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Where Can You Buy Ballet Shoes

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DANCE SHOE TIPS // What to look for when buying dance shoes

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I recently did a curbside pickup and the order was ready in 24 hours and the staff were so friendly and helpful when I arrived. My girls loved their dance outfits and the online selection was great! I found all the items needed!

Silvia Vong

I went to get gymnastics leotards for my daughter. They have a very good selection of cute items. The staff is very friendly. The girl who helped me out was very patient and helpful. Highly recommend the place for your selection of dance wear and accessories.

La-Toya B

This place is amazing! It’s super big with a wide selection of dancewear brands!!!! It was my first time shopping there an I have no clue why I haven’t shopped there before! I just wanted a plain black Leo and they had just what I wanted and more! The workers there are super nice and helpful! I will definitely come back!

Allison T

I had a great pointe shoe fitting experience at the Dancewear Centre! Chloe is an excellent fitter and was very thorough. I am extremely pleased with the new shoes she fitted me with, and I would definitely recommend the Dancewear Centre to all my friends in need of fittings!

Christina Z

Kristin Biggs

Cristina P

Antoni Mac

Should I Buy The Next Size Up

A ballet shoe fitter told me once that you go up in size when buying ballet shoes as they are sized differently to street shoes. But ALL manufacturers are different! Some take into consideration street size into their sizing charts and so you may not find any difference, where as others have may have a comparison chart where they show you if your street size is this, then your size in their ballet shoe should be and yet others will just go off of the measurement of the foot.

So whether you buy the next size up I feel is going to depend greatly on your budget and the price of the shoe, especially if you are buying online. I was surprised at how cheaply you can buy childrens ballet shoes online and you can see my top picks on our resource page here. If you buy online you can choose to buy true to the size the manufacturer recommends so you dont have any problems as ballet shoes are meant to fit like a glove. If you buy a pair for $15 or less you will hopefully be able to afford to buy a new pair if your child has a growth spurt. But what if the shoes you intend to buy costs you three times that amount which many from the more established and reputable brands do!

In saying this, dont go more than one size up! Or if your childs measurements only just meet the requirements of a size then order those, for example, the size is between 10-12cm and your childs foot 9.5 or 10cm long, choose that size not the 12-14cm shoe!

Determining What You Need In A Ballet Slipper

  • 1 Ballet slippers generally come in two materials: canvas and leather. You can buy quality ballet slippers in either material, depending on what you’re looking for specifically.XResearch source
  • Canvas slippers tend to absorb moisture better. They can also mold more to the shape of your feet. If you dance a lot, or plan to dance longterm, you may want to invest in canvas slippers. Also, some people may have moral opposition to leather as it’s made from animals.
  • However, leather can sometimes be more durable. If you tend to dance aggressively, leather may be a better option. Leather can also provide more traction, so quick-paced dancing may be better suited to leather flats. Also, leather tends to provide more support, so it’s reccomended when choosing ballet slippers for children.XResearch source
  • 2Figure out your shoe size in ballet slippers. Ballet slippers tend to run slightly smaller than regular shoe sizes. Your size for a ballet slipper may be one to two sizes smaller than your regular shoe size. For example, if you’re normally a size 6, your ballet size may be size 3 1/2 to 4. Sizes vary by company. If you’re looking to buy ballet shoes from a particular manufacturer, you should see if their company provides a size conversion chart online.
  • Figuring out your size can give you a rough range of what to look for in ballet slippers. You should always try to try ballet slippers on before making a purchase.
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    What Types Of Ballet Flats Are There

    The long history of this type of womens shoe has bred a number of different varieties. The main styles are:

    • Classic ballet flats
    • Pointed toe ballet flats
    • Ballet pumps with instep strap

    Classic ballet shoes are open to reveal the instep, a common feature of this type of footwear. Manoletinas stand out for their great flexibility, and are often low over the instep with a rounded shape. Peep toes are characterised by having open toes, while ankle strap ballet flats have a firmer fastening at the ankle, often in the form of straps or ribbons. In fact, the shoes come in so many creative forms, with varying structural elements , embellishments, and colour schemes, all coming together to create an endless range of options.

    How To Know You Have The Right Fit

    Capezio Women

    The following are a few things to look at when the ballet shoes are on your childs feet. Begin by making sure their foot is flat on the floor:

    • Are their toes flat and not scrunched up?
    • Can they wiggle their toes comfortably?
    • Is the width of the shoe ok? Are your childs toes flat on the floor as if they were barefoot? The width is wrong for your child if the shoe is too tight across the toes causing them to be squashed together uncomfortably?
    • Opposingly can you fit a finger in between the shoe and one or both sides of your childs foot easily? THis will mean the shoe is too wide.
    • Do the quarters fit nicely around the heel with the drawstring pulled at a comfortable tension for your child?
    • You should not have to pull the drawstring so tight that the shoe puckers when on or leaves marks on your childs foot. If it is too tight it can literally cut into the back of your childs Achilles tendon and can really hurt your child.
    • There should not be a large gap in between the back seam and your childs heel or Achilles tendon.

