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What Shoes Do Waitresses Wear

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Do You Have To Take Care Of Your Feet As A Waitress

What Kind of Shoes Do Waitresses Wear? : Fashion Made Easy

Anyone who has ever done waitressing knows the long shifts waitresses put in daily. Working for 12 hours or more is usually stressful. Working 12 hours or more while standing and walking around is highly tiresome. All waitresses need to take good care of their feet when working. Waitressing puts a lot of pressure on the feet, especially the sole.

Reviews: The Best Shoes For Waiters

These are some very comfortable and protective shoes that are great for Waiting work

  • The uppers comprise soft and supple leather with a roomy toe box and Dri-Lex Moisture-wicking lining.
  • There is a removable cushioned insole allowing you the use of your own orthotic devices.
  • The midsole and rubber outsole offers excellent shock absorbency, and the tread on the outsole is designed for optimal slip resistance.
  • The outsole is likewise non-marking on hard floors.
  • There is a vented sock inside the shoe for optimal breathability and fresh comfort.
  • The ladys model has a memory foam anti-microbial footbed.

How To Maintain Your Waitress Shoes In Good Shape

Longevity is, in large part, supported by how well a pair of shoes are cleaned. Regularity also matters. This is why we have put together a few tips on cleaning and caring for your slip-resistant footwear.

Unfortunately, there is no universal to clean your shoes because they are not all made of the same material. Our crew focuses on the three primary materials that shoes for crews are typically made of. Heres how to keep them in mint condition.

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Skechers Work Sure Track Trickel

Comfort is apparently the primary goal of the manufacturer when it comes to this pair of shoes because of a few things. First of all, all shoe sizes also come in a wide variation. So, its not only about the length of your feet but also the width.

The second aspect of the shoes comfortability is the thick rubber sole. While it is not precisely the best sneaker against slippery floors, it will give you excellent cushioning with plenty of stability. The bottom is neither soft nor too stiff. Its most significant upside is the memory foam used in the footbed. If you serve tables all day, your feet shouldnt feel too tired.

What our team also liked about this product is that it is made of 100% leather. Spilling things on it or stepping in a puddle should not give you big problems. All in all, it is harder to ruin leather shoes than mesh ones. If your restaurant doesnt have proper heating during the winter, you can still roll in these shoes and feel relatively warm. You can return the pair if it doesnt fit you well.


  • The low-cut design allows you to be nimble.


Skechers Womens Ghenter Bronaugh Work Shoe

What Kind of Shoes Do Waitresses Wear? : Fashion Made Easy ...

Were back to a few more options from Sketchers, who seems to be the work shoe powerhouse for this guide! While the Ghenter Bronaugh work shoe might be challenging to say, its not difficult to wear. This is another mesh shoe, and while the upper is water permeable, its also well-ventilated and airy, too.

Fortunately, the sole of this shoe is one-hundred-percent rubber, and it provides an excellent grip while at work, even in the presence of wet and slippery floors. The shoe itself isnt much to look at its a basic black working shoe but it does come in two colors: basic black, and black with charcoal accents. Fortunately, both options are very understated, and both should be acceptable in most establishments.

In truth, we dont have much to say about this shoe. Its a very basic, boring work shoe, but it fulfills every need you might have, too. Its sturdy, well-made, comfortable, roomy, and well-ventilated. Though it wont provide any level of water resistance, its an excellent option for people who suffer from frequently-sweaty feet.

One minor complaint about this shoe is that the included insole isnt particularly comfortable. While its purportedly made of memory foam, it may be best to purchase additional gel or foam supports for the insides of these shoes if youre looking for maximum comfort.


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Best Restaurant Shoes For Front & Back Of House

Chances are, your team is spending almost all day on their feet. A recent study actually found that servers take an average of 23,000 steps per day.

When youre spending most of your shift on your feet, it makes sense to invest in a quality pair of restaurant shoes.

But how exactly do I find the right pair of restaurant shoes?

What should I avoid?

What are the best kitchen shoes?

Youll walk away from this post with answers to all these questions and a shopping list of the best 10 restaurant shoes for your front and back of house staff.

Ready? Lets get steppin.

Skechers Performance Womens Go Walk

You are either going to love the look of these, or you are going to hate it. We dont feel that there is a middle ground here. The style is very pared down and simple. But dont let that put you off. These are designed to be one of the most comfortable pairs of shoes you will own.

They feature the classic Go Walk design. They are slip-ons and are what Skechers designates a recovery shoe.The uppers are made from fabric that is designed to keep your feet cool and comfortable. The fabric is responsive and allows for a snug but comfortable fit.

What makes these special is the Resalyte cushioning. This is very light-weight so will not weigh down your feet. It offers excellent support and is very responsive.

