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Where To Buy Shoe Containers

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The Container Store X

Where To Buy Drop Front Shoe Box For Sneaker Collection

The Container Store has cranked out the formidable X-Large Black Drop-Front Shoe Box. The clear window of the drop-front design lets you see and access the pair ever so swiftly. Forged from premium plastic, the shoe box exhibits ventilation holes that keep your kicks breathing all while protecting them from dust build-up. Bearing a drop-front opening that enables you to stow and place your sneaks in effortlessly, the X-Large Shoe Box is an undoubted crowd-pleaser in the sneaker world and can store mens shoes sizes of up to AU15.5 into its exceptionally designed interiors.

Units: 1 packDimensions: 31cm x 22.5cm x 41cm Price: AUD$20.90

Image: The Reject Shop

Mens Shoe Storage Boxes Need To Be Big

But different shoe sizes call for different container types. For instance, if youre a man, you need bigger boxes for your shoes. Furthermore, after buying the right boxes, a lot of people place them on a shelf to save space. But they can also be stacked into a rack and put in the hallway. Or as under bed storage. However, wherever you put them, it all starts with choosing the best shoe container for mens shoes.

Iris Stacking Men’s Shoe Storage Containers 6 5/8 X 12 X 13 1/4 White Case Of 6

This handy set of shoe storage boxes allows you to personalize your storage solution. Whether it’s under the bed, in a closet or by the front door, these boxes are great housing your collection of loafers, dress shoes, sneakers and more.

  • Crafted from rugged plastic. Clear front makes it easy to quickly find the shoes you want.
  • Stack boxes any way you like to personalize your shoe organization and maximize space.
  • Pull-front shoe boxes make it easy to grab your pair and go.
  • Fits most mens shoes up to size 12.

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Rebrilliant 6 Pair Shoe Storage Box

Rated 5 out of 5 stars.57 total votes

  • Pairs of Shoes Capacity: 6
  • Overall: 8.4” H x 14” W x 10.9” D
  • Overall Product Weight: 18lb.
  • Stackable: Yes

Great Magnetic Drop Front Shoe Display Boxes for the collection. And at held off you cant beat the price for the quality and Ive had a few different kinds before. Plus it came with shoe shapers hygenic plastic pads . Chase. Pine Brook, NJ. 2021-08-17 18:02:25

Review Of Iris Bulk Option

White Cheap Plain Cardboard Shoe Boxes Bulk

Iris shoe boxes come in a lot of different shapes and colors. They do all have great features. When picking a plastic shoe box to buy in bulk, its important that the boxes are stackable, with a clear front and a pull down drop front opening. If you can find a bulk alternative that has got a drawer like feature, thats great. But its not a must have. But we do recommend you search for a clear shoe boxes bulk alternative, since youd want your storage bins to be transparent.

This specific product, Iris USA NSSB-W Front Entry, almost has it all. But with heavy loading, you should not stack more than 5 or 6 boxes high. This isnt the best buy if youre a sneakerhead and want to build a sneaker box wall.

If you would rather put them under the bed, they are truly good. You can even stack them into a nice custom rack in your bedroom or in your hallway. Or put them on shelves in your closet.

The within measurements of the boxes are 12.25L x 10.0W x 6.25H and the container weighs 14.2 ounces. Fits most womens shoes, and mens shoe sizes up to 12.

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Finding The Best Plastic Shoe Boxes In Bulk

Buying value packs always makes it cheaper per item. Saving just a daily 10 cents, gives you and extra $36.50 per year. And if youre about to organize your entire shoe collection, and the kids, and your spouses, youll gonna need A LOT OF shoe boxes. And now were not just talking cents in potential savings. Paying $5 less on every product could mean saving over a $100, if youre gonna need 50 shoe storage containers for your family. Thats a lot of money.

So, lets go through our favourite bulk buys. Weve only picked products weve actually tried and liked.

Rebrilliant 12 Pack Shoe Box Stackable Display Container Size Up To Us 14 With Magnetic Closure

Rated 5 out of 5 stars.42 total votes

Made of high-quality PP materials, the Rebrilliant shoebox can support at least 66lb. Say goodbye to a cheap shoe organizer and buy our sturdy storage bins for your favourite shoes! Also, this storage organizer can store toys, socks, sweaters, cosmetics, stationery, etc.

