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Where Can I Purchase Easy Spirit Shoes

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easy spirit Savanah2 SlipOn Walking Shoe

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Ordered A Pair Of Easy Spirit Clogs

Ordered a pair of Easy Spirit clogs. I ordered a size 8 and needed an 8 1/2. I did not see anywhere on my email that I could return them for a different size. Finally called them today and was told that I couldnt have a refund after 21 days. I told them I didnt want a refund, that I just wanted a half-size bigger. I was told that the same applied to returns. So, Im stuck with a pair of shoes that are too smallEasy Spirits website said that sizes run true to size. No they dont, they run small. Anyway, I will NEVER buy another pair of shoes from Easy Spirit. Its my own fault that I didnt follow up sooner than I did, but I still would never buy another pair of Easy Spirit shoes.

Worst Experience Ever After Tracey

Worst experience ever after Tracey customer service rep hunged up on me. After purchasing 2 pairs of shoes black mesh size 5 and a size 8 realized that the size 8 I have purchased for my neighbor Lily 89yoawere a bit big and she has problems walking she needed a 7.5 and the 5 were defective. After speaking with a supervisor I said I would like the prepaid label be sent to my home because I dont have a printer. It took forever to received. Finally,Yay I received put in a box the 2 pairs of shoes size 5 and size 8 to switch for a 7.5. I took it to the Miami Shores Postal office postman couldnt give me a receipt so I took a picture of him scanning the box.The following day I get an email of a refund for the size8 only. What happened to the size 5 they took my money. This is shaddy and I will get in touch with customer protection. They are rude, extremely terrible customer service. I will never order from this company again. Spread the Word. They should NOT be in Business.

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Stay Comfortable And Fashionable In Easy Spirit Shoes

Easy Spirit has been around for more than three decades, manufacturing comfortable yet stylish footwear for women. If youre tired of squeezing your feet into shoes that just dont fit or taking off your heels at the end of a long day to relieve the ache, try a pair of Easy Spirit shoes. Youll be amazed at how comfortable they feel, whether youre chasing your kids around the house or on your feet all day at work. Easy Spirit uses the latest in foot comfort technology to develop shoes that allow women to look good and do everything they need to do without sacrificing comfort. Its easy to find the perfect pair of Easy Spirit shoes at HSN. Sneaker mules work well for on-the-go women, since you can just slip your feet in and head out the door. If youre looking for fashionable summertime footwear, Easy Spirit offers a wide range of sandals. Casual sport, flip-flop style, and slides are just a few options to stay comfortable while looking fabulous. You can also shop the selection of Mary Janes, slip-on sneakers, athleisure, lace-up sneakers, ballet flats, casual flats, and wedges. Easy Spirit also makes a line of no-show socks that include an arch band for added comfort.

Do Not Order From Easyspiritcom Unless

Easy Spirit Ap1 Nubuck Walking Shoes

Do NOT order from unless you want to be ripped off!!Ive been trying to get a refund after returning two pairs of shoes that are cheap knock-offs or a lot smaller that are now made in a different country .Steer clear!!

I have been waiting over a month to get a Gift card refund. They keep telling me they don’t know when it will be issued. I think I am going to be out $60. Do Not Buy From this company!!!!!

I bought a pair of easy spirit shoes last November 2021 and they are already busted on the side. For them not to be six months old is sad considered i paid $60 for them.

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I Feel You Want Good Customer Service

I feel you want good customer service DO NOT BUY FROM EASY SPIRIT! My order was in correct and they would not refund my money til I returned the incorrect shoes they sent, it was their mistake in the first place. The other shoes I ordered were not comfortable at all the had very hard soles. I have been trying to get the return slip for the ugly pair of shoes for weeks and still no no response.

For Sale Easy Spirit Women’s Romy Walking Shoe

ThanksCompare Easy Spirit Women’s Romy Walking Shoe for sale

Where Can I Buy Easy Spirit Women’s Romy Walking Shoe for sale online –

Who sells Easy Spirit Women’s Romy Walking Shoe compare prices –

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Easy Spirit Quality Is Not The Same As

Easy Spirit quality is not the same as years ago. The type of glue used and the color ink not the best quality. The shoes detach themselves and the color rans into your feet if it rains and your shoes are in water. When I called Easy Spirit, I was told to go back to Ross and speak to the Manager. As you know Ross wont take them back and wont listen to you even if I am the best customer since I live next door. I wont buy any longer that brand since they do not last even for one year.

