered with Flywire cables and plush foam combined with a unique lacing system to offer you a more comfortable and secure fit.

Breathability: The upper of the shoe contains a mesh that allows the free flow of air. You dont need to worry about sweaty and smelly fit while running on Air Zoom Vomero 12.


Mizuno Men’s Wave Inspire Running Shoes

This is an extremely comfortable running shoe. It provides all the required comfort and support that you need if you have any form of back pain. The mid-sole of this running shoe is combined with a plastic plate along the full length, which provides a soft, comfortable, and responsive run.

The upper part of this sneaker is very comfortable, breathable for easy airflow, and it provides a snug fitting for your heels and mid-foot. If you heel strike, this is the best running shoes for you.

  • Colors: Multiple

Propet Helen Sandal For Women

This Propet Helen Sandal is specifically designed for women. Its leather construction makes it much more durable and long-lasting. The synthetic sole gives a firm grip while walking in almost all terrain. Furthermore, the heel is about 1.25-inch high to provide support for your hips and back, making sure that you wont get any pain in the future.

The inside has a reliable microfibre layer on the top, but underneath theres an EVA insole that ensures longevity and gives support that you might need for your 12-hours shift at work.

Why do we like it?

  • Durable construction
  • Comfortable to use on all terrain
  • Great to use at work
  • Lightweight and supportive

Our Verdict

  • This Propet Helen Sandal for Women is a reliable product that comes at a very affordable price. However, the comfort is not like the competitors but its durability and lightweight definitely worth the consideration.

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What Are The Best Shoes To Wear For Lower Back Pain

The best shoes for back pain keep on being the sneakers. These have a lower shaft and can give you the best access to the road. You will feel comfortable to walk on these shoes since the inner sole is tender and soft.

Not to mention that the ankle can become more protected and give you less pain while walking. Using the right exercises you can even get rid of the back pain in a matter of weeks.

Why Is Alignment So Important For The Health Of My Back

Best Shoes For Lower Back Pain Reviews and Buyer

Follow along and you will see how the best shoes for back pain can have a tremendous effect. Alignment is basically how the following listed body parts line up with each other:

  • Head.
  • Knees.
  • Ankles.

These body parts must correctly interact and line up with each other. Proper alignment of the body puts less stress on the spine and leads to good posture. Basically, good posture is the ability to correctly balance the load from below and above that is put on the spine.

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Best Shoes For Women Lower Back Pain

There will be times when you do not want to wear shoes that are meant for running.

Rather, you would like shoes that will help you walk around especially when you are running errands. This may be the pair that you need.

This can help provide the support that you need for your arch. Shopping will not be a hard task anymore as you do not have to suffer with painful feet after.

  • Sizing Is Not True to Size
  • Bulky

We do understand that there are moments when you need to have shoes that you can wear for more formal occasions.

You cannot wear your regular shoes at weddings and special business events, right?

You need best shoes for back support that can be worn for special occasions.

Brooks Launch 5 Womens Running Shoes

The Brooks Launch 5 is a womens running shoes that come with a strong and durable mesh upper. It is available in various sizes and in 7 colors.

It provides full foot support for people who have medium to high arches. This will create neutral support so youll maintain balance as you walk, run, or perform daily activities.

Key Features

Add a spring to your walk with this shoes responsive and extra-springy design. Brooks BioMoGo DNA is built into this shoes midsole for enhanced cushioning and rebounding. This is lightweight, breathable, comfortable, and easy to maintain.

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Best Overall Choice For Women: Orthofeet’s Sandy Stretchable

If you want to find a solution for your lower back pain, you should listen to your doctor’s advice. Most orthopedic professionals agree that inadequate shoes cause lower back pain. Thankfully, that also means that a carefully chosen pair of shoes could help relieve or even get rid of that pain.

When it comes to Sandy Stretchable shoes there’s no confusion. Both people who’ve tried them and orthopedic doctors agree that they’re the best walking shoes for lower back pain. Moreover, they’re certified by Medicare and qualify as women’s therapeutic shoes.

This model is one of the first with an innovative Ortho-cushion system that features anatomical arch support and an ergonomic cushioning sole. In other words, the Sandy Stretchable shoes are designed to soften the impact to your lower back and help you walk without pain. They’re also promoting good posture, which is essential for a healthy spine.

As their name says, they’re one of the most stretchable and flexible walking shoes on the market. You can customize them the way you like. If you want, you can experiment with the stretchable upper until you find the position that feels best for your lower back.

