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What Are The Best Walking Shoes For High Arches

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Best Shoes For People With High Arch

Best Walking Shoes for High Arches Reviews 2022 – Top Rated Shoes!

High-arched feet can be associated with a number of painful problems, such as pressure calluses, ankle sprains, and stress fractures, as well as more general pain, says Adam B. Hicks, DPM, senior associate at Vanderbilt University Medical Centers Department of Orthopaedic Surgery. This is because people with high arches typically have a more rigid foot, which puts increased pressure on the forefoot, the heel, and the ankle.1 Luckily, there are shoes that accommodate people with high arches.

Best Walking Shoes For High Arches Reviewed

Now that you know the basics of high-arch shoes, you’re probably wondering if consumer brands are even offering such features.

Because most of the time, they provide general support and shock absorber, which may not be what you are looking for when you have such a disease.

If there are, you may also wonder if they cost more than regular shoes because of their distinctive features. Here are the best high arches walking shoes in terms of functionality and cost.

Vionic Womens Zeliya Sneakers

Best Women-Specific Shoe

Dr. Sutera recommends this comfy lace-up pair for its lightweight and breathable mesh upper and well-cushioned, podiatrist-designed orthotics. These are also made with Vionics proprietary three-zone comfort technology featuring a stable heel, contoured arch support and forefoot cushioning. Perfect for walking around the neighborhood or commuting to the office, these shoes also come in medium and wide widths to accommodate different foot sizes and types.

What reviewers say:They are great-looking sneakers. I have to get shoes with arch supports, so Vionic was recommended to me by my PT. I bought them in navy and plan on getting them in gray also.

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Best Walking Shoes With High Arches

  • 13 Best Walking Shoes with
  • A high arch, also known as a cavus foot, is a condition where the arch is too high or above normal. This problem places excessive weight on the heel and sole when standing or walking. Cavus deformities are mainly caused by muscle imbalance, which can occur when standing or walking with the wrong shoes on. The condition is common in women who often wear high heels, especially if they are not designed for their feet. However, it is also common in men. Thatâs why wearing walking shoes with high arches is important. Below, we have a list of the best shoes for feet with high arches. Lets check it out!

    What Are Foot Arches Do I Have High Arches

    Best Walking Shoes For High Arches For Men And Women

    The bones, ligaments, and tendons of the foot create the trails and are essential for movement and weight. The shape and height of your foot arches are unique No two people are the same.

    The human foot is a highly complex mechanism that has two essential functions:

  • Drive walking, running, and jumping.
  • A high degree of stability and flexibility is required to perform these functions. The elaborate bones and joints give it the requisite flexibility, but the foot’s bones must be an arch to support any weight gain.

    The foot has three types of arches:

    • Longitudinal Arch
    • Lateral Longitudinal Arch
    • Arch Transverse

    Two longitudinal arches run from front to back One arched span runs across the midpoint from the inside to the outside.

    Foot Types

    The arches and other tissues of the foot help determine the type of feet. The most common types of footwear include:

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    Pay Attention To The Flex Point

    Cunha said to look for a shoe designed with smooth, solid leather uppers that are not only highly durable but also flexible and comfortable. It is important to pick a shoe that offers as much durability and protection as possible without sacrificing comfort or flexibility, he said.

    For optimal comfort, the flex point of the shoe which is the point at which it bends while walking should match the bending point of your foot when it doesn’t align with your foot, it can cause problems like arch pain or plantar fasciitis. You can check the flex point of the shoe by holding it by the heel and pressing the toe of the shoe onto the ground the point where the shoe bends and creases is the flex point. Shvets added that most runners/walkers can benefit from a shoe with a stiff sole that doesn’t bend in half.

    Discover Your Arch Type

    If, based on the graph above, youre still not sure about your arch type, you can do a quick wet test to find out. You should: wet the sole of your foot , then stand on a piece of paper while allowing the moisture from your feet to sink into the paper, and step off.

    Look at the shape of your footprint and compare it to the ones shown below.

    It is easy to notice the difference between these types: flat arch simply leaves the biggest wet footprint, without a distinctive curve between forefoot and the heel.

    If youre not confident about this test or feel your feet need more attention, consult a podiatrist. They look at your barefoot movement, pronation, tibia rotation, and heel deviation – which gives them a complete picture of your feet.

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    Best Hiking Shoes For Bad Knees

    Lowa Mens RenegadeGTX Mid Hiking Boot

    The Lowa Renegade GTX Mid Hiking Boot is a new generation of footwear for the outdoors.

    It has all the features you need in a hiking boot, and some that you didnt know you wanted until now.

    Its durability is top-notch, its comfort unmatched by any other product on the market.

    Lowa boots are your first line of defense for all your outdoor adventures.

    From an afternoon hike to a backcountry hike or trekking through a jungle setting, these rugged and durable backpacks by Lowa are legendary for their longevity, comfort, and support.

