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What Are The Best Water Shoes For Kids

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Toddler Water Shoes : Best Water Shoes for Toddlers 2022 (Buying Guide)

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  • Best Water Shoes for Kids
  • For The Classic Kid: Crocs

    Available sizes: Little Kids 6 to Big Kids 3

    Crocs really are the ultimate summer shoe. Lightweight and breathable, they can easily splash through water while still looking respectable enough to function as a regular shoe.

    Crocs have come a long way from the perforated clog we first knew them as more than a decade ago. Now those clogs can step out with cute little charms, or if your kid is more of a sandal type they also have super comfy water sandals with velcro straps and simple flip flops.

    Crocs Kids’ Classic Clog

    Crocs are lightweight, super easy to get on and off, and perfect for boys and girls who love to play in the water. These are a great everyday option if your kids happen to be around water or hot sidewalks a lot, and it’ll save your floors and carpets to just keep a pair of waterproof shoes around. Kids who hate wearing shoes will love wearing these since they have foam padding and are seriously fun and seriously comfortable. Also, kids will have fun decorating their Crocs with charms like this adorable pack perfect for summer.

    Available Sizes: Infant 0/3 months up to 12 Big Kid

    This post was originally published in 2021 and updated in 2022 by the Commerce Team.

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    How To Choose The Right Water Shoe

    Keep the following points in mind when shopping for a water shoe for your child:

  • Place of use: Where the child intends to use the shoe will decide the type of water shoe you should purchase. If your child is likely to visit a sandy beach, then conventional water shoes will be a great option. Water sandals are ideal for spending a hot day at the pool. Aqua socks are also great since they can provide an excellent grip on the slippery floor around the pool.
  • The grip on the foot: The shoe should securely hold on to the feet of the child and not come out due to a strong current of water. Pick water shoes that have extra Velcro straps to hold them in their place.
  • Movement of the foot: The toes of the child should not feel cramped. If your child finds shoes uncomfortable and restrictive, then you can consider buying water sandals instead.
  • Teva Kids Tidepool Water Sandals

    Top 16 Best Water Shoes For Kids

    Adults are likely aware of Tevas. They are heavy-duty sandals that are great for beach-combing and warm summer days. The distinctive sandals is also available for kids.

    Although it looks similar to the adult version, the Teva Tidepool Kids Water Sandals have a closed toe to protect the little foot digits of your child.

    The top of the sandal is secured with a Velcro strap. The bottom of the sandal is classic Teva, with a rubberized sole. The Tidepool comes in six different colors.

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    Best Water Shoes For Baby : Final Talk

    There are many different types of water shoes kids available on the market. It is important to choose the right pair of shoes for your childs activity and needs. Some things to consider when purchasing water shoes kids include the childs age, activity level, and fit.

    The best water shoes for kids are ones that are comfortable, fit well, easy to put on and take off and provide protection against sharp objects. Found!

    For The Urban Adventurer: Native Kids Jefferson Slip

    These shoes repel any urban dirt and go easily from the splash pad to lunch.

    Available sizes: Toddler 4 to adultFor city kids that need to transition from the urban splash pad to the ice cream stand, these have been a versatile family favorite that my big-city kid has been wearing since he was a toddler. The soles offer support, the air holes make them cool and breathable, and they offer a sweat-free shoe option for hot summer months. They also clean out easily and, because they are rubber through and through, kids dont whine about wet feet when they wear them.

    A smart tip that was passed on to me, that I will now pass on to you: Size up when you buy these. These shoes wear well at a size or a half-size too big: They wont slip off and, since Natives are a slightly more pricey summer shoe option, a larger size ensures they last for a full year of use.

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    Aqua Socks Or Wet Shoes

    Basically a skin-tight neoprene foot covering, this option offers slip resistance, warmth, and keeps the sand out, preventing it from rubbing between your childs shoe and their sensitive skin. However, because of the thinness of the sole, these dont offer as much protection from the elements underfoot. On-the-water enthusiasts primarily use this option but might not be the most practical for a little one who needs protection from rough terrain.

    Crocs Classic Clog& crocs Crocband Clog

    Ubfen Kids Casual/Athletic/Water Shoes – Josh’s Barefoot Shoes Reviews

    Its hard to top the design of the iconic Crocs clogs when it comes to easy on/off and easy-to-clean water shoes for kids. These are a go-to keep by the front door shoe for so many households with little kids in the summertime, because slipping them on and heading out to play is a cinch. And hosing them down when they get full of mud or sand is also pretty dreamy!

    They arent quite as versatile for adventuring as other sandals and water shoes that provide a more secure fit, but for general low-key play they are almost always a win. And they are especially handy at the campsite when youre trying to keep shoes out of the tent and want a quick slip-on option.


