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Where To Buy Skechers Steel Toe Shoes

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New Balance Mens Steel Toe Work Shoes

Skechers Steel Toe Shoes Review (Most Comfortable Steel Toe Shoes)

New Balance is famous for its comfortable sneakers as many athletes choose it as one of their go-to footwear. Aside from athletes, high-quality footwear from the brand can cater to the requirements of industrial workers.

In my opinion, this steel toe safety pair provides top-notch protection, making it the right footwear for missions in hazardous working environments. It comes with a steel toe cap that gives a rigid shield for the feet. Besides, the stitch-less ESD insert reinforces the construction, making it ideal for heavy use.

Another feature I love is its slip resistance. As I often work on slippery surfaces, such a function ensures my safety while I focus on performing usual tasks.

I like the static dissipation feature that prevents static discharge from building up. As it reduces the accumulation of too much static electricity, enough electrical resistance is formed, making those who work with electricity safer.

Plus, this pair comes with an ABZORB midsole. The part is actually a combination of compression set and foam cushioning featuring rubber. It offers enough comfort to prevent the feet from quickly tiring out, especially when you run and walk a lot at the workplace.

  • Steel toe cap gives tough protection to toes
  • Stitch-less ESD insert reinforces the construction for heavy use
  • Slip-resistances for safe work on slippery surfaces
  • Static dissipation feature reduces excess static electricity
  • Midsole cushions and prevents compression on foot

Skechers Soft Stride Steel Toe Shoe

These shoes have removable insoles for your convenience, so you can put your orthotics for maximum support. In fact, it is designed for flat-footed individuals as it gives excellent support for the arch of your feet. These shoes also have a rubber outsole that is OSHA-compliant and slip resistant. The outsole is made of nitrile rubber that resists oil to and helps maintain your balance and stability.

The Dexter soft-stride steel toe shoe by Skechers have an electrical hazard safe design rating of ASTM F2413-05, and the outsole has been tested to resist oily and wet surfaces. These are extra wide shoes, which offers ample room for your toes to move and prevent cramps. Just be sure to provide some time to break these shoes in to soften up and give you a more comfortable fit.

Reebok Work Skate Style Safety Shoes

Reebok offers comfort in every move for those who are physically active. Hence, industrial workers can wear them and enjoy optimal comfort. One of the shoes in this line worth investing in is the Mens Soyay Skate Style Safety Shoe.

It comes with a removable footbed that cushions the foot while walking or running. Its tongue and collar are also padded, giving added support and comfort to the ankles.

What makes this shoe a good fit for industrial workers is the safety features. It has non-corrosive steel toe caps that give a superior shield for the toes. For those in the electrical industry, its EH protection can insulate your feet from live circuits or highly-charged pieces of electrical equipment, giving you more protection at work.

These work shoes come with non-slip soles too, which can give you enough grip as you work in areas with slick floors. If youre in a workplace where oil and other liquids are easily spilled, then this is one of the best slip-resistant options out there.

Best of all, this Rebook model is also true to its size. So wearers can go online-shopping without worry whether it fits you well.

  • Removable footbed keeps feet comfortable even when running
  • Padded tongue and collar adds more support and comfort
  • EH protection feature insulates feet from live circuit
  • Slip-resistant soles for better traction
  • Stylish design suitable for various occasions
  • Suede leather gets dirty fast and is pretty tricky to clean

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Skechers For Work Cottonwood Cropper Steel

When you do not want to compromise style for comfort, the best way to go is by choosing shoes that give you the best of both worlds. These steel toe work boots by Skechers are dressy and functional at the same time, which make them perfect for those who want a classy steel-toe footwear for the workplace. It has a roomy toe box to ensure you of a relaxed fit, and the insole is made of a memory foam that provides optimum cushioning and support. So, if you suffer from bunions, these shoes would be perfect for you because of the relaxed feel this offer.

