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Where To Buy Size 5 Shoes

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Where To Buy Bespoke Mens Shoes

#SundayStyle Guide January 19th 2020- Best 5 places to buy wide width shoes

If you search Google for bespoke mens shoes youll mostly find made-to-order brands posing as full bespoke.

Dont get me wrong, custom shoes like are cool , but MTO doesnt solve the sizing problem.

These brands, on the other hand, will make your shoes from scratch to perfectly fit your feet:

Remember: any sort of custom shoe creation takes time. MTM might take a few weeks, while bespoke might take a few months.

So if you really need shoes quickly, say for an upcoming event, custom isnt an option.

Final Remarks On Where To Buy Shoes For Small Feet

So this our round-up of the top department stores & independent online retailers that carry shoes for small feet for women. Thankfully, gone are the days that a woman with small feet has to sacrifice style for her correct shoe size!

Not to mention be subjected to the childrens shoes section .

The shoe industry has made great strides in designing large size womens shoes too, which you can read about in this post!

If youre a woman with petite feet, I would love to hear what you think of our above shopping list. Did we miss any of your favorite places to buy shoes for small feet? Let us know in the comments, below or send us an email at!

xo ShoeTease

Brands That Make Smaller Shoes

Of course, the real issue is finding brands that actually make smaller shoes, especially dress shoes and boots. sneakers are a little easier, as many are sold in unisex sizes more info on this below.

But small mens dress shoes are tough to find. In general, youll find that brands based in the UK, Italy and Spain tend to carry smaller sizes. They also tend to fit more snugly than American brands.

For your convenience, heres a list of shoe companies that make small mens dress shoes and boots and sell their shoes online:

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Small Size Women’s Shoes

Are you looking for small women’s shoes? At Stravers Luxury Shoes you will find an extensive collection of small sizes women’s shoes, ranging from feminine pumps with stylish high heels, where your legs stand out beautifully, to business pumps with comfortable low heels. Trendy ankle boots, comfortable boots, sneakers, long leather stretch boots, ballerinas, loafers, cute sandals, open shoes, wedding shoes and Italian moccasins. Quality shoes in small women’s sizes. Shoes made under good conditions in European shoe factories, mostly from metal- and chrome-free ecological leather. Click on your size and you will immediately see what is in stock in your small shoe size. So never see nice shoes again, that are not there in your small size! Order your small size ladies shoes quickly and easily online. We promise fast delivery directly from stock!

UK Sizes: 0, 0.5, 1 & 2

US Sizes: 1, 2, 2.5 & 3.5

EU Sizes: 32, 33, 34 & 35

Nordstrom & Nordstrom Rack

Adidas Alphabounce Purple Running Shoes

Shop small shoe styles from Nordstrom:

If youre a shoe size 4-5 and are after mid-range to designer shoe brands, Nordstroms small size womens shoe section is a must for you.

You can find favorite brands like Sam Edelman & Vince Camuto, yet also find new even exclusive -brands such as fashion blogger Arielles Something Navy line, along with a vast collection of designer shoes.

Designer examples? Stunning, yet work-appropriate Manolo Blahnik pumps, comfortable Gucci mules, and sparkly Valentino heels that would make Cinderella herself envious. Nordstrom is a must-stop for shoes for women with small feet.

If youre looking for petite shoes at discounted prices Nordstrom Rack is also a good place to look for womens size 4-5.5 shoes!

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Why You Need New Shoes

Gents look at the shoes youre wearing right now. Now, take a moment to think about those shoes, and why youre wearing them. More importantly, HOW are those shoes looking scuffed and worn out, or wonderfully stylish? Still not convinced you need to buy new shoes? Heres some more food for thought – Did you know that over half of all women judge your personality based on the shoes you wear, while 36 percent say your foot fashion mirrors your financial situation? Dont be the guy with substandard shoes! At Mens Shoe Centre, we have designer shoes for the South African man buy shoes online and make sure that you give the best impression wherever your feet may take you!

Browse our shoe collections below

Size Really Does Matter

The long-term health of your feet depends greatly on you choosing the right sized shoes! Think about it you wouldnt buy a watch that cuts off blood circulation to your hand, no matter how good it looks on you. Some men dont know this, but your shoes size is determined by both your foot length and your foot width. Follow our step-by-step foot sizing guideline, submit your dimensions to us, and well tell you exactly what shoe size you are!

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The Best Shoe Sites For Women With Large Feet

Fashion Editor, The Huffington Post

You dont need to tell us how frustrating it is for ladies with big feet to find shoes that fit. Few stores carry anything larger than a size 10, and those that do often sell out almost immediately. But a couple of stores have our backs and carry a plethora of stylish shoes in extended sizes. Herewith the nine best online stores for women with large tootsies.

