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Are On Running Shoes Worth It

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What Is Ons Shipping Policy

Are Expensive Running Shoes Worth it? (Running Myths)

On ships to over 50 countries worldwide. On offers free shipping and covers any customs charges to most countries, however, shipping costs will occur if you reside in India, Indonesia, Israel, or Malaysia.

If the order doesnt meet the minimum order value to qualify for free shipping, the cost will be displayed at checkout.

According to On, the answer to shipping times is as quickly as possible. Depending on location, shipping should take 1 to 6 business days.

On will send a tracking link in a shipping confirmation email. To check the order status, go to the Order Tracking section of their official site.

Who Doesn’t Need Running Insoles

While everyone could use a little extra support now and then, not everyone needs insoles.

If you’re not experiencing any unusually significant pain in your feet, joints, or lower body while running, you don’t need to invest in insoles. Similarly, if you don’t have any significant problems with your feet or stride or issues that can’t be corrected by coaching your form, orthotics are unnecessary.

That said, not everyone uses insoles to treat an injury or issue. Some people like to have orthotics for additional shock absorption, which is a good thing for your joints.

If you’re not sure whether orthotics may help you and you don’t have any major issues, it comes down to a question of comfort. If you’re more comfortable running without inserts, then there’s no need to make your life more difficult.

How Does The Price Relate To The Rating Of A Running Shoe

You would think that a more expensive price will mean better reviews and rating of a running shoe at least overall, but thats not what a RunRepeat study found. In fact, it was the exact opposite!

Out of 391 models of running shoes that represented 24 different brands, the 10 most expensive shoes, at an average price of $181, were rated about 8% lower than the 10 cheapest models, with an average price of $61.

Obviously, this may vary from model to model, so youll want to check out reviews of the specific shoe that youre interested in to see if its worth the price.

For example, I have friends who swear by Hoka One One and On running shoes. The shoes work great for them, and its worth it to them to spend more on running shoes because they are more satisfied with them. I have other friends who run in mid-range ASICS and Brooks models who are every bit as happy with their shoes.

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Smart Shoes For Sports

Founded in 2015, Korean startup Salted Venture has taken in an undisclosed amount in funding so far to develop IOFIT Smart Shoes, which can analyze and correct the golf swing of its user. Claiming to be the worlds first smart golf shoes, IOFIT promises to provide golfers with access to meaningful information that empowers them to train and improve their performance in anywhere at an affordable price. And by affordable, Salted Venture means they offer cheaper alternatives to equipment like BodiTrak and Swing Catalyst.

They also claim to be as effective as a golf coach because of the real-time feedback they send their users. Some of the data you can see via their app, IOFIT Golf, includes center of pressure, foot pressure distribution, and left/right balance. Users can also view swing data from players in the PGA and LPGA to compare their performance to those of the pros.

Operated by the same family that runs sports lifestyle brand Globalite Retail, Indian startup Boltt Sports Technologies has taken in $600,000 in funding raised over two rounds to develop a smart shoe that can boost the users performance through functionalities like balanced gripping control and impact absorption.

Adidas Adizero Adios Pro 2

Are running socks worth it?

Why Its Great

The Adizero Adios Pro 2 is a thickly cushioned long-distance racing shoe built with carbon-fiber energy rods embedded in the incredibly lively Lightstrike Pro foam midsole. The rods help accentuate the levering of the metatarsal bones of the foot, and, combined with the springy midsole foam, create exceptional forward propulsion.

The Pros and Cons

Pros: The original version of the Adizero Adios Pro was a world-beater so Adidas focus on tiny changes to the midsole, outsole and upper for the second edition, including a cutaway section of the midsole foam on the medial side to save weight and improve efficiency. Other key features include a stabilizing plate in the heel, an updated featherweight, upper for improved fit and breathability, and revised carbon rubber and textile rubber segments on the outsole.

Cons: The Adizero Adios Pro 2 is only offered in unisex sizing, so finding the proper womens equivalent size among mens size offerings can be tricky.


Weight: 6.4 oz. Heel-Toe Offset: 8.5 mm

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On Mens Sneakers Review

This On cloud shoes review will now delve into the brands best-selling mens sneakers. Whether you like to run on the street, in the great outdoors, or even on a treadmill, the most important tool needed for cardio is shoes.

On cloud running shoes allow each user an option to keep running safely and smoothly whether sprints, bikes, or even HIIT is their thing.

The Cloud Waterproof is a shoe made for all-day performance. Made from zero-gravity foam and CloudTec to provide soft landings, it also ensures superior grip.

A speed-lacing system allows your foot to slip in and out with ease but keeps the shoe firmly in place on the move. Plus, the 100% waterproof nature of the shoe will keep your feet dry in rainy conditions.

Dont let the weather stop your exploring! Available in Black, Forest, and Storm, the comfort and practicality of these shoes make them perfect for different kinds of urban adventures in all conditions.

The Cloud Waterproof shoes are available for $149.

The Cloud X can be summed up in three words: stability, agility, and versatility. This sneaker is a reactive and dynamic shoe made with Helion super foam for explosive movements.