For your safety and satisfaction, these shoes are rated for protection as these come with an electrical hazard safe design. The outsole is made of nitrile rubber for slip-resistance, as well as chemical, wet and oil resistant components. Even when the conditions at the workplace are severe and hazardous, you can count on these shoes for the protection you need.

Fila Womens Steel Toe Running Shoes

Buy SKECHERS Work: Bulklin

Fila is also a prominent brand that offers excellent comfort. It has a line dedicated to those who are in the industrial field. And one of the most-talked-about work shoes from this brand is its steel toe running shoe.

First off, the pair is widely loved because of its unique style. There are three options for you to choose from. For me, the knock-out pink and the metallic silver are my favorite.

The notable thing is while this one looks like ordinary steel toe tennis shoes, it comes with a steel toe cap that makes it ideal for blue-collar workers. You can rely on the model for excellent toe protection.

Due to its non-slip sole, you can work confidently in slippery areas. Or if your job involves a lot of running, this work shoe will keep you safe as it gives good traction.

In addition to that, these steel toe work boots provide comfort via memory foam sock liner and midsole. These two work together to give superb comfort as you walk or run.

Plus, your feet are guaranteed to stay fresh as it comes with Coolmax fiber that absorbs moisture and lets the feet breathe. Thus, your feet will always stay cool and dry, so you dont have to worry about wearing the work shoe all day.

  • Running shoe design makes it versatile
  • Steel toed shoes for excellent toe protection
  • The non-slip sole gives a better grip on slick floors
  • Memory foam sock liner and midsole cushions feet in every step
  • Coolmax fiber that absorbs moisture for breathable wear
  • Small sizing than the usual size

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Keen Utility Men Atlanta Industrial Shoes

Another footwear from KEEN thats worth giving a try is the Mens Atlanta Industrial Shoe. Like the other work shoes that KEEn offers, it comforts and safeguards the feet very well.

Speaking of safety, what makes this different from others is its quick lace system. It holds the feet well and prevents the laces from getting untied that can cause you to trip.

As for comfort, it has several features to offer. First, comes with a torsional stability shank. This feature gives the feet a good amount of support for going up and down the ladder.

Furthermore, its steel toe caps are also asymmetrical. Such a feature gives more room to the toes while it protects them. The midsole also benefits from its compression-molded EVA midsole as it cushions the feet in every step.

What I like about this is how it is made out of leather and mesh. The leather part keeps the water at bay while the mesh part lets the feet breathe and free from moisture.

  • Quicklace system holds the feet well and prevents tripping
  • Torsional stability shank for support
  • The asymmetrical feature gives more room to the toes
  • Compression-molded EVA midsole cushions the feet in every step
  • Mesh material lets the foot breathe
  • Mesh part of the shoe is not waterproof

Skechers Work Shoes & Boots

Skechers Work Shoes. Skechers Work has become a leader in slip resistant footwear for men and women since 2002. Select from oxfords, boots and hikers in soft toe, safety steel toe, slip resistant and electrical hazard models for both men and women. Occupational shoes for industrial settings as well as restaurants, hospitals and other applications where slip resistance is a must. Quality and style are what you get with Skechers work shoes. Try a pair today from Rogans Shoes and get Free Shipping Orders $49.99+ Flat Rate $5 Shipping for Orders Less Than $49.99.

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Suadex Indestructible Steel Toe Work Boots

Suadex is a new name among the well-established brands in the industry. Yet, their work boot collection can fare very well too. Among them, the Indestructible Steel Toe Work Shoes are tough, comfortable, and stylish. Notably, its one of the affordable options out there.

When working in the industrial field, you need a pair of shoes to give you enough protection like this model. Aside from having a steel toe cap, it has a puncture-resistant kevlar sole. This feature protects the sole from sharp objects, making it ideal for working in the construction industry.

Youll not just get a shield from falling objects, but your sole is also guarded against sharp objects, such as steel bars and nails.

The good news is that the pair is also non-slip. So even if you work on oily and slippery platforms, you still have enough grip to prevent you from slipping. It is a must-have feature if youre in rainy areas.

