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Where To Buy Kobe Shoes

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Legends Are Forever: The Passing Of A Cultural Icon

Real Vs Fake Nike kobe 6 Grinch & Where To Buy Legit Pairs

“Heroes come and go, but legends are forever.”

Kobe Bryant

On the morning of January 26, 2020, Kobe Bryant, his 13-year-old daughter Gianna “Gigi” Bryant, and seven other people boarded a Sikorsky S-76B helicopter on their way to a basketball game. Bryant was scheduled to coach the Lady Mambas at their noon game at the Mamba Sports Academy in Thousand Oaks.

Tragically, the group never reached their destination. At around 10 a.m., the helicopter crashed in Calabasas, California, killing everyone on board. After the horrible news about Kobe Bryants death broke, people from all across the globe started paying tribute to the basketball icon.

Just like his idol Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant had transcended the game. His “Mamba Mentality” not only inspired the next generation of athletes but also people from all walks of life.

The outpouring of love is a testament to Bryant’s larger-than-life persona. He was an unstoppable force on and off the court. He was a devoted husband to his wife Vanessa and a loving father to his four daughters Natalia, Gianna, Bianka, and Capri.

Nike Kobe Philippines: Everything You Need To Know About Nike Kobe Shoes

Nike is the brainchild of Bill Bowerman and Phil Knight that came into being in 1964. At first, the brand was a distributor of sportswear. Soon, it ventured into manufacturing its own sports apparel, accessories, and equipment. Nike is well known throughout the sports world for its quality, style, and comfort that sets it apart from other sports brands in the industry. In fact, its tagline Just Do It and its Swoosh logo is very easily recognized.

The brand has since gone on to sponsor various athletes in the industry. Not only that, but Nike has also gone on to partner with several athletes to come up with their very own customized sportswear collection that would allow fans to bask in their love for their favorite athlete. Kobe Bryant is one such athlete that has joined Nikes list of partnerships.

Nike Kobe Prelude Pack

Nike went ahead and decided to retro Kobes signature shoes in anticipation of the Kobe 9. They called it the Road to the Masterpiece aka the first pair of Kobe 9s. Beginning with the Kobe 1s, each shoe would release one week after another. In Kobe Bryants return from his Achilles injury, he wore the Prelude 1s against the Toronto Raptors on December 8, 2013. BUY NOW: Starting at $500

While preparing for the launch of the Kobe 9, the Masterpiece, the Kobe lined retroed for the first time. Each pair of Kobes signature line released with a story behind it. Returning from his achillies injury, Kobe actually returend to action against the Toronto Raptors in the Zoom Kobe 1,something that hasnt been released since 2006.

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Kobe Bryant Has New Shoes For The 2010 Nba Season: Nike Zoom Kobe V The Lightest Shoes Ever Made By Nike

The fifth edition of Kobe’s signature shoes in the Lakers colorway was ready on January 16, 2010 initially only at Footlocker. It is the evolution and redesign of the beautiful line featured by the Zoom Kobe IV and includes the top technologies available from Nike.

It is Nike’s lightest weight and lowest profile basketball shoe to date. Kobe participated in the decision making of the shoe design and his idea about the even lower top was inspired on the footwear worn by the soccer players.

More pictures: Zoom Kobe V Picture Gallery I… / Zoom Kobe V Picture Gallery II

High School Phenom Snags A Shoe Deal

Nike Zoom Kobe Venomenon 5 EP Limit Green Basketball Shoes ...

The key difference between the shoe lines for Michael Jordan, LeBron James and Kobe Bryant is that Kobe was not always a member of team Nike. Only 17 at the time and fresh out of high school, Kobe Bryant signed an endorsement deal with Adidas. The six-year deal was reportedly for $48 million. This might explain why he did not sign with Nike to start his career as Adidas made a huge offer to Bryant even before he was drafted. A month later, Bryant was taken 13th overall by the Charlotte Hornets and then immediately traded to the Los Angeles Lakers.

