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Are K Swiss Good Walking Shoes

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Is New Balance Or Brooks Better

K-Swiss Ultrashot 2 Tennis Shoe Review | Tennis Express

Overall Fit and Comfort Whether you need a good walking shoe or good running shoe, Brooks has you covered. In addition, if you need a larger toe box, both Brooks and New Balance are good options because their shoes typically run a little bit wider. I personally love New Balance because the shoes feel very soft to me.

Features To Look For In Men’s Walking Shoes

Weight Heavy or light? Leather, metal, and canvas are heavy construction elements; mesh and synthetics tend to be lighter. I like lightweight shoes for loose surfaces like beach sand.

Water Resistance If you want a water-resistant walking shoe, Id recommend a hiking shoe treated with Gore-Tex. If the shoe claims water resistance, pay attention to materials, seam-sealed stitching, and any possible water-resistant coating.

Lacing Style Standard lace-ups are the name of the game, but this guide includes an entry with boa lacing. The boa system offers easy, precision tightening and loosening, and its durable due to coated wire laces. An obvious disadvantage is that its difficult to repair.

Price Im not strict with my budget when it comes to my walking shoes. They are the foundation for my body every single day, and Im happy to pay the price to get the right shoe.

Comfort Pay attention to a shoes insole, footbed, cushioning, upper material, and width to get an idea of how comfortable it will feel to you. A mens walking sneaker should deliver all-day comfort.

Support I want my shoes to make it feel like Im walking barefoot on a comfortable surface: my shoes should contact my feet in the right places without generating pressure points or pinching.

Function My five sliders for walking shoe functionality are: traction, mileage, breathability, weight, and water resistance. Evaluate your needs and priorities for each.

After 17 Days Of Waiting To Hear About

After 17 days of waiting to hear about my order, with no response to any of my messages by email, twitter, via their website or Facebook they just cancelled my order.I really don’t know how they think they can run a business in this way when companies like Amazon are around who actually communicate with their customers and offer speedy delivery.They seem to show contempt for their customers so I am glad they cancelled the order now.If you are a shareholder of Kswiss and reading this, sell up or go speak to the CEO and get things sorted.

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Worthy Mention: Nike Men’s Court Lite Tennis Shoes

When most people thing top-notch athletic footwear, the name that first comes to mind is usually Nike. And there are many good reasons for this, not least of which is that Nike has been making outstanding athletic gear for decades and has an untarnished reputation for greatness.

The Court Lite tennis shoes from Nike certainly add one more reason to believe in the greatness of the companys legacy. While they come at a Nike-level asking price, youll certainly be happy with the durability and performance of these outstanding kicks.

One especially clever feature of the Court Lite shoes is the mesh tongue. This will allow enhanced breathability through the tops of the shoes to keep your feet cool and fresh throughout long pickleball matches.

Further, the Phylon midsole is a great lightweight sole option that still provides admirable cushioning and arch support.

More importantly for an indoor pickleball shoe, the Nike Court Lite shoe includes extra material in the toe area to help cushion against blunt impacts to the toe and other forms of abrasion.

But the most important thing for any indoor pickleball shoe is the outsole, and these Nike shoes certainly deliver in that department as well. Youll find you get top-level grip and traction with Nikes innovative GDR outsoles.

What About The Best Tennis Shoes For Women


This article primarily focuses on men’s tennis shoes as those are the models I have tested. However, most of my picks have a women’s version, which are identical in performance, so the picks apply for the ladies too.

However, a couple of shoes perform well for the girls I haven’t included here, so a full guide is coming soon :).

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Can I Use K

Running shoes and tennis shoes are different in both design and function. The primary goal of running shoes is to offer cushioning, stability, and support to propel you forward. They also have extra padding for better shock absorption.

Tennis shoes support side-to-side movements on different court types. They are low to offer support and grip and allow players to slide into their shots.

If you were to choose one for both sports, tennis shoes would be a better choice for a recreational run. Running shoes arent going to offer that lateral support you need for moving side-to-side.

One thing to note: tennis shoes are typically heavier than running shoes, and may weigh you down during those longer runs.

What Is The K Swiss Brand Known For

K-Swiss has a long-standing history and it has been considered a premium sports brand around the globe over the past decades

The K Swiss brand is known for providing high-quality, comfortable athletic shoes and flip-flops. While the company has been known for countless famous athletes that sport their products, they are also known for their comfort, functionality, and design.

K-Swiss is a heritage American athletic shoe brand well-known for manufacturing high-performance tennis, fitness, and lifestyle footwear to meet the demands of renowned athletes and trendsetters.

The K Swiss line of footwear features traditional dresses shoes, along with high tops and boat shoes in a variety of colors, prints, and fabrics.