This work boot also offers reliable comfort with thick insoles that guarantee cushioning your feet in every step. It also comes with a breathable mesh, so even if you work when the weather is hot, your feet will stay fresh and dry.

Plus, its steel toe cap is larger than others, preventing pinching issues when we move fast to perform.

What makes me love this work boot the most is that it is very stylish with multiple color choices. You can stick with the basic black, or choose the red or blue models for a refreshing change.

  • It can be a bit tricky to clean off the muds

Skechers 77055 Steel Toe Work Sneaker

SKECHERS WORK Steel Toe shoes review

Skechers is one of the major sponsors in most sports events. But this brand isnt just for athletes and those looking for casual wear. Its high-quality footwear also suits those who work in the industrial field. Notably, the Cankton Athletic Steel Toe Work Sneaker is ideal for people in the industrial field.

It has enough protection, with excellent features that provide comfort. At first glance, this shoe doesnt look like a boot because of its design, as it seems better suited to casual wear. But if youre going to take a closer look at its feature, youll surely want to invest in it.

This steel toe shoe shoe comes with a steel safety toe cap. It has been tested and approved to meet industry standards. You can rest assured that the pair is tough enough to guard your feet against falling heavy falling objects.

Also, just because it has a steel toe cap doesnt mean its weight is bothering. In truth, this model is one of the lightweight steel toe shoes in my collection.

In addition to that, this work boot is EH-rated, proving it suitable footwear even for those who work in the electrical industry. The boot is constructed to insulate against electrically energized objects. It can even protect the feet from 18kV 60Hz AC under dry conditions.

  • Insoles are not that long-lasting

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Skechers Mens Hartan Steel Toe Shoes

Skechers is one of the leading brands in the market that is known for its comfortability. However, most of its shoes are laced. If youre not a fan of the lace-up sneaker design, Skechers Mens Hartan Steel Toe Shoe might suit you best.

One of the first things that caught my attention is its design. These slip-on work shoes are made out of leather, making it look a little less casual than lace-up shoes. Apart from its design, its features will surely make you like it more.

For starters, it has all of the features that a steel toe work boot has. It comes with a steel rigid steel toe cap plus electrical hazard protection. These provide adequate shielding against falling objects, compression, and electrical hazards in the workplace.

More importantly, its non-marking sole is made of rubber, which offers maximum friction that will keep you safe even if you walk on wet or oily floors.

What I like the most about this work shoe is the maximum comfort that it gives because of the added memory foam. This feature gives a thick cushion that makes you feel like youre walking on clouds. It also lessens the strain when you do the heavy lifting. Hence, the pair is excellent footwear, especially if your job involves a lot of walking.

  • Stitching starts wearing out after a few months

Showcai Unisex Steel Toe Work Shoes

Some may not be familiar with Showcai, but the brand can also offer footwear with fantastic prot4ection and comfort for duties in industrial fields. Showcai Unisex Steel Toe Work Shoes is one of the top footwear brands that industrial workers should consider purchasing.

First, this is because of its steel toe cap feature that can protect you all day from impacts and compression. Plus, it has a thick sole thats enough to keep your feet safe when you accidentally step on sharp objects such as nails, thumbtacks, etc. If youve got clumsy co-workers, then this is for you.

Another good thing about it is that it is light enough to not quickly tire your foot, despite having a steel toe cap. It also bends just right at the bend of the foot, helping you to move around comfortably. Its mesh design also makes it lightweight and breathable, which makes it wearable all day.

On top of that, it has a stylish design that makes it versatile. Its like youre wearing Nike steel toe shoes it looks like a mere running shoe, but it offers superior protection like the traditional steel toe work shoe.

