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What Are The Best Basketball Shoes

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Best Basketball Shoes: Outdoor Play

Best Basketball Shoes of 2019! My Top Picks!

Not all basketball shoes are suitable for the outdoors. When it comes to the best outdoor basketball shoes, youll want something with incredible traction to support you on outdoor courts. Outdoor basketball shoes can vary in terms of cut, so you might find an assortment of high-tops, mid-tops, and low-tops when youre on the hunt for the best outdoor basketball shoes.

How To Choose Best Basketball Shoes In : Buying Guides

When picking out a shoe you need to watch for the traits outlined in this section as they will help you get a strong, well-rounded model.


Basketball is a high-flying, explosive sport, but it all starts on the ground. That is why you need shoes that have plenty of traction. If you slip or slide around the court youre going to run into issues. Not only will you not be able to stop on offense, but your defense will suffer as well.

The better your shoes grip, the more effectively youll be able to cut, accelerate, or take off. That then increases your general performance. Always look for models with unique traction patterns or extremely strong grips that are specially made to hold onto the gym floor.


Whenever youre looking at new shoes its important to consider how heavy you want them to be. Overall, lighter tends to be better. You get to run and jump without anything holding you back. That adds a certain amount of speed and performance. However, its not so cut and dry.;

Heavier shoes are not without their pros. They are much more durable and tend to offer extra padding or protection . The style you pick for your own individual games is all about what traits you value the most and how you tend to play.;







Look and Style

How To Choose Best Basketball Shoes Ultimate Buyer Guide

All-around game-style players required a unique combination of cushioning and traction force. All-round player type requires a moderately cushioned shoe while requiring excellent traction force. Players need to check out the outer sole to get good traction force from the shoe. The outer sole must be a rubber material of good quality with excellent grip patterns nowadays; Shoes are coming with good grips.

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How We Chose Our Selection Of Basketball Sneakers

From a friendly knockabout to a full-on slam dunk of a competitive match, the type of basketball shoes you choose will make the difference to your play.

To ensure youre on your game when it comes to basketball sneakers, weve put together what is surely the ultimate list of the top-rated basketball shoes out there. We used the following key criteria to determine which mens basketball shoes made the final cut:

Brand and reputation yes, it is about being brand cool but also about the names that are currently at the top of their basketball sneaker game

User reviews you cant beat first-hand experience, so we know theyre totally tried and tested

Price; when it comes to value, you need the right features for your game rather than going for the cheapest you can get.

Adidas Harden Vol 2 Grey/white Basketball Shoes

The 19 Best Basketball Shoes in 2020/2021 (So Far)

;The next listing of this review is from the infamous inventory of Adidas, and its called the Adidas Harden Vol 2. As a part of their frontline basketball shoe line-up, this particular one had been our favorite as a basketball shoe for guards.

The first impression came up with the engineering the forefoot of this shoe offers. This specialized structure will let you gain more grip and support while youre making sudden and dynamic moves as a baseball guard.

Moving forward, its the material that we are concerned about. Primarily, its made of knit-synthetic material, along with a custom lacing system and a sock-like construction. It checks all the boxes to ensure that it stays as a comfy, smooth companion to your toes.

To make sure that your quick-start and quick-stop movements get better than what it is now, the fractal traction has been reinforced and improvised in the outsole. Once you are in the game, you can definitely feel the change it has to offer.

In the cushioning department, the Adidas Harden Vol 2 has a cushioning named boost. As a matter of fact, its claimed to be Adidas most responsive cushioning system so far.

Overall, our verdict for this basketball shoe will be on the good side. If the size matches, you can definitely shortlist it into your cart.

What We Like

What We Dont Like

  • The maximum size is 18 only.

But color diversity should not be the core selling point, right? Well, here goes the detail of whats in here and whats not-

What We Like

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Great Value Adidas Mens Dame 5

Another great offer from Adidas is our choice for a great value. In addition to being an excellent basketball sneaker, the Performance Mens Cloud foam is Also reasonably priced; its going to give you a big bang for your buck. With a durable and lightweight leather top, these hightop basketball shoes will give you the most in ankle support and stability.

The sneakers tongue, collar, and a rear quarter are meshed to allow you to keep your foot cool during the game for the airflow you need. The Cloud foam sock liner and midsole are the defining feature of these basketball shoes.

The Cloud foam will make sure that your foot is not only safe in your sneaker but also ultra-comfortable with lightweight cushioning. The sneakers rubber outsole provides traction, which has a great traction pattern to provide the grip you need when you move around the court.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are so many questions that come to your mind when you are planning to buy basketball shoes. When you want to buy a product online, there are many things you have to consider before placing an order. Here are the most frequent questions that buyers ask.

;How basketball shoes should fit?;

Buy the right size! Make sure your toes have enough room with a broad toe box. Always stand up when trying basketball shoes and make sure that you have a thumbnails length of space between the top of your longest toe and the end of the shoe. Check that your heel fits comfortably and doesnt slip.