Beware Of Free Return Policy

easy spirit Glider SlipOn Walking Shoe

BEWARE – Free Return Policy is only for the first 30 days. I purchased 2 pairs of shoes, but a week later my daughter came down with Covid – and then gave it to the whole family. When I went to the website to return shoes on day 32 the return was refused. I called and spent 38 minutes on hold before speaking with a Customer service representative. I sent photos to show the shoes had never been worn etc and they approved the return – but my card was never credited. Turns out they will only give you a gift card good for further purchases. I will be selling it to anyone who wants it. Will NEVER order directly from them again. Zappos is far more customer centric!

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Ways Easy Spirit Shoes Support Active Women Of All Ages

Whats the one thing that you have likely donenearly every day of your 50+ years on the planet? Chances are, youve put on apair of walking shoes and gone for a walk.

Just imagine by your 50th birthday, youhave probably walked 44,000 miles! Thats as far as 1698 marathons or two timesaround the Earth!

So, its no surprise that, over time, ourfeet demand a little extra love and attention and that is exactly what weshould give them. After all, if we treat our feet right, they will continue tosupport us for decades to come.

And I know just the shoes to support us instyle Easy Spirit.

While they are a sponsor of Sixty and Me, Iwould never recommend a product that I dont believe in. And, boy oh boy, do Ilove these shoes!

Read on to discover why I love Easy Spirit and dont forget to use promo code ES60ANDME2019 to get 20% off your next purchase!

Sign Up For New Styles From Easy Spirit

Easy Spirit Shoes for Women at

Over three-plus decades of production, Easy Spirit shoes for women has built a footwear empire based on some of the most comfortable shoes in the industry. This American brand of womens footwear is known for its easy, versatile style, its ingenuity and its value for the money. Easy Spirit shoes are well-made and are designed for women who live real lives. From the workplace and errands to the park and everything in between, Easy Spirit shoes will take you where you need to goand back!

Easy Spirit Sandals, Sneakers and More has a fantastic selection of these womens comfort shoes in stock, ready to send to youfast and free. Browse our selection of Easy Spirit shoes for women in a wide range of categories. Whether youre looking for Easy Spirit sneakers and athletic shoes, the easy-on comfort of clogs, warm-weather Easy Spirit sandals, boots, loafers, heels, flats or oxfords, there is an Easy Spirit shoe that is made for your needs. Youll want to wear them each and every day!

Risk-Free Purchases, Hassle-Free Exchanges and Returns

New to Easy Spirit? Try them risk-free in the comfort of your home. Try several styles to choose your favorite. With our free shipping, free returns and hassle-free exchanges, youll never experience that dreaded feeling of buyers remorse. Check out the wide range of colors, styles and material. Love leather? Suede? Fabric? has all of these looks and more.

Awesome Customer Service

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Easy Spirit Romy: Affordable Support In A Top

Easy Spirit Romy

Fifteen years and still going strong. We love when shoe companies keep their top-sellers around instead of discontinuing them after a season or two, leaving fans to scour eBay for a lucky find. The Easy Spirit Romy checks all the boxes of a good walking shoe:

Easy Spirit Romy

Good fit:

A wide toe box provides a comfortable fit for feet with bunions, hammertoes, neuropathy and neuroma. Footwear that fits well in the forefoot often has a sloppy fit at the heel. Not so with the Easy Spirit Romy. Customers remark that their heels stay put with no slipping.

Extended widths:

The Romy comes in a range of widths from super slim to extra wide and half sizes 5-10, 11 and 12. A few color combos come in the hard-to-find 10.5.

Removable insole:

Why buy an expensive gym shoe to accommodate your orthotics when you can find the Easy Spirit Romy for under $70?

Easy Spirit Romy

Most reviewers classify the Romys arch support as moderate, not enhanced. This may be a deal-breaker for you, but you can always add your own more supportive insole.

Sturdy, thick sole:

If your forefoot is plagued with hallux rigidus , a thick, rigid sole is recommended to protect the tender big toe joint. This feature also helps other foot conditions like plantar fasciitis that are worsened by an over-flexible sole.


For under $70, you get a well-made leather, suede, or mesh walking shoe with a good fit that comes in a variety of colors.

About the Author

I Have Been A Fan Of Easy Spirit For 20+years

Easy Spirit Ap1 Nubuck Walking Shoes

If you havent yet had a chance to checkout Easy Spirit shoes, you are in for a treat. I purchased my first pair ofEasy Spirit sneakers 20 years ago and I have always appreciated their comfort,simplicity and support. They were a lightweight extension of my young legs andhelped my adventurous spirit to explore the world.

