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Where To Donate Old Shoes

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What Are The Best Places To Recycle Shoes


When it’s time to say goodbye to your shoes, there are a few things you can do with them.

Sell: If your shoes have been well-loved and you just don’t love them any more, you can always try to trade them in for cash. Sites like Ebay and Poshmark make it easy to sell shoes online to a loving new home. As someone who has tried to do this and failed many, many times, though, keep in mind that they need to be in very good condition for you to be able to make any money off of them. Nobody wants those filthy Stan Smiths with a missing laces, Karen.

Donate: If your shoes dead to you, but not embarrassing looking , you can take them to a second-hand store for someone else to love. A few easy places to do it? The Salvation Army, Goodwill, and One World Running, which have locations across the country, and the aforementioned Soles for Souls, which makes it so easy to ship your shoes to their warehouse that there’s pretty much no excuse not to.

What Do You Do With Your Old Shoes

I hope you found this guide on shoe recycling helpful.

My advice is always to donate old shoes. You can help someone in need, as well as the environment at the same time.

However, if your shoes are resembling Swiss cheese, then go the recycling route. Whichever recycling option you choose from the list, it wont be a mistake.

Id love to hear what you do with your old shoes. Let me know in the comments below, and sound off with any other shoe recycling questions you have.

The Future Of Footwear

Luckily, the shoe industry is working on new ways to help curb this cycle of waste and make it simpler to part with shoes without all the guilt. From upstarts like Veja and Everlane to industry stalwarts like Adidas, Nike, New Balance, Converse and Saucony, more footwear companies are moving towards non-toxic, biodegradable and recycled components. It’s also easier than ever to give a pair of shoes a second life by listing them on resale platforms like TheRealReal, Depop and ThredUp or on sneaker trading platforms like Sole Supremacy, StockX and Fight Club.

At the end of the day, there’s no magic bullet solution to getting rid of old shoes. Like everything else to do with sustainability, it’s complicated and requires tradeoffs. And even recycling innovations can’t replace the time-tested advice to buy the best quality shoes you can afford and to care for each pair as long as possible. Once you’re past that point? It’s worth remembering that old shoes also make great flower pots.

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A Permanent Shoe Waste Collection Eco

The permanent shoe waste collection ecosystem builds on the 2020 project “Others see an old shoe. We see the future.”, which aims to build a permanent shoe waste collection eco-system.

Chief executive officer of SportSG, Lim Teck Yin, said that the public response to the project was encouraging and demonstrates that Singaporeans are willing to join up if they can appreciate the meaningfulness of their participation.

More than 75,000 pairs of used shoes were collected last year.

This equated to approximately 3.3km of jogging track built.

You can view the locations of all the collection points for old shoes here.

Top photo from MSE / FB

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Donate Or Consign Any Shoes That Are Still Wearable

Where To Donate Clothes and Shoes

If you have shoes that are still in decent condition, but youve simply outgrown them or no longer have a use for them, the first thing you should consider is selling or donating them. You can try selling them to a consignment store or on an online platform like Poshmark, or donate them to a local thrift store or organization.

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How To Recycle Old Shoes

Figuring out what to do with old shoes can confuse, with many people asking are shoes recyclable and what to do with old shoes.

Its not only possible to recycle sneakers but also to recycle all kinds of footwear. Even if that means you need to recycle tennis shoes, dress shoes, flip flops, boots, or baby booties.

Just like we are in the habit of recycling our glass, metal, paper and plastic, your unwanted shoes are equally as easy to recycle. Repurposing your old shoes creates a world of ways to reuse and recycle.

Your unwanted soles can soon turn into useful household items, attractive ornaments, garden furniture, or much more. But if you dont have the time or the creativity to repurpose your old shoes, recycling them couldnt be easier.

Simply take your aged and unwanted shoes and boots to most recycling centers, put them in a clothes bank, or donate them to goodwill. Your shoes will either be resold or donated to people who need them. Search Google for shoe recycling near me for your nearest option.

But dont forget to tie them together, or they may quickly get separated.

Collection Starts From July 5

A permanent shoe waste collection ecosystem will be established from July 5, with 100 collection points islandwide.

You can bring your unwanted shoes to these collection points which include five Decathlon outlets, 20 ActiveSG Sport Centres and nine polyclinics.

Rubberised shoes that include sports shoes, school shoes, and football boots without metal studs will be accepted. Rubber sandals and slippers may be accepted too, according to SportSG.

Do note that the shoes should be dry and generally clean when you drop them off at the collection point. However, you do not have to wash your shoes prior to the drop-off.