Benefits Of Having Basketball Shoes

A sneaker designed specifically for basketball is essential to your overall performance. Simply put, trying out in a normal sport or athletic shoe simply wont do. Get into a fast and furious game of basketball in an ordinary pair of sneakers and you run the risk, not only of seriously poor play, but potential injury and strain. Your basketball footwear are your essential piece of kit and the shoe you choose matters.

Unlike many other sports, basketball requires both speed and small space fast movement as well as jumps and twists and your feet need to be supported to smash it every time. The best performance basketball shoes are specifically designed to give you the right level of ankle support, stability and freedom of movement, minimizing the risk of strains and injury as you go into game overdrive.

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How We Come Up With The Top 10 Basketball Shoes

To come up with our list of the top basketball shoes, we spent hours scouring the web for reviews left by players, expert reviewers, and even ordinary users who also wear their Adidas or Nike basketball shoes casually.;

Their scores are then weighted and averaged to come up with a corescore for each product.

Best Basketball Shoes: Low

BEST Basketball Shoes of 2020

While high-top basketball shoes for men are meant to provide more stability and protection, low-tops are ideal for mobility and sharp movements. For players like Point Guards who need to be quick on their feet, the lightweight build of low-tops makes them the best basketball shoes for their play style.

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Nike Mens Air Shake Ndestrukt Basketball Shoe

One significant detail that you might notice about the Nike Air Shake Ndestrukt is its traction pattern. These cool basketball shoes have a notably wide herringbone pattern, which means theyll grip well on virtually any sort of court surface. These basketball shoes for men might be a bit tough to break in at first, but youll soon find that its high-quality durability will last you multiple wears. This is one of the classics that has been around since the 90s so you can bet this is a true performer that you can rely on for tough games.

Under Armour Charged Asser 8

Prices pulled from the Amazon Product Advertising API on:

Product prices and availability are accurate as of the date/time indicated and are subject to change. Any price and availability information displayed on at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product.

This pair of shoes introduced by Under Armour is considered as the best under 100$. The material used to create this masterpiece is 84% polyester and 16% elastane.

This built makes these shoes soft and stretchable to absorb the shocks experienced by your feet while running. The low shaft height removes ankle support but increases the speed because of your feet lower weight.

The outsole is made up of synthetic rubber to give you a better grip on slippery surfaces. Under Armour Charged Asser 8 Running Shoes contain a very breathable mesh to enable you to enhance your efficiency to a whole new level.

Lastly, the inner midsole is cushioned with an extra layer of leather, keeping your feet stable and increasing comfort. A charged cushioning midsole is also incorporated by the company to reduce collisions impact on your feet.

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Under Armour Hovr Havoc 2 Mens Basketball Shoe

Under Armours HOVR paddles run the full length, just like the Curry 6. And like the Curry 6, we found the HOVR on the side firmer than the running version of the HOVR which feels classy and glossy underneath the foot.;

When we went from an even more solid setup, like the Air Jordan 4, and then changed to HOVR Havoc 2, thats when we noticed the HOVR underfoot and we would feel a little fiery. As such, it has many of the same characteristics as the Air Jordan 4.;


  • Not very breathable.

We still consider this setup to be primarily focused on court feel more than anything else, however, its still a step up from Charge. UA still has a lot to do up front if theyre trying to make the HOVR feel a bit more luxurious as it does in some of its other models.

The materials remind us so much of the Nike Kobe 6 one of the most beloved individual performers of all time. Micro-molding mesh makes up the entire front part while the toe has a rubber material to partially protect the softer material underneath.;

Mesh wraps and molds around your feet, providing an almost perfect fit. It is flexible and supportive enough while it doesnt require much subdivision.

Bottom line

Under Armour has a solid performance different from the HOVR Havoc 2. The molded fabric above hugged the foot, keeping the foot secure and discreet. HOVR technology provides a balanced ride on the field.;

What To Know Before You Buy Puma Basketball Shoes

the best nike basketball shoes

Puma is a German multinational sportswear and athletic footwear company. Although Puma has traditionally focused on running shoes and soccer cleats, in 2018, the company reentered the basketball sneaker game, with musicians and basketball fanatics Jay-Z and J. Cole working to bring Puma to the forefront of the NBA landscape. Here are some things to consider when shopping for Puma basketball shoes.

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Nike Air More Uptempo

  • Released: 1996 | Worn by: Scottie Pippen

Designer Wilson Smith III created Nike’s most brash execution of an “Air Max” shoe yet, literally lettering out A-I-R along the sneaker to highlight the brand’s decade-defining technology.

“This was a bold shoe,” said Scottie Pippen, who wore the shoes in the 1996 Finals to cap off the Bulls’ 72-10 season. “I think Nike did a great job of really making a statement with this shoe.”