    Poolside, Yard play, Around the campsite, Gardening

    Comfort & Traction Ratings

    Comfort: 4/5

    The Crocs clogs are very lightweight and cushy, and most kids love them as long as they arent walking long distances. They can be a bit awkward to run in because the heel strap doesnt adjust at all, and the softness of the sole also means that walking around on rockier surfaces can be uncomfortable.

    That being said, these are almost always the shoes our kids choose when we head out the door! Especially for playing in the yard or anywhere low-key, little kids especially love how easy it is for them to put them on and take them off.

    Traction: 2/5

    These are definitely not hiking shoes, and especially once they get wet they arent ideal for climbing around or getting traction on wet rocks, roots, or trails.

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    For The Urban Adventurer: Native Kids Jefferson Shoes

    Available sizes: Toddler 4 to adult

    For city kids that need to transition from the urban splash pad to the ice cream stand, these are a versatile family favorite. The soles offer support, the air holes make them cool and breathable, and they offer a sweat-free shoe option for hot summer months. They also clean out easily and, because they are rubber through and through, kids dont whine about wet feet when they wear them.

    A smart tip: Size up when you buy these. These shoes wear well at a size or a half-size too big: They wont slip off and, since Native Jeffersons are a slightly more pricey summer shoe option, a larger size ensures they last for a full year of use.

    Learn More About Kids’ Water Shoes


    Discover the Wonders of Nature

    Get out and explore that local stream with water shoes for kids from DICK’S Sporting Goods. There’s incredible biodiversity in even the smallest babbling brook. From a local river to a rugged and rocky coastline these youth water shoes will make it easy for them to examine and play in bodies of water that lack a soft sandy bottom. Whether you’re tubing down stream, fly fishing with the family or protecting them from sharp coral and rocks, these water shoes will provide them excellent grip and keep their feet safe.

    Shop boys’ water shoes and girls’ water shoes in this fantastic collection featuring trusted, industry-leading brands. These premiere swim shoes are made tough to handle wear in the wilderness. Teach your child about the ecosystem in the river, fly a kite on that beautiful, but rocky beach, or give them excellent grip around a slippery pool with these incredible shoes.

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    Best Water Shoes For Kids With Protection And Comfort You Really Need

    When packing for a family trip to the beach, you should absolutely pack some water shoes! A good pair of water shoes can keep your kids feet safe in all kinds of settings sandy beaches, rocky beaches, poolside, or concrete water play area. Keep reading below for our guide to the best water shoes for kids and find ones that will work well for your family.


    Kids Water Shoes Faqs


    Whats the difference between aqua socks and water shoes?

    Aqua socks feel like thick socks and dont have a hard sole. Youll feel like youre walking in bare feet, but your feet will be protected. Water shoes have a hard sole and can be used for hiking or walking in wet conditions.

    Do babies need water shoes?

    If your baby is walking or standing, you might want to put a pair of water shoes on them to protect their tiny toes from rocks.

    Are water shoes good for walking or hiking?

    If you plan on doing a lot of hiking or walking in water shoes, make sure they have decent support for arches and ankles. And youll want to dry them out in between activities.

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    Cior Boys & Girls Water Shoes

    Why its great: These water shoes come in a variety of colors and styles for girls and boys. The top velcro closure offers the perfect fit, without compromising on the sleek and stylish look. The upper is made of a quick-dry webbing material thats super flexible and comfortable. Plus, they have an EVA foam insole that cushions your childs foot and offers maximum shock absorption. The pull tab on the heel makes them easy to slip on and off and the hard rubber outsole offers plenty of protection and grip. These also have a drain hole on the bottom that helps these shoes dry out even faster.

    Keep in mind: These do need to be broken in a bit, so have your child wear them a few times before a long day in them.

    Good for: Kids who want the most comfortable water shoe.

    Merrell Hydro Sport Sandal Unisex Little Kid


    1. Made with durable materials that can handle wear and tear.

    2. Comfortable to wear, providing good cushioning and support.

    3. The sandal can be adjusted to fit different foot sizes.

    4. Water resistant, making it ideal for use in wet environments.

    5. Stylish and modern, making it a great choice for everyday use.

    The Merrell Hydro Sport sandal is perfect for keeping active in the summertime. It is extremely versatile and can be used for a variety of activities, including hiking, running, and swimming. The sandal is made with a synthetic upper and a waterproof membrane. It also has a padded ankle strap for extra support and comfort. The footbed is made with an EVA insole and a molded rubber outsole. The Hydro Sport sandal is sure to keep your feet comfortable and dry during any activity.

    Merrell Hydro Sport sandals are perfect for your active boy, who loves to spend time outdoors. They offer great arch and heel support, and feature a breathable mesh upper material with Aegis antimicrobial treatment. Plus, the Hydro Sport sandals have a Vibram rubber outsole for superior traction and durability.

