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What Stores Sell Jordan Shoes

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Selling FAKE Travis Scott Jordans To Sneaker Stores

Jordan sneakers are here to stay. Their daring designs and basketball-inspired details always bring something fresh to the table. Its no secret MJ achieved some of his greatest records while rocking classic Jordan shoes. Now, you can take that game-winning energy and make it your own. Bright and bold colorways often make an appearance in Jordan shoes. You can combine your favorite colors with Jordan clothing and stun the crowd. Youll be ready for whatever is thrown your way.

Options like the AJ 1 Mid are also great for lighting up the streetwear scene. His Airness knew how to leave his mark on the court and in his everyday lifestyle. Shoes like the AJ help you maintain a game-ready look without sacrificing your love for Jordan. Go the extra mile and shake up your city outfit by adding Jordan accessories to the mix.

What Are Some Athletic Shoe Styles Available In The Jordan Product Line

  • High-tops have a high profile that rise well above the ankles to offer support that is beneficial for comfortable stops, starts, pivots and other quick or high intensity movements. High-top athletic shoes are available in a wide array of colors and material options to suit your preferences.
  • Mid top athletic shoes extend to the top of the ankle and are ideal for activities such as walking and hiking. These type of Jordan shoe styles come in attractive choices for any lifestyle need.
  • Low tops These Jordan athletic shoes have a low profile that ends below the ankle which make the shoes perfect for casual walking and everyday wear. Jordan low tops are comfortable and offer a large range of color choices.

Make History In Jordan Shoes

Michael Jordan was known for tearing up the court in footwear meant just for him. Every basketball season called for a new Jordan shoe. You couldnt get away from the legendary Jumpman and his iconic sneakers. Features that brought comfort and style to the sports gear game were Jordans main goals.

The Retro collection continues to keep His Airnesss dream alive, especially for his dedicated fans on and off the court. However, MJs influence doesnt end with the Air Jordan. Other favorites like the True Flight and 6 Rings help you make the ultimate statement.

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Where To Buy Real Air Jordans Online

Below are some online shoe stores that carry the real deal, including hard to find styles and sizes used Jordans retro styles and some great deals and sales on newer releases.The Official Nike Store – The Best Place to Start features a full line of Jordans, and if you’re lucky enough to visit at the right time, you might catch a great sale. Also, be sure to click the “STORES NEAR YOU” link at the bottom of the site to find local authorized retailers and factory outlet – Large Selection of New Styles and Great Sales

A subsidiary of Foot Locker, Inc. carries a fairly large selection of new Air Jordans for men, women and kids. Plus, they offer some great sales, and it seems like they always have discount codes that can be applied to your order. So, if you find something you like, and you think you can afford to wait a bit, either check back often, or sign up for their email newsletter to see if you can get a bit off the regular price. – New and Retro Styles from Reputable Dealer

In addition to having a plethora of information about sneakers, this site carries both new and used authentic Air Jordans.

As you’d expect, sizes are sometimes limited, but there are a lot of models to choose from. And, if you’re looking for hard-to-find, authentic Jordan shoes, you’ll definitely want to give a look. – Limited Edition, Hard to Find and Retro Styles

Engineered Just For You

Cheap Cheap 2019 Air Jordan Retro 7 Sneakers For Men in ...

When youre out and about, your style matters, and looking and feeling good go hand in hand. Many players count on Jordan sneakers to help them make epic moves. Ducking and dodging their opponents is simple when shoe technology does its job. From ultra-cushioned midsoles to elite outsole traction, your Jordan shoe is bound to have extreme durability.

Athletes are quick and responsive during a big gamethats how they execute great plays and keep up with the rest of the team. A sneaker from one of basketballs finest is designed to help you make that happen. All the elements that push you to new style heights allow you to stand out with every step.