The outer sole features a circular pattern that is not only cool but allows more responsiveness, no matter what the terrain.

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Skechers Performance Womens Go Walk Slip

Sketchers line of Go Walk Walking shoes is massively popular, so it makes sense that we would feature them in this guide. This shoe is meant to be a walking shoe, not a working shoe, and while this design choice will polarize many people, the shoe works well for both purposes.

In practice, the Sketchers Go Walk shoe is lightweight, fits well, and comes in many pleasing colors, but its not particularly cheap. While this shoe wont shield you from falling objects or repel water, you cant do much better in terms of lightweight comfort. The shoes also breathe easily, and theyre suitable for both cool and warm-weather environments.

While these shoes are thin and lacking a bit in exterior support, the upside of this is that theyre breathable, flexible, and comfortable. Theyre excellent for wearing on your feet for hours at a time, whether thats while waiting tables or out and about at Disneyland.

While these shoes arent waterproof or stainproof, theyre fully machine washable, so when they encounter a food spill, all you need to do is throw them in the wash! That being said, these shoes are fully synthetic no leather or rubber here so if youre looking for natural materials, youre out of luck.


Be Smart About Jewelry

What Kind of Clothes Do Waitresses Wear? : Fashion Made Easy

When I was told at a casual chain restaurant that I would need to take out my nose ring, my first reaction was, you don’t own me, punk! Before the words launched out of my anti-authoritative mouth, I quickly realized that as my employer, they totally did. Sadly, many restaurants have strict policies about the amount of jewelry you can wear as a server or bartender. Fortunately, this rule isn’t in affect at my new gig. That doesn’t mean anything goes: Wearing clunky rings that you have to take off every time you wash your hands , or a dangly necklace that a baby is going to inevitably rip off is a rookie mistake. Basically, you want to protect your jewelry. I go subtle on my earrings with small studs and wear a simple necklace that isn’t going to get in the way of good service or, just as importantly, get ruined.

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Reebok Womens Work N Cushion 30

This shoe is made of durable and lightweight material that features soft leather to ensure protection and maximum support.

The mesh lining gives a soft and smooth feel to your feet. The outsole has an excellent grip over wet, oily, and polished surfaces.

MemoryTech sock liner gives a responsive feel, and EVA foam midsole makes your day much more comfortable. The textile lining feels very smooth and soothing to your feet.

The overall construction of the shoes makes it much more durable for long hours without discomfort for your feet.


Best Shoes For Waiters

Waiting is a robust line of work where you are actively on your feet.

Dashing about between food and customers and running around on slippery, wet, oily, and hard floors mean that you need the right shoes for the job.

That is why we want to help you find the best shoes for water that are comfortable to wear, durable, and protect you against all the risks in this specific line of work.

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Saves Money Long Term

Youll save money on any medical bills you may incur as a result of injury. Durable shoes also reduce the total cost of ownership over the long term.

Sure, you or your staff will probably need to invest more money up front for a proper pair of shoes, but long term, youll save as youll replace them less often than a cheap pair.

How Do I Avoid Picking The Wrong Shoes

Foot Care Tips for Waitresses: How to Look After Your Feet

There are ways by which you can increase your chances of picking out the best shoes.

If youre shipping at a physical store, endeavor to go in the evening. The feet usually expand a little bit more in the evenings. If youre shopping online, measure your feet in the evening and use that to scan the size chart in the online store.

Another thing you can do is to order two pairs. Your actual size and another one which is a size up. When the shoes arrive, you can pick the best fitting one and send back to the other.

Youll want to look for products with dependable refund policies to pull this off.

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Benefits Of Wearing Best Shoes For Waitresses

What do you get by buying shoes specifically for doing your job? Heres what you get:





The long hours at work will feel shorter and also more comfortable when you get shoes that provide your feet with the comfort it needs for working so much.



Such shoes will have features to protect itself from specific restaurant environments. For example, water spills and rips. So, they will last longer.

Do I Need Specific Shoes For Bartending

Most establishments dont require a specific shoe for bartending, though there are certainly exceptions. If your bar does not require a certain shoe, we recommend seeking out comfort, structure and design above all else first , then looking at materials and style second. Although regular shoes will work in a pinch , we certainly dont recommend using just any shoe as a daily solution.

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Can A Waitress Wear Fake Nails

You may be wondering to yourself, Can a waitress wear fake nails? , when you hear that new rule in restaurants, and fast food chains everywhere. According to the waitress and manager at Hooters, they will no longer allow their waitress girls to wear fake nails, or jewelry, as it now applies to all employees working for the company.

In the past, the manager would give the waitress who wore long nails or wore fake nails, a break if the customer was happy with their service. The new policy is called, No serving nannies using fake nails or jewelry, and many are upset that this is happening and not just to Hooters.

