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What Are The Most Durable Skate Shoes

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What About Shoe Weight


Heavy skate shoes vs light skate shoes, which ones last longer? It seems that skate shoes are getting lighter and lighter these days , just like everything else. But in most cases, heavier shoes outlast lighter ones. Look, they make shoes lighter by using less material. However, too much bulkiness may reduce your overall performance. For that reason, they may not be the best option for certain tricks.

Differences Between Skate Shoe And Standard Shoes

Theyre not just titled differently, theyre built differently. Skateboard shoes come with a few differentiating features that really give you an entirely different feel while wearing them.

For one, you have padded collars and tongues which you dont find as often on standard trainers. Your ankles are undergoing some quick jerking motions, and when theyre bending forward, the padding helps to cushion any joint damage you might incur. As for the collars, that adds comfort, and when youre grinding on the board for three-and-a-half hours, youll take every bit of cushioning you can get.

Next, we get onto the bottom grips that help you maintain proper contact with the board. Most sneakers have this weird, not-really-helpful series of grips underneath that work on pavement, and not much else. Skateboard shoes are designed to remain on grip tape with little to no problem, but also help with traction on pavement so you can come to a stop instead of skidding on the asphalt. If you wipe out, you want to get back on your feet and stay there. Standard shoes will have you slipping around from the momentum.

Supra Mens Shoes Stacks Style Suede Skate Sneakers

If you are looking for a pair that promises to delivers the function, throw your old and nasty cleat right now and get your hands on the Supra Mens Shoes Stacks Style Suede Skate Sneakers.

The company has used advanced technology to craft their footwear with a unique style and design.

Its low-pro shape offers you the ultimate mobility to spare and its oversized padded tongue gives the bang out the cuff for freshness and ventilation.

The upper material is pure leather with suede which is strongly woven to increase the durability and longevity of your pair and is ideally crafted for skating and flossing.

Not the gum rubber, still the rubber sole offers a great grip with the board and its inner sole features cushioning for effective shock absorption from hard landings.


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Adidas Superstar Skate Shoes

An instantly recognizable classic design from adidas, the Superstar was born from basketball and one of the first adidas shoes adapted to skateboarding. The shell-toe design is about as durable as it gets, ideal for flip tricks and vert skating. The cupsole design offers optimum heel support and the classic herringbone design on the undersole will keep you glued to your board. The durable upper is made from leather with the classic 3-strip adidas design.

The cupsole design and shell toe may be durable, but arent very flexible and dont offer much boardfeel. The leather uppers make the shoe a bit heavy for some skaters too.

Dc Evan Smith Hi Skate Shoe $3984+

Most Durable Skate Shoes
  • High-top stability still maintains low-profile
  • Vulcanized sole & Impact-I Inflexion provide impact-absorbing qualities
  • Very easy to manipulate the board
  • High-top, but not super high-tops

Whats up, my names Becca, and I cant seem to get off this DC shoes kick.

Either way, its time to look at the Evan Smith Hi model.

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Nike Sb Dunk Low Pro Ishod Wair Mens Skate Shoesreview

The Nike SB Dunk Low Pro Ishod is another incredibly durable skate shoe. It has that built to last feel to it, and you wont stop eye-feasting on it.

The shoes leather upper accounts for most of the longevity you get from these kicks. And if you think the outsole will split easily because its a cupsole, think again. The outsoles do really hold up even though theyre not as grippy as most skaters would like.

How Often Skateboarders Perform Skateboarding

On average, skateboarders usually do skateboarding for 3 to 4 hours on weekdays and up to 6 hours on weekends. In winters, most skateboarders perform their flips all day on Saturdays. So, the duration of skateboarding is a major deciding factor in the life of skate shoes. If you practice or skateboard just for fun for 6 to 8 hours a week, your skateboarding shoes from famous brands like Vans or Nike could last up to one year.

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Top 5 Most Durable Skate Shoes Are Imperviable To Frequent Use

When choosing skate shoes, you should not only pay attention to the weight and grip to ensure safety, but also take into consideration their durability. To help you save time and effort, we will give you the most durable skate shoes that we found and tested. Hope that you will love them and grab the one after reading this article.

Best Skate Shoes Of All

Most Durable Skate Shoe! | Etnies Joslin 2 Review

Finding the right skateboarding shoes is not an easy task. Let me tell you that.

Out of the endless array of skate shoes how do you find ones that have a great board feel, are durable and actually feel comfortable on your feet?

Luckily Ive done the heavy lifting for you.

Today Ive decided to go over my favorite skateboarding shoes. These 13 models are in my opinion the best you can buy right now.

After reading this guide, you should be armed with all the necessary knowledge to get the right pair.

  • Which shoe caught your eye?
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    Features To Look For In Skateboard Shoes

    Materials – Youre going to run into a lot of leather and synthetic materials. Thats a good thing: its what these skateboard shoe companies should be aiming for. High durability materials hold up against wipeouts and incorrect footing. If your skate shoes develop some battle scars, thats awesome, just so long as those scars dont tear through the material entirely.