The Jordan shoe is more than a basketball must-have. Its an everyday essential. The Jumpman not only inspires you to take everything to the next level, but it also shows off MJs historic style. If youre ready to discover more unique options, check out the sale Jordan gear collection and get an authentic basketball look for a lower price.

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What Are Some Of The Features That Are Available In Jordan Athletic Shoes

  • Slip-resistant features are prevalent in a wide range of Jordan athletic shoes. Slip-resistant outsoles offer superior traction on slippery and uneven terrain which makes them ideal for activities such as competitive game of hoops or a leisurely hike.
  • Water-resistant materials are common features found in athletic shoes like the Air Jordan 1 mid-winterized athletic shoe, as well as many other Jordan athletic shoes. Jordan knows that life and the pursuit of happiness does not need to be called on the account of rain or snow.
  • Retro features found in Jordan shoes are ones that have been found to stand the test of time. Although not limited to Jordan basketball shoes, popular styles include features and color choices that are named for famous athletes like Russell Westbrook and other NBA basketball players.

Built To Last For Lasting Comfort

Once built to exacting specifications to give the games greatest player every advantage on professional basketball courts, Air Jordan sneakers enjoy a more laid-back lifestyle these days.

The original drops of Air Jordan models were so popular that Nike began re-releasing some of the most popular silhouettes in 1994. Then the Swoosh spun off the Jumpman to a brand of its own in 1997, and Jordan Retros have taken over sneakerhead culture by storm.

The Air Jordan Retro 1 High OG is a direct connection to the one you can see on those early posters. The prominent Swoosh on the midfoot, high top, and MJs original Wings logo on the ankle collar are like you’re wearing legendary moments of the past.

The Jordan AJ 1 Mid is a slightly lower takedown of that original, available in womens sizes as well as mens.

Retros abound from a variety of eras. The Retro 3 is easily recognizable for the bold elephant print introduced to the sneaker world.

The Retro 5 features a shark tooth design on the lateral midsole, derived from World War II fighter planes.

And the Retro 13 channels MJs on-court Black Cat persona with a quilted upper and an outsole that resembles a sure-grip paw.

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What Types Of Athletic Shoes Does The Nike Jordan Product Line Offer

  • Basketball – Jordan basketball shoes hone in on features that support and enhance the players ability to move quickly and comfortably on the court. Along with a complete line of Air Jordan basketball shoes, the Jordan basketball product line includes new and retro basketball shoe choices like Air Flight, Air Jordan Melo, and Nike Air varieties, just to name a few.
  • Training and Gym – The Jordan brand of training and gym shoes incorporates materials like Flyknit that offer superb comfort and a dynamic fit to keep athletes supported during even the most explosive workouts. Options that are available to explore in this category include the Air Jordan trainers, Jordan Retro Air Max, and TRunner LX, among others
  • Lifestyle – Jordan Nike Zoom, Jordan Nike Air, and Jordan Formula 23 are just a few of the Jordan lifestyle athletic shoe collection choices available. Each style includes qualities that keep the feet comfortable and looking stylish in any situation.
  • Athletic Sneakers – Supportive insoles, gripping outsoles and comfortable uppers are prevalent in Jordan athletic sneakers. Materials in Jordan athletic sneakers range from high-quality leather to supple synthetics and everything else in between so feet look and feel great during that stroll around the neighborhood or an afternoon hike in the woods.

Were Available 7 Days A Week

Basketball: Jordan shoes sell for record US$1.47 million

On top of paying the most cash in Tempe, Scottsdale, and Mesa, we also are open seven days a week. Customers can get the cash they need for their shoes whenever they need it at Tempe Pawn and Gold. We also have a live chat with trained professionals available to answer questions before you even come down in person. Just hit the button at the bottom right, and we can help you evaluate the financial options available to you while answering whatever other questions you have. Were here to help you get cash for your Jordans whenever.

If youre looking to sell Jordans, Air Jordans, or other shoes for cash, then Tempe Pawn and Gold is your one stop shop to get the cash you need. Were happy to buy any valuable sneakers, shoes, and Jordans 7 days a week from our customers.

