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When Are New Running Shoes Released

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Reasons To Remain Skeptical

Saucony Endorphin Speed 3 First Look | Versatile Performance Gets An Upgrade!!

The data is self-reported and self-typed. All of our analysis comes from runners who publicly tell Strava what shoe theyre wearing during a race, which they type in manually. The race records included about 33,000 distinct shoe descriptions, and our analysis depends on standardizing those records. Weve done our best to identify misspellings, remove shoe records that are clearly incorrect and consolidate different variations of the same basic shoe. But theres no perfect way to do so.

More problematic is when runners do not identify their shoes with enough precision for us to categorize them. Wherever possible, weve attempted to identify the shoe to its most specific name, differentiating between shoes within a shoe line . But not all runners were this detailed. This was most common among Adidas shoes. Adidas, for example, lists more than a dozen different subfranchises belonging to its Boost franchise. When runners did not specify to this level of detail, we simply identified the parent franchise of a given shoe. This could mask high-performing shoes within a franchise.

The shoe names published here reflect a bespoke attempt at standardizing names, but we also tried an algorithmic approach. While the ordering of the shoes changed somewhat, the general pattern did not.

Hoka One One Torrent 2

Best Trail-Running Shoe

The Torrent is a terrific all-round trail shoe that can handle hard, rocky ground and soft, muddy ground alike, as well as being both cushioned and quick so you can use it for short and long off-road ventures. The Profly midsole provides a responsive enough ride for racing too, and that cushioning means youll have enough support even if you have ultramarathons in mind.

In general the best trail shoe for you is the one thats best suited to the type of terrain youll be running on most of the time, whether thats one that can find grip on rocks or one with deep lugs to navigate bogs. However, if you like to mix up your terrain then you cant go wrong with the Torrent 2.

This mega-stack shoe is designed to provide a lot of protection when cruising through your easy runs. Despite a massive amount of cushioning, the Adistar delivers a surprisingly smooth and enjoyable ride thanks to its rocker geometry. On easy runs, it feels much lighter than it is, and those looking for a max-cushioned shoe thats firmer and more stable than the likes of the Nike Invincible and Asics Novablast 2 might find the Adistar fits the bill. It does lack versatility, however, and feels unwieldy if you move beyond easy paces, so unless you stick to relaxed runs or have a rotation with faster shoes in it, the Adistar may not work for you.

Skechers Gorun Maxroad 5

The use of lightweight, nitrogen-infused Hyberburst foam makes the MaxRoad 5 a versatile option that works well for pacier runs as well as easy sessions. Thats partly due to the H-shaped carbon-infused plate in the midsole, which provides stability despite the high stack, and a pronounced rocker to help roll you on to your toes with each stride. As a result the MaxRoad 5 is one of the more versatile max-cushioned shoes available, though the trade-off is that we didnt find it as comfortable as others like the Adidas Adistar and Nike Invincible on purely easy efforts.

The Zoom Fly was once the premier fast training shoe on the market, but the latest version faces more competition than ever and we rate several options above it, including the Saucony Endorphin Speed 2, New Balance FuelCell TC and Nikes own Tempo NEXT%. The main problem with the Zoom Fly 4 is that the React midsole doesnt deliver the dynamic ride of other foams. The shoe feels heavy and a bit cumbersome at fast paces despite having a carbon plate, and isnt that comfortable for easy running.

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What Are The Best Running Shoes

Possibly the most asked questions by our readers and any person who knows I run this site, what are the best running shoes is not an easy question to answer!

Running shoes are a very personal matter. So personal in fact that a recent medical research established that comfort and fit are the most important matter while selecting a running shoe in terms of minimizing the risk of injury.

For this reason, it is impossible to make a list that will be valid for everyone.

We are a team of testers with different running experience, body shapes and sizes, individual bio-mechanics. This always updated list is divided into different sections so that every runner can find the best running shoes for them.

Here are a few pointers and definitions to help you choose correctly.

Low Drop Or Zero Drop Running Shoes

On Cloudultra Running Shoe: Official Images &  Release ...

A running shoe drop, or heel-to-toe offset, is the difference, measured in millimiters between the height of the shoe sole in the heel area vs the height of the sole in the toe area. For reference, traditional running shoes usually have an offset of 12mm. Low drop are considered shoes with a drop between zero and 4mm. Everything in between is also possible.

The logic is: shoes with a higher heel will favor heel strike during running, while shoes with a zero or low drop will favor a more forefoot or midfoot running gait. It is largely a matter of preference, but running on your toes requires a completely different set of muscle activation and switching from one kind of shoe to the other without proper conditioning and a very gradual approach might result in injury.

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The Best Running Shoes Of 2022

The worlds leading running shoe brands release new shoes several times a year. Therefore, we are regularly updating this list whenever we think a new running shoe deserves a spot on the list. Make sure to check out the list once in a while if you want to be updated on the shoes, we have available, which we believe belong in the category of being the greatest running shoes released within the past 12 months.