  • Primary Material: Plastic
  • Pairs of Shoes Capacity: 12
  • Adult Assembly Required: Yes
  • Overall: 9.85” H x 14.38” W x 10.56” D
  • Overall Product Weight: 21.12lb.

love it, easy to assemble, better than i thought, had already bad experience from another website! well packaged and quick delivered too, will order again. Henning. Cutler Bay, FL. 2021-01-23 22:47:01

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Box Usa Cardboard Boxes Reviewed

I mean, if you wanna go cheap, why go plastic? This value pack of 25 corrugated cardboard boxes is probably the cheapest solution to your shoe storage problems. Perfect for storing seasonal footwear, putting kids shoes away, or for moving. Theres a lot of cardboard boxes out there, but this is our favourite pick.

Plastic Stackable Shoe Storage Boxes White

Where to buy “Drop Front” Sneaker Boxes!

Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars.10 total votes

  • Pairs of Shoes Capacity: 1
  • Adult Assembly Required: Yes
  • Overall: 5.5” H x 9.1” W x 13.4” D
  • Overall Product Weight: 0.33lb.

After getting the hang of putting them together it was a snap. Nice and sturdy. Keeps my closet space nice and tidy!. Becky. Arnprior, ON. 2021-10-28 13:02:26

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Lacespace Stackable Sneaker Display Cases

Lacespace is a Sydney-based label dedicated to sneakers, their accessories and all that jazz in between. The Stackable Sneaker Display Cases have transcended the contenders on our list for their stackability, sturdiness and durability. The sneaker cases are roomy enough to squeeze in a mens sneaker thats AU12.5 in height and AU14.5 in length and are fashioned from a finer material quality than most shoe case brands. Their tight enclosures ensure a dust-free environment for your sneakers and exhibit a clear-view drop-front premium door to easily stow and show off your kicks.

Units: 6 packDimensions: 29cm × 19cm ×35cm Price: AUD$140

Image: The Container Store

Interlocking Shoe Box System

From OnDisplay comes a new efficient way to store your shoes. Constructed of heavy duty ABS plastic frame and a flexible polypropylene housing, the OnDisplay Clik Shoe Box System caters to both men and women with almost any standard shoe size. Each box has a vented rear wall to preserve your most valuable shoes for years. The clear front door design allows you to easily see your shoes in their boxes without the need to open them. The ultimate in modern closet organization. Fits shoes up to 12″ long and a pair up to 8.25″ wide. Measures 13.1″ x 9″ x 5.5″ tall. Each boxes assembles in under a minute. Suitable for Large Shoes, Men’s Size 13 and up! Consider a larger option if youre looking to store high heels. Check out the You Might Also Need section for an alternative.

  • Primary Material: Plastic
  • Pairs of Shoes Capacity: 4
  • Adult Assembly Required: Yes
  • Overall: 5.5” H x 9” W x 13.1” D
  • Overall Product Weight: 3.3lb.

I really like them. Cant say love only reason dont really lock when stacked. Their are post like on the plastic forms. But they really dont lock just sit on top in these gloves. Anonymous. IN. 2020-05-02 11:46:44

This shoe storage box is constructed of heavy duty handmade clear acrylic. It is available in various sizes to cater to both men and women with almost any standard shoe size. Suitable to store both large shoes and high heels!

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Ironland Shoe Box Described

The Ironland shoe storage boxes come in a 12 pack. This is a real bestseller when you look at the statistics on Amazon. A resilient and strong plastic container. The great quality of the frame, makes the product sturdy. You can keep your boxes stacked, since they are transparent. An all access drop front door makes for an easy access.

Each container is 12.9×9.1×5.7.

Review Of Whitmor Mens Shoe Box

Custom Kraft Paper Cardboard Shoe Box Bulk

This shoe box is ideal for your closet or on your closet shelves. Thanks to its stackable design you will save a lot of closet space. And the semi-soft plastic protects the content from dirt, moisture and dust. Many people use this product to store other items than shoes. Thanks to the material, that makes for a clear view on the content inside. That saves you time when browsing through your shoe collection. And you do not have to unstack every box to find what youre looking for.