    Stitching – Ever paid attention to the stitching on your shoes before? You will now. You can easily spot shoddy stitch work on a pair of inexpensive department store kicks, and the even, thorough stitches of a prime skate shoe. It seems insignificant, but if they cant get the stitches down , then what else did they skimp out on that you cant see?

    Sole Type – Youre going to withstand some impacts, at least more than an average Joe would while just walking around. Your board can be brutal on your feet, which is why youll see a lot of rubber insoles on most of these shoes. They give you shock absorption, while also keeping your heel nice and comfortable at the same time.

    Fit – Buying shoes online always have that one fear: what if they dont fit? Because of their unique design, skate shoes have a bit more room to swim than traditional sneakers, so even if youre half-a-size off, you should still be good to go. Most of these brands have had enough item returns that theyve ironed-out the sizing charts.

    The 8 Best Skate Shoes

    One of the most important pieces of gear for skateboarding is skate shoes. Keep in mind that having a good pair of sneakers can help you get more grip for your skateboard, which allows you to navigate with much more control over the skate site. However, choosing these products may not be as easy as it sounds since there are many brands to choose from.

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    The 8 Most Durable Skate Shoes You Need To Buy In 2021

    Skateboarding is all fun until your shoes rip off in the middle of your activity. That is why every skateboarder wants to buy the most durable skate shoes that can last a long time.

    When I say long-lasting, it means the shoes that can work for 4 to 5 months instead of ripping off from the upper or cracking the sole in a few weeks.

    If you are a skateboarder, I understand your struggle of changing shoes again and again because none lasts.

    From my own experience and by collecting reviews and guidance of professional skateboarders, I have compiled a list of the most durable skate shoes you need to buy in 2021. It also contains some useful tips that will be beneficial for you.

    Are Socks Important With Your Work Boots

    Most Durable Skate Shoes Reviews 2020 â Top 7 Picks

    In waterproof shoes, sweaty toes can often become an issue. If the shoes are just water-resistant, then they may also be breathable, but if you opted for 100% waterproof, then keeping your feet dry is a struggle. The more waterproof your boots are, the more this struggle becomes real. In that case, wearing comfortable socks is critical. Not only do socks keep your feet dry, but they also provide extra comfort to your tired toes on a long day!

    Here are a few things to look out for when buying socks:

    • Socks should not be cotton. Cotton socks are cheaper but they absorb moisture and keep it close to your feet. This means your feet will b wet even with socks on.
    • Polyester socks are a good option as it does not absorb moisture, and their cushioning is much better than cotton socks.
    • Wool and its blends are the best choice as the material is naturally antimicrobial. It keeps your feet dry, comfortable, and provides the best cushioning. Especially in winters, nothing can beat thick woolen socks.

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    Types Of Upper Materials

    The upper section of a skate shoe is also extremely relevant. It provides warmth, breathability, ventilation, comfort, and cushioning.

    There are four primary types of materials used:


    Suede is the most popular outer material used in skateboarder shoes. It is strong, durable, resistant but also smooth and flexible.

    Coated/Patent Leather

    Coated leather, also known as patent leather, is a thin layer, is a cheaper, thinner, and less durable material.


    Canvas is one of the finest alternatives to animal-sourced materials. It is light, highly breathable, and a quite durable textile-bassed option.


    The future of skate shoes will probably include materials that do not use animal hide. It’s a growing niche with an increasingly larger market share.

    Merrell Moab 2 Vent Hiking Shoe

    Going on an outdoor adventure? These rugged hikers are designed to keep your feet protected on off-road paths. The suede leather and mesh upper is both durable and breathable. EVA midsoles provide stable cushioning while Vibram TC5+ outsoles should deliver reliable grip. Whats more, Merrell air cushioning in the heel helps absorb shock and enhance stability.

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    How To Choose The Right Skateboard Shoes

    When choosing the right skateboarding shoes there are three critical points to consider: durability, comfort, and style. The right skateboard shoes will increase your grip and thus help you better perform tricks, absorb shock from big drops, and help prevent injuries.

    While most skaters tend to fall back on classic brands like Etnies, DC, and Vans, there has been a huge uprising in shoes from brands like Nike, Adidas, and Converse wanting a piece of the fast-growing skateboard market. These industry newcomers have had a ton of catching up to do and have thus made some exciting and noteworthy innovations to the classic styles. They have also swept up some massive names in the skateboard industry to prove their worth, notably Nyjah Huston with Nike SB and Dennis Busenitz with Adidas both having signature brands with these companies.

    Adidas Seeley Skate Shoe Review


    Material: SyntheticSole: Vulcanized, wraparound midsoleExtras: Abrasion-resistant upper

    You already know the quality of Adidass other sports equipment, and these skateboarding shoes live up to those same expectations.

    What makes these bad boys so standout, though, is their sheer durability. If youve had problems tearing shoes to shreds within weeks, these should stand up to the test.

