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Which Nike Shoes Are Best For Standing All Day

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Nike Women’s Flex 2016 Rn Running Shoes

Top 5 Best Shoes For Standing All Day in 2019

If you are a lady who will spend most of the time resting your body weight on your feet, you may need to consider NIKE Women’s Flex 2016 RN Running Shoes as your next shoe. We found this shoe to have an excellent natural fit and support which is key to ensuring you don’t fatigue so fast.

When in NIKE Women’s Flex 2016 RN Running Shoes, you are guaranteed of a breathable shoe atmosphere. The engineered mesh keeps the feet fresh all day. The mesh also allows your feet to relax and expand naturally as it is very flexible.

Even though you may be only looking for a standing shoe, you may want a shoe that will give you utility in different activities like running, walking or just normal strolls. We found Nike Flex 2016 a very good working shoe for different arches. The Co-molded midsole ensures that different feet shapes have a smooth ride while in them.

To sum it all, you are cushioned from excessive pressure when you are in this amazing Nike running shoe. The rubber sole absorbs any shock or impact that would have an adverse effect on your feet. It also gives the shoe a lightweight feature which qualifies it to rank as among the best Nike shoes for working for long hours.


  • Has a high arch hence a good standing shoe for high arches
  • Has a light shock absorbent sole
  • Has flywire cable to enhance the shoe support
  • The outsole is of Tri-Star design for flexibility


  • The shoe may have fit issues to wide feet as they may run big with time

Nike Air Zoom Vomero 10

Nike has long been in the game of shoes. They are the biggest company for athletic shoe wear on the planet at the moment. These Vomero shoes are great for shoes for standing all day but the price point is hard to justify compared to other shoes on this list.

However, if you are a fan of the fit of Nike, you cant go wrong with these shoes. The Flywire technology helps secure your foot from all angles and it has a sleeve-like interior that some may like. On whole, this shoe is extremely light which is a great plus for those who will have them on all day long.

Buyers Guide The Final Verdict

There are a number of factors which you should consider while purchasing shoes for standing all day. These factors will assist you in taking the right decision for selecting these shoes.

You should be careful to choose shoes which offer the right support, the right kind of padding, construction materials and slip resistant soles. Considering these factors will surely help you in the long run as you will be protected from severe injuries while standing entire day and night.

Slip Resistant Soles

If your job requires you to stand throughout the day for working, it is a prerequisite that you should choose the right footwear. Slipping happens to be one of the most common problems, one may encounter while standing on the feet across the day.

You should make sure to purchase a shoe with slip resistant sole which will render comfort to you. These shoes can also bestow protection to you from various danger in the workplace.

If your job place has heavy equipment that can fall on you, you should strictly look for a shoe with the slip resistant sole. The special rubber in these shoes will help you in staying secure on the ground. Thus, these shoes can help you in standing on the feet for a longer time duration.

The Right Construction Materials

It is paramount that the shoes should have the right constructing materials. It is recommended to purchase a shoe with genuine leather as these materials are considered to be great for people standing all day.

Shoes of Genuine Leather


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Nike Men’s Air Zoom Vomero 11 Running Shoes

Keeping your feet aerated is key to ensuring you are able to stay on your feet all day. Made of a mesh upper, Nike Men’s Air Zoom Vomero 11 Running Shoes ensure a long lasting breathable experience for your feet.

Other than providing a continuously comfortable in-shoe environment, the shoe supports you all day. The flywire cables keep the midfoot wrapped in the shoe to ensure it is fully supported. The raised arch increases the support up to the upper foot area. To enhance support, the colour is made to be soft and of a very convenient fit.

Another key feature of Nike Men’s Air Zoom Vomero 11 Running Shoes is its ability to withstand different surfaces. This is due to its rubber outsole which is not only durable but also of excellent grip. This increase traction and anti-slip effect on different surfaces.

You rarely find a shoe that can double as a working shoe and run shoe. But this amazing Nike shoe is very versatile. You can use it for working, walking or any other activity that requires a lightweight shoe.


  • Majority of users found this shoe very comfortable
  • Its lightweight nature is appealing to most users
  • The soft midsole provides an excellent cushioning to the feet


  • Most users are concerned about how effectively it can be used by people with flat feet since it doesn’t have an arch support feature.

Warranty And Customer Care Service

The 15 Best Athletic Shoes for Standing All Day // ONE37pm

Unfortunately, not all brands and companies provide a reliable customer care service. In fact, some brands dont take any responsibility after your purchase is made, even if the warranty period is not expired yet.

To avoid such great hassle, you need to get your product from a trusted seller and make sure that you will be getting a replacement or refund in case of getting a faulty product.

Now you have an overall idea about products available on the market right now. So, when you start purchasing online or offline, you will have enough confidence that will keep you away from getting overwhelmed by the wide variety of products and their attractive specifications and design.