They come with premium orthotic insoles for additional support. The insoles consist of multiple cushioning layers, targeting different pain points in the body. There’s even a foam pad in the heel area, specially designed to help alleviate any pressure.




Mens Hoka One Clifton

What Are The Best Shoes For Low Back Pain Or Plantar Fasciitis? Answered By Andover Chiropractor

This athletic male shoe is perfect for men that have back pain. This brand is not popular, but it is gradually rising in the market because of its quality and comfort. It has a durable, breathable, and elastic upper layer. The upper part would easily adapt to the shape of your foot and allow regular airflow.

This sneaker is very durable, and it has reinforced cushions which provide extra comfort. The outer sole has been designed strategically using lightweight rubber material. This would improve the transition and traction of the shoe.

  • Color: Single

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Ryka Womens Devotion Plus 2 Walking Shoe Anatomically Precise

The synthetic and mesh design of the Ryka Womens Devotion Plus 2 boasts that its anatomically precise. You can choose from basic white to a four-way gradient pattern, depending on your preferences. The lace-up front with secure and stretchy laces will hold your foot tightly, but it also allows for movement.

The shoes have less padding, with only a lined tongue. The collar has a built-in cushion, and the insoles offer extra heel and arch support with an Anatomical Precise-Return insole.

These shoes were also designed to support your lower back by evenly spreading out your weight along the base of your foot.

Correct Back Pain With The Right Pair Of Shoes: See 5 Cute Options

Over the past ten years, Ive visited the orthopedic doctor for a variety of foot issues: bunions, plantar fasciitis, and hallux limitus to name a few. Each time, he hands me a packet of information about how to fix the condition with surgery. And every time, I drive home with a renewed determination to delay the knife with better shoe or orthotic choices, and other non-surgical interventions. I imagine the same experience has happened to back pain sufferers! The correct shoe choice can assist in providing support, and realigning feet, knees and hips in an effort to reduce back pain and hopefully avoid more invasive measures. See our comprehensive article on Best Shoes for Back Pain, and then read on for even more shoe options!

Based on multiple reviews for reducing back pain, we recommend the following footwear:

Vionic Tide II

Vionic Tide II

Vionic Tide 2: You wont find a flip-flop sandal with better arch support and under-foot cushioning than the best-selling Vionic Tide 2. Plus, they carry the honorable APMA seal of acceptance. Zappos customer, Lizzie, has this to say:

This is my third pair of this shoe. I have a flexible arch , and have had back and foot pain with most flip-flop-type shoes. I can wear these all day because of the excellent arch and heel support. Love, love, love them.

Alegria Belle

The Alegria Belle is available in euro sizes 35-42 for $109.95 from Zappos,, and Nordstrom. Find a wide width option at

Klogs Naples

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Hoka One Bondi 6 The Shoe For Runners With Back Pain

For the runners out there that suffer from back pain, here is the shoe for you. Known to be one of the most supportive and cushioned pairs of running shoes on the market, these are a real winner.

The crazy cushion of the Hoka One Bondi 6 provides unparalleled motion control. Their Meta-Rocker technology is designed for maintaining alignment, which in turn prevents overpronation or supination. That same layer of cushioning also provides a substantial amount of shock absorption, with a full midsole of EVA foam.

The thick and durable outsole adds to the shoes protective layer to maximize shock absorbency while also having excellent traction for any running surface. All of this adds up to a crazy balanced and smooth ride for your feet and back.

Effects Of Footwear On Back Pain

10 Best Shoes for Back Pain in 2020

You have probably heard that high heels can cause back pain but they are not the only type of shoe that causes back pain.

A lot of times, people wear shoes that they are not comfortable in for the sake of their style.

People have the tendency to prioritize looks and style over true comfort and function.

Never mind the fact that they are going to have painful blisters on their feet, in addition to aching calves and thighs. The fact is that bad shoes are causing lower backs to be strained.

Can you imagine letting your body go through these different types of pain just to look good?

Back pain can manifest more as time goes on. The older that people get, the more that they are going to feel the strain brought about by wearing uncomfortable footwear.

When you are young, will you actually make an effort to check out best shoes for lower back pain? Perhaps you would only consider this when your back is already truly painful.

Here are some of the types of footwear available and how they can affect your back:

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The Best And Worst Shoes For Back Pain

Experiencing back pain? Heres what two podiatrists recommend for choosing shoes that wont harm and might help.

Adobe Stock

Back pain can be traced to plenty of sources. Maybe you overexerted yourself. Perhaps you sit for most hours of the day. Or maybe you have an underlying disease that causes back pain.

