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What Kind Of Shoes Do Doctors Wear

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Hoka One One Bondi 7 Sneakers

What Kind of SHOES Do Doctors Wear?

As some of the most cushioned shoes available anywhere, Hokas Bondis are already ideal for nurses. But theyre especially great for people who dont want a pair of shoes that theyll only wear to work, since these durable kicks are also designed for running, walking, or just heading to the grocery store after a shift. Plus, the supremely soft but supportive EVA midsoles mean theyre a good fit for anyone with plantar fasciitis.

These Bondi 7s are the ONLY shoe my feet do not hurt in, writes one reviewer and veteran healthcare worker. Been a nurse for 30 years and only wish these were around earlier in my career.

Breathable Shoe For Long Time Wearing

The shoes that can benefit your feet with enough airflow is a must. When you are wearing shoes for a long time, the sweat or stiffness can result in fungus or pain in your feet. So, shoes that have a proper ventilation system with fine material are a good option.

You have to work all day long standing with your shoes so sweat can make you or your surroundings uncomfortable. A breathable shoe can help you stay clean and fresh.

Some of the Merrell shoes are so good with proper airflow in feet. And the best part is Merrell shoes are machine washable.

How To Find Nursing Shoes For Your Needs

It is important to know how to find the best shoes for nurses on feet all day. Buying these shoes is an investment for nurses, and they need to find shoes that give them great value for their money.

It is first very important to understand the shape of ones feet and the manner by which ones weight is displaced when standing or walking. Different shoes work for different people, so it is essential to understand ones own needs before buying a pair, instead of simply getting what other people are using.

Nurses may also consider any medical or physical condition that they may have before deciding on what shoes to buy. Some shoes especially cater to certain needs such as flat feet, wide feet, or high arches. Some nurses may also need to wear different shoes when they are suffering from back or leg pain, bunions or when they are pregnant, also nurses suffering from plantar fasciitis.

Understanding ones needs helps nurses in making the right choice. This in turn allows them to function better and do their job more efficiently.

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Nurses Tested The Shoes At Work

We decided to put the 10 highest recommended nursing shoes to the ultimate test – on the feet of actual nurses who work at busy hospitals around the county. Our group of nurse product testers was asked to select a pair of shoes and to wear them to work

After the nurses wore the shoes to work a few times, they rated them, ranked them, and gave us their honest review of the shoes. Their truthful responses just might surprise you.

So, here it is! Our list of the best shoes for nurses, ranked on a scale of 1 to 5 – 1 being the worst and 5 being the best.

Nurse Mates Nursing Shoes

What kind of shoes do doctors wear?

Nurse Mates nursing shoes are another type of shoes preferred by nurses hence the brand name nurse mates lol. Contrary, to Dansko, Nurse Mates are shoes made just for nurses. They are specifically made to be light weight . Nurse Mates come is several different styles and designs compared to Dansko which seems to offer mostly clogs.

However, Nurse Mates tend to come in only white or blacksometimes white with gray design compared to Dansko who make a more wide variety of nursing shoes. Nurse Mate shoes contain a pillowtop footbed and are made with material that is stain resistant.

In addition, Nurse Mates are a little more cheaper in price compared to Dansko. You can buy a pair of Nurse Mates off of .

Overall, Dansko and Nurse Mate nursing shoes each have their pros and cons. Really they are both exceptionally great nursing shoes but it comes down to personal preferences. Some nurses prefer Dansko and others prefer Nurse Mates. I love them both and find them both worth the money. If you are interested in buying these shoes be sure to check out our nursing store powered by for great deals on these shoes.

*Disclosure: The items recommended in this article are recommendations based on our own honest personal opinion and experience. We are an affiliate with, and when you buy the products recommended by us, you help support this site.

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Lightweight Feature Is Considerable

Many want to know what are the best shoes for female doctors as females look for some classy and stylish outfits. A lightweight featured shoe is essential for a doctor.

The lightweight feature can help you must to concentrate on your duty- as this makes you feel no additional load on foot. The tiring work by standing spontaneously makes the feet heavy enough to move. Somehow if your shoes are also heavy, then what can be worse than this?

So, doctors need as much lightweight shoes as possible to walk and work freely without taking a load of shoes in mind. After returning home, you will not have to face the critical pain on your feet.

Best Shoes For Nurses And Respiratory Therapists

by Respiratory Therapy Zone | Medical Tools

As a medical professional, you have to get used to working long hours and being on your feet for the majority of the day. That is why its so important to wear a high-quality pair of shoes while on the job.

In this article, we are going to list out the absolute best shoes for Respiratory Therapists, nurses, doctors, EMTs, and all other healthcare professionals. So if thats what youre looking for, youre in the right place.