The organisers hope to collect and recycle 170,000 pairs of sports and school shoes per year.

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Making The Most Of Your Shoes

Posted by Heidi Lang.

Whether you have a shoe collection of Imelda Marcos sized-proportions or see them as a functional item to protect your feet, we all have shoes. And at some point, those shoes will come to the end of their useful life to you. But what happens to them then? What should we do with our pile of unwanted shoes?

There may well be a lot more options than you even realise. Some of them benefitting others, some of them benefitting you, but either way, shoes should never find their way to landfill. Shoes have life left in them whether you know it or not, no matter how much youve worn them, abused them or loved them.

Here are our suggestions as to how to give your unwanted shoes a longer and more fruitful life!


Your easiest option is probably to take them to your local community recycling centre. Shoe recycling bins are widely available, and to find one in your area, you can search by postcode on the Recycle Now website. Click on the textiles tab in the list, and shoes in an option. You should sort your shoes into pairs, and usually place them in a bag before you deposit them. Quite often your shoes will be sent abroad for re-use or recycled in a responsible manner.





Donating Old And New Shoes

Donate Your Old Running Shoes

Maybe your kids have out grown their shoes, or those sneakers you bought online didn’t really fit, or you’ve decided stilettos aren’t your thing any more.

Don’t throw them out!

Even out of fashion shoes can be donated to opshops or charities where they can find a new home and be worn rather than dumped in landfill.

Donating shoes is often referred to as ‘recycling’ , I personally disagree with this definition, but if you google how to recycle shoes, you will mostly find ways to donate them. I’ve donated many shoes to op-shops or thrift stores over the years and until recently I really had no idea how many other ways they could be donated.

Here’s a few below to get you started:

> Shoes for Planet Earth

This organisation doesn’t recycle, but they are focused on REUSE which is fabulous.

They only accept new or lightly worn sports shoes, so keep that in mind and don’t drop off those that are falling apart. They accept kids and adult sneakers which are then distributed within Australia and overseas to communities that need them. Head to their page to find a drop off point near you.

> Re Shoe

From what I can tell, this is no longer operating, however I wanted to mention it as I have seen it mentioned a number of times in my hunt for ways to recycle shoes so I spent a little time looking into it and hope they start it up again in the future. Shoes were collected and sorted and then given to vendors along with training in developing countries to sell and create local incomes.

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Why Should I Recycle My Shoes

Whether its a hole in the toe or a sole thats starting to flap, every shoe will age over time. While its tempting to just throw them in the bin and replace them, there are better options.

Recycling shoes offers a number of benefits over throwing them in the bin. With very little effort, recycling your shoes can:

  • Reducing landfill waste
  • Provide footwear for those who have none
  • Breathe new life into something that is no longer needed
  • Support the worlds developing nations

Not only that, when you recycle an old pair of shoes, they can often be used again. In many cases, a pair of shoes you no longer need can be repaired. You can also help out by donating old shoes to those in need. This means providing a pair of shoes to someone in a third-world country who would otherwise be going without. What better way to put something you no longer need to good use.

How To Recycle Your Old Running Shoes

Running shoes tend to have a shorter life span than other shoes you wear day to day. They get beat up, get soaked in sweat and their cushioning often wears out before the upper is toast.

That means running shoes dont last as long as wed all like them to. There are ways to extend the life of your running shoes, but they will eventually wear out no matter how well you take care of them.

So what do you do with your trusty kicks once theyre worn out? Heres how you can recycle your running shoes.

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How To Donate Used Shoes

Have you got old or outgrown shoes laying around and not sure what to do with them? Participate in Shoe The World Day by donating to these top 4 charities in Australia.

Shoe The World Day is 15th March and a great opportunity to help those who might need a pair of shoes.

Here are some of the best places to get your second-hand shoes to those who need them most!

Established in 2009 Shoes 4 Planet Earth have donated over 82,000 pairs of shoes in over 18 countries.

Check out your local shoe collector location or email them with details about your donation to see where your closest charity is.

New and pre-loved shoes that are still in a good condition are great for donations to the Red Cross.

The donated items are then resold in their stores to help support Red Cross initiatives such as hardship, crisis and disaster relief in Australia and the Asia Pacific region.

Where To Donate Running Shoes

Donate your old shoes

Running shoes are not often a great item to donate to a second hand store. They are not an item that people will generally want to reuse.

However, if your shoes arent totally worn out, you have some more options for donation beyond a local thrift store. Maybe your shoes didnt quite fit right or the kids outgrew them quickly. Shoes like that are perfect to give to someone who really needs them, and there are a few organizations that do just that.