    The vulcanized sole ensures youre gripping the board to its fullest extent, giving you ultimate control over your movements.

    Because no shoe is safe from the abrasiveness of grip tape and cement, these babies are smooth, and abrasion-resistant.

    Whats nice about the brand, is that it fits true-to-size. So, even if youve never worn Adidas before, you shouldnt have to mess around with any weird sizing charts.

    Thanks to the way theyre constructed, they grip your socks and hug your feet really well. In other words, they wont slip off when youre riding.

    Its worth noting that the insoles are not removable. So, if you need to wear orthotics, or prefer custom insoles, these probably arent the shoes for you.

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    New Balance All Coasts 574

    Size Purchased:Type of Sole:

    The New Balance All Coasts 574 V1 is technically a “lifestyle” shoe, as it’s not part of New Balance’s skateboarding line, NB Numeric. However, we looked it over and found it worthy of giving a shot, and found it works as a casual skate shoe. While the sole took some time to break-in, the narrow fit held our feet in place well, with no slippage of the heel. The upper is mostly suede around the toe, heel, and side panel for durability, with mesh over the toe and near the collar for ventilation. Although the sole is flat, the insoles provided sufficient arch support, which several other models lacked. The REVlite midsole is lightweight and provides good cushioning, and the gum sole bottoms deliver a decent amount of traction. Despite not being marketed as a skate shoe, the New Balance 574 is quite good for skateboarding and a very comfortable shoe overall.

    Es Mens Accel Og Skate Shoe

    The Es Accel is one of the most famous skate shoes on the planet for a long time. This is a highly durable technical shoe with a great feel and control. On the upper and ollie/abrasion-resistant side panels, it has high quality skateboard suede. The vulcanized outsole of rubber is fluid, flexible and durable. For impact cushioning, the whole shoe is covered with PU special foam.

    You can ask any skateboarder you know: Accel is the real thing! Since 1998 some riders have worn them and feel the quality is improved still further. They are classic fatty tongue skateshoes and the Es Accels have a timeless design.

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    Buy A Pair Of Supra Skytop Skate Shoe Here

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    Supra Vaider Kids Skate Shoe

    5 Most Durable Skate Shoes

    The Supra Vaider Kids skate shoe offers both style and premium support for growing feet. They have a high-top design for ankle support and protection with a strong and comfortable leather upper and flexible vulcanized outsole.

    The toe is double stitched for extra strength during skating and the shoes feature Supra tread for optimum traction. The shoes also feature a padded insole for added comfort plus a padded high-top collar and tongue.These shoes may be too narrow for some kids, and some customers reported the stitching coming apart easily during heavy skating.

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    Vans Mens Docket Skate Suede Leather Logo Shoes

    The Vans pair is quite bulky, durable and has got the weight. They are one of the most affordable footwear made out of pure leather material.

    On the quarter panel of the cleat, youll find a beautiful embroidered Vans logo that will make the heads turn.

    Since it has a cup sole profile, this footwear is super comfortable and offers your feet the protection they need when skating.

    The outer material used is leather suede while inner material is cotton fabric which feels soft and comfortable.

    The sole has gum rubber material for a good grip with the board and a closure lace up mechanism for tightly lacing up your new cleat.


    • Gum rubber for a good grip
    • Cup Sole design for comfort and protection


    C1rca Al50 Skate Shoe $2499+


    Sole: Vulcanized rubber, toe bumperExtras: Mesh tongue, padded tongue & collar, Adrian Lopezs signature design

    As with just about any sports equipment, when a pro designs a model, its sure to be freakinsweet. After all, pros know the ins and outs of what makes a particular pair of footwear the best skate shoes around.

    Pro, Adrian Lopez, is the genius behind these bad boys. Known for his hard work and dedication, these qualities are reflected in his signature model.

    Built to take a beating, theyre encased in a durable leather. So, they wont easily tear up, when youre working on new tricks.

    Where they stand out, though, is the sole. A vulcanized rubber really allows you to feel the deck between your feet. But, theyre not just any vulcanized soletheyre triple-stitched and have a toe cap.

    What that means for you, is an extremely gummy sole, with the durability and added protection of a cupsole. While not quite as protective as a cupsole, its far better than a typical vulcanized one.

    Of course, any pro skater understands how sweaty and nasty your feet get, during a skate sesh. Thats why the tongues made with a breathable mesh, for added coolness.

    And, you get a second pair of laces. Goodness knows, replacing laces is a necessary evil. But, this pair pushes off that annoyanceat least for a bit.

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    Who Would Benefit From These Skateboard Shoes

    Pretty much any skateboarder.

    Of course, everyone has their preferences, but given the shape and material, these babies can take on most riding styles, and fit most feet.

    Thanks to the input of pro skateboarder, Grant Taylor, there are a few extras that really make this pair of skate shoes really stand out. These include Nike Zoom in the heel, and low-cut collar, for max comfort and impact protection.

    Theres a reason Nikes the top sports brand in the world: They know what works, and make it shine.

    Also available in: 20+ colors, sizes 4 14

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