This mens storage box can be stacked in a very neatly manner. And it suits a well-organized closet. Furthermore, if you dont want to use it for some time, you can easily unfold it to save space. Its a one-piece construction that is easy to assemble.

There is a ventilation hole in the shoe boxes that makes the environment of the box normal and always keeps the shoes fresh. Furthermore, Whitmor brings the shoe box in different sizes so its easy even for men to find a neat container.

Whitmor is a reliable company. Because of their slogan bringing organization home, you can be sure of getting a neat and tidy shoe collection.

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Pcs Clear Plastic Stackable Shoe Storage Boxes White

Rated 3.5 out of 5 stars.62 total votes

Keep your shoe dust-free and neatly organized with these stackable shoe box storage bins Clear stackable design to help maximize your space. Stack or use them side by side to keep your shoes organized and easy to find.One Piece Dimension: ” / cm Ideal for closets, bedrooms, bathrooms, laundry rooms, craft rooms, mudrooms, offices, playrooms, garages, or any room of your home / apartment / condo / dorm room / RV or camper Made of durable High Quality strong plastic material.

  • Primary Material: Plastic
  • Pairs of Shoes Capacity: 36
  • Adult Assembly Required: Yes
  • Overall: 5.5” H x 13.4” W x 9.1” D
  • Overall Product Weight: 0.33lb.

Plastic Shoe Storage Box

Rated 5 out of 5 stars.1 total vote

This product is made of high-quality plastic plates, which will be more durable. Our shoeboxes are all flat packed, so when you get them, you just need to fold them up and put them together, you can dismantle them and put them flat without taking up any space. The size of the shoebox is enough for men’s or women’s shoes. You can take out your shoes without taking the box out of the pile. The plastic material used in the shoebox is also easy to clean. In addition, the plastic sheet will keep its shape and do not need to be thrown away because of bending problems. The special design makes the stacking easier to deform.

  • Primary Material: Plastic
  • Pairs of Shoes Capacity: 1
  • Adult Assembly Required: Yes
  • Overall: 5.5” H x 9.1” W x 13.4” D
  • Overall Product Weight: 0.33lb.

Great quality. Anonymous. Petersburg, VA. 2021-08-26 19:17:15

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Mens Storage Boxes Size Matters

Finding the best mens storage box for shoes can be challenging. Many men do not have any ideas where to start. And sometimes the lack of tidiness doesnt seem to bother them. Strange, right?

Therefore, choosing containers to get it a bit more tidy in the closet or in the hallway is a great way to go. A shoe box is such an innovative thing. And it can be beautiful too. It makes it easier for us to place our shoes in a perfect and neat manner. It protects our shoes from dust or any kind of defect. The ones made of plastic or Plexiglass makes it easy to spot the content inside. No need to unstack the bins or open them. But a wooden shoe box, or the ones made out of cardboard, lacks these features.

Why Bulk Buy Means Great Value

Where to get cheap shoe shipping boxes! (Only $1)

The principle of purchasing in bulk is getting more appreciated than ever before. Most people have always understood you will cut your costs when you buy the best products in bulk. But the new thing is that today its super easy doing so. Theres endless possibilities to search for the best deal, for the lowest unit cost, for your favourite products for sale in a value pack.

Excellent prospects for a bulk buy are normally any product youll run through in a brief duration of time. But beware of buying some products, like cereals, in a to big bulk pack. Its no fun eating the same day after day. That is, if you dont like that specific brand of cereals.

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Update After More Than A Year Of Ownership

I have a few Drop-Front Shoe Boxes, and they’ve all held up wonderfully. Since I don’t have to move them, there’s virtually no wear and tear. The plastic hasn’t cracked or hazed, and I haven’t noticed any negative effects on my sneakers compared to storing them in normal shoeboxes.

I’ve slowed down on buying more Drop-Front Shoe Boxes from The Container Store because I’m attached to quite a few of the original boxes that came with my sneakers. For certain shoes, keeping the original box adds to its collectability and overall value. If you think it’s just a cardboard box, look at it like a highly collectible Rolex model. If there are two watches in identical condition, the one with the original box, paperwork, and extra links would be more desirable than the watch that comes with nothing.

If your footwear rotation is mostly readily available styles or you truly don’t care about collectability, then you likely aren’t too attached to the original boxes. Drop-Front Shoe Boxes are, without a doubt, better in terms of structure and accessibility.