The Top 10 Best Basketball Shoes Of All

Ranking the best basketball shoe of all time is hard to do. We can base it on the shoe’s performance, popularity or even it’s price. Some may even rank it through it’s value over the years.I can’t speak for everyone but certainly this is how I rank the Top 10 Best Basketball Shoe of All Time:

10) Nike Air Zoom Generation

LeBron James first signature shoe in the NBA. Immediately after signing LeBron James to a $90 million contract and before he played his first ever NBA game, the Nike Team went to work and brainstormed to put up a signature shoe for a player who entered the league with the greatest hype ever. They came up with a Hummer- like design based on LeBron James Hummer H2 which his mother gifted him for his 18th birthday. After months in the war room, the Nike Air Zoom Generation made its official debut during LeBron James first regular season game as a professional basketball player on November 5th, 2003.Nike Air Zoom Generation released 5 colorways to the public. A Limited release colorway was released with the date of his first home game, 11-5-2003 known as the “First Game”. Nike’s decision to sign James before his first NBA game was one clever move. This shoe may not be that valuable yet but the first signature shoe of “The King” deserves to be in the Top 10 shoe of all time.

9) Reebok Question

8) Adidas KB8

7) Converse Chuck Taylor All Stars

6) Converse Weapon

5) Air Jordan V

4) Air Jordan XIII

3) Zoom Kobe IV

2) Air Jordan I

1) Air Jordan XI

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Best Basketball Shoes: Mid

Though mid-top basketball shoes for men are ideal for Small Forwards and Shooting Guards, theyre a versatile and well-rounded option that anyone can benefit from. They provide more protection than low-tops but at the same time, theyre not as restrictive as high-tops either. All-around players who prefer quick movements while battling with rebounds will find mid-tops to be a great middle ground for them.

Puma Palace Guard Sneaker

Top 10 Basketball Shoes for POINT GUARDS 2019!

Another retro sneaker that performs nicely on top of looking good, the Puma Palace Guard is a great value for money. The materials of these Puma basketball shoes feel high-end, with a durable outsole, a puffy shoe tongue, and a padded sock liner. It comes in colorways that are retro but not outdated, so you can easily take these mens shoes to the streets for more casual wear as well.

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Best Basketball Shoes For Kids/youth Reviews 2021 Buyer Guide

September 11, 2021 By John

Basketball is one of the famous games among kids. However, it is vital to get the best basketball shoes for kids to avoid any foot injury. It is your prime responsibility to choose the best basketball shoes for kids which is according to your kids feet types and that shoes have comfort, support, durability, cushion, traction, lockdown, and lightweight as well. We have enlisted one of the cool basketball shoes for kids.

Many brands are claiming to provide the best basketball shoes for kids. These shoes are also best for beginners. It has advised going for cheap basketball shoes for beginners and kids rather than spend dollars. There are many basketball shoes available in the available market at a reasonable price with good features. So, if your kid and a young boy/girl want to have their best basketball shoes, you can easily choose among the best basketball shoes for kids.

Anything Langston Galloway Wears

Langston Galloway is all about the custom kicks on the court. From proving the league wrong being undrafted to a staple player and shotmaker in the league, hes showing up and doing so in style. LGs always rockin some cool custom kicks and hes got his own LG Kicks company and podcast to show for it, too, along with a foundation which Langston and his wife, Sabrina, established works to improve the overall well being of student athletes through programming, advocacy and action.

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Adidas Mens Pro Bounce Madness 2019

With the Adidas Pro Bounce Madness 2019, you get both a sleek design and high-quality performance altogether. Its high-cut, lace-up upper gives you an ample amount of ankle stability. Meanwhile, its Boost cushioning provides impact protection and responsiveness. The herringbone pattern on the outsole keeps dust and debris accumulation to a minimum, so they dont get in the way of the traction. Ultimately, if you want a good mix of power and speed, opt for the Adidas Pro Bounce Madness 2019.

Nike Mens Lebron Soldier Ix Basketball Shoes

Best Basketball Shoes Ever

The LeBron Soldier IX lies somewhere in between a high-top and mid-top, offering fantastic support and comfort. Its strap system on the forefoot and ankle keeps your feet secure without being restrictive. Additionally, its equipped with Zoom Air units for responsive cushioning that absorbs shock and gives you a comfortable fit. The LeBron Soldier IXs outsole also features a multi-directional traction pattern, so youre sure to get a fantastic grip on a variety of surfaces.

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Best Basketball Shoes For Cushioning

LeBron James is certainly someone who would be included on the Mt. Rushmore of basketball and therefore it is no surprise that the LeBron range tends to be Nike’s flagship shoe for technology.

Firstly, the LeBron 18‘s come with three layers of cushioning including Air Max in the heel and full-length Zoom Air helping to keep you comfortable, particularly on outdoor courts.

Nike boasts the LeBron 18‘s have been designed to include a grid-like pattern on the outsole which should improve traction when traveling in multiple directions, ideal if you are a small forward like LeBron himself.

Moreover, the diamond-shaped cut-outs help reduce weight making these shoes, not only highly comfortable and protected, but also lightweight enough for speed and agility around the court.

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