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Does Nike Make Non Slip Shoes

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What Can You Put On The Bottom Of Shoes To Make Them Less Slippery

How to Make Shoes Non Slip | How to Make Shoes Non Slip for Work, Restaurant

Here are some ideas of products you can buy,plus a few DIY solutions, to help add traction and grip to the bottom of your shoes.

If you work in a restaurant or as a bartender, your employer might insist on non-slip restaurant shoes. It makes sense in this fast-paced work environment, where you are on your feet most of the day.

The methods we cover here will help make your shoes less slippery for restaurant work. However, they will work equally as well for any situation where you dont want shoes to beliterallyyour downfall!

Doing a somersault as you enter the conference room at work, because your shoes have no grip, is never a good look.

Nike Mens Air Zoom Pegasus 35 Running Shoe

Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 35 Mens Running Shoe has been re-imagined to look as fast as it feels. A full-length Zoom Air unit and beveled heel work together for optimal responsiveness, while engineered mesh and Flywire cables lock you down for speed. They are comfortable, stylish, innovative, and quality footwear.

Athletic styling gives these mens Powertrain Sport work shoes a modern look. Alloy safety toes, breathable mesh linings, electrical hazard protection & anti-fatigue technology combine for ultimate low-profile comfort & protection. These shoes are designed to provide you with enhanced job performance day in and day out. Wear them at work as well as at home with comfort & style.

You will get a roomy round toe and dual elastic goring for fit and stretch, plus a cushioned collar, moisture-wicking fabric lining, and premium air-cushioned insole. Theres a decent amount of squish under the foot in the form of a rubber sole.


  • Size issue

Pro Footwear For Medical Professionals And Food Service Workers

Vionic understands how much time medical professionals and food service workers spend walking and standing on slick floors. Although slippery surfaces may be unavoidable in your line of work, we believe your footwear should allow you to focus on the task at hand, not your feet.

Also, you dont have to resort to clogs or athletic shoes to stay comfortable all day at work. In fact, we recommend opting for a pair of orthotic shoes that are specified as slip-resistant. The Vionic Pro collection has arch support superior to other brands. As a result, you wont be dying to remove your shoes as soon as you get off work. Not to mention, our Vionic Pro line carries a ton of stylish nursing shoes, restaurant shoes, and more.

Whether you report for duty at a hospital, healthcare clinic, coffee shop, restaurant, school, salon, or athletic facility, a pair of our extra-comfy and stylish professional shoes will provide you with around-the-clock grip and stability. We carry slip-on and lace-up casual shoes and active-style sneakers for women and men in tons of colors and designs. We also carry our line in standard and wide width shoes.

Are you ready to say goodbye to slips, trips, and foot discomfort on the job? Shop the Vionic Pro line today.

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Nike Womens Flex Control Sneaker

This sneaker is known mostly for its stability. Compared to the NIKE womens casual running shoe, it is not as attractive or classic. But it has a strong sole quality which enhances stability in such a reliable way.

The rubber sole is of good quality which is lightweight, flexible, and slip-resistant. Apart from the fact that the rubber sole is durable, it also makes walking around very stable even while on slippery or sloppy floor surfaces.

It has the following features which make it an amazing shoe to wear:

  • The mid-foot saddle provides an adjustable fit and stability.
  • It has a deep flex groove that lets your feet move around naturally.
  • It has a breathable feature that makes your feet and toes cool, comfortable, and dry even in hot seasons or afternoons.
  • It has a heel and ankle support which is a feature of a good shoe. This prevents severe feet conditions from occurring.
  • With a flexible tongue, it is easy to slip on and off.

However, the NIKE womens flex control sneaker runs a little bit large and it might require that you order for a smaller size in order to attain a perfect fit.

The NIKE womens flex control sneaker is a stable sneaker with a slip-resistant sole.

Top Rated Nike Slip Resistant Shoes

Nike non slip shoes mens, ONETTECHNOLOGIESINDIA.COM

Slips and falls are common, especially if you are constantly exposed to greasy floors. Fortunately, Nike made it a point to keep its shoes more recognizable by ensuring that there are more features designed to protect wearers integrated within.

If you are into sports, then you will also be glad to know that Nike specializes in producing high-quality shoes and sneakers that perfectly suit the needs of a sports lover. You can find most of their sports shoes having anti-slip soles, making them suitable for baseball courts.

In most cases, Nike also makes use of a softer rubber outsole, allowing the shoe to grip effectively on slick floors. One of the shoes from the brand, which gained a lot of attention for being slip-resistant is the Nike Air Huarache. It features an essential ID style, which comes with a heel strap, promoting a more supportive and stable fit.

It is also equipped with a Phylon midsole, which is actually a good thing as it provides a lightweight cushioning. This specific shoe from Nike is known to be perfectly suitable for the quick impact linked to playing sports. It is not that suitable for extended wear in the catering or food industry, though.

Another nice thing about the Nike Air Huarache is that it features specially placed pods that are imprinted to its sole. Such provides the shoe with excellent traction while also making it non-slip. Nike offers more slip-resistant shoes aside from the one already mentioned.