Loans Are Also Available

Parting with Jordans can be a difficult decision, but necessary when finances become tight. At Tempe Pawn and Gold, we have other resources that can help you get cash without having to sell your Jordans. With a pawn loan, we simply store the Jordans until youre able to repay us and retrieve your items. This lets you get the cash you need immediately, while still having the option to get your Jordans back. At Tempe Pawn and Gold, were here to help our customers in Mesa, Scottsdale, and Tempe however we can. If you have Jordans, then reach out today and find out what we can do to help you get the money you need.

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Jordan Shoes On Sale: Embrace Your Inner Mj

Take your style from the courts to the streets with a new pair of Jordan shoes. Originally designed and crafted for MJ himself, Jordan shoes hold strong as some of the most sough-after silhouettes in sneaker culture. The creativity and innovation behind MJs line go above and beyond to give you unwavering style. The brand continues to evolve with the latest styles and trends, so there are always fresh options coming your way. Grab yourself a pair of clearance Jordan shoes and channel your inner Jumpman without breaking the bank.

Basketball Shoes That Changed The World

Popular among athletes, sports enthusiasts, and sneakerheads, Jordan basketball shoes bridge the gaps between form, performance, and style. Since the first release of the AF1, the Jordan brand and its Jumpman logo have been iconic symbols of basketball history and sports memorabilia, representing hard-work, dedication, and motivation.

View the Jordan Retro collection to find old favorites or re-releases with new and improved colorways, materials, and designs that are guaranteed to give you the look youve been searching for.

You can also find new releases from Air Jordan if youre seeking basketball shoes for men, women, and kids in high-, mid-, and low-top styles.

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Jordan Sneakers Apparel & Accessories

Any time you are associated with greatness it is a privilege. Michael Jordan is a symbol of greatness in the sports world and our culture. The Jordan Brand has been a partner of Shoe Palace for decades now. To truly be respected in our industry by the consumer, you need to have Jordan Brand in your stores and on your ecommerce site. Shoe Palace had the honor of carrying Jordan sneakers early on in our history. It is no coincidence that Shoe Palace experienced tremendous growth during the 90s decade when the Chicago Bulls & Michael Jordan dominated the NBA. Air Jordan sneakers contributed greatly to the growth of Shoe Palace, and they are still a vital piece of our business today. Shoe Palace carries one of the largest selections of Jordan Brand apparel, shoes, and accessories in the athletic footwear/apparel space.


Selling To Our Pawn Shop

Michael Jordan sneakers sell for $615,000 at auction

At Tempe Pawn and Gold, we specialize in buying, selling, and loaning cash against items of value like jewelry, electronics, tools, and fashion items like shoes. This makes us an expert in a wide array of items, and in particular, Jordan shoes! Weve bought, sold, and loaned against hundreds of pairs of Jordan shoes. Were aware of market trends and current prices. Similarly, our employees themselves also stay educated to make sure our customers are getting their worth.

The most important thing to consider when selling shoes is the valuation that the buyer comes up with. When buying items of value, pawn shops use various types of information to come up with what they believe theyre worth on the market. At Tempe Pawn and Gold, this consists of using both our expertise and various online retailers to accurately value Air Jordans. While most other Tempe pawn shops err on the side of caution with low prices, our expertise allows us to come up with the highest valuations in town. This allows us to pay more when you sell your Jordans to us than any of our competitors.

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Be Like Mike In Kids’ Jordans

Michael Jordan has been the stuff of dreams for decades. A Nike ad campaign in 1988 asked us, Do you know? Referring to why MJ was so dominant on the courts. Then it answered the question, Its gotta be the shoes!

Another iconic campaign, in 1992, had us all dreaming what it would be like to be Jordan, soaring high and doing what most of us could only imagine.