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Kobe Shoes For Sale: More For Less

Although Kobe basketball shoes are normally expensive, it’s not impossible to find Kobe shoes for sale. Purchasing the shoe on its release date is an absolute no-no if you want to get it at a lower price. What you should get at that time is the shoe that the new release replaces. For sure, that model is significantly marked down.

Discounted deals on Kobes classic shoes can also be found in online stores or retailers such as Foot Locker, Zappos, eBay, Finish Line or Eastbay which are retailers that RunRepeat is partners with.

Shoes: Nike Kobe 8 System

NBA Season: 2012-13

Official Description: Speed. Precision. Vision. Versatility. Each of these traits is powerful on its own. When you bring them together, theyre unstoppable. Nike Basketball factored in every dimension of Kobe Bryants formidable game in creating the KOBE 8 SYSTEM, which brings together performance innovations to…

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Nike Zoom Kobe Iv Four Rings Edition

Everybody is asking: what are those spectacular shoes Kobe is wearing for the 2009-10?

Well, in fact his “new” sneakers are just the same he wore last season, the Zoom Kobe IV, but they are the Four Rings edition that feature a degrade from yellow to purple blue and look indeed like new shoes. Kobe will keep wearing the Zoom Kobe IV early this season until the new model, the Zoom Kobe V is ready..

News: Kobe Bryant Shoes For The Olympics

Nike Kobe 6 Grinch , How Many Pairs Possibly Made, Where To Buy, Resell & Watch For Fakes

April 7, 2008: with the presence of Kobe Bryant, Nike launched the Hyperdunk shoes, its “lightest and strongest basketball shoe ever”.

Kobe and other olympic players like Manu Ginobili, Yi Jian Lian, Pau Gasol and Dirk Nowitzki will wear them in the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games.

The shoes, to be released in July will feature colorways and characters to represent each player.

Kobe showcased his brand new sneakers against the Clippers but what amazed everybody was an officially released video of Kobe jumping over a full-speed Aston Martin with his Hyperdunks on. It spread fast throughout the internet, with people saying his crazy, how can he put the Lakers future and his own life at risk but in a short game interview when asked if he actually jumped over the Aston Martin, he responds âHollywood.. if Rambo can take on a whole army I can jump over an Aston Martin…”

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Adidas Kobe Bryant: Kb8

BUY NOW: Starting at $75

The KB8 was Kobes first true signature shoe. Although the EQT Elevations were donned in his rookie season, the KB 8 was designed with Kobes style of play in mind. Nearly 20 years in later, fans and athletes are still rocking Kobes first signature shoe now renamed, Crazy 8.

Nike Zoom Air Huarache 2k4

BUY NOW: Starting at $80

Kobes stint with adidas ended after his unhappiness with the KOBE TWO. He knew he needed a shoe to fit his performance needs. He spent a year as a sneaker free-agent and wore kicks like player editions Jordans. Kobe signed with Nike but unfortunately his legal issues kept the Swoosh from giving him his own signature line. Kobe and the Huaraches go hand in hand. The 2K4 would mark the end of the Shaq/Kobe Lakers era as they were unsuccessful in their attempt to four-peat. It would also be the beginning of the Kobe Bryant era.

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The Definitive List Of Signature Nike Kobe Models

Although Kobe started his career as a Nike athlete wearing Nike Air Zoom Huarache 2K4s and Nike Air Zoom Huarache 2K5s for the 2003-2004 and 2004-2005 seasons, his first official signature sneaker launched in 2005. The last shoe Kobe wore on the court as a player was the Kobe 11. The Nike Kobe A.D. was his first post-retirement signature sneaker. Check out this stellar roster of all-star greats:

Shoes: Nike Zoom Kobe V

Where To Buy The Nike Kobe 5 Protro Chaos

NBA Season: 2009-10

Official Description: Lighter and lower than ever before, the Zoom Kobe V is equipped to help the league’s most dangerous scorer defend the title 48 minutes at a time. Quick, light and precise. Weighting in at only 10.6 ounces, the Kobe V is lighter and lower than its revolutionary predecessor and built for …

