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Are There Special Shoes For Drop Foot

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Furlove Afo Drop Foot Correction Brace

Soft AFO Drop Foot Brace | Shoe Dorsiflexion Assist for Neuropathy

Coming up next is a brace that is going to cover up more of the legs, helping to protect the ankles and foot a bit more. This one does cost more than the previous one, but its still far less expensive than most of the ones that are customized to you at clinics. With that said, you have a custom trim feature to them that lets you to tailor them to your kind of shoe, helping to zero in on the target areas a bit better. This takes some scissor work, but its not too big of a deal to bring you some good old pain relief. They are easy to clean and is also more flexible than it may seem at first glance. On top of that, the thermoplastic is strong and durable, all the while being comfortable, fully exhibiting what modern technology has been able to bring to us on a regular basis.


  • Strong and durable yet comfy
  • More ankle protection than many

How Do I Know I Have Drop Foot

For all intents and purposes, you can usually tell for yourself, honestly, whether you have drop foot or not. With that said, its never a bad thing to go to a doctor to see if they can officially diagnose you. They can confirm it is indeed drop foot, and not something else potentially, and they can set you up with some additional resources to help you out. This way, you dont end up overlooking what could amount to another problem that is wrong with you, and you can start getting a fix. Its not always a bad thing to self diagnose, but sometimes its just smart to get a second opinion, especially if its someone that has been around the block a time or two and can help refer you to things that will help your condition and make you feel better while remaining as safe as you possibly can be.

Best Shoes For Foot Drop

Foot drop also referred to as drop foot, is an expressive term for problems lifting the forefoot . It is one of those temporary foot complications that can become permanent if no proper measures are taken. Unfortunately, getting the best shoes for such problems can be hard enough.

This condition makes you drag your feet on the ground while walking. It is not actually a disease but a symptom of underlying muscular or neurological problems. Wrong footwear will definitely worsen the condition and make it much difficult to manage.

Lightweight shoes are easier to run/walk in but are not known for that much-needed support. On the other hand, heavy shoes will hold your feet firmly, only that they weigh the feet down, causing stress and fatigue. Most foot drop sufferers prefer shoes that provide ample ankle support.

Orthopedic specialists recommend cross-trainers and shoes with laces or adjustable Velcro straps for excellent tightness to give you that extra support. For a dressier choice, go with penny loafers or boat shoes, but keep in mind the construction material.

To get proper support and flexibility, the shoes should be well-cushioned to minimize pain. The shoes also need to be lightweight without compromising support so that they dont wear your feet down.

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New Balance Womens Fresh Foam 1080v8 Running Shoe

Ready for a game-changer? One of the best walking shoes for supination, the Womens Fresh Foam 1080v8 Running Shoe from New Balance works for those with high arches, neuromas, plantar fasciitis, and more. It comes with a blown rubber outsole, engineered mesh, plenty of cushioning, and extra room in the toe box!

According to reviews, this model prevents a whole range of issues, including lower back problems. This sneaker is a great pick even for those just getting back into the running grind after suffering from knee injuries. Whatever your reasons, you are sure to benefit from this incredible running shoe!

Take The Right Step With Fixifoot Insoles

Core Products Core FootFlexor Ankle Foot Orthosis Foot Drop Brace

Fixifoot is a leading foot care specialist providing premium custom orthotic insoles and foot care products that aims to rid you of common aches and pains caused by foot and related conditions.

We are committed to push you forward to take the right step to a better quality of life with the development of custom-made medical insoles made from high-quality and premium-grade materials.

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How A Foot Drop Brace Can Help Correct Poor Walking Patterns

Rather than letting their toes drag, some individuals with foot drop choose to swing their affected leg out to the side with each step to avoid dragging their toes. Others choose to lift their leg up high, like they are marching, to allow their foot to clear the ground.

However, these different walking patterns do not address the actual root cause of foot drop, nor are they likely to promote recovery. On the other hand, they are likely to cause further complications, such as chronic pain and faster rates of fatigue.

This is why doctors and therapists frequently suggest wearing an AFO brace for foot drop. AFO braces support the ankle, keeping the toes aligned with the rest of the foot, rather than allowing them to drag.

This increases your safety when walking and helps prevent the development of abnormal gait patterns. In turn, those who use a foot drop brace are able to move around more safely and easily.

How To Treat Drop Foot

While there are a few ways to treat drop foot, we are going to be, obviously, taking a look at braces today in our guide. Braces are a good way to help start correcting the problem because they effectively act a splint. If you have ever broken a finger, and surely you have unless you have been sheltered forever or are just plain lucky, then youve probably had a splint or two before. These splints sort of prop up the fingers to make them hold in their normal position. Without the splint being there, the finger dangles and remains in the same broken state. By holding it in place, its hoped that it will heal. Not only that, but its also going to be the goal of any splint or brace to get that part of the body moving correctly again.