Dillards: Not only does Dillards offer affordable shoes, but they also go up to a size 13W.

Long Tall Sally: Long Tall Sally gets it. The entire site is dedicated to tall women, and their shoe section carries the trusted and affordable brands you love, including Sam Edelman and other name brands up to a size 15.

FullBeauty: Looking for wide calf boots up to a size 16? This is your store.

Net-A-Porter: OK, well admit it, the shoes on this site carry a hefty, hefty price tag. But if youre craving Gucci booties or Lanvin flats in a size 42, this is one of the few spots where youll find them.

Nine West: Finding good heels up to a size 13 1/2 is no small feat, but Nine West makes it easy with fashion-forward options at cut-throat prices.

Nordstrom: This is probably the best online ressource for extended sizes. They carry a ton of brands such as Loeffler Randall, Steve Madden and Jeffrey Campbell, and they go up to a size 15.

Payless: If youre looking for shoes, boots and sandals that go up to a size 13, but you dont want to spend a ton of money, you should check out Payless.

Where To Buy Shoes For Small Feet In Size 5 Womens Shoes & Smaller


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Buying the perfect shoe is infinitely less frustrating than buying the perfect dress. That is, until you start shopping for petite shoes for small feet!

Standard shoe sizes tend to be similar between brands with a few odd ones running small or large. But for the most part, if youre a regular size 6, youre a size 6. No need to pull your hair out by being a 6 in one store and a 10 in another.

But for those with small feet who require petite shoe sizes below size 5? Well, options are limited enough that you sometimes seriously wish you had a fairy godmother to bippity-boppity-boo you a pair of shoes that actually fit & are cute. And are decently made & comfy too!

Luckily, some retailers seem to have caught onto the demand and have begun to offer shoes for women with small feet. Good news for small-footed women, who have had to stuff their shoes, wear ugly shoes, or shop the kids department. Honestly, I cant even imagine.

Have a pair of two that are a little too big, because you didnt know about these retailers? Check out my handy tips on how to make big shoes fit smaller for heels, sneakers and more!

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Shoe Size Conversion Charts

If you are purchasing your shoes from outside the UK then please note that all shoe sizes on this site are displayed in the UK format. Also please note that different brands can vary in size. Some can be larger or smaller made than others. If you’re not sure about your international shoe size then check out the conversion charts on this page for an approximate equivalent in US and EU shoe sizes.

If you need any help please contact us or drop in to our Glasgow Running Shop& well ensure you find the perfect fit.

Dr Martens Size 15 Boots

As mentioned it was Dr Martens that introduced me to the world of boots and Dr Martens do sell size 15 boots. As a pre-requisite, it is important to know that Dr Martens are expensive, however, Dr Martens is a boot that is built to last and in the long run are great value for money. The Dr Martens website stocks size 15 boots, with all the boots costing £149.

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Shoes For Small Feet: Where To Buy Small Mens Shoes

Men with smaller feet often have trouble finding shoes in their size. If youre wondering where to buy shoes for small feet, this guide is for you.

Most major mens shoe manufacturers make shoes down to size 7 or 8 . Many brands dont make anything smaller than 8D, which is too big for lots of guys.

Not to mention, many contemporary brands run large, especially in dress shoes, which is why they often recommend sizing down a half size or more.

Where To Buy Shoes & Heels For Small Feet


There are stores out there that have cute shoes for small feet. Although not every store will have every small shoe size available, some listed below will even allow a small womans size 2 to find shoes to love!

If youre searching for where to buy shoes for small feet, this Shoe Blog has got a great list of options for you. And its divided in 2 sections: department stores & small online boutiques .

Special thanks to petite fashion blogger Candace from The Minted Mama for helping filling us in on the best places to buy shoes for small feet!

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Shop Unique Bridal Shoes With David’s Bridal For Your Sole

Walk the aisle in these beautiful and elegant wedding heels and bridal flats from Davids. This affordable dress shoe collection features fancy yet comfortable options for every style. Whether youre in search of unique bridal flats or some cute footwear you can rock after the reception ends, our inexpensive selection has you covered. Find pretty wedding shoes for the bride designed with beaded accents and sparkling embellishments. For simpler feel, we carry lovely flats and low heel varieties outfitted with understated extras. Crafted from luxe materials, such as shimmering satin, and available in a range of beautiful colors, these elegant wedding dress shoes pair perfectly with fancy ball gowns and laidback A-lines alike. Here, youll discover classic bridal footwear along with on-trend options for the forever-in-fashion bride. Youre sure to look beautiful on your wedding day when you choose a style from our affordable collection of bridal heels and pretty flats.

Whats Considered Small For Mens Feet

If your feet are smaller than average, it can be hard to find high quality, stylish shoes that actually fit. Whats considered small for mens feet?