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Shoes: Nike Zoom Kobe Ii

NBA Season: 2006-07

These sneakers are Kobe Bryant second signature shoes made by Nike and released in April. 2007 The picture shows the Sheath version, the first of…

Official Description: Advance. Adapt. Attack. The Zoom Kobe II embodies the constant elevation and creative style of the gam’s most passionate performer. “It fells like you’re looking at a piece of yourself… that’s how you know when a shoe works. When it captures that feeling.” Kobe Bryant…

Nike Kobe Philippines’ Awesome Line Of Stylish Apparel

Look your best and up your performance with this signature line of sports apparel. If you are looking for running shoes, then we highly recommend that you have a look at Nike Air Max or Nike Flyknit for comfortable, lightweight running shoes. Other than this signature line of basketball-related products, make sure that you check out Nike Air Jordan for more of Nikes awesome basketball footwear and clothing.

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Adidas Kobe Bryant: Kb8 Ii

BUY NOW: Starting at $54

In Kobes third season, he became a household name. The KB8 II also features the popular Feet You Wear technology but due to legal issues, they would also be the last pair with the technology. Aside from Feet You Wear, the KB8 II also employed Adidas very own adiPRENE heel cushion support system, which was developed to counter the shock of constant impact while performing The third installment of Kobes was released during the NBAs lockout season which was shortened to 50 games.

Shoes: Nike Zoom Kobe Iv

Nike Kobe AD NXT 360: 4 Things Before you Buy

NBA Season: 2008-09

These are Kobe Bryant fourth official signature shoes made for him by Nike and released in January 2009. Note that the Hyperdunks worn by Kobe in the 2008 Olympics were not his…

Official Description: Official Description: Strike fast, strike hard with the Nike Zoom Kobe IV basketball shoe. Slice through the lane like a snake on the hardwood. Kobe Bryant new signature shoes were designed by Eric Avar of Nike and built for Kobes precision speed and style. …

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Kobe Bryant Signature Shoes: The Air Zoom Kobe I:

Finally, Kobe Bryant officially have his own Nike signature shoes. The shoes are called “Air Zoom Kobe I” and are on sale nationwide from February 10, 2006, along with Kobe’s signature clothing line also under Nike.

Although everybody knew that the Air Zoom Huarache 2K4 and 2K5 were shoes made specially for Kobe Bryant, Nike refused to say whether they were signature shoes, so the new Nike Zoom Kobe I are officially the first Nike signature shoes for Kobe Bryant. He started wearing these shoes in the Lakers-Heat game on Christmas Day, 2005.

Shoes: Nike Zoom Kobe Iii

NBA Season: 2007-08

Also called Air Zoom Kobe 3, these are Kobe Bryant third official signature shoes made by Nike and released in February 2008 (more info at

Official Description: The Zoom Kobe III Men’s Basketball Shoe by Nike injects your game with venomous performance. Versatile, light and highly responsive, this sleek stunner is ideal for aggressive players….

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Where To Buy The Nike Kobe 6 Pop

2021 is shaping up to be a big, big year for Kobe Bryants sixth signature sneaker, with news of yet another confirmed OG reissue for its 10th anniversary. This time around its the White Del Sol aka POP aka Playoff Pack, which joins the previously-previewed Black Del Solfor a Spring 2021 release.

Just like that pair, this comes dressed in a mix of black, white, and Del Sol yellow, albeit it in drastically different proportions. In fact, the only consistent elements are the pairs matching black heel clip and murdered-out midsoles. Differences start at the white textured upper that comes paired with a solid white heel panel. White continues onto the tongue, laces, and the outsoles heel, with vivid yellow coming into play at the liners and forefoot rubber. Capping off the design are bold black branding hits at the midfoot and tongue, and a yellow Kobe signature motif at the heel.

