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Who Sells On Cloud Shoes

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What’s The Typical Lifespan For On Running Shoes

On Running Shoes Review- Cloudflow, Cloudswift, Cloud X, Cloudventure | Cowichan Valley Running

Although most modern running shoes are pretty durable, they will wear out eventually. Many factors play a role in how quickly shoes wear out, including your gait, size, and preferred running surface. On average, you should be able to get an average of 300-500 miles out of your running shoes before changing them out. Remember: The technology may wear out faster than the material, making the shoes underperform even without visible signs of aging. So, don’t wait until they look worn out before you change them. Underperforming shoes decrease your running efficiency and increase your risk of injury.

What Can Cloudtec Do For You

There’s no right way to run. Whether you are a rear-, mid-, or forefoot striker, the important thing is that your running shoes support your individual stride. Regardless of your biomechanics and gait, there are two main things you should focus on: your take-off and your landing. Both are important in preventing injury and conserving energy when running.

About The Athlete’s Foot

The Athlete’s Foot is one of Cape Town’s oldest and most well-known running shoe stores based in the V& A Waterfront in Cape Town. The highly trained staff will assist you to find the perfect fit, whatever your requirements might be. There is also a full range of complementary active wear, which includes a wide range of clothing and accessories from leading international brands. We are more than a store. We know a great customer service experience begins with hiring amazing people. Our employees live and breathe The Athletes Foot beliefs, and we practice what we preach. Our customers and our employees come from all walks of life and share the value of making a fit lifestyle fun!

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How Can I Best Take Care Of My On Shoes

Cleaning your shoes should not be a hassle here are a few tips:

  • To preserve the durability of the shoes, wash them only when they accumulate dirt or stains. Don’t use soaps that might damage the color or material. Use a washcloth, a non-abrasive cloth, or a soft toothbrush to remove any stains.
  • You can reduce shoe odor using footwear-specific odor absorbers or sprays.
  • Always allow your shoes to dry completely between wears. Air drying with the shoelaces out is the ideal way of maintaining the integrity of the shoes. Avoid drying your shoes in direct sunlight as it may affect the midsole.

On Cloud Shoes Review: Light As A Feather With Sturdy Support

Kanye West

On Cloud Running Shoes : Monochrome Edition

Disclaimer: I am not a runner. I wear running shoes to workout because they cushion my joints better than other types of fitness shoes . If youre looking for reviews of this shoe from actual runners, check out But if you have compromised joints, yet still enjoy working out, read on. And if you decide to try a pair, I hope you love them as much as I do.

I first learned of the Swiss running company, On, while perusing new arrivals at Zappos. The On Cloud shoe in a light minty green monochrome color-way grabbed my attention and I couldnt look away! They stood out among the gawdy shoes in day-glo orange with purple logos splashed across the sides: all one color, streamlined design, and what were those quirky square pod things on the sole? I had to click through to find out more about On Cloud shoes.

On Cloud Shoes Monochrome Edition in Jade

The 16 pods on the sole arent just there to pique curiosity from onlookersthey really do serve an important purpose. Upon foot strike , the cloud pods compress to cushion the impact on feet, knees and back. The cloud pods then lock firm to provide a solid foundation for a natural toe-off. The following video featuring On co-founder, Caspar Coppetti, will show you more about the On Cloud shoe and its unique features.

Live from the On Labs | The Cloud from On on Vimeo.

Cloud X

A few more observations as I wear my new On Cloud shoes for walking, working out and running errands :

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On Cloud Shoes Outsole

The outsole used for the On Cloud shoes is identical to that of the On Cloud X my current favourite shoe for speed training on the roads! If you havent tried to Run On Clouds before, I recommend you give it a try! CloudTec is an innovation that always helps me to run faster, especially when putting on a new pair. The cloud pods give you that feeling of a cushioned landing, as they compress under your weight and then provide a barefoot take off as your foot leaves the ground and the pods spring back.

Taking a closer look at the outsole reveals that the clouds have had their inside edges sliced off, angling outward. This much-needed design tweak stops any small stones or debris getting caught in the pods, which used to be a problem shared amongst many.

What Will You Find At Shoe Stop

We carry it all, from baby shoes to work boots.We have over 37,000 pairs of shoes in our store.We employ shoe industry experts, including two Pedorthists.Visit our locally owned and operated shoe store to experience the difference for yourself. Our local business flourishes on word of mouth, so your satisfaction is our number one concern! Call us today at 270-686-7508 to learn more.

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Treat Running As A Sport Not An Illness

Do you have a deficiency or a problem that keeps you from running? Well, On has a solution! With its expansive range of footwear, the company caters to just about every needfrom low to high arches, from under- to over-pronation, and anything in between. Regardless of whether youre a beginner or a pro, you can find a great running shoe from On. Their world-class shoes are designed to help you enjoy every step of your run.