If youre a nurse or Respiratory Therapist, you know all about working those 12-hour shifts. And if youre not wearing a good pair of shoes, your feet will be tired and in serious pain by the end of the shift.

But you may be wondering, What shoes are the best for healthcare workers? And if so, not to worry! Weve listed out all the best options for you below. So if youre ready, lets dive in!

Disclosure: Some of the links in this article are affiliate links which means, at no additional cost to you, we will earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase.

Our Top Shoe Recommendations for Medical Professionals:

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How To Pick The Best Operating Room Shoes


No matter what task you are performing, you will always want the shoes you are wearing to be as comfortable as possible. Standing for hours on end can cause the feet tremendous pain, as well as pain to other parts of your body and a comfortable shoe can help eliminate it. One way to determine the comfort of your shoe is to take the size and shape of your foot into account. Depending on how wide or narrow your feet will determine how comfortable a shoe is, so if your feet are wide for example, youll need to consider a wide fitting shoe. You also need to ensure the shoe fits correctly on your foot, to make sure that the shoe is neither too tight or loose.


When deciding on the best pair of shoes as a surgeon, cushioning is going to be a very important aspect of your decision to ensure optimal comfort and support. You want to look out for a pair of shoes that offer midsole cushioning because the middle of the foot is where the comfort begins. The most commonly used material for midsole cushioning is polyurethane and ethylene vinyl acetate, so look out for this when choosing a pair. A good quality insole may also be beneficial for added cushioning and support if you are wearing your shoes for many hours at a time too. Cushioning in general will help support the foot throughout the length of a working shift, and will help improve the strength of your foot in the long run too.


Arch Support




Saucony Womens Progrid Integrity St2

What kind of shoes should one wear to walk on a treadmill? – Dr. Kiran Sundara Murthy

The Saucony Progrid Integrity is great if you:

  • are on your feet up to 12 hours a day. .
  • stand on concrete all day.
  • walk for long periods / extensive walking.
  • are healing from a stress fracture.

Benefits of the ST2

As one of the best OR shoes, the Saucony doesnt push on top of the foot because the instep is nicely padded and it leaves your feet happy at the end of the day.

Its one of the most comfortable shoes for doctors and surgeons right out of the box .

This shoe accommodates and works perfectly with all types of orthotics and offers all the motion control and support needed for long power walks.

The soles help propel you forward as you walk and offer an excellent grip on any surface making you feel secure.


It has a full-length compression-molded EVA midsole. The midsole and outsole have a Walk-Trac system for smoother transitions.

The Heel ProGrid System in the heel absorbs impact and shock for even more comfort. It provides fantastic and properly placed arch support, heel support, awesome cushioning, stability, and motion control.

Its designed on the womens last and provides lots of toe room without being boxy.

It has a cushioned footbed that adds to the support.

It has enough depth and a removable insole to use your own if you need even more support.

It features a super soft leather upper.

The outsole features non-marking XT carbon positioned in high-wear areas.

The Saucony Pro Grid Integrity is lightweight and sturdy but definitely not clunky-looking.

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New Balance Fresh Foam X 1080 V10

Stay fresh throughout your next 7-to-7 shift with these performance sneakers from New Balance. The 1080 v10 features a new Fresh Foam X midsole that provides incredible cushioning and spring-like responsiveness. The stretch-knit upper offers a flexible, sock-like fit with extra support in the heel for secure comfort all day .

Best Shoes For Nurses

Best shoes for nurses: What are the most comfortable nursing shoes? As a nurse myself, I found myself wondering what were the best shoes for nurses to wear? If you work as a nurse , , then you are probably aware of the trauma your feet can endure after a long 12 hour shift. Standing, walking, and running around for 12 hours straight on a concrete floor can really make your feet hurt!

There are many different brands of nursing shoes such as Dansko and Nurse Mates for nurses to wear and trying to decided which type of shoes is for you can be hard. So it is so important to make sure you get a really comfortable pair of shoes to help cushion your feet, and save you from unnecessary pain, sores, and more.

Here is my nursing perspective on what you need to look for when buying nursing shoes.

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Best Shoes For Men Doctors: Rockport Waterproof Wingtip Oxford Shoes


  • Quite small in the heel areas

Merrell is a shoe brand for those who love outdoor activities like backpackers and hikers. Though all features in these shoes are ideal for adventurers, health professionals also find similarities in the design and technology of this comfy footwear.

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Made of the mesh upper and the faux leather in collars, Merrell Encore Breeze 2 is a comfortable slip-on for female doctors or nurses. This is because the mesh lining supports their feet fresh and dry. The rubber outsoles, on the other hand, give a sleek grip and sturdy traction for each step.

Putting the Merrell on your feet and doing your work during long-hour days, you will recognize why this is the best shoes for doctors.