If youve had back pain for more than a month, your pain is worsening over time, or youre developing new neurologic symptoms such as numbness or weakness in any part of your body, it is best to see your healthcare professional.

But if youve cleared your symptoms with your doctor, or you want to give some commonsense guidelines a try first, its worth considering whether your footwear choices may be contributing to your back pain.

Everyday Health spoke with two New York Citybased podiatrists for their input on the best and worst shoes for back pain. Both doctors note that what works best for one person wont necessarily work the same for others. For some people, for example, significant limb length differences can lead to problems that are exacerbated by wearing the wrong shoes.

But for many people, simply identifying shoes that fit well, are adequately cushioned, and provide the right kind of support is a step in the right direction.

When Shopping For Neutral Running Shoes It Is Important That Runners Consider The Following:

  • Flexibility: Neutral runners should choose shoes that promote a natural running motion. One aspect that helps this is the flexibility in the both the upper and the sole of the shoe. Neutral runners should also look for shoes that are not restrictive both horizontally and vertically giving the foot plenty of room during runs.
  • Cushioning: Depending on the personal preferences of the runner along with their level of skill, runners should carefully look for the level of cushioning available in neutral running shoes. Most neutral runners will opt for softer cushioning systems with a decent amount of energy return. However, some runners may seek a more responsive ride.

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Vionic Womens Walker Classic Shoes

Vionic has built their reputation on creating comfortable, athletic footwear. The Vionic Womens Walker Classic Shoes are orthotic tennis shoes designed by podiatrists to reduce foot and back pain. Focusing on comfort, Vionic manufactured a durable upper and a roomy toe box that wont crush your toes. The cushioned rubber outsole and the removable, dual-density EVA foam insole provide excellent shock absorption and bounceback. With .5 elevation, the shoe facilitates a more natural stride from the heel to the ball of the foot. The Vionic Womens Walker Classic Shoes are ideal for both overpronators and supinators because they correct your gait by helping your feet and knees stay in alignment.

There is a mild break-in period: those new to the shoe will need some time to get used to the fit. With an arch positioned lower than other athletic shoes, the Vionic Womens Walker Classic Shoes correct the placement of the heel, encouraging a more natural stride that will relieve back pain. Due to their design to adjust your gait, some have complained that the shoe is too clunky and loose around the ankle. Some reviews complained that the waterproofing failed: the Vionic Walker Classic Shoes are only water-resistant, so they wont last in extremely wet environments.


Contact Spine Institute Of North America Today

âLower Back Pain Fix | ð£Best Orthotic Shoe Inserts Dr. Scholl’s & Airplus Memory Foam Shoe Pads

Wearing comfortable shoes with good support and low heels can help improve posture and reduce back pain. However, back pain can happen for many reasons, and you may need more than a new pair of shoes depending on your condition.

The spine specialists at Spine Institute of North America are here to help. Our team of spine experts is prepared to get to the root of your back pain. We will find the exact cause for your back pain and use the least invasive method to relieve your pain fast and effectively with the goal to maintain long-term relief.

We understand that back pain can be debilitating, and we are committed to getting our patients back to enjoying life pain-free. To make an appointment, contact us today.

This content was medically reviewed by Baher Yanni, M.D, on February 7th, 2019.


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Why Is It Important To Get The Best Walking Shoes

Getting good walking shoes can not only help you with back pain and lower back pain but also with heel pain, ankle pain and a number of other pain points can be destressed by wearing the right kinds of shoes. One of the best examples of shoes for lower back pain is that of Brooks addiction walker. This one provides you with the perfect combination of pain relief as well as comfort.

There are some enhancements that walking shoes have over regular shoes which make them a great option for walking long distances. Let us take a detailed look at this buyers guide up next, which will help you know about all these features in great detail:

The Best Walking Shoes: What Are Motion Control Shoes

When you are running or walking, your foot is constantly in motion. This leads to the overpronation of your foot from time to time. And when it happens a little too much, you begin to experience pain in your feet. As well as lower back pain. This is something that is otherwise totally avoidable if you choose the right kind of footwear.

Motion-control shoes basically perform the task of reducing the amount of motion that your foot goes through. The more stable your feet remain while you walk, the better you can run without the risk of losing your balance. While these shoes are also good for walking and for reducing lower back pain, they are primarily meant for runners. Those who wish to run long distances without losing stability. These shoes also provide decent arch support as well as good comfort. Brooks Mens Beast 20 is one of the best motion-control shoes that we have come across in recent times.

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