    They are also lightweight and make it easy for you to trek through all types of all-terrain hiking shoes.

    It is a perfect classic boot for all your outdoor adventures.

    It features a safely padded collar, a waterproof yet breathable Gore-Tex membrane, a high-quality leather upper, a dual-density PU contoured insole, and a reinforced rubber heel cap.

    The original Renegade GTX is the number one choice for trekkers around the world.

    The Renegade GTX Mid Hiking Boot is the same boot, but with a mid-height cuff.

    Lightweight Steel Toe Boots Pros

    • Durable & Strong Rubber Outer Sole for Traction
    • High-Quality Synthetic and Textile Upper
    • Resin Midsole for Added Strength
    • Gore-Tex Zonal Waterproofing

    Lightweight Steel Toe Boots Cons

    • Not good for winter

    Orthofeets Lava Mens Athletic Shoes

    Best Walking Shoes For High Arches in 2020

    Orthofeet’s Lava men’s athletic shoes offer a balance of comfort and stability. These shoes provide orthotic support, making them ideal for people with flat feet or plantar fasciitis.

    These best men’s walking shoes for high arches have an ergonomic design that is perfect for those with high arches looking to reduce the impact on their spine when walking or running. You can’t go wrong with these great features by choosing the Orthofeet Lava as your next pair of athletic shoes!

    These best walking shoes with arch support are engineered with all the special features you need to keep your feet happy and healthy. The innovative stretch uppers provide superior comfort while allowing for a natural range of motion that keeps pressure points at bay.

    So no matter how intense or demanding your workout is today, these OrthoFeet will have you feeling as if it were just a leisurely walk in the park!

    Orthofeet footwear has always been explicitly designed to meet various foot needs, whether sensitive toes need protection from shoe seams or bunions seeking relief from high heels.

    These best walking shoes for high arches and plantar fasciitis are specially designed, and comfy kicks don’t stop there their signature soft padded foam insoles offer additional protection against hammertoes and other foot problems like plantar fasciitis.

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    Symptoms Of Plantar Fasciitis

    In this review of the most current scientific literature on plantar fasciitis, the symptoms are listed as follows:

    • A severe heel pain in the morning or after a rest period
    • The heel pain that gets worse with weight bearing
    • Pain might spread from heel to the midfoot
    • Soreness when palpating plantar fascia
    • Discomfort when you bend your big toe by hand

    Best For Working Out: Saucony Endorphin Shift Sneaker

    If your walks oftentimes turn to runs, or you find yourself wearing your walking sneakers to your workouts, you’ll need a supportive and responsive sneaker like the Saucony Endorphin Shift. “I love this shoe as it is very hip and , making anyone walking with you envious,” Dr. Yau says. “It has breathable mesh uppers so the toes can breathe and stay dry. By having a lightweight cushioning, it provides a spring of the rearfoot and a medial rubber wrap that increases structure and support, which is ideal for those with the high arch feet.” The brand’s FormFit technology allows the sneaker to conform to your foot, creating a personalized fit.

    “Love the look and love the cushioning, great overall fit,” one reviewer said. “My pace has actually improved.”

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    Best Walking Shoes For High Arches

    The best walking shoes for high arches are challenging to find because they need to be comfortable and supportive. In addition, the shoe must fit well with the individual’s foot shape, provide enough space in the toe box, and have adequate cushioning.

    Knowing what features are crucial when shopping for shoes is essential if you have a higher arch than average or experience pain when walking.

    In this blog post, We will review different brands of walking shoes that offer something special for individuals with high arches. Without further ado, let’s fetch it!

    Tips To Choose The Best Hiking Boots For High Arches

    Best Walking Shoes For High Arches For Men And Women

    If you have high arches, your feet may not be as stable on uneven terrain and you may be more prone to provide ankle support.

    Here are some tips to help you choose thebest hiking shoes for high arches:

    • Look for shoes with good arch support. Arch support is especially important if you have high arches because it helps to stabilize your feet. Many hiking boots come with built-in arch supports, but you can also add an aftermarket insole for additional support.
    • Cushioning is great for comfort, but it can actually make instability and ankle injuries worse for people with high arches. Instead, look for shoes with a firmer midsole that will provide support without too much cushioning.
    • A wider toe box will give your toes more room to move and will help to prevent blisters and other problems caused by cramped toes.
    • Make sure the shoe fits properly. Its important to choose a shoe that fits well in order to get excellent arch support from it. Be sure to try on shoes before you buy them and make sure theyre comfortable when you walk in them.

    following these tips should help you choose the best hiking shoes for high arches.

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    How We Selected The Best Walking Shoes For High Arches

    We examined dozens of sneakers from the top trusted retailers and selected the best walking shoes for high arches based on a variety of factors. First, we asked experts for their opinion on what makes a walking shoe good for walkers with high arches. We consulted with podiatrists Adam B. Hicks, DPM, and Paul Greenberg.