Either way, you should still store your shoes in some sort of container to prevent rapid aging, which includes things like yellowing, foggy Air units, and cracked or crumbling midsoles.

Shoe Box Foldable Stackable Storage

Rated 3.5 out of 5 stars.6 total votes

Adopt from the newest PP material, no fading, those shoe boxes stackable easy to clean and can protect from dust and water. Can be stacked to save it folds away easily when not to be used.It is ideal for cosmetics, toys, shoes, socks, underwear, clothing, handbags, belts, books, tools, care products, office items and all the other little things in your wardrobe or desk.

  • Primary Material: Plastic
  • Pairs of Shoes Capacity: 24
  • Adult Assembly Required: Yes
  • Overall: 5.51181” H x 12.9921” W x 9.05512” D
  • Overall Product Weight: 10.3537lb.

Like those shoe boxes so much I’m going to order another set and switched the whole shoe closet into this!. Shi. DULUTH, GA. 2021-08-23 21:12:15

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Mens Shoe Storage Boxes Frequently Asked Questions

What Are the Best Shoe Storage Boxes for Men?

1. IRIS Easy Access Mens Shoe Box is the best plastic shoe container for bigger sizes.2. Whitmor clear Vue Mens Shoe Box is the best mens storage box for your shelves.3. ÉLEVER NEATLY X-Large Shoe Bin. Our most recommended shoe case for XL sizes.4. WAYTRIM Foldable Container. It is the best foldable shoe container.5. Greenco Clear Foldable Shoe Storage Box. Comes in a great value-pack.6. AOTENG STAR Shoes Display. Coolest clear sneaker case for men.

How to Buy Shoe Storage Boxes for Men?

1. Most shoe containers are made for womens shoes. Size them up to be sure your shoes will fit.2. Read the product features. Often it will say if mens US size 13 or 14 shoes will fit.3. Buy stackable bins to save space in your home.4. A transparent box makes it easier to identify the content inside.5. You dont have to unstack boxes with a drop front opening.6. If you want to show off your shoes, go for a container thats made for display.

Vision Small Shoe Storage Box

White Cheap Plain Cardboard Shoe Boxes Bulk

Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars.52 total votes

  • Pairs of Shoes Capacity: 1
  • Overall: 5.25” H x 8” W x 13.25” D
  • Overall Product Weight: 1.85lb.
  • Stackable: Yes

Love these shoe boxes. Holds mens or womens shoes nicely, or 2 prs sandals. Using in a hallway since short on closet space. these fabric boxes are not only orderly but attractive. Highly recommend. Cindy. Sleepy Hollow, IL. 2021-10-25 13:24:41

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Pack Stackable Shoe Storage Boxes Foldable Plastic Shoe Organizer For Closets Entryway Shoe Rack Clothing Rack Bed Easy Assembly Medium

Rated 4 out of 5 stars.57 total votes

Stackable shoe storage boxes, the shoeboxes are made of a strong frame. These shoeboxes are used to store various sports shoes short boots, etc. It can also store clothes, daily necessities, some children’s toys, etc.

  • Primary Material: Plastic
  • Pairs of Shoes Capacity: 24
  • Adult Assembly Required: Yes
  • Overall: 5.48” H x 8.98” W x 13.05” D
  • Overall Product Weight: 15.87lb.

The boxes are light and easy to assemble.. Pamela. London, ON. 2021-10-10 23:11:50

Best Sneaker Storage Boxes To Keep Your Kicks Fresh

Tired of rummaging through a mountain of sneakers when trying to find a pair that complements your ensemble? To most people with an f-all attitude when it comes to prioritising their life, theres some elbow room, but when it comes to organising their kicks, theres no cop-out.

Sneaker storage boxes are the quick-fix storage and display apparatus for every man and their dog. The space-saving and sleekly designed footlockers enable you to comfortably deposit and withdraw your shoes from safekeeping all while admiring their artistically exhibited presence. Their stackability and flair to fit into wardrobes, storage cabinets & entryways have made them an essential commodity among sneakerheads. Thats why weve rounded up 6 of the best storage boxes to help you stack, store and display your prized pairs.

Image: Lacespace

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