Where To Buy On Cloud Shoes

Kanye’s Yeezy 450 In Cloud White Shoes Sell Out in Under a Minute | TMZ TV

Its also a very good shoe for running and triathlons due to their easy slip on design and comfort while running sock-less. They are a bit more minimal than say the On Cloud X for running, but if you enjoy running in a minimal shoe and want to look great while doing so, then these shoes are for you!

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Estero Coconut Point Mall

The mild weather in Southwest Florida makes running, walking and other forms of exercise enjoyable all year. Whether you’re visiting this vacation paradise or are lucky enough to live here, if you are serious about fun, comfort and healthy workouts, you owe it to yourself to visit the Fit2Run Coconut Point Mall Store in Estero, Florida. Conveniently located between Naples and Fort Myers, our store is in one of the area’s most popular new shopping malls.

We carry a big variety of walking, athletic and running shoes as well as lots of sports accessories that can help you run better and feel better. If you’re looking for athletic gear and footwear, we carry premium brands like ASICS, Brooks Running and New Balance.

To ensure a perfect fit, come into our Estero store for a free videotaped gait analysis to find the right shoes for your foot type and the way you walk or run. Then step onto our iStep System to instantly identify your foot type, pressure points and shoe size, making recommendations the best orthotics and footwear to suit your unique feet.

In addition to shoes for walking and running, we carry several styles of OOFOS recovery sandals. Designed to help your body recover from aches and pains, these sandals are also perfect just for strolling on Southwest Florida’s subtropical beaches.


How We Picked The Best On Running Shoes

We used data from our fit id® outfitting process, interviews with designers and real-life wear testing to determine the best On running shoes for most runs and the most runners.

You can shop with confidence at Fleet Feet: We offer free shipping on all orders over $99, and you have 60 days to return any gear if you dont like the way it looks, fits or feels. Plus, with our price-match guarantee, you can make sure you never pay too much for a new pair of running shoes.

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Make The Stop And Visit Shoe Stop Inc A Locally

Ready to ditch your old or worn-out work boots? Want to find the perfect heels to complement your new party dress? We carry shoes from a variety of excellent brands that cater to your needs AND budget! You can choose from a variety of shoes, including:Infant/Toddler Shoes | Kids’ Shoes | Running shoes | Fashion Heels & Flats | Outdoor/Hiking Shoes | Work Boots | Sport Cleats | Specialty Shoes | Prescription ShoesWhat kind of shoes are you looking for? We receive new shoes every day! We pride ourselves on service that goes beyond what you might expect. Have trouble with your feet? Check out the Shoe Stop and see what our Certified Pedorthists can do to help you get that pep back in your step!Visit one of our locations in Owensboro, Kentucky or Mt. Vernon, Illinois to see what all the buzz is about.

Harness Balance And Momentum

Soft, colourful, light and flexible. The best

Running should be fun and refreshing, but without balance it becomes a strenuous activity. Good running shoes transition effortlessly from landing to take-off without causing friction, and thats exactly what On running shoes do. Powered with CloudTec®, On running shoes provide a swift shift of energy. When you hit the ground, the cloud elements create a strong propelling force that pushes you through a smooth take-off.

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How We Chose These Shoes

Many of the On shoes below have been through our extensive testing process. That means getting each model on the feet of our team of over 350 avid runners, who then put at least 100 miles on the shoe before providing their feedback. As our test team and staff report their on-foot impressions, we also run a battery of mechanical tests in our RW Shoe Lab, where we measure everything from the energy return of Ons Speedboard midsoles to the softness of its Helion foam. Weve relied on our own in-depth research and experience in the running shoe industry, personal consultation with brand representatives, and nearly a decade of lab data and tester feedback to select the 10 best models below.


Weight: 8.4 oz , 6.98 oz | Drop: 6 mm

  • Lightweight and fast
  • Subscription model might not work for all runners

Although its still in development, we do have some details on the Cyclonthe upper will be made with PA11, a polyamide derived from castor beans, and the sole will be made from Pebax. Itll be a lightweight, breathable speed shoe, and On claims itll last roughly 373 miles before it needs to be replaced . Some might balk at the idea of paying $30 per month for shoes, but if you regularly churn through trainers, the Cyclon subscription could be a great way to lower your environmental impact.

  • Rocker sole for smooth transitions
  • Firm cushioning

Still Not Sure Which On Running Shoes To Buy

I hope you enjoyed this On Shoes review, if youre still not sure which On Running shoes to buy, visit our Best On Running Shoes Buyers Guide for an ordered list of the top ON Clouds for road and trail running. It has been designed to make your buying decisions easier.