The shoe features molded cushions for mild security and the Speedboard energizes every step. Flexible and tough, this model also features a weaved pattern for durability and breathability.

Get more comfort, kick, and speed with the Cloudflow that are available in five colors for $139.

Downsides Of Cushioned Running Shoes

If the reason that your running shoes are costing more is because they are cushioned, you may deal with problems particular to cushioned shoes.

First, cushioned shoes tend to be heavier because there is more material. The shoes are therefore slower when it comes to racing both short, fast races and longer distances.

Runners who used cushioned and/or stability shoes can change their running stride and heel strike. Most runners have heard the risks in heel striking. It puts more stress on your joints, in theory, and slows you down as well. The extra stress can lead to repetitive stress injuries.

In addition, heel striking is not proper running form and is less efficient than a more natural stride where you land under your hips. Thus, more cushioned shoes can impact your running form if youre not being conscious of it.

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Are Hoka Shoes Good For Plantar Fasciitis

The features that make Hokas good for high arches are the same ones that make Hokas a good choice for anyone suffering from plantar fasciitis pain.

If youre a runner who suffers from plantar fasciitis, or if youre on your feet all day, you want a shoe with good cushioning and adequate arch support to minimize soreness.

Since Hoka One One shoes offer some of the best cushioning in the field, youd do well to give them a shot.

One of the more widely recommended models to manage planter fasciitis is the Bondi, the so-called clown shoe, because of its noticeable impact protection.

The thick sole is also firmer, which can help support your feet and reduce plantar fasciitis symptoms. Do they look a little odd? Sure. Do they look odder than other maximum-support sneakers? No way.

Why Do People Buy Expensive Shoes

Are expensive shoes worth it? Testing Adidas, Nike, Under Armour (Marketplace)

People buy expensive shoes because of their appearance, comfort, and durability.

First off, the most important aspect of buying shoes, in my opinion, is comfort. Sure, appearance is nice, but if youre not comfortable in them then whats the point? Next, durability is a major factor as well.

Sure, those obnoxious bright blue shoes that nobody would ever wear except for you might be super cute now, but will they still look this good next month? Or even worse do they already look worn out and old because you wore them just twice?

Finally, always buy shoes that are well-made. They should be sewn together rather than glued. The sole of the shoe should be thick and sturdy with nice and intricate stitching to hold the sole with the upper.

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Expensive Running Shoes Are Not Better Than More Affordable Running Shoes

Based on 134,867 reviews of 391 running shoes from 24 brands, this study compare the list price of running shoes with how well rated they are. The key conclusion is that expensive running shoes are not better than more affordable ones. In fact, inexpensive running shoes are better rated than expensive ones.

I Already Own Road Shoes

Before we look at why trail shoes are so beneficial for running on trails, lets consider why a road runner may not want to dig into their pocket for new shoes:

  • I already have running trainers for the road, I dont need to spend money on a second pair
  • My road shoes are really soft and comfortable to wear
  • My road shoes are really light weight, trail shoes seem very heavy in comparison
  • Im confused as to what I would need, there is too much talk of drop, lug height, cushioned/minimal, rock plates, toe rand, uppers, waterproof/non waterproof, heel counter, gusseted tongue the list goes on!
  • The road shoes I like dont have a trail shoe equivalent
  • How can one trail shoe be adequate for all different types of terrain grass, mud, rocky trails, waterlogged, slab rock, sand, chalk escarpments, hills, flat
  • Even if I go on a trail run, I usually have some sections of tarmac within that, or to get to the trails

These are all valid points, and you need to exercise some common sense, and prioritise these factors for yourself. The size of the trail shoe market will give you some indication that the perfect shoe for one person or one set of conditions, may be a poor fit for another, but let us consider for now why trail shoes are a good idea, and then how you can answer some of the above concerns.

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Are Hoka Shoes Good For Flat Feet

In short, yes the generous cushioning in Hokas supports flat feet and can help prevent associated lower body aches.

A Runners World shoe roundup from early 2021 noted that Hokas had an ideal balance of cushioning and firmness to keep low or collapsed arches feeling supported.

This is particularly the case with the Gaviota and Arahi models, the latter of which is firmer in the midsole to add extra support.

Why You Need Trail Shoes:

Asics Red Running Shoes

Trail shoes are not road trainers with bigger lugs. Yes, they typically do have bigger lugs, but this is only part of it. Trail shoes have to be more robust than road shoes, for the impact of running on uneven ground vs the smooth surface of a road.

Further to this, whereas road running shoes are designed to protect the foot from impact through the base of the shoe, a trail shoe can provide protection for the toes and sides of the foot against errant rocks or roots.

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Shoes Can Make You Fast

Its the oldest and most persistent myth about shoes. The right shoes will put jets on your feet, propel you to PRs, and place you on the podium.

The truth is that great shoes can make you feel fast, protect you from some of the stress of running, and stay out of the waynot interfering with your stride or weighing you down. But running prowess comes from your muscles and heart and lungs, developed by running often.

Bottom Line: The only feature on a shoe that can truly make you faster is wear.

Use these tips to make sure youre picking out the perfect pair for your feet.