Of course, we should also mention that there are other options to treat drop foot as well. Other options include things such as physical therapy, nerve stimulation, and surgery, according to the Mayo Clinics website. Physical therapy works by trying to take weakened muscles and strengthening them to improve your range of motion. Stretching would also be included in this. The other two options are less common, with surgery being something of a last resort. Youll definitely want to exhaust your efforts before jumping all in on that, but its ultimately up to you and what your doctor decides is best in that regard.

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Orthofeet Carnegie Adjustable Strap Mens Shoes

A casual shoe might not be suitable for some workplaces or occasions, and something smarter is required. The Carnegie from Orthofeet is a classic style with tons of support and comfort features.

Orthofeet designs their shoes biomechanically to help with numerous feet and lower body issues.

This black leather shoe has hook and loop straps on either side, creating a wide opening for easy on and off, and adjustment. Sizes are from 7 through to 14. There are three width options, regular, wide, and extra-wide.

The orthotic insole is anatomically designed for arch support. An air-cushioned heel pad and forefoot help to give you stability and alleviate stress on your joints. The shoes are designed with extra depth, and the insole can be removed.

The linings are seam-free, and the uppers have added padding, which helps relieve pressure on your feet. These shoes are lightweight, which is essential for foot drop, and they also have a broad and roomy toe box.

The shoes soles are not slip-resistant so be careful around wet or slippery surfaces.


  • Extra cushioning throughout uppers and soles.


  • Not slip-resistant
This biomechanically designed, lightweight shoe is a good choice of footwear for the workplace. It has plenty of support and cushioning throughout and added depth. The two hook and loop straps allow for easy on and off and adjustment.

Vionic Mens Contest Active Lace Ups

Foot of the Week – Episode 17 – Drop Foot AFO Comparison and Testimonial

One of the best choices for men that are looking to get their workout in or get out on the move are the Vionic Mens Contest Active Lace Up Shoe. These shoes vary greatly in price but have rubber soles that grip the ground below you to help keep you steady on your feet.

There are removable dual density EVA insoles to help support your foot while wearing the shoe. The EVA insoles were designed by a certified podiatrist to ensure the support to your feet is top-quality. They also include Vionics system with Orthaheel Contest system designed to support your foot at all major three pressure points. There is also room in the shoe to accommodate your personal orthotics inserts or braces as well to keep you steady while you work hard and live your life.

If youre going out to the beach or out for a manicure this summer you want a comfortable quality pair of sandals. However, when experiencing drop-foot many sandals dont offer the support you need to ensure you are comfortable and safe while going about your vacations or summer season. We have found some, however, that will provide that support. These are our best picks.

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What Is The Sandals For Foot Drop

Sorry if youre perplexed. I know its not an easy choice! But its one of the most crucial choices youll ever make. If youre still unsure which type of sandals for foot drop is best for you, I recommend comparing the characteristics and functionalities of the sandals for foot drop listed above. Each has advantages and disadvantages.

Telic Shoe Arch Support Recovery Z

If youre seeking a sandal thats ideal for managing neuropathy pain, the Telic Arch Support Recovery Z-Strap Sandal may be perfect for you. As the winner of the Best Comfort Shoe by The New York Times Readers Choice awards, you can count on these shoes to deliver on quality. These sandals were originally designed for athletes to use as a recovery shoe, but after rave reviews of their performance, these shoes are now worn by a wide range of people. Theyre notably comfortable for people with foot conditions including neuropathy, plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, and more.

These supportive sandals are constructed from 100% Novalon with a synthetic sole. As you wear these shoes and your body temperature reaches the PillowSoft Novalon, the material conforms to your foot to create the perfect fit. The material, with its blend of elasto-polymers, absorbs shock, reduces impact, and exhibits a bounce back effect for complete comfort. These Novalon sandals are also waterproof, antibacterial, and machine washable. Theyre incredibly lightweight to minimize strain on your legs and feet.

For exceptional comfort and neuropathy relief, these sandals feature an ergonomically correct footbed that conforms to the unique shape of your feet. The small negative heel and soft arch support keep your feet healthy and feeling great.

These sandals are relatively affordable and entirely recyclable.



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Skechers Mens Afterburn Memory

These Skechers shoes for men offer enough support and cushioning to relieve pain from neuropathy. The lace-up sneaker design allows for a close, comfortable fit that wont shift as you move. Supportive overlays and a padded collar offer the cushioning thats especially important for sufferers of neuropathy and others with sensitive feet.