Best Mens Shoes For Standing All Days: New Balance 608v5 Cross Trainer Shoes

What kind of shoes do doctors wear for work?
  • Not being durable shoes
  • Lack of rooms in the toe box

New Balance is a well-known shoe brand for athletes and sports enthusiasts. For more than a decade, this company is a leader in the footwear market with several products. New Balance 608v5 is the latest model that people love at first sight. It is also the best shoes for doctors due to dense features.

This version has a conventional lace-up design with a wide range of components to perform better than the previous generations. The ABZORB technology is a common feature of these shoes, inheriting a super comfortable cushioning system and shock absorption to protect your feet.

The uppers also have been improved with many perforations in all parts of the shoes to keep your feet always dry and comfy. Made of leather and suede, you ought to wipe off the product without any hitch.

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Crocs Womens Neria Pro Ii Work Clogs

The Crocs Neria Pro II Work Clogs are specially designed for women who work long hours on their feet. The relaxed fit gives your feet room to breathe, while enhanced arch supports can help carry you through long days. The outsole features patented Crocs Lock treads for slip-resistant traction, and the fully molded design is easy to clean with soap and water.

Birkenstock Professional Unisex Profi Birki Slip Resistant Work Shoe


Another pair of shoes that deserves your attention is the Birkenstock Professional Profi Birki Slip-resistant Work Shoe. Mainly built using polyurethane and leather materials, you will never go wrong with choosing this work shoe because it has everything that a surgeon or anyone who needs to work in an operating room wants from their shoes. One thing that makes this professional work shoe so impressive is its ability to mold naturally to the shape of your foot. It is also designed simply no added features that make it troublesome to use. The height of the heel is also enough to prevent discomfort only around one and a half inch. As for the outsole, you will surely enjoy its anti-slip nature. This means that you will remain safe from possible slips during your entire shift. With its unisex design and sizes, it will surely fit the requirement of both male and female users. Another thing that is so remarkable in this professional work shoe is that its footbed is shaped in a way that it distributes the weight of your body evenly over your entire feet. With this, expect your feet to receive optimal and adequate support. The shoe is also dishwasher-safe. Just make sure to remove its insole before washing it in your dishwashing machine. The price of this shoe is also higher than usual, which is one of its downsides.

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Waterproof Shoes Are Necessary

If you are a doctor or surgeon regularly attending operations, then bodily liquids are the frequent face for your shoes. So, the waterproof or water-resistance feature is a must for the doctors or shoes for nursing.

Besides, another benefit of water-resistant shoes is you dont need to take off your shoes to dry or wait for a whole day for its drying. Waterproof shoes help you by saving your time to attend patients.

How Do I Avoid Sizing Issues When Buying Operating Room Shoes

What is the best orthotic for high heels and dress shoes? Review by Seattle Podiatrist

To avoid sizing issues, make sure that you get the correct measurement or size of your feet. If you are buying from Amazon, ensure that you spend time consulting the size chart offered on the site. Check the reviews section, too. It is because deciding to buy a pair of shoe online might put you at risk of buying one, which is either too small or too large. To avoid that, gather as much information as you can based on the reviews to get to know more about the proper sizing. Note that several customers raise complaints about sizing issues over the web. They will let readers know if the size is too small or too big right after purchasing. Use your gathered info as a guide. With that, it is possible to invest in the best pair of shoes for surgeons available at the correct size.

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What Should The Operating Room Shoe Be Resistant From

A surgeon shoe is a good one if it has key important features, like being slip-resistant, stain-resistant, and water-resistant. All these features are necessary because of the mess inside the hospitals and medical clinics that surgeons often encounter due to their exposure to blood and other types of fluid. With the slip-resistant, stain-resistant, and water-resistant nature of this footwear, it is capable of letting fluids drip off. This will prevent your shoe from getting stained and damaged. Being slip-resistant is also one of the best benefits that a good surgeon shoe can provide. Keep in mind that hospital floors tend to get dirty and messy after just a few hours. With that in mind, a shoe for surgeons that features an anti-slip material is your best bet. It can lessen your risk of slipping and hurting yourself along the process that might hurt your work not only for the day but for the entire week.

Dansko Mens Wynn Slip

As you can see these Dansko shoes are quite like the Merrells listed above. But, they appear to have greater support in the heel. The Danskos have a contoured footbed and are 100% leather which keeps them looking and feeling new.

Proud Dansko owner writes

This is my 2nd pair of Dansko. They are tough, durable, and great for keeping my feet comfy. My first pair lasted me 5 years of constantly being in the kitchen and behind the bar before replacing them since they no longer look proper for professional use. I still use my old pair for day to day outings, and Ill most likely get another pair of Dankso in the future.

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