Running Shoes Released This Month

Its hard to keep up with all the new releases each month. Weve rounded up a few of them to help you keep track.

Finding the right running sneaker is hard to do, especially when there are so many out there. We pulled together a list of sneakers that are available right now specifically ones that dropped this month. With all the new colorways, slight tweaks and updated styles, there are loads to choose from. Here are a few of our favorites.

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Minimal Vs Maximal Running Shoes

In a nutshell minimal vs maximal refers to the amount of cushioning that the shoe gives to the runners.

Starting in 2009, more and more runners have been promoting a barefoot running idea: shoes are bad for you, you should run barefoot or, if that is not possible, with as little shoe as possible. Milions of runners made the switch to minimalism and quite a few got injured. As a result, companies came out with running shoes that are lightweight but with very high, soft soles that really cushion the foot.

There is not a right or wrong type of shoe here it entirely depends on the runner, their style and preferences.

The Running Shoes Were Most Excited To Try In 2022

How to recycle your running shoes | Salomon How To

Advanced road racers, trail super shoes, and adaptable carbon fiber are some of the promises of the coming year

Receive $50 off an eligible $100 purchase at the Outside Shop, where youll find a selection of brand-name products curated by our gear editors, when you.

As the new year rapidly approaches, running-shoe companies are dropping hints about the technologies and designs they plan to roll out in 2022. Based on what weve seen, it promises to be a banner year for running footwear, with refined tech pushing the limits at the top end and trickle-down innovations appearing across categories and price points. Here are a few models that were most excited about training and racing in.

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What Is The Best Running Shoe

That is the question we most often get when people are looking for their new pair of running shoes. Unfortunately, it is not an easy question to answer, as the choice of running shoe depends on you individually as a runner. The best pick for me might not be the best running shoe for you. Therefore, it is impossible to make an overarching list of the best running shoes of the year for every runner. However, we will still try and have a go and are now presenting to you the running shoes that we at believe deserve a spot on the list of The Best Running Shoes of The Year.

Reebok Floatride Energy 3

If not for the Puma Velocity Nitro, youd find the Floatride Energy 3 featured above as the best budget running shoe. It still has a claim on that title if RRPs were taken into account, because its £25 cheaper than the Velocity Nitro. However, the Puma shoe is often available for under £50 and offers a better ride, being both faster and more comfortable than the Reebok. The Floatride Energy 3 is still a great budget shoe, though: its a robust, comfortable daily trainer that is the match of many options that cost twice as much.

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Skechers Gorun Razor Excess

Despite boasting a reasonably high 30mm stack of foam, the Razor Excess is very light and performs better on faster runs than it does on easy efforts. The shoe combines Skechers Hyperburst foam, which is EVA infused with carbon dioxide and nitrogen, with the brands Hyperarc rocker geometry to create a smooth ride thats firm enough to pop at the end of long runs. The Excess is up there with other great lightweight daily trainers like the Hoka Mach 4 and New Balance Rebel v2, though both those shoes are a little more comfortable on easy runs.

This shoe retains the high stack of bouncy FF Blast foam in the midsole from the original Novablast, but Asics has made some welcome adjustments to ensure the second version is a little less wobbly. The more stable ride makes it great to use for easy runs, and theres enough bounce in that midsole for the Novablast 2 to perform well on tempo runs as well. It doesnt make the cut because the overall size and heft of it means its not quite as versatile as the New Balance Rebel v2 or Hoka Mach 4.

All About Pharrell Williams X Adidas Running Dog Shoes

Sneak Peek: 25 New Running Shoes Coming Out In Spring ...

HU NMD “Running Dog” shoes were created to honor Pharrell Williams’ streetwear brand, Billionaire Boys Club. The classic Adidas NMD iteration for this release features the popular “running dog” logo. The shoes are making their comeback on February 4, 2022, exclusively on the Adidas app, at a price of $240 USD or £180 GBP.

The kicks are in the olive green” colorway and adorn the popular BBC “Running Dog” motif, which is embroidered on the shoe’s vamp in a split-format with black lace. The shoe has its signature prime knit upper and black laces, which command attention.

The laces comprise 3M specks threaded to the top and then run down the shoe in the eyestay section .

The eyestay connects to the sole unit where the black and white sole unit plugs are embedded in a full-length Boost midsole next to the off-white-hued outsoles which showcase the ‘Boost’ cushioning. The outsole gives an ice-blue translucent cage detailing.

To finish the look, there is a beige sole which includes brown leather heel tabs sporting Adidas’ Three Stripes logo and ICECREAM logo, respectively.

Pharrell Williams and Adidas have been collaborating since 2014, and made their first release back in September 2014 with Stan Smith sneakers in three different colorways and a classic track jacket in leather with a three-stripe Adidas logo contrast.