    When pulling on the drawstring to tighten the ballet shoes, the shoes should not look all puckered up like a shower cap or those shoe protectors doctors and nurses wear. They should be nice and smooth. Nor should you be able to see the outline of each of your childs toes, or a mark left by the drawstring and binding. This means the shoe is too small and tight.

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    Specialty Pointe Shoe Fittings

    Since opening up shop 7 years ago, weve specialized in pointe shoe fittings for everyone from budding ballerinas to prima ballerinas.. When you visit us, our helpful sales team will carefully measure your feet, ensuring you receive the perfect pointe shoe.

    We take great pride in all our fittings and look forward to helping you get on your toes.

    Connect with us on for a fitting during our convenient store hours. You can find us at Highway 10 and Bovaird Drive, just north of Brampton Auto Mall. We offer free parking as well as wheelchair accessibility.

    Finding Quality Ballet Slippers Suppliers

  • 1Determine the price range. Ballet slippers are fairly inexpensive, and are less pricey than other ballet shoes like pointe shoes. You can generally find a pair of ballet slippers between $20 and $30. If you’re going with a bigger, better known company, prices may be slightly higher, but you should generally be able to get slippers within this price range. You should be wary of suppliers selling slippers well below the typical price range. These shoes may not be high quality.XResearch source
  • With children, ballet slippers will need to be replaced frequently. However, you should still look for shoes in the regular price range. Cheaper shoes may save money short term, but improper footwear can hamper your child’s learning.XResearch source
  • 2Seek suppliers in your area. It’s a very good idea to try on ballet shoes, walk around, and move some before purchase.XResearch source Therefore, you should look into local suppliers first. Ideally, you should purchase ballet shoes in store from a local business.
  • Professional dance stores should sell ballet shoes. If you live in a metropolitan area, there is probably a dance store in your area. You can look online, or in the yellow pages. If you’re in a smaller area, you may still be able to find a professional dance store, especially if ballet classes are taught in your area.
  • Ask around. If you’re taking a ballet class, ask your teacher to point you in the direction of shoe suppliers. You can also talk to your fellow dancers.
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    Why Do Dancers Wear Ballet Shoes Why Cant My Kid Just Wear Their Socks Or Bare Feet

    I am going to start by answering the second question first here. Ballet dancers even little ones do not wear only socks because they have little grip and the dancer will slip and slide and this can cause injury. Ballet dancers also do not dance in bare feet as this will generally create too much friction. The feet can get stuck when they are meant to be gliding and again this can cause injury to the dancer. Ballet shoes provide grip on the soles and a smoother surface around the tips and tops of the toes to provide the gliding movement needed when dancing.

    Isotoner Satin Pearl Ballerina Girls Slippers White Large 2

    Did I ruin my pointe shoes? (How to wash ballet shoes)
    • This slipper is made of satin with a suede leather sole.
    • Beautifully adorned with embroidery and pearl detailing. They are made of the same quality materials as the Isotoner Embroidered Pearl Satin Ballerina Slippers.
    • These are not proper ballet shoes for class, but more for a bridesmaid or flower girl. Also great to use as slippers at home.
    • Machine wash in cold water with like colors. No bleach. Dry flat away from heat. Do not tumble dry iron or dry clean.
    • These slippers will make a great gift for a winter Christmas holiday season.

    So there you have it how to buy ballet shoes online and save.

    Hope this post has helped. Please feel free to comment below if you have any questions about how to buy ballet shoes online and save.

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    How To Buy Ballet Shoes Online And Save

    Many dancers would love to know how to buy ballet shoes online, as it works out a lot cheaper in most cases, not to mention that there are so many more choices available than one would find at your local dance shop.

    In fact, there are many places that you can buy ballet shoes online from. A Google search should quickly reveal a multitude of websites aimed at selling all types of dance shoes and gear. The best part is that you will usually be able to pick up some great ballet shoes at discount prices, as online stores save a packet on their rentals.

    Ballet Shoes And Soft Ballet Slippers

    We know how important the right ballet shoes are, so we’ve curated a range of them that offer a faultless combination of durability, comfort and quality. We’re proud to offer some of the world’s greatest ballet brands too, including Bloch, Roch Valley and Capezio.

    So if you’re a dancer looking for quality, variety and excellent value for money too, we think we’ve got you covered.