  • Soles4Souls works to give impoverished people shoes so they can go to school, work and stay healthy. They even organize work trips for individuals and groups to give out the shoes.
  • One World Running provides shoes specifically to runners in need. The Boulder-based nonprofit was started after sports journalist Mike Sandrock visited West Africa and was inspired to do good and make change.

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Baby Shoe Pin Cushion

If youre a seamstress, youll love this idea.

Theres nothing cuter than baby shoes. Now, you dont have to get rid of your babys first shoes. Instead, turn them into a pincushion.

Youll stop losing the pins everywhere. Plus, its small enough, so itll fit into any space you use for sewing.

Read More:

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What Do I Do With Old Shoes I Don’t Want

Picture this: you are cleaning out your closet, sitting on the floor taking out pairs and pairs of shoes that you didn’t even know were still there. Suddenly, you realize that in your hands there’s a heel that isn’t true to your current shoe size, a faux leather boot that you don’t like anymore and a really, really old Converse whose sole plainly looks like Swiss cheese. What can you do in that situation?

I’ll say it again: I know that you may have the urge to just throw them in the trash and that’s it, but hang in there! If you want to take care of the environment, that’s not the best way to dispose of them. There are many ways to do it responsibly, but I don’t want to spoil you just yet. First, let’s talk about the main reason why you shouldn’t throw your footwear in the trash the environmental impact of old shoe waste.

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The Best Solution Of All Keep Them Kicking

Before you act on any of the above, take a second look at the shoes in question. Chances are that your shoes aren’t actually on death’s door and could be brought back to life. In fact, there’s almost no such thing as a worn-out shoe in the hands of a good cobbler.

“We can fix everything,” says Jair Antonio Hernandez, owner of J& C Shoe Repair in Brooklyn, who has 48 years of experience and happens to be my personal cobbler. Many cobblers will take on unusual repairs, like replacing the cork on Birkenstocks, shampooing and reconditioning Uggs and rejuvenating your sneakers, too.

“We can do full resoles on sneakers, new heels and change the color,” says Hernandez. Repairing truly worn-out shoes is more expensive, he adds, so next time, don’t wait so long.

If you don’t have shoe repair nearby, try an online shoe repair service, like My Shoe Hospital, NuShoe or Cobbler Concierge. Jersey-based SoleFresh has a mail-in option for sneakers. If you’ve bought a pair of high-end shoes , check if the company provides in-house repairs.

You can also try your hand at some DIY shoe recovery at home. Shoe adhesives like Shoe-Fix, Barge and Shoe Goo are cheap and effective and can be used to plug holes in those paper-thin soles, reattach a flopping sole and my favorite trick build up a worn-down heel so you’re not walking at a slant.

How To Get Rid Of Old Shoes Sustainably

#LetsTakeAStep – Donate Old Shoes. Renew Happiness!
Product Care

Reuse, recycle or donate there are plenty of options to help you keep your old shoes out of landfills.

It’s no secret shoes dont last forever. If theyre a pair you love, chances are you’ll wear them until they wear out. Or your shoes will simply cycle out of regular use by getting old or going out of style. No matter the reason, when its time to replace old shoes, you have options. Instead of throwing your sneakers in the trash as waste, consider a more sustainability-friendly option.

Stop Throwing Out Your Old Shoes

First, rethink what to do with old shoes. You don’t have to send them to the landfill, creating unnecessary waste. Because materials such as rubber and leather can take years to decompose, adding old shoes to landfills is not a sustainable solution. Thankfully, you have other options for reusing or responsibly recycling your old shoes when theyve run their course.

Upcycle Old Shoes with A Makeover

  • Swap in a new set of laces.
  • Personalize your footwear with fabric pens or paint.

Making old shoes feel like new again is easier than you might think. If theyre in good condition after the makeover but you still dont feel like keeping them, you could try selling them. Especially if theyre a popular brand or style, selling them could get you funds to buy your next pair of kicks. However, to get full price for your old shoes, they really do have to be in top condition.

Make a Donation

Recycle and Reuse

Out With the Old

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Donate Your Spare Sneakers To These Charities And Organisations

While many sneakerheads are focussed on growing their collections into double, triple or quadruple figures, take a moment to think about those who dont even have a single pair. Sometimes its easy to forget what sneakers are made for in the first place: protecting the feet from the elements and outside world. Thankfully, many organisations and charities have established themselves around the world to get shoes to those who need it most. Here are just a few of the active groups you can donate your spare sneakers to right now.

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