  • Thick sole protects the foot from accidental punctures
  • A lightweight steel toe safey shoe for not easily tiring wearers
  • Breathable mesh design keeps feet fresh and dry
  • Versatile design makes it wearable on casual days
  • Footbed cushion wears out after a few months of use

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Keen Utility Steel Toe Work Shoes

KEEN has been around for years, providing high-quality footwear along the way. And it is not a surprise anymore why the brand is popular even in the industrial field. One of the KEEN safety shoes that I love from this brand is the Mens Flint Low Steel Toe Work Shoe, as it can protect the feet and provide maximum comfort all at once.

Aside from the tough protection that it can give with steel toe caps, this boot also comes with a non-slip design. Even if you step on an oily or slippery surface, you wont easily slip due to the provided traction.

When it comes to comfort, this work boot is dependable. First, this is because it comes with an asymmetrical steel toe design. Such a feature is made to precisely fit the right and left foot, protecting the big to the little toe. Besides, the design offers more room for the toe to move and flex.

The work boot comes with a torsional stability shank, giving the feet more support to walk around all day comfortably. Hence, it is a perfect work boot for those in the construction and landscaping industry.

On top of that, it comes with natural odor protection. Even if you wear the boots all day, you wont have to worry about its smell.

  • The non-slip feature provides more traction
  • Asymmetrical steel-toe adds more comfort and more room to move
  • Torsional stability shank adds support and comfort for walking
  • Natural odor protection keeps feet fresh all-day
  • Minimal waterproofing as it can only withstand light rain

Caterpillar Steel Toe Industrial Shoes

Buy Skechers 77180

Also known as CAT, this brand is popular for its practical footwear. Over the years, it has offered countless high-quality footwear that industrial workers loved. But one of the work shoes that caught my attention was the Converge Steel Toe Industrial model.

At first glance, one would easily fall in love with how it looks due to its skate-inspired design. You can easily mix and match the piece with various outfits for a sporty and modern look.

Upon looking at this steel toe safety shoe features, this work shoe meets my work requirements as it provides enough support and protection. It comes with electrical hazard protection that can withstand up to 600 volts, given that the area is dry.

This design also comes with a steel toe cap, which gives the toes superior protection. So, aside from live wires, the work shoes also protect you from heavy objects.

Surprisingly, all those excellent protection features do not make it too heavy. In truth, the shoe features an ERGO midsole that weighs 30% lighter than the standard EVA, making it one of the lightest safety shoes in the world. It is so lightweight that it feels as if youre wearing a regular pair of shoes.

  • The skate-inspired design for a sporty look
  • Electrical hazard protection guards the feet against 600 volts
  • Steel toe cap for superior protection against falling objects
  • ERGO midsole that weighs 30% lighter than the standard EVA
  • Shock-absorbing footbed lessens compression for added comfort & toe protection

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Timberland Pro Steel Toe Work Shoes

Another comfortable work shoe from Timberland is the Mudsill Low Steel Toe Work Shoe.

Like most tough work shoes, this one also comes with a steel toe cap that gives maximum protection to the toes. It comes with an electrical hazard feature that can withstand accidental contact with electrically-charged parts. Its sole is slip-resistant, too, making it a nice pair of steel toe shoes for walking on concrete or slippery surfaces.

Besides the great protection capability, the shoes have a soft footbed that cushions the feet that adds comfort as you walk, stand, or even run. But what makes this work shoes different from others is it is flexible and breathable despite having a steel toe cap.

And although steel toe caps are heavy, this work shoe is much lighter as it comes with a lightweight molded midsole, which balances its weight. Thus, your feet will not get tired quickly, even if you wear them all day.

Its footbed, aside from the cushion that it gives, also has an anti-microbial cover, which keeps the feet smelling fresh throughout the day. And because it is so comfortable, you can expect a short break-in period.

  • A steel toe cap that gives maximum protection to the toes
  • Provides electrical hazard protection and slip-resistance
  • Shoes are flexible and breathable despite having a steel toe cap
  • Lightweight molded midsole balances the heavyweight
  • Footbeds anti-microbial cover keeps feet fresh
  • The break-in period only takes a few days
  • The limited color option

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