How We Chose These Shoes

Many of the On shoes below have been through our extensive testing process. That means getting each model on the feet of our team of over 350 avid runners, who then put at least 100 miles on the shoe before providing their feedback. As our test team and staff report their on-foot impressions, we also run a battery of mechanical tests in our RW Shoe Lab, where we measure everything from the energy return of Ons Speedboard midsoles to the softness of its Helion foam. Weve relied on our own in-depth research and experience in the running shoe industry, personal consultation with product engineers, and nearly a decade of lab data and tester feedback to select the nine best models below.


  • More heel cushioning than previous version
  • Redesigned outsole tread improves wet surface traction
  • Less support for overpronators

Although its still in development, we do have some details on the Cyclonthe upper will be made with PA11, a polyamide derived from castor beans, and the sole will be Pebax. Itll be a lightweight, breathable speed shoe, and On claims itll last roughly 373 miles before it needs to be replaced . Some might balk at the idea of paying $30 per month for shoes, but if you regularly churn through trainers, the Cyclon subscription could be a great way to lower your environmental impact.

  • Lots of support features
  • Expensive and firm
  • Some testers experienced heel slippage

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On Cloud Womens Shoes Review

This On cloud shoes review will now move on to the bestselling womens sneakers. Any woman knows that shoes are true assets in aesthetics, confidence, and most importantly, movement.

On strives to create womens shoes that not only look great but also allow for freedom of movement, protection, and breathability so the modern and active woman can stride freely and confidently.

A new and improved version of the initial On Cloud 2.0, the Cloudstratus now delivers the ultimate cushioning experience. The shoe provides a double layer of CloudTec, meaning more clouds, more performance, and more run.

While these sneakers feature maximum cushioning, they also stay responsive and offer additional support that doesnt stifle speed.

The mesh is designed asymmetrically with movement in mind. Soft and firm, theyre optimized for comfort and breathable airflow. The shoe also features a star lacing configuration, wrapping the foot for a secure fit to support your natural motion.

Where your foot flexes, the shoe flexes, too! The Cloudstratuscomes in five vibrant colors to complement any workout outfit and can be your next go-to running essential for $169.

The Cloudflyer Waterproof is a next-generation shoe. With a wider outsole and more plush tongue than the average running shoe, the lightweight cushioning and Helion super foam provide cloud-like comfort.

On Cloud Shoes Outer Mesh

On Running Cloudultra REVIEW | Is it worth it?

The outer mesh material used for the On Cloud is very breathable, has a little bit of stretch and offers some protection with a plastic coated toe cap. The coated toe cap will stop any front-on water splashes from entering the shoe and also prevent any cold wind from hitting your toes.

There are areas in the upper that have been protected with strips of no-sew foil which will firmly hold fabrics together without the possibility of fraying edges.

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Do More Expensive Running Shoes Lead To More Injuries

A few years ago during the height of the barefoot running craze, it was, in some circles, common knowledge that high-tech running shoes were to blame for many things. The best way to prevent running injuries was to run in no shoes at all. A closer look at the science of injury rates does not bear this conclusion out, though. It is true that poorly fitting shoes or ill-constructed shoes can lead to more injuries. But that shouldnt typically be the case for more expensive shoes, because the materials should be of a decent quality.

Typically, youll get injuries if youve put a lot of miles on your shoes and they are starting to wear down. Of course, this can happen with the cheapest and also the most expensive shoes.

That being said, you might be more likely to expect more mileage out of expensive shoes, and might wear expensive shoes longer than you should, trying to get the most out of them.

Additionally, there are many lines of thought regarding the technology and price of shoes today. If youve read Christopher McDougalls book Born to Run, you know that he suggests humans werent originally evolved to wear really expensive shoes.

In fact, the book suggests that runners have just blindly gone along with the shoe industry. Those wily scoundrels! Always nefariously selling us the next new shoe! Maybe its best we keep to a more natural running form that comes from being barefoot.

What Makes Running Shoes So Bad

Many running shoes now have features that work the polar opposite of anatomy: narrow toe boxes, high toe/heel drops, thick and cushioned soles, and a toe spring.

Narrow toe boxes do not allow correct hallux function, squeezing the toes together and essentially shutting down the foots ability to direct bodyweight. When this happens, other tissues will have to compensate for the ineffective hallux.2Fig. 1 beautifully shows the differences between shod and barefoot runners for a visualisation.

Toe springs, identified by elevated toes of the shoe, take away the foots natural ability to absorb, store and release energy. The naked foots spring action returns about 17% of the energy from each step.4

When that mechanism is hindered, other tissues are once again needed to compensate, and the next available spring is the Achilles tendon. Toe springs in shoes might sound like an advantage, like these shoes are helping us run faster and for longer.

However, due to shoes taking away these functions, our feet are becoming unable to perform their natural roles, causing muscles to atrophy and connective tissue to become fibrotic.

Cushioned shoes are thought to interfere with the bodys ability to change from an inverted pendulum gait to a spring gait , and create rear foot striking.5

Reversing the effects of years of anatomically incorrect shoes is not an easy task.

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