    Ballet Shoes and Slippers for Beginners and Professionals Alike

    We stock ballet shoes for women, men, girls, and boys of all huge variety of dance abilities and experience. Whether youre looking for something simple, a split sole ballet shoe, or a high-tech stretch fabric, our comprehensive range has you covered. We stock ballet shoes in a variety of fabrics and fits so that you can choose whatever suits you and your dance needs best. We offer leather ballet shoes, satin ballet slippers, or even canvas styles, and a choice of full sole and split sole ballet shoes.

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    Avoiding Common Buying Mistakes

  • 1Work with reputable sellers, especially when buying online. You want to make sure any sellers you work with are reputable. When working with a local company, it’s slightly easier to determine reputation. You can ask other dancers, and browse Yelp reviews. You can also get a feel for a company upon visiting and interacting with the staff. When buying online, take extra precaution.XResearch source
  • Online companies may have Yelp pages as well, which you can browse prior to purchase. You can also see if an online company allows user to leave reviews. One or two bad reviews among many good ones may just be one person’s experience. However, an onslaught of negative reviews is probably a bad sign.
  • You should also look for basic signs that an online company is legitimate. The site should not be overrun by pop-up ads. There should be a physical address and phone number. Prices should not be unbelievably low. There should also generally be a privacy statement and a return policy.XResearch source
  • 3Move around in shoes before making a purchase. The best way to determine if a ballet slipper works for you is to dance. When trying on shoes in a store, or trying on a pair you bought online, move in the shoes. Do a few basic dance moves. If you can comfortably feel the balls of your feet, and point your toes without feeling a pinch, the slippers are probably the right size and shape for you.XResearch sourceAdvertisement
  • How To Buy Ballet Shoes Online


    Before you start your search on how to buy ballet shoes online, make sure you know what size you want. Ballet shoes are supposed to fit your foot like a second skin, so resist the urge to buy 2 sizes bigger for you or your child. They will not only hamper dance performance but also look ugly. Remember ballet is about clean lines, and nothing looks worse on a ballet dancer that slippers that look like gumboots. Always remember that ballet is a visual art form.

    There are many places that you can order ballet shoes online with the most popular and well known online store being Amazon. You should be able to get cheaper ballet shoes here, but know your prices so that you can double check and get the best deal.

    For children, there are two primary types of ballet shoe namely leather and satin.

    Although the satin shoes are a lot cheaper, bear in mind that leather shoes will last you a whole lot longer. Satin shoes get dirty rather quickly, but can be put in the washing machine and then stuffed with tissue paper while they are drying. Now you can also get canvas shoes which are also strong, durable and proving to be quite popular.

    Resist the urge to buy split soled shoes for a young child. When children do ballet, they need to work the underneath muscles in the foot, and the split soled shoe does not give too much support in this regard. Split soled shoes, however, look lovely on the stage or for exams, but I wouldnt recommend them to train in all the time.

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    Which Brand Of Ballet Shoes Is Best To Buy

    At the end of the day, the best brand of ballet shoes will be the ones that best fit your child. But that isnt very helpful to you, is it? There are lots of brands of shoes out there that you can buy and so choosing can get quite confusing, especially if you start looking online. There are some really cheap shoes out there, but many find that after a few wears they start to fall apart and so having a bit of an idea of quality brands before you buy is always helpful.

    Some top brands found in most dance stores are:

    Capezio, Bloch, Grishko, Freed of London, Sansha, Wear Moi, SoDanca and MDM

    All of these companies have been around for a while and take pride in their product.

    A Brief History Of Ballet Shoes

    The word Ballet was established in the 17th century and comes from the Italian Ballere meaning to dance. Although it originated in Italy, ballet was soon recognised in the French royal courts in 1559 when Italian Catherine De Medici married the French King Henry II. And it was later popularised by King Louis XIV who was the King of France from 1643 to 1715.

    Women began ballet dancing in 1682, when ballet shoes still had heels. Years later, in the mid-18th century, the popular Paris Opera ballet dancer Marie-Annie Camargo paved the way for dancers everywhere by taking the heels off her dance shoes. Camargo was an innovator in other ways, rejecting the restrictive costumes dancers of the time wore.

    The much loved 20th century Russian born Anna Pavlova popularised ballet dancing across the globe. Pavlova had extremely arched steps and slender feet which meant the traditional Ballet slippers put added pressure on her toes and ankles. To solve her problems, this innovator created the modern-day pointe shoe, complete with supportive shank and box.

    You can check out our handy History of Ballet infographic here.

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    What Are Ballet Shoes Made Of

    Ballet shoes are light, round toed shoes that are most commonly made from Satin, Canvas, or Leather. These shoes have no heel and a flexible sole that is used for ballet dancing. They are often available in pink, white, ivory and black.

    While both male and female dancers wear ballet shoes, only female dancers wear pointe shoes, but this is normally from age 11 or 12 upwards, and after many years of ballet training. Pointe shoes also have a box and a shank which a ballet shoe does not.

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