Below I have provided some examples of the most popular K Swiss footwear with a focus on customer comments about how they feel about the product and if they consider the company to be a reliable and trustworthy brand

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New Balance Mens 1296v2 Stability Tennis Shoes

We think itâs safe to say that New Balance Menâs 1296v2 Stability Tennis Shoes are good tennis shoes for plantar fasciitis that you and your feet will quickly come to love. Theyâre widely known for being very comfortable and stylish to wear. These beautiful shoes proudly boast lateral support and stabilizing technology to keep your feet in the best, neutral condition when wearing them.

As with all the best tennis shoes for plantar fasciitis out there, these shoes also have great padding for your foot and heel to keep impact and plantar fasciitis at bay. One thing you should note is that some people have claimed that they can fit a little bit smaller than your normal shoes, so keep that in mind when ordering these shoes up.

Finding Mens Sneakers Or Athletic Shoes

KSwiss Ultrashot 2 Men’s Tennis Shoe Review

Sneakers are a go-to wear for many men. These are classic, comfortable shoes that serve you well for sports activities and daily casual wear. Many call tennis shoes as sneakers and you may see players wearing them off-court on a daily basis. A popular brand of tennis shoes for men and women is K-Swiss. You can order these through the sellers on eBay.

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New Balance Mens 608 V5 Casual Comfort Cross Trainer

The good thing about these New Balance shoes is that theyâre available in different materials and color combinations. The inside of New Balance Menâs 608 V5 Casual Comfort Cross Trainer provides generous cushioning and thereâs plush dual-density padding around the collar and the tongue for your skinâs comfort. Plus, the collar is going to give you a really soft cushioning and keep your feet comfortable all day long. Thereâs also the removable footbed that offers extra cushioning and support.

Like other best tennis shoes for plantar fasciitis from New Balance, these shoes have ABZORB cushioning in the midfoot for additional shock absorbency and comfort. Moreover, the midsole features EVA cushioning which helps keep the weight down and gives a nice performance. These amazing shoes also come with a lace-up system thatâs designed to make sure your foot stays locked right into place. Of course, thereâs a handy pull tab at the back for an easier on and off too.

And Finally What Do You Prefer: Speed & Agility Or Stability

  • Stable & durable: Players who value stability over comfort will find the Ultrashot a perfect shoe. It has a K-Swiss GuideGlide midsole technology that gives a springy experience. And, the Aosta rubber outsole holds up well even with lots of running on the court. Or if youre looking for a stability shoe, but at a more approachable price, the Bigshot Light 3 is a great value option.
  • Light & breathable: If you like a swift change in direction, you need light and speedy shoes with proper ventilation. The Hypercourt Supreme is a perfect option. The shoe has a soft upper that flexes with your feet as you move.
  • Comfort: Players who value cushioning and comfort over anything might like a shoe like Aero Knit. It has a unique upper with hidden laces that hold your feet in place. The ventilation is subpar, but for shorter matches, the Aero Knit holds up quite well.

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Anywear Womens Exact Clog

AnyWear Womens Exact Clog can take you from functional to fabulous with a simple switcheroo. These fully fashionable comfort clogs are made of synthetic materials which easily adapt to vegan needs as well as those who simply prefer a non-leather lightweight and flexible modern white work shoe and sixteen different other color and pattern options easily compliment any color or style scrubs you may choose or need to wear on any given day.

The fun nurse shoes are completely washable, have a patented airflow system, offers firm support with a removable insole, and the heel meets standard dress code requirements. The polyurethane sole is gripped for serious traction on any type of surface. And while these may look like Crocs, they fit slightly snugger and cost a lot less, so you can buy extra pairs without any guilt whatsoever.

Where To Buy K Swiss Shoes


You can see all of the K Swiss shoes currently available and purchase them from their website or by going to their online .

Established in 1966, K-Swiss quickly achieved success. And now more than five decades later, the brand continues to write new chapters in its long-standing history.

The brand is committed to manufacturing high-quality shoes that fit the needs of every athlete. There is one key reason to wear K-Swiss: they are the best.

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Next The Type Of Court

  • Clay court: This court affects the speed of the ball and can alter how the ball bounces. Clay courts also drastically affect your ability to stop and start. Shoes with specific tread patters like the Hypercourt Express and the Aero Clay are designed to perform on clay courts.
  • All court: If you play on any type of court, the majority of the K-Swiss tennis shoes will suit you. Shoes like the Aero Court, the Bigshot Light 3, and the Ultrashot 2 offer support on indoor or standard outdoor courts.

Skechers For Work Womens Soft Stride Softie Lace Up

When a high quality black and white nursing shoe that looks and feels like a sneaker is preferable to a clog, look no further than Skechers Womens Soft Stride Softie Lace Up. First of all, Skechers means quality, so any worries there are already covered. These lace-up professional shoes come in white or black leather to appeal to practically all uniform needs.

Targeted perforations along the back and sides promote air circulation for extra breathability. Padded collar and tongue add comfort and support at the point of entry. Strong nylon pull tab aids in entry and exit. Internal athletic cushioning provides light padding that can be aided with personal orthotics. And thick, rugged rubber sole is grip patterned for serious traction in any terrain or surface change.