Over the last two decades, since I firstinteracted with the brand, Easy Spirit has grown and innovated. They now offera wide range of styles, sizes and widths but, their focus on comfort hasremained the same.

Now, in my early 70s, I am still exploring.And, I am happy to have my Easy Spirit shoes on the journey with me!

Here are 3 ways Easy Spirit shoessupport women of all ages who are on the go!

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The Right Shoes Make You Feel Great On Theinside Too

For many women, including myself, styleisnt about looking good for others. It is about looking on the outside the wayyou feel on the inside. The right shoes help to put a spring in your step andIm not talking about the impact of their rubber soles Im talking about howan amazing pair of walking shoes makes you feel.

I dont know why, but every time I put on my Easy Spirit Tropic Mary Janes, I cant help smiling. Its not the kind of shoe that screams at the world. Its understated and sporty, but it still manages to be fashionable.

As a bonus, the adjustable straps makesthese shoes easy to slip on and off when traveling and are simple to adjust ifyour feet swell in the heat !

The women of our generation are breakingthe mold. We want shoes that match our lifestyle and help us to get the mostfrom life.

Thats why I am such a fan of Easy Spiritand their comfortable, convenient, stylish and oh-so-expressive shoes.

I hope that this article has inspired youto give their latest pairs a shot. I have certainly been enjoying gettingreacquainted with their amazing shoes!

As a special offer for our Sixty and Me community, get 20% off when your order your next pair of shoes with Easy Spirit. Use promo code ES60ANDME2019.

Have you ever tried Easy Spirits shoes? Which of the shoes mentioned in this article would you most like to try?

Editors note: This sponsored post was written by Sixty and Me.

Let’s Have a Conversation!

Easy Spirit Shoes Styles For Women

No matter which style of shoes you need, Easy Spirit offers a pair that will suit your requirements!

For easy, everyday wear, look for Easy Spirit womens slip-on shoes. These footwear options are simple to slide on, making them perfect for wearing around the house or as you head out to run a quick errand. For another around-the-house option, shop for Easy Spirit womens slippers.

If you need a shoe style that can stand up to a bit more active endeavours, look for womens Easy Spirit walking shoes. With a breathable mesh upper for ventilation, a padded insole, and a durable outsole that offers traction, womens walking shoes from Easy Spirit stand up to repeated use as you wear them mile after mile on the treadmill, trail, or sidewalk.

Kohls also offers womens Easy Spirit sandals for fun-in-the-sun wear, flats that add simple casual style to any look, and clogs and mules for even more everyday appeal.

Shop Kohls for all your womens footwear needs from Easy Spirit! And while youre here, be sure to find other shoes for the entire family, keeping everyones feet looking and feeling great all day long!

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Customer Service Agent Misrepresented Return Status

I ordered two pairs of shoes and after putting one on, I realized that the quality was not what I expected. I didnt even put on the 2nd shoe or the other pair. I returned the shoes per instructions. Three weeks later I have not received a refund. When I contacted customer service, they told me that the tracking information showed the shipment in transit. However, the tracking information indicated that a USPS agent handed the package to the merchant more than a week earlier. I still do not have a refund. Bewaredo not order online. In fact, dont order Easy Spirit shoes.

Not The Quality Ive Come To Expect

easy spirit Grae2 SlipOn Athleisure Shoe

I am extremely disappointed with my recent order. I am a long time customer, and Easy Spirit shoes in the past have been true to size, comfortable and great quality. This last order was not. The Gabbie flats have a hard leather upper sole, and on one shoe only a soft leather part over the toe area. The inner part of the toe area has an unforgiving, hard cardboard like leather support that painfully pinches the toes. I dont know where Im going to get my next pair of shoes.

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Latest Easy Spirit Shoes Customer Reviews

  • JoesephineEasy Spirit Punter Walking Shoes Womens Review :I am so glad to find Rogan Shoes. After many attempts to find my size with other companies you had the best selection of size and styles. Price was right to. My shoes were sent out right away. I would order again.
  • LizdaEasy Spirit Traveltime Slip On Shoes Womens Review :Have been wearing these shoes for many years, never disappoint. Very comfortable and easy to slip on and off. Have about 5 pairs in different colors.
  • Logdgepole GirlEasy Spirit Eliana Clogs Casual Shoes Womens Review :Rogans came through with a size and color I could use, not available anywhere else . . . and at an excellent price! The shipping time was speedy as well.
  • CaremareEasy Spirit Elinot Comfort Winter Boots Womens Review :I needed a boot that was easy to put on and off. These were perfect. They are very comfortable and as a bonus, Waterproof. I sat at a Christmas parade and my feet stayed warm.

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