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Our Recommendations For Comfy Mens Work Shoes:

Clarks Tilden Walk Oxford

The Clarks Tilden Walk Oxford is one of our favorite mens dress shoes, period. It looks great, feels great, and it also happens to be an excellent choice for when youre on your feet for hours! We like its synthetic sole, which has all the bounce and traction of rubber without the clunky weight. Wearers love the way the sole keeps them feeling energetic. The elastic side gores and breathable construction of the upper material also make this one of the coolest, comfiest dress options in the second half of your shift. The Tildens leave some room for natural foot swelling, and keep sweat from causing you major discomfort. Oh, and the upper is still made from real leather, so you dont have to compromise your classiness for the extra comfort factor! We think theyre the best compromise between classiness and comfort for guys in professional settings. They do get narrow toward the toe, though, so make sure to size up if thats a problem for you!

Birkenstock London

Nike Mens Flex Running Shoe

Birkenstock Harris

Dr. Martens Vegan 1460 Boots

See full reviews of all these options on our Best Mens Shoes for Standing page!

How To Choose The Best Shoes For Standing All Day

Choosing the best shoes for standing all day is not as simple as you might think. Many people look for the best running shoes and call it a day. And, while there is certainly some crossover between the ideal footwear for running and the ideal shoes for standing, they are not necessarily interchangeable.

Running is a strenuous, dynamic activity that involves a lot of impact on your joints. Through a combination of cushioning and optimal shaping, running shoes work to minimise that impact to reduce the wear and tear to your body. Conversely, smart business shoes are built with a keen eye towards form over function. That is to say, they might look great, but they wont necessarily be comfortable for long periods of standing.

You will need to consider the grip. Very few running shoes are meant for smooth surfaces, which just so happens to be the most common surface you will find yourself standing on. You also want to make sure your potential shoe has plenty of room, something that your average pointy-toed business shoe will probably lack.

So without further ado, here are the

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Nike Women Rejuvenate Running Shoes

Nike Rejuvenate Running Shoes are another excellent choice for a nurse after comfort and style.

They are super lightweight and breathable for cool airflow for a comfortable experience.

These sneakers are made with an appealing synthetic leather designed in a honeycomb mesh pattern. The inside has foam pads for comfort.

These shoes also come with a low top design that offers protection for your heel keeping chaffing to the minimum.

The heel and tongue of the sneakers are padded to add comfort and bounce for mobility. The shoe is also completely collapsible, making it easy to carry around in a bag.

If you need to have a change of shoe along with your shift, these are the shoes to carry. They take up minimal space in the bag.

The bottom of these sneakers is designed with a waffle grid pattern to hold the feet in place and avoid accidents and straining while walking.

These shoes also come in a variety of colors and styles to choose from.


  • Offers varieties of styles and colors.
  • Provides support and comfort.

These are a perfect athletic shoe for nurses looking for a lightweight pair of shoes.

These shoes are designed with lightweight cushioning and mesh detail that keeps the shoe aerated for the feet to remain fresh all day.

The shoes are all about support. The heel is designed with a distinct Nike heel that offers great support and shock absorption.

The front of the shoe is also designed with extra cushioning for support and to add to the comfort.


Nike Walking Shoes For Long Walks On Hard Surfaces

Top 5 Best Shoes for Standing All Day Women’s | Review and Buying Guide [2022]

Nike CruzrOne For Men And Women

Best Features:

  • Underfoot cushioning provided by high-performing React Foam most found under the heel and tapers to the toe.
  • Heal and toe rocker for a smooth natural walking gait.
  • Low cut collar and thick padding for super-comfort.
  • Wool lining is soft and quick drying.
  • Mesh and perforations for a breathable and stretchy upper.
  • Flat laces for comfort in fitting over the foot.
  • Segmented outsole for improved flexibility.

The heel and toe rockers and the placement of the React Foam mostly under the heel are all designed to allow you to walk on these Nike walking shoes with a smooth transition of body weight across your foot. Your heel strikes the ground first, then rolls forward onto your toe, where you are then propelled forward.

The low-cut collar leaves your ankle to freely move without rubbing, and the knit fabric upper with wool lining makes you feel like you are wearing socks, not shoes. There are lots of spots for breathability and quick-drying wool lining means that your feet stay cool and dry.

The outer sole segments let your feet flex naturally, and these Nike walking shoes eat up the miles with ease and style.

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The Overall Best Shoes For Standing All Day

With over 6,800 5-star reviews, these Skechers lace-up sneakers are a favorite for all-day wear. The memory foam insoles of these shoes provide comfort with ample arch support. A padded collar and cushioned tongue keep your feet feeling cozy, while mesh details offer some breathability. A flexible rubber outsole with deep tread gives you plenty of traction while standing or walking, no matter what kind of terrain you encounter. The shoes are available in a bunch of dark and neutral colors and come in a wide range of sizes, including extra-wide.

What fans say: Ive tried many different types of shoes for comfort because Im on my feet all day. My feet hurt so bad at times I could hardly walk by the end of the day. I have bought three pairs of these just because my feet dont hurt anymore. I recommended them to a guy I work with because he was complaining about his feet hurting. He couldnt believe it when the first day he wore them, his feet didnt hurt. I plan on buying another pair soon.