For the sake of this guide, well define small as anything below size 8 . Since were going to cover brands with different sizing systems, heres a handy conversion table:

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Their Favorite Places To Find Shoes That Fit

Shoe shopping in-store versus online makes a big difference in the experience all together, especially those with not-too-common sizes.

When buying online, you have no idea how the shoe will feel, how comfortable the material is, and frankly, if it’s even the right shoe for you.

So when Bustle asked these 10 respondents what shops they prefer for in-store and online shopping respectively, it was surprising to learn about their experiences as such a niche consumer in a gigantic market â that sometimes feels like one-size-fits-all.

For shopping in-stores, three people said they prefer DSW , seven people said they tend to shoe shop at discount stores such as TJ Maxx , Nordstrom Rack , and Marshalls , six people chose Target , another six said they have the most luck at brand-specific stores like Frye , Aldo , or Nike , and four participants noted that shopping in department stores seemed to be successful. For example, if you go to DSW’s website, they have 164 shoes available in a size 4, whereas a site like Aldo starts at a size five. If you go to Frye’s website, the smallest size they carry is a 5.5.

The Best Places To Find Shoes For Small Feet

7 Must know tips for every woman with smaller shoe size (Funny! Must watch!)

Fashion Editor, The Huffington Post

Finding shoes when you have small feet is like finding a needle in a haystack. Not only do stores rarely carry your size, but when they do, the choices are often picked over.

Instead of resorting to stuffing your shoes with toilet paper or, heaven forbid, shopping in the little girls section, why not go to stores and sites that cater especially to women with small feet? Though not every shop will be a goldmine for size 5 shoes, certain retailers specialize in petite feet. Nordstrom offers a wide selection of designer brands in sizes as small as 3.5, while Aldo is a hotbed for affordable shoes in size 5.

To help gals with small feet navigate the world of shoe shopping, weve rounded up the eight best sites that carry smaller sizes. Happy shopping!

Nordstrom: In addition to its awesome petite clothing, Nordstrom is known for its great selection of extended shoe sizes. They offer Burberry rain boots in a size 4.5, Gucci loafers in a size 4 and Jimmy Choos in a size 3.5 if youre after designer brands, this is the place to go.

Aldo: The affordable shoe brand has a section of their site devoted to size 5 shoes. And with 38 pages of boots, flats and sandals, there really is something for everyone.

Stuart Weitzman: Okay, well admit it: Stuart Weitzmans shoes are expensive. But they are so well-made, its worth it. They come in sizes 4, 4.5 and 5, and theyre very comfortable.

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Best Online Retailers For Mens Large Size Shoes

Whatever size you take, your best bests are the sites listed below.

In addition to having a large selection from top brands and designers, Zappos offers some of the best-looking shoes for guys who wear larger sizes. Of course, the larger you need, the less selection there is, but they even offer a good selection of U.S. size 20 athletic shoes. Zappos also makes it easy to search by size, width, style, color, and occasion so you don’t waste your time seeing unavailable models.

Friedman’s Shoes

Ever wonder where the large-footed basketball players of the NBA shop? Well, wonder no more. With a huge selection of shoes in U.S. sizes 7-22, Friedman’s has fit athletes like Magic Johnson, Shaquille O’Neal, Hakeem Olajuwon and Scottie Pippin, but they don’t just carry athletic shoes.

In fact, it’s likely their selection of sandals, dress shoes and casual shoes that keeps large-sized celebrities coming back for more. If you can’t make it to their renowned store in downtown Atlanta, don’t worry, you can now shop online or via their mail-order catalog.

With dress, casual, and athletic footwear from major brands, this is definitely the first site you should check if you wear a size 20 . Like all the others, they offer more styles in smaller sizes.

The Absolute Best Places To Find Shoes A Size 55 Or Smaller

Sizing and shopping can often be confusing. But more than that, it can be frustrating, exclusionary, and even upsetting. It’s no secret that fashion needs to be inclusive, but to get an any better picture of people’s thoughts on shopping, sizing, and the intersection of the two, Bustle surveyed more than 400 people about their experiences with clothing. Through questions about finding clothes that fit, Bustle ended up with hundreds of opinions on the best places to shop for certain body types, people’s biggest pain points while shopping, and more. All of these answers came together in The Fitting Room, a package of stories that explore all of these people’s thoughts and suggestions about shopping.

However, we didn’t just stop at clothing sizes. We also asked respondents what their shoe sizes were, where they like to shop for shoes , and if they’ve ever had trouble finding shoes for them… and , many of the respondents did have some difficulty.

Among the many individuals who’ve admitted to struggling to find shoes that fit their sizing needs, the group that seemed to have the worst luck of all were those that wore a 5.5 shoe size or smaller.

In this piece specifically, Bustle has collected statistics from this small group of ten people to learn about their challenges, preferences, and more.

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