    -Can be worn in a variety of climates


    -May not be ideal for those who have a high foot turnover rate

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    Best For Delicate Skin: Suiek Baby Aqua Sock

    It provides ample protection and good grip for your babys delicate feet.


    • The shoes are made from neoprene rubber that provides 100% waterproofing.
    • The water shoe is soft and comfortable from the inside so that the babys delicate skin is safe even when the shoes are on for long hours.
    • The opening of the shoe is designed to prevent the entry of sand.
    • The shoes can fold and are lightweight. They float on water in case the child loses them or removes them while playing in the water.


    • The sole of the shoe is not very thick to withstand sharp gravel. It is best suited for smooth sand and concrete floor by the side of the pools.
    • There are no straps or Velcro to adjust the shoe. The elastic on the opening of the shoe may loosen over time.

    Vifuur Water Sports Unisex Shoes

    Saguaro Barefoot Casual / Water Shoes for Women & Kids – Josh’s Barefoot Shoes Reviews


    1. The shoes have a versatile style that can be dressed up or down.2. They are made of high-quality materials.3. The shoes are very much comfortable and provides stable support.4. They are reasonably priced.5. The shoes are stylish and practical.

    This type of shoe is perfect for athletes who participate in water sports such as swimming, surfing and diving. They are also great for general use around water as they provide good grip and are 100% waterproof.

    The shoes are made from a special neoprene material which is stretchy and supportive. They have a rubber sole which provides good traction and protection against sharp objects.

    The VIFUUR water sports shoes are available in black and are unisex. They are sized 5.5-6.5 W US/ 4.5-5.5 M US, so they should fit most people.

    If you are looking for a good pair of shoes to wear while participating in water sports, or if you just need a good pair of waterproof shoes for general use, then I would definitely recommend giving the VIFUUR water sports shoes a try!

    -Very comfortable and lightweight shoes

    -Good grip on the ground

    -Easy to put on and take off

    -Comfortable to wear for a long period of time


    -The shoes can be a bit slippery when wet

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    Best For Blister Prevention: Bigib Water Shoes

    These water shoes from Bigib are comfortable and available in a range of sizes for a child.


    • The top section is made from easy-to-dry fabric that also provides ventilation for the feet. It eventually prevents sogginess and smell.
    • The opening of the shoe has a soft inner lining, which prevents the formation of blisters on the childs ankle.
    • The sole is made from rubber for good grip.


    The Sunville water shoes combine comfort and usability in or near water.


    • The top surface of the shoe is made from nylon, which offers both durability and protection from water.
    • A loop at the back of the shoe allows you to tighten or loosen the shoe.
    • The water shoe is available in six sizes for toddlers.


    • A few parents did not like the build quality of the shoe and felt it was not durable.

    Comfortable Durable Water Shoes For All Your Outdoor Adventures

    While summer calls for sandals, swimsuits and more comfortable styles, water shoes are your best ally for a lot of outdoor activities. They not only protect your feet from getting burned on hot concrete, but they also keep you from sliding around on wet floors and shield your tootsies from sharp objects while going down a natural spring.

    The Shop TODAY team pulled together some shopper-loved water shoes for women and kids that will keep you comfortable, warm and ready for any outdoor undertaking. But first, let’s discuss why water shoes are a must-have for your warm weather wardrobe.

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    Merrell Kids’ Bare Steps H20 Water Shoe

    Why its great: Merrell is a leading company in making outdoor shoes and accessories and these water shoes are a prime example of their quality. They have a wider toe area to give your child some wiggle room and room to grow. The material is recycled and extra stretchy, while following the natural shape of your childs foot. They also have flexible grooves that give your toddler more of a barefoot feel. These have a velcro closure, which makes them easy to put on and take off. Plus, the rubber soles have great traction, so you dont have to worry about your child slipping in them.

    Keep in mind: These do tend to run a little small, so you might want to size up.

    Good for: Parents that want comfortable water shoes for their toddler.

    Keen Unisex Kid Newport H2 Sandal


    Why its great: Keen is another well known brand that makes high quality outdoor shoes. These sandals can hold up to anything your toddler can dish out! They feature a toe bumper at the top, which protects your childs toes from stubbing or smashing on anything. The thick, rubber soles protect the bottom of your toddlers feet as well. The sides of these sandals have plenty of ventilation to keep feet cool and dry. They have a velcro closure for easy on and off, plus a toggle for tightening to the perfect fit.

    Keep in mind: While these werent meant solely as water shoes, they are waterproof and machine washable, making them a good choice for the job.

    Good for: Parents that want high-quality sandals that their toddler can use in and out of the water.

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