    Next, we looked at the fit, cushioning, and support each pair offered. We also researched the price, material, and durability of each shoe. Finally, we considered the style and range of colors each brand had to offer.

    What Makes A Good Hiking Shoe For People With High Arches

    One common problem that hikers with high arches tend to encounter is chafing between their toes and against their heels when wearing traditional hiking shoes. As many of us with high arches already know, though, special shoes arent necessary all you need is some knowledge of what makes a good hiking shoe. While a great fit will go a long way in making your hike more comfortable, there are other factors to consider: materials, construction, and price.

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    New Balance Mens 577 V1 Walking Shoes

    The leather New Balance 577 walking shoe is an excellent, affordable option for men who need support and wear comfortable shoes throughout the day.

    These best work shoes for high arches are characterized by an EVA midsole that supports the high arch. Vaux likes their comfort and does not need time to break in.

    Sturdy, rubber soles, 577 walking shoes are durable, no matter what road you are walking on. One disadvantage is that although the leather outer layer is very fashionable, it can warm your feet in warm weather.

    On the other hand, in cold months, it can protect your feet better than lightweight shoes. These best walking shoes for men are comfortable, casual men’s work shoes available in pure white and black.

    Best Designer: Beek Pelican Flatform Sandal

    Type of Shoes You Should Wear With Plantar Fasciitis


    Some shoes are secretly supportive, like these slides from Beek. The designer shoes are made from ultrasoft leather with a molded memory foam footbed for extra cushion and arch support. They also have a rubber outsole for added traction and security. While they are a tad on the heavy side, these designer shoes are the most supportive and comfortable sandals youll slip into.

    Construction: Molded memory foam footbed with rubber outsole | Size Range: 5-12

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    How We Chose The Best Shoes For Plantar Fasciitis

    Many experts, such as podiatrists and physical therapists, are hesitant to recommend a specific shoe for plantar fasciitis. Thats because each person needs to be evaluated to figure out whats best for their particular feet.

    Oftentimes, people will go to a shoe store and be fit for a certain shoe based on criteria which the sales associate determines to be important without factoring in the most crucial characteristic: comfort, says Cody Meashaw, PT, DPT.

    Unfortunately, shoes that are not comfortable due to over or under cushioning, size, or construction may result in an altered gait pattern and thus may lead to further discomfort.

    However, experts do say some brands have a better selection if youre dealing with plantar fasciitis. Below are recommendations for running, walking, and hiking shoes, along with suggestions for sandals.

    How To Break In Your New Sneakers And Walking Shoes

    The best way to break in shoes is to wear them in two-hour increments every day for four days and then all day on the fifth day . This allows the shoe to expand gradually while minimizing any pressure or friction that might otherwise cause pain, swelling, calluses and blisters. Cunha noted that while there is a natural break-in period during which the shoes will give and accommodate your feet more, shoes should still feel comfortable when you first try them. If they hurt at all upon try-on, consider a different pair.

    Take it slow at first if you are completely new to walking as a form of exercise. For the first week, make it a goal to walk three times in 15-minute increments. During the second week, add in a fourth day, and pick two of the days to add in some hills or intervals. You could walk for one block at your comfortable pace and then the next block at a faster pace, or if youre on the treadmill, walk for one minute with no incline and then increase the incline to 3 for the next minute, and continue alternating.

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    Nike React Infinity Run Flyknit 3

    If Nike is your brand, we recommend the React Infinity Run Flyknit 3. Its a max cushioned shoe with excellent support for high arches.

    What We Like

    The Nike React foam in the midsole is substantial, making this a max cushioned shoe. It molds to the arch and offers the ideal amount of support for walkers who have high arches.

    Theres a strong external heel counter to keep your foot stable. You can see the plastic clip behind the heel, which does an excellent job of keeping the foot in its correct position.

    A new, stiff strobel lining is also found underneath the removable insole. This is a firm board that prevents torsional rotation.

    The substantial amount of cushioning is also wonderful for absorbing the shock of impact. Reduced shock and a rocker shape work together to reduce foot fatigue, which can be common with high arches.

    Why We Like It

    Thanks to substantial arch support and a brilliant shock-absorbing cushion, this shoe feels like a stability shoe. Its the perfect Nike for those who walk often.

    What to Consider

    The thick upper, while sturdy and supportive, can run warm in hot weather. If you need a lot of ventilation for your feet, these shoes may frustrate you.

    Whats New

    The upper has received an update, and theres a new strobel liner, which adds some firmness to the shoe.



    • These shoes may run slightly warm

    What Are The Benefits Of Wearing Shoes For High Arches

    5 Best Walking Shoes for High Arches (2022 Reviews)

    There are many benefits to wearing shoes with arch support for men with high arches. Arch support helps to distribute weight evenly across the foot, relieving pressure on the arch and helping to prevent pain in the foot, ankle, and lower legs.

    Arch support also helps to improve balance and stability, and can help to prevent injuries to the foot and lower legs.

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