A specific date for the 10th-anniversary Nike Kobe 6 POP reissue is yet to be determined, but you can expect a Springtime release. Keep your eyes locked on for further updates throughout the year, and until then, you can check out the other five confirmed Kobe 6 reissues for 2021 right here.

Update 04.01.21 // A first look at the 2021 Nike Kobe 6 POP has landed via

Update 04.13.21 // Official images of the Nike Kobe 6 POP have landed ahead of their expected release this Spring.

Nike Zoom Kobe Iii Shoe History

Nike Kobe X Elite Low Men

BUY NOW: Starting at $440

With the building success of the Kobe 1 and Kobe 2, Nike decided to try a different path with the Nike Air Zoom Kobe 3 with a design silhouette that reminds many of the Nike Air Huarache 2k4 and 2k5, which Kobe wore prior to receiving his signature shoe line. Led by Eric Avar, the company line on the inspiration of the Kobe 3 is rooted in the Black Mamba moniker Kobe Bryant gave himself.

With focus on performance above everything, Avar started with a one piece mesh upper that featured a waffle grid like design to maintain a lightweight but stable shoe. The Kobe 3 was built with comfort, breathability and clean lines in mind to pair with the Zoom Air that cushioned the heel and forefoot. A fun fact about the diamond pattern design on the upper and outsold is that it was inspired by Kobes daughter, Natalia Diamante Bryant.

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Cultural Significance Of Nike Kobe Shoes

Kobe Bryant had many great moments in his signature adidas and as a sneaker free agent, but his time with Nike was unforgettable. Fans watched him jump over a speeding Aston Martin, drop 81 points in a game, win back-to-back trophies in 2009 and 2010 and summon his Black Mamba alter ego in some of the most impressive NBA performances, right up until his final game.

Just as Michael Jordan has been name-dropped and referenced in hip-hop lyrics from many of the most popular rappers, Kobe Bryant has also been used as a comparison to greatness. Whether or not you were a fan of basketball in the late ’90s and into the new millennium, you knew the name Kobe Bryant.

At The Nike Zoom Kobe Media Summit In Los Angeles Nike Officially Unveiled Kobe Bryant Signature Shoes: The Nike Zoom Kobe Ii It Won’t Be Just Another Basketball Shoe It Will Be A Line Called Weapons Of War And Conformed By 3 Basketball Shoes: The Zoom Kobe Sheath Strength And Lite

Kobe worked with the design team at Nike to ensure that his Zoom Kobe II, a product that demanded 18 months of design process, would cover his expectations: a creative signature shoe to could also provide speed, strength, increased flexibility, traction, and support.

Kobe Bryant Basketball Shoes Pictures:

Links related to Kobe Bryant with more data about him and his Nike sneakers

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Nike Kobe 9 Elite Hi / Low / Em

BUY NOW: Starting at $127

The Kobe 9s came in three different models. The Elites came in both high tops and low tops while the EM was specifically created in the lows. The Elites feature Nikes FlyKnit material which also the first shoe to introduce the light, strong, and supportive material to the basketball court. Full Performance Review

Kobe Bryant Basketball Shoes:

Nike Kobe 5 Protro Undefeated “Hall Of Fame” DA6809-700 | Where To Buy? | #Shorts

: These are basketball shoes made by Nike for the 2013-2014 NBA Season.

Where to buy them:

Players wearing these Shoes: Kobe Bryant

Official Description: Designed with Kobes tech insights and design inspirations, the Kobe 9 Elite features three key technologies: Nike Flyknit, Flywire and Lunarlon, giving the shoe superior lightweight performance.

The innovative design enhances the foots natural movements while providing Kobe with strength, durability and speed, plus all the benefits of natural motion where he needs it most.

Reverting back to a higher cut for the first time since his third signature shoe in 2007, the Kobe 9 Elite has the feel of a low-top with the support of a mid-top. The carbon fiber heel counter provides strong and lightweight lateral stability when moving from side to side, while the heel remains stable.

* Information updated on Feb 2014 / Source: Shoes official website

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