It has been noted by other business owners in the area that this policy does not seem fair to the waitress that works hard and knows the customers love their service.

What Kind Of Shoes Do You Wear In A Restaurant

How Do Waiters Dress? : Fashion Made Easy

The breathable material and elastic outsole are excellent for walking around in a restaurant for long hours. The design of the shoe is appealing and is compatible with the majority of work outfits. The shoes can work well with skirts as well as trousers or shorts. 6. Emeril Lagasse Womens Quarter Shoe

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Top Rated Slip Resistant Shoes For Waiters And Waitresses

Everyone knows that cheap shoes wear out easily and leave you exposed to greasy work surfaces. After that, its only just a matter of time till you take a nasty fall and sprain your ankles or worse dump a food tray on a customer. Instead of risking your limbs and your job too, why not invest in a decent pair of non-slip work shoes? Footwear made for the service industry should not only feel good and give you all the cushioning and support you need, they should also protect you from slips and falls no matter how treacherous the terrain may be. If youre ready to take the leap without the slip, then heres some of the top quality slip resistant work shoes for restaurant servers this year.

Our Favorite Shoes For Waitressing

There are thousands upon thousands of different shoes to choose from for waitressing, even with all of the specifications we looked at above! Weve gathered an extensive list of our favorite waitressing shoes below so that you can have a quick, easy time choosing a pair that works for you. Of course, we always recommend trying each on in person before you buy, but the following list should be an excellent starting point.

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Skechers For Work Womens Kincaid Ii Slip

If large tennis shoes or clogs arent for you, you might want to take a good look at this low-profile loafer from Sketchers. While this shoe doesnt have much in the way of extra padding its about as bare-bones as you can get this shoe will please those looking for a lightweight and maneuverable yet stylish shoe.

The main benefit of these shoes is your leg fatigue at the end of the day. Since these shoes are so lightweight, you might find that your calves and ankles feel much less fatigued after being on your feet all day long. Additionally, these shoes come in a particular style that is meant to not look like work shoes.

Despite being what appears to be a flat-footed shoe with minimal arch support, these shoes have a carefully-designed memory foam interior, as well as an arch cushion for extra comfort. Unfortunately, the exterior of the shoe is faux leather and not particularly durable, so you sacrifice a bit of durability in exchange for style with these shoes.

These shoes also have a surprising amount of grip for such a flat, simple shoe. Additionally, while the faux-leather upper isnt particularly likely to fool anyone, itis water-resistant, a feature that is very useful while waitressing. The shoe comes in both black and white, too, which many will appreciate.


Skechers Womens Comfort Flex Pro Health Care Professional Shoe

Outfit Rehab: Work Wear

These shoes are 100% textile and have synthetic sole material. The textile material of the shoes is highly breathable so that you can have air circulation around your feet while you work.

The shoes are also very easy to maintain as the materials have stain repellent treatment. Youre also safe as the shoes are anti-slip. They are excellently waterproof and will provide you with a lot of room for your feet to wriggle in.

For support and all-day comfort, the shoes have air-cooled memory foam. Stay happy and comfortable all day with these shoes.

These are the shoes for professionals in the food and restaurant sector. Serve with ease and navigate the dining and kitchen without a problem.

These shoes are a steal! For their highly affordable prices, they will help you be productive at work and protect you from hazards that arise from standing all day unsupported.

The shoes are 100% leather with durable rubber sole material. We told your Reebok got you covered, didnt we? Enjoy the incredibly easy lace-up system and look cute at work.

The leather upper of the shoes make for breathability and snug-fitting. They also support your feet while you work. The design is also low-cut and unique. Enjoy DMX ride technology and go about your serving business with unbelievable ease.

Yes, the shoes are oil resistant. They protect you from slipping whether from oil spills or water spills. These shoes are specially made for hard-working waitresses.

Fit as Expected: 86%

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Best Cowboy Boot: Laredo Cowboy Boots


  • Not for all outfits or styles

Katt Cavallo, bar manager at Portlands Liquor Store Bar and Music Venue, has been wearing the same pair of boots for over 15 years. I fully support wearing Laredo Cowboy Boots for tending bar: they have a solid sole and upper structure, and a metal tip that conveniently protects the leather uppers from getting crushed by kicking kegs, coolers, or CO2 compressors.”

These Western-style boots feature high-quality leather, a slight heel, and a snip toe. Beyond the Southern aesthetics, though, these boots are built for working long days. Ive certainly tried many different brands of shoes and boots that others have recommended over the years, and I always come back to these,” says Cavallo. “The final selling point for me is they look great with just about everything, from jeans to skirts to short shortsthey compliment all.

Fit: True to size | Upper: Leather | Weight: Varies

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