And if it wasnt a memorable commercial, it was his legendary moments on the court such as The Shot that propelled his 1989 team to a first-round playoff series win. Or the Flu Game in which Jordan rose from miserable flu-like symptoms thought to be food poisoning to lead his team to the brink of its fifth title. Or the Last Shot that clinched a sixth and final championship.

Get A Foothold And Finish Strong

However you build your look from the ground up, finish strong with Jordan clothing from Foot Locker. From pullovers to full-zip styles, T-shirts and fleece hoodies give you layers to love. Mens Jordan basketball shoes are just the start of an active, court-ready look. Jordan shorts offer a variety. Diamond shorts feature the same diamond logo that you see on the outer leg of MJs game shorts. Other colorblocked options include mashups of his team colors. Still, others go simple but noticeable with a single allover color and an unmistakable Jumpman logo.

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Style And Performance Established In 1985

Since 1985 and MJs debut of the Retro Jordan 1s, the Jumpman brand has defied all of its own limits and expectations. As the story goes, the first Jordan sneaker release were initially banned by the NBA for not cohering to strict uniform regulations. Nike saw an opportunity to support MJ in challenging the status quo and began to market Jordans as their own brand. Nike began swapping the Swoosh for the Jumpman icon when the efforts cause soon became a hit with pop culture. A revolutionary brand was born.

Our collection of sale Jordan shoes on sale has something for everyone. At some of the best prices in the game, you can stay true to the classics with a pair of drip from the Air Jordan Retro line. With recognizable silhouettes seen on the feet of MJ during some of his biggest playoff moments, its easy to cop some Jordan Retros from your favorite championship run.

All those loyal to the Jumpman brand, check out a pair of Jordan BLoyal sneakers with a modern take on some classic design cues from the long line of Jordan sneakers of the past. These sneakers give you what you need to channel your inner Jumpman and be a little more like Mike.

Kids Are Reaching For The Stars In Jordan Shoes

Michael Jordan’s shoes sell for record $1.47 million

Kids are looking up. And its not just because theyre short. They look up to everything that grown-ups do, whether its basketball or some other athletic endeavor, or just the way we carry ourselves.

Theyre watching.

And if they want to represent the greatest player in the history of the game, Foot Locker has the kids Jordan shoes that can make that happen.

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Jordan Shoes Honor Past Present And Future Of Premium Footwear

Michael Jordan wasnt the first basketball player to get a signature shoe. But he was the first to get one in his first season on the professional hardwood. Rolling out the Air Jordan in 1985 was a bold move by Nike. It was the first in a long line that birthed a brand and transformed forever the look, feel , and attitude of athletic-inspired footwear. Jordan shoes have been at the pinnacle of premium performance ever since.

Get Answers To Your Questions About The Jordan Brand

Do Jordan shoes run true to size? Jordan shoes typically run true-to-size, although players and sneakerheads who prefer snug fitting sneakers recommend going down half a size. Some models like the AF1 have an initially snug leather upper that will loosen over time as the shoe is broken in.

How do Jordan shoes fit for women? Although Jordan is expanding their product line to include more sneakers for women, some prefer the unique OG colorways that Jordan shoes offer exclusive to mens sizes. If this is the case for you, try subtracting 1.5 from your normal sneaker size and match it up to the corresponding mens shoe size. For example, if you wear a womens size 8, then you would buy a mens 6.5. We always recommend doing your research for that specific silhouette to determine the right size for you.

Whats the difference between Jordan and Air Jordan? Both sneakers are manufactured by Jordan, inspired by MJ himself. However, there are a few differences. Air Jordan shoes contain Nike Air Sole units in the heel for additional padded support. Jordan shoes refers to the entire brand and could include any one Jordan or Air Jordan sneaker. In short, all Air Jordans are Jordans, but not all Jordans are Air Jordans.

How do I find the latest Jordan shoes and clothing releases? Jordan drops fresh new shoes and clothing all the time. Bookmark this page to stay up to date with the latest releases from Jordan.

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