  • Available sizes: Mens 6.5 16, including half and extra-wide sizes

New Balance Mens Walking Shoe

New Balance Mens Walking Shoe is great for those who want supportive footwear for walking or standing. This shoe comprises a leather upper to provide adequate durability and support.

It also incorporates suede and meshes with perforated channels and quarter panels to allow for comfortable airflow. This allows your feet to remain cool throughout the day while being sufficiently protected.

The interior features padding throughout with a comfortable tongue and collar. Importantly, theres a padded, removable footbed for those who want to replace it with an aftermarket insole.

This is great for individuals with specific needs or conditions requiring extra support across the foots base. Finally, the rubber outsole provides stability and grip on various surfaces.

New Balance Mens Walking shoe comes in several colors to accommodate most clothing. This includes black, gray, white, and color variations with accented lining.

If you enjoy New Balance and want one of the most reliable shoes for standing/walking all day, this is an excellent option. Its lightweight design, breathable composition, and soft interior are hard to beat.


Easy Spirit Womens Traveltime Mule is beautiful slip-on footwear designed for those who prefer wearing clogs. This aesthetically charming clog comprises leather and textile materials that are comfortable and supportive.

It also has a low-profile back that allows the feet to remain cool and unencumbered throughout the day.



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Best Shoes For Standing All Day Without Pain

  • & sol & sol
  • 4 years ago

There is nothing worse than having to stand all day in uncomfortable shoes. Youre going to want the best shoes for standing all day without pain. If you are going to be standing you may as well make sure that you are comfortable right? These shoes are not about being fashionable or looking good. These shoes are for the people who care about comfort and their joints more than anything else.

Alegria Womens Classic Pro Shoe

The 10 Best Shoes for Walking All Day 2021

The Alegria Classic Pro is a type of clog with a beautiful leather upper with cutouts at the vamp for added breathability and superior aesthetics. Although its a slip-on type of shoe, it features a closure which consists of a strap and buckle, offering a custom fit. The metallic buckle also adds to the overall aesthetics of the shoe. The sole and upper are stitched together for superior structural strength. As for the versions of the Classic Pro Alegria, there are three available at the moment, these being Jazzy Black, Jazzy Blue, and Surreally Pretty, which has a multicolor floral print.

The Alegria Womens Classic Pro shoe features a soft leather lining, which feels great on the skin. It also delivers excellent breathability, keeping your feet dry all day long.

The foot is made of a combination of cork and latex. The cork assumes the anatomical shape of your foot over time and will deliver a perfect fit. The latex adds shock absorption, providing an even weight dispersion over the whole surface of the footbed, to diminish fatigue. Also, the footbed can be removed, which makes this clog an orthotic-friendly model.

The Alegria Womens Classic Pro features a rocker outsole, made to propel you forward throughout your gait cycle, delivering a natural feel from heel to toe. This is extremely beneficial not only for women who have to stand up all day long but also for users who need to walk a great deal, as it considerably reduces the fatigue on the leg and foot muscles.

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Is It Ok To Wear Running Shoes For Walking

While running shoes are designed to be durable for the rigorous demands of running, they are excellent as walking shoes, too. The qualities that make running shoes ideal for running also make them great for walking: Cushioned midsoles absorb impact. Lightweight mesh or knit uppers breathe easily to keep you comfortable.

Final Verdict What You Should Know

The aim of this review is to help you find the best, reliable and recommended Nike shoe that would provide you with superior and unmatched comfort no matter how long you stand or where you stand and after going through this review, we hope that you would be able to select the one that best meets your needs.

Every Nike shoe listed here is extremely durable, provides great cushioning, support and comfort and we urge you to carefully go through each and every one of them carefully so you would find the one that best suits your feet.

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Comfortable Work Boots You Can Wear On The Job

If youre spending extended time working on your feet, the Skechers workshire boots can provide both comfort and protection. These shoes have a steel toe to protect your feet from a wide range of injuries that can be caused by impact or compression, plus theyre resistant to electrical hazards , which means theyll provide secondary protection when in contact with electrically energized objects. Both the steel toe and EH resistance have been tested and certified to meet American Safety Standard requirements.

For these reasons, the boots are ideal for anyone who works in a factory or construction site. But theyre also incredibly comfortable to wear, with a removable memory foam insole for cushioning and support while standing. These steel toe boots have a padded tongue and color for additional comfort and lugged flexible rubber outsoles for traction. The midsole is lightweight and shock-absorbing to support you with each step. You can get these flat, sturdy leather boots in black or brown. Theyre available in wide sizes too.

What fans say: Theyre superior quality, steel toe and meets ASTM standards for impact and compression. I love the fact it provides traction control and has flexibility. These boots are perfect for construction sites, and if youre like me on your feet for very long hours, then these boots are a must-buy item, especially for the asking price that it demands.

  • Available sizes: Mens 7 15, including half and wide sizes

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