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Oil Resistant Vs Slip

When you say a shoe is slip-resistant you can also say, in many cases, that its oil-resistant. Theyre a lot alike, but also different, if that makes sense. Heres how it works:

  • A slip-resistant shoe is tested for use on all types of slippery surfaces those that are oily, have patches and puddles of water, etc. So, a non-slip shoe, generally speaking, provides sufficient traction on oily surfaces, but were talking primarily about the shoes outsole.
  • An oil-resistant shoe refers to the whole shoe, not just its outsole. That means it outsole, insole, upper, lining everything is designed for protection against potential oil damage. Common materials used in shoe-making quickly degrade if exposed to oil frequently. Corrosion still happens on shoes made of oil-resistant materials, but more slowly than shoes that dont use those materials.
  • A slip-resistant shoe can prevent mishaps and slips on oily surfaces, but its upper may be susceptible to oil damage if not treated with oil-resistant materials.

Nike Mens Retaliation Trainer Cross

Mens NIKE retaliation TR training shoe combines the lockdown fit of Flywire cables with a mesh upper for breathable flexibility. Its solid rubber outsole features a training-specific traction pattern for excellent multi-surface grip no matter where you train.

A solid rubber outsole provides slip-resistance on slippery floors. Though designed to help prevent slips, you should always exercise caution on slick surfaces. They are constructed from durable leather and synthetic materials to meet everyday occupational needs. They are made with lightweight memory foam sock liner and midsole to provide optimal comfort in every step.

Face your daily challenges with ease and support with built-in perforations for breathability and a variable lace-up front closure. Those shoes are designed to fulfill work in every industry. From healthcare to the restaurant, to construction and industrial when the workday gets long.


  • They arent the most comfortable or supportive
  • Awful for long periods of time

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Quick Answer: Does Nike Make Non

A common question that we get asked at Victorious is, do Nike make non-slip shoes? We are very pleased to say that yes they do!

Nike has developed a range of trainers and running shoes with textured soles to help you grip the ground. This means you can keep on your feet in wet and slippery conditions. Theyve done this by using rubberized materials on the sole, or theyve made the shoe out of rubber.

If you like to run in the rain or on icy surfaces, then we have a comprehensive range of non-slip shoes for you. We carry Nikes latest offering.

Dansko Womens Xp 20 Clogs Non

Nike SB Verona Slip-Ons Shoe Review (Scuffed Audio)

Dansko Womens XP 2.0 Clogs are the best footwear for every working woman. Its Padded instep collar will help every woman to get extra comfort in the workplace. Its slip-resistant outsole will help you to get a strong grip on wet, dry, and oily-wet surfaces. These comfortable shoes are made with pure and imported leather.

Its rubber sole will give you a dry and cozy feeling in your every step. The midsole of these shoes is so lightweight that you can reduce fatigue presence from your daily wears. Its roomy and removable toes will help you keep your feet airy and hygienic.

It includes a dual-density PU footbed to help your feet to move easily inside the shoe. Its cushioning foam insole gives you all-day support and exceptional stability. This particular shoe is available in different colors and print and it will go with every outfit.


  • Narrow toe box

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Why Are Trail Shoes Generally Not Waterproof

If youre heading for the hills for a hike, the first feature you might look for in walking boots is waterproofing, but most trail shoes are at most water-resistant.

There is waterproofing available but the issue is that to make the shoe waterproof you have to wrap the upper under the whole of the midsole and then glue it down to create a complete seal, says Callaway.

This makes the shoe heavier and less flexible. Its a trade-off. A lot of brands refer to their uppers as water-resistant, which means the material is probably waterproof but they havent wrapped it right underneath the foot and glued it to the sole. So it can only be called water-resistant as opposed to waterproof.

Also waterproofing means a shoe is not particularly breathable so your foot gets very hot and sweaty. Its a comfort thing. People will accept if theyre running off-road they’re going to get wet feet, in which case whats really important is making sure you have good-quality running sock that you can get wet and sweaty in and not blister.

What Does The Shoes Sole Look Like

Whether or not slip-resistance is indicated on the box or in the online description, you should always check out the shoe soles before buying a pair. With non-slip shoes, you want a sturdy EVA rubber outsole thats slightly rounded on the sides. EVA rubber is a synthetic, foam-like resin used in the outsoles and midsoles of many shoes.

The idea is that with a typical flat sole, liquids can get underneath, which leads to slips, trips, and falls. Unlike regular shoes, an anti-slip sole prevents water from getting trapped underneath. Also, it should be designed to grip the floor, even when its wet or oily.

Lastly, although you want durability, the sole should be lightweight, flexible, and relatively soft. A light, flexible outsole will absorb shock and help you avoid fatigue. On top of that, a softer rubber sole tends to provide the best grip on a slippery surface.

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Score The Base Of Your Shoes

Now, the sound of taking a razor or knife to the soles of your newly acquired shoes might not be very appealing.