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Skechers Gorun Speed Elite Hyper

As a low-stack, moderately firm carbon plate racer, the Speed Elite Hyper is a fairly niche shoe, since most runners will find it too minimalist to use for racing and training. However, it excels in its niche, being a little more protective and propulsive than a traditional racing flat while not as high and soft as modern super-shoes like the Vaporfly.

It is incredibly light and feels fantastic when running all-out, and the relatively low stack makes it one of the few carbon shoes thats legal for track races over 800m. The actual plate is carbon-infused and is positioned only under the forefoot, so it doesnt deliver the pop of a full-length plate, but the Speed Elite is still very fast just better suited to shorter events than anything over 10K.

Puma is probably our favourite overall running brand of 2021, even taking into account the heel rub problems weve experienced with some of its line-up. Its released a host of fantastic new shoes with the Deviate Nitro Elite at the top of the tree as the pure carbon plate racer, just above the Deviate Nitro, which also has a plate but is built more for training.

The Elite uses a PEBA rather than EVA version of Pumas nitrogen-infused foam, and this helps make the shoe lighter and bouncier than the standard Deviate Nitro.

The Details: Stack Height Drop And Weight

If you want to geek out on the stats of a shoe, thats fine. But I would steer clear of making decisions solely based on them. Pay attention but dont obsess.

Sure, there is a pretty big difference between a 12mm drop and zero drop, so much so that I dont suggest making such a drastic change. But between a 4mm and 6mm drop, its marginal. To put it in perspective, its the difference of the thickness of a nickel.

Stack Height

This is usually the measurement of the bottom of the shoe to the bottom of the inside of the shoe. It gives a measurement of how much material there is between your foot and the ground.

The higher the stack height, the thicker the sole. I say usually because some brands will not include the insole as part of the stack height measurements.


Drop is the difference in measurement of stack height between the heel and toe. It ranges from zero to 12 mm. The higher the drop, the less strain on the Achilles, soleus, and calves. Zero drop shoes are associated with a more natural barefoot running feeling.


The weight of a shoe can give good insight into the type of running for which the shoe is best suited. Lightweight shoes ones weighing less than 8 ounces for men and 7.5 ounces for women are typically designed for faster running and racing.

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The Best New Running Shoes Released In December

Weve rounded up the best new running shoe releases this month to buy now.

With the holidays having come and passed, theres sure to be a lot of pent up stress. Family can be a blast, but it with it often comes internal strife. If that sounds like something you might have to deal with, we feel you. We find heading out on long runs not only helps your happiness levels, but everyones around you. To put an added kick in your late December runs, we rounded up some of the hottest releases from December.

Following Runners As They Switch To A New Kind Of Racing Shoe

Nike Zoom 2022: Peg 39, StreakFly, Zoom Fly 5, Alphafly 2, Peg Turbo Nature || Sneak Leaks

Pros of this approach: Accounts for runners of varying skills over several races.

Cons of this approach: Runners could save Vaporflys for when they expect to be faster than normal, or Vaporfly wearers could be different in some way from other kinds of runners.

The runners who use Strava are an enthusiastic bunch: About one in four have uploaded data for two or more marathons, and about one in 10 have uploaded data for three or more. The Strava data allows us to follow these repeat racers over time, and, crucially, as they change shoes.

Glenn Kasin, a 49-year-old doctoral student at the Southern California University of Health Sciences, is one of these avid runners. He has uploaded five marathons to Strava since November 2015, and he wore a different pair of shoes in every race. In January, at the Houston Marathon, he decided to race in Vaporflys.

New York, 2015



In Houston, Mr. Kasin improved on his Boston time by about 18 minutes, an improvement owing to much more than a pair of shoes. He attributed his result, a 2:56:00, to many things: perfect weather, a fast course and the culmination of two consecutive years of a training regimen that included, on average, about 50 miles of running per week. But he said he also thought the shoes made a difference.

Everything aligned, and then you throw that shoe on top of it, he said. The pace felt so easy that you felt like questioning: Whats going on here? When is it not going to feel easy?

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Under Armour Teases New Connected Running Shoes With Biometric Tracking

Under Armour has unveiled its first new running shoes of 2022 both of which track and analyze your runs, and sync the data with the Map My Run smartphone app. A lightweight sensor embedded in the right shoe collects data as you run, and transmits it to your phone via Bluetooth.

Under Armour has been researching and making connected footwear since 2010, and the two new designs are both additions to its lineup of smart road shoes. The UA Flow Velociti Wind 2 is a follow-up to last year’s Flow Veclociti Wind. Unlike most running shoes, which have a rubber outsole, the Flow Velociti Wind series have an all-in-one cushioning and sole design for more traction and less weight.

The second-gen shoe also has a redesigned heel system, which is intended to give more consistent lockdown at the back of the shoe, plus a molded EVA sock liner that’s designed to be more durable for long training sessions. It’ll be released globally in the first quarter of 2022 for $160 .

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