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Brooks Womens Addiction Walking Shoes

Girl, when Brooks released their newest and meanest nursing shoes on the block, they were not playing around. Theyre tough but comfortable, rigid but flexible, and damn near irreplaceable.

I kid you not; these guys literally turned walking and standing all day into an addiction. You guessed it; we could only be talking about the Brooks Womens Addiction Walker Walking Shoes. But just what is it about these shoes that just make you want to be on your feet all day long?

Well, it could be the HydroFlow tech that enhances and boosts the midsole cushioning to provide unbridled shock absorption. Ladies, you know that means good news for battered feet at closing time. Whats more, Brooks went ahead and added dynamic gooey fluid units at the forefoot and heel to make you feel as if you were walking on manmade clouds.

But thats not even the most attractive feature; not even by a long stretch. Brooks Womens Addiction Walker tennis shoes incorporate extended progressive diagonal rollbars that present a robust, dual density posts at the arch for pronation control. Lastly, the ASTM certified skid and slip resistant outsole is engendered to cut down any instances of accidents at the workplace.

Want To Talk To A Live Expert About How To Choose Walking Shoes

K-Swiss Express Light Pickleball Shoe Review

If youve got questions, we’ve got answers. With Virtual Outfitting, you can get expert fit advice and gear tips from the comfort of just about anywhere with Wi-Fi.

You can also try on shoes and get expert fit advice in REI stores. Call ahead and ask for details on the stores current COVID protocols.

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What Is Plantar Fasciitis

First, what exactly is plantar fasciitis? In medical terms, plantar fasciitis is caused by repetitively pulling the periosteum from the calcaneus.

Im not a doctor though, and Im sure youre not either. Heres what that means:

Plantar fasciitis is the inflammation of the ligament that connects the heel to the toes.

The pictures below help explain what plantar fasciitis is more clearly.

As you can see, the plantar fascia is tissue on the bottom of your foot. It surrounds all of the bones on the bottom of your feet.

Plantar Fasciitis occurs when the plantar fascia is overstretched or overused. This can be used by running, walking, playing sports or more activities.

Prince Mens T22 Mid Tennis Shoes

Next on our list is none other than Prince Menâs T22 Mid Tennis Shoes. Great for players seeking the best tennis shoes for plantar fasciitis with great ankle support, these shoes boast a very attractive design. Aside from that, thereâs also the ultra-plush cushioning that offers great shock absorption and a more comfortable feel. Adding mesh to the upper, these shoes have improved the ventilation while maintaining durability and support.

Meanwhile, the TPU forefoot straps will lock the foot in place, ensuring excellent support and forefoot stability. They also feature a very durable outsole that provides great traction on all court surfaces. Best of all, these shoes offer a 6-month durability guarantee, which means you donât need to pay a single dollar if theyâre somehow spoiled.

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Crocs On The Clock Work Clog

Lastly we have an alternative looking nurses shoe that is instantly familiar and appealing ; the Crocs work clog. Crocs is quite a fashionable name and there is a sense of style to these nursing shoes but one this is still understated and could work well in a hospital environment. There is a nice color range ; traditional white for the wards but also a black , all the materials are synthetic with clean lines and there is a strong slip resistant sole, Croslite material to relieve pressure and a footbed that increases circulation and messages feet.

There is the criticism that they are not a classic Crocs shoe; no, but they are a nurses crocs shoe and the ideal midway point for practicality, comfort, familiarity and style.

The Worst Company For Customer Service


The worst company for customer service ever. Ordered trainers, tracking website shows that they have been delivered- they havent. Sent at least 10 emails to customer services with no reply. Opened resolution case with PayPal to get a refund. Disgusting service that is unbelievable in every way. Avoid.

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Is It Bad To Wear Running Shoes For Walking

In general, running shoes have more cushioning in the heel and forefoot. You dont necessarily need this in walking shoes. Just as its vital that you wear the right shoes for running, its important to wear the correct shoes for walking. The right shoes can help prevent injury and make walking more enjoyable.

Reebok Womens Work N Cushion 40 Walking Shoe

This is one of the most underrated shoe brands and not so many people know about it. The truth is, this shoe is excellently stabilized and is actually thick enough to withstand long hours of standing. This particular tennis shoe comes in three distinct colors, white, gray and black. The DMX Ride technology and low-cut design is a signature by the Reebok Company that works to provide arch support and excellent traction in any situation. With regards to comfort, this shoe is made of thick padding that ensures that the shoe is not only comfortable but also slip-resistant.

The trendy design of the Reebok is ageless; you can choose to wear these at work and even after work too. And at such a modest price, they are certainly irresistible. However, what stands out most is the ultra-soft leather interior which helps keep your feet in good health by getting rid of excess moisture.

The Reebok molds snugly to the contours of your feet, which makes standing less of a hassle. Like most other shoes for nurses, the removable insoles have superior arch support, and there is plenty of toe room too. Overall, it is a choice that wont disappoint.

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