However, its a better option than lying in a heap on the floor because your shoes have no grip.

What you need:

A razor blade or sharp knife.

The method:

  • Firmly hold your shoe, sole side up.
  • 2With the razor blade or knife, carefully make shallow cuts diagonally across the sole.
  • 3Cut again in the opposite direction, making a lattice pattern.
  • 4Test out your quick fix

Pro Tip

Make the scoring as even as you can, not only will it look better, it will give you more traction.

Nike Mens Air Force 1 07 Sneakers :

Pin on Things to wear

If you want a nice pair of sneakers for casual as well as for work, we recommend choosing the Nike Air Force 1.

The White-On-White design of these sneakers has made many women a fan of them. While giving a sleek and elegant look, the Nike Air Force 1 also offers maximum support and comfort for women who work in a restaurant.

The upper consists of durable and soft leather with large holes to make it breathable. As leather is often stiff and requires a break-in period, these shoes come with a breathable mesh lining to provide comfort inside the shoes.

The shoes also have perforated inserts to make them highly comfortable and breathable, even if you wear them for the whole day. Besides, the rubber outsole and low design make them ideal for most people.

Combined with the soft cushioning, the thick rubber outsole makes it a durable pair of shoes. The unique traction pattern also provides a firm grip on the ground and makes them non-slip shoes.

Nike Air Force 1 07 Sneaker Reviews:

  • About 86% of the customers left positive reviews on the shoes.
  • The majority of the customers liked the design of these shoes.
  • Many users also liked the comfortable fit.
  • According to some reviews, they are easy to clean.
  • About 5% of the users said that they run small.
  • A few users said they are fake with misleading advertising.

Final Verdict

Check Price on Amazon

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How To Choose Golf Shoes

There are several factors to be aware of when buying golf shoes so let’s go into them now.

Comfort – As you would expect, when it comes to the best golf shoes for walking, comfort is king. As we stride the fairways and greens, if we are in an uncomfortable pair then we can get distracted especially if the discomfort causes blisters and rubbing. We recommend trying on some models before you buy to see what you like the feel of, and be aware of some models that have specific foam technologies, or specific sole designs that are designed to house your feet in all day comfort.

Grip/Stability/Traction – All three of these things are important because they allow you to commit to golf swings and play with confidence. If a pair doesn’t deliver on these then you may slip, causing a bad shot or even worse, a bad injury. As a result, many of the models above, in both spiked and spikeless designs, have specifically designed traction patterns and lugs to make sure your feet don’t slip.

Looks – This is entirely subjective but you need to make sure you like the look of your golf shoes and there is a model above for all different types of fashion sense. If you want a traditional design then something like the FootJoy Pro/SL will work well, whereas if you want to stand out a bit more, the adidas Codechaos is something to consider.

Budget – Be aware of how much you want to spend because there is a model above for people at different price points.

Birkenstock Professional Unisex Profi Birki Slip Resistant Restaurant Shoes

These simple clogs are designed to benefit the professionals and are made with imported polyurethane materials. When it comes to pairing the shoes with the outfit name of these Unisex shoes comes out first.

Its slip-resistant features will help you to reduce the chance of having sticky and sweaty feet. Its outsoles are anti-slip and made with certified materials.

Additionally, this pair of shoes will give you optimal support and coziness. These Unisex leather shoes are available in three different colors. The sizes of the shoes are mentioned on the bottom of the sole with M and L signifies Men and Ladies.


  • Constantly squeaky

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How To Make Shoe Slip

Do you have a recurring nightmare of your shoes slipping off in the middle of the day while you are doing something important? Or maybe you just want to be prepared for any sort of outdoor or indoor activity?

Here are 11 Shoe Slip Resistant Hacks if you are in search of some creative solutions on how to make shoes slip-resistant:

Nike Mens Revolution 5 Wide Running Shoe :

SAS Men’s Slip-Resistant Work Shoe- Guardian

The Nike Revolution 5 running shoes are ideal for restaurant workers due to their simple design and comfortable features.

The upper comprises knitted textile to make it breathable and stretchable. It has an overall black color and a simple look, making it ideal for the work environment. However, the kike logo on the shoe side still gives a nice look, not making it look old-school.

Similarly, the bottom of the shoes consists of lightweight cushioning for a soft and stable feel. Although the soft foam midsole makes it unsuitable for running on rough terrains, it is perfect for the smooth floor of restaurants.

So, you can expect these shoes to last for years if they dont face excessive wear and tear. The rubber outsoles are also durable and firm. The V-shaped traction pattern provides the perfect grip on smooth and rough surfaces too.

Nike Revolution 5 Wide Running Shoe Reviews:

  • About 84% of the customers liked the design and features of these shoes.
  • The majority of users were impressed by the relaxed and comfortable fit.
  • The wide toebox makes it perfect for wide feet.
  • Several users also like the sturdiness and soft cushioning of these shoes.
  • About 5% of the users complained that the shoes make a clicking or popping sound while walking.
  • Some of them said the quality isnt the best.

Final Verdict

Check Price on Amazon

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