These Skechers mens sneakers have a memory foam insole that will support the arch and keep the foot feeling comfy. In addition, an Articu-Lyte rubber sole offers exceptional traction in any conditions.

The Skechers Mens Afterburn sneakers have a 100% leather and synthetic materials construction. These materials are highly durable and will stay in great shape for years to come. These shoes come in a selection of neutral tones that men will appreciate for everyday wear.

These mens sneakers work well as shoes for neuropathy because they provide more support and cushioning than other shoes with being full-blown running shoes. You may choose to wear these shoes during light exercise or for walking around at work, but they dont include extensive athletic features. Youll have the features you need for comfortable, supportive feet during the day without the bulky, high-tech additions that are intended for athletes.



  • Some customers have noted that the glue used to adhere sections of these shoes together may wear out over time, causing the structure to fall apart.

How Is Foot Drop Treated

Footdrop Brace

We have mentioned foot drop can be temporary or permanent. Scuffing your toes on the floor as you walk can lead to a higher chance of falls consequently, you might walk lifting your feet high off the ground.

These are some of the treatments your medical professional might suggest to help you deal with it:

  • Physiotherapy to strengthen the muscles in your lower leg, feet, and ankles.
  • Electrical nerve stimulation to encourage the nerves that control lifting the foot to become more efficient.
  • Surgery to repair the damaged nerves might help if your foot drop has happened recently. Another option for a long-standing foot drop could be to fuse ankle and foot bones or relocate existing tendons and muscles in the foot that work.
  • Wearing an ankle-foot brace on the lower leg to hold the foot in the correct position and help control your foot and ankle movement.

This video shows you a trial of some treatments for foot drop caused by multiple sclerosis.

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Konmed Adjustable Drop Foot Afo Brace

If you have any of a bevy of foot related problems, then this could be just the fix for you. At an affordable price, this is a great thing to try out to see if it helps as your condition begins to form. This is a one size fits most deal, so you will need to take that into account and make adjustments for yourself. With Nylon tape to hold it all together, breathable elastic materials, Velcro, and plastic clips, youve got plenty to be able to make small changes that keep you comfortable and make sure youre not overheating as you go about your day. Because of the way they have manufactured it, you can wear it with a ton of different types of shoes, ranging from tennis shoes to slip ons, and even sandals, something thats not always a given with orthotics of any kind.


  • Goes with tons of shoe varieties
  • Good, low price
  • Soft, breathable, and strong materials

Choosing The Right Shoes With Proper Arch Support For Supination

Since over-supinating generally means you run on the outer edges of your feet, its important to invest in shoes with arch support that helps ameliorate this condition.

Those with high arches usually underpronate. In fact, high, inflexible arches and supination are two peas in a very uncomfortable pod. This means supinators should look for a neutral-cushioned shoe in order to provide support and comfort for their feet while, running, jumping, and engaging in other physical activities .

Pro Tip: Supinators should avoid motion control shoes, which actually work best for those with the opposition conditionoverpronation.

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A Foot Drop Success Story

David Altman, a personal trainer in Denver, was diagnosed with MS in the 1970s as a college student. In 2005, he developed foot drop on his right side. Altman, an avid runner, noticed he wasnt able to complete his usual five-mile runs.

I could run one way, but I limped all the way back,” he recalls. “Then it progressed to where I couldnt run a step.

Altman was originally fit with an AFO, but couldnt bring himself to put it on because it made him feel self-conscious. He spent four years limping until he was fit with a functional electrical stimulation device, which he says changed his life so much that he agreed to film a documentary for the maker of his specific device, the Bioness L300.

In addition to the functional electrical stimulation device, Altman says strength training and other exercises enable him to live successfully with MS.

How To Prevent Oversupination

Shoes that work with Drop Foot – drop foot sandal

The best way to prevent oversupination is to protect your feet with supportive shoes and, in some cases, orthotic insoles. But of course, were not doctors so if you think youve already got supination, wed recommend seeing your podiatrist for a thorough gait analysis.

Once youve determined you oversupinate, its all about choosing the right shoes for your running gait and foot type. In order to make an informed decision when shoe shopping, its a good idea to have your feet measured beforehand.

Remember, the length of your foot is only one part of a fitting! Its important to know the width and depth of your foot as well, so you can find shoes with the right fit as well as proper support for any issues you may have. Missing out on any one of these elements could mean you wind up with a shoe that doesnt optimize your supportso be careful and precise when looking for your model.

You should also be sure to stretch regularly, especially before workouts and grueling physical activity. Doing exercises that strengthen and condition the lower leg muscles is important, too. Flexibility is key in keeping your muscles and tendons supple and healthy!

Check out the video below for some great calf strengthening and flexibility exercises for better foot, knee and hip health.

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