Thanks for reading! For more authentic independent adventure journalism direct to your inbox, including gear guides, reviews, training tips, plant-based lifestyle advice, and how to become more self-sustainable in your day-to-day, join thousands of others in subscribing to our Newsletter today. .

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Moving In The On Cloud

The On Cloud is a very comfortable shoe that I wear all day long. I feel free knowing I can break into a run whenever I happen to feel like it or if Im running late. And the stylish design keeps me looking fashionable, important for me as a creative. Its incredible how many people comment on them when Im out. Some even come up to me asking what brand they are and where they can buy them.

What To Consider While Purchasing Shoes

On Shoes Cloud Running Shoe Review | Terradrift

There are a few things that you must consider while you are purchasing shoes.

The thing that is extremely important to consider is comfort. People want the most comfortable shoes because if the shoes are not comfortable, they cannot walk as comfortably as they need. Therefore, the comfort has to be your priority to make sure that it is not causing any pain or discomfort.

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On Cloud Shoes Drop And Support Type

The On Cloud has a heel to toe drop of 6mm, great for all-day comfort if you spend much of your day on foot. The Cloud has a neutral support type which means theres not much additional arch support in the removable insole insert this will suite most people who have average feet. If you do feel you need extra arch support then I would recommend reading our Tread Labs insoles review next, which explains how their running insoles can help improve comfort and form for those who need the extra support underfoot.

Responses To On Cloud Shoes Review: Light As A Feather With Sturdy Support

  • Amanda moore

    Do they have an arch support, it is a must for me.

  • Kirsten Borrink

    I mention this in the review. Its moderate. It is not enhanced like youd find in Brooks or Asics. You can add an insole if needed.

  • julie

    How is the heel stability?

  • Robin Wold

    I am on my second pair of on cloud tennis shoes. I have bunions and plantar fascitis and these shoes work great for me. I get lots of compliments on the way they look.

  • Kirsten Borrink

    I love how easy they are to get on and off. Love the natural-feeling support, room for toes and great cushioning/shock-absorption. THanks for the feedback!

  • Christena Umsted

    They didnt help the burning pain I get from my arthritis. My daughter, with plantar fasciitis swears by them

  • lisa clark
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    On Cloud Shoes Outer Mesh

    The outer mesh material used for the On Cloud is very breathable, has a little bit of stretch and offers some protection with a plastic coated toe cap. The coated toe cap will stop any front-on water splashes from entering the shoe and also prevent any cold wind from hitting your toes.

    There are areas in the upper that have been protected with strips of no-sew foil which will firmly hold fabrics together without the possibility of fraying edges.

    Walk On A Cloud Store That Sells Clarks Shoes

    Adidas Yeezy 450 Cloud White Sneakers Sell Out In Under ...

    Shoes are the one thing that people notice a lot to judge your personality and who does not love a good pair of shoes. Whether it is shoes for men or women, it is always important to consider comfort. Most people prefer getting shoes of great brands, and they also consider getting shoes that are easily available and can be ordered online. Whenever you are looking for more options online, it gets very difficult to consider which option is the best. While you are shopping online, the authentication matters alot. You have to make sure that you are getting an excellent quality shoe that is not only perfect in terms of size but also great in terms of quality and design. So, where can you get the best quality shoe for you and your family?

    Walking on a Cloudstore that sells Clark Shoes is the perfect online store that will provide you with a variety of options that you can choose from. The navigation options, along with the designs that are available online, are absolutely stunning.

    The good thing is that you can shop by the brand, and you can also shop things according to the size and the pricing. You can easily consider getting shoes from this online store as it provides you with multiple options. Along with that, it also offers you the best of the options that you can choose from.

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    Focus On Cushioning Not Correction

    Ever run on clouds? Well, thats what On’s patented CloudTec® feels like. This state-of-the-art technology features cloud elements that provide the ultimate running sensation. This system of individual clouds cushions your landing and delivers an explosive take-off that lets you glide through your natural movement pattern without compromising protection. This is cushioning at its best!

    On Cloud Shoes Fit & Design

    The On Clouds, in my opinion, are beautiful shoes that shows off some of that design flair that the Swiss are so famous for. I really like the little details from the reflective decals right down to a tiny Swiss flag on the back. The upper uses mixed fabrics with varying textures and a color palette that uses a classy range of green tones .

    I have been wearing the On Cloud shoes as my go to lifestyle shoe since the very first release. Every year sees a new version with design tweaks and fresh new color options, and every year Im drawn into buying a new pair for reasons explained below.

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