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Do Valentino Shoes Run Small

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Do They Run True To Size

Valentino Shoes Review: Rockstud flats / pumps / sneakers

There seems to be somewhat split opinion on whether Valentinos ankle strap Rockstuds heels fit true to size. Some reviews and online retailers recommend going ½ size up. From my experience with the brand, their shoes always seem to run true to size and there is no exception with Rockstud slingbacks. I have in my collection both Rockstud and non-Rockstud heels as well as flats from Valentino and I have never had to resort to purchasing a larger size than my standard 37.5. Maybe this advice concerns someone with a really wide foot? Who knows

Naturally, because the slingback does not cover the heel there is some room to be flexible so going half a size up or down might still be feasible without compromising the aesthetic value of the shoe. But overall, my personal opinion is that there is no need to choose larger size for anyone with an averagely wide foot.

Caring For Your Shoes:

As far as care goes, Im guilty of not always getting a bottom protective sole prior to wearing. These days, more often than not, Ill wear them for a while and when I see the bottom start to get thinner, Ill bring them to my shoe repair guy and have him put a rubber sole. This vastly improves the integrity of the shoe and quite frankly, makes them more comfortable since theres more of a grip. Again, I dont think its crucial you bring them in prior to wearing, but try to get them in before theyre in terrible shape. Ive done that before and while theyre usually fixable, my guy is never too thrilled when I wait that long. If you are able to get them in prior to wearing, even better.

Heres a full list of recommended shoe repair places in Manhattan and Brooklyn and a detailed post on how to care for your designer shoes.

The Verdict: Are They Really Worth The Money

These Valentino sandals are gorgeous, versatile, and a great piece to have in your wardrobe. If you have the budget, theyre definitely worth the money. Theyre easy to get on and off, the block heel makes them easy to walk in and more comfortable to wear for an extended period of time.That being saidI did find a look-a-like thats almost identical and just under $200. Which is still a little expensive but if you love the look and dont want to spend the $775, the $198 Tuckernuck pair is a better option. I personally think theyre even more comfortable than the Valentino pair. Im linking more look-a-likes below

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How Does Ankle Strap Rockstud Size

If your selection is in a soft cowhide leather, like “Ankle Strap Rockstud” and “Ankle Strap Rockstud Native Couture with Swarovski applications” and you usually do not require a wider fit, you could be true to size.

Valentino “Ankle Strap Rockstud”, “Ankle Strap Rockstud Native Couture with Swarovski applications”

Ask Allen: How Do Valentino Rock Runner Sneakers Fit

SOLD NIB Valentino Rockstud Metallic Pumps EU 37 ...

Anonymous asked: Do the Valentino Rockrunner sneakers fit true to size?

Answer: Hi, Valentino Rockrunner sneakers fit true to size. I would recommend getting your exact size. For example, my true size is a 45, which is equivalent to a US size 12 and I comfortably wear a size 45, a size 12, in the Valentino Rockrunner sneakers. Check out my sizing breakdown below.


US 13..get a size 46 in Valentino Rockrunner Sneakers

US 12..get a size 45 in Valentino Rockrunner Sneakers

US 11.5..get a size 44.5 in Valentino Rockrunner Sneakers

US 11.get a size 44 in Valentino Rockrunner Sneakers

US 10.5.get a size 43.5 in Valentino Rockrunner Sneakers

US 10.get a size 43 in Valentino Rockrunner Sneakers

US 9.5get a size 42.5 in Valentino Rockrunner Sneakers

US 9get a size 42 in Valentino Rockrunner Sneakers

US 8.5get a size 41.5 in Valentino Rockrunner Sneakers

US 8get a size 41 in Valentino Rockrunner Sneakers

US 7.5get a size 40.5 in Valentino Rockrunner Sneakers

US 7get a size 40 in Valentino Rockrunner Sneakers

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One: Work Out Your Size

When shopping for sneakers, the most important thing you need to do is work out your shoe sizeseems like a no-brainer, right? But getting this right isnt always as simple as you think.

The first thing you need to know is that there isnt an international standard in footwear measurements. This means that your US size may not directly correspond to your EU size and each brand will measure their shoes differently. Every footwear brand works on a different scale, so you might be a size 9 in adidas but a 9.5 in Nike. Confusing, huh?

Two of our sneaker experts, DJ and sneakerhead Kish Kash and oki-nis footwear buyer Andrew Brines suggest that Japanese sizing is the most accurate as it measures the foot in cms.

Andrew uses the example of his Nike Tennis Classic sneakers which are a UK 9 / US 10 and are 28cm in Japanese sizing. The Japanese size is the most accurate, because if you were to measure your foot, you can see its exact size to the nearest cm.

Why Are Italian Shoes So Expensive

Italian shoes are more expensive, but theres a good reason for that. The first reason why the prices run so high is the handcrafted Italian leather thats made by tanners who work with a long-time passion and tradition.

In addition to the high-quality handcrafted leather, several different stitching techniques are another reason why Italian shoes are so pricey. All Italian shoes are put together with one of these three stitching techniques: Blake stitching, Goodyear and Black Rapid stitching, which are the best if you want durable and flexible shoes.

Because so much work and time go into crafting these shoes, its no surprise they are priced on the higher side. But remember, Italian shoes are a long-time investment, as theyre not made just to look nice and elegant, but also to last for a long time.

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Valentino Rockstud Heels Or Caged Rockstud Flats

For anyone still undecided whether to invest into Valentino ankle strap Rockstud pumps or the caged flats first, here are a few aesthetic and practical differences to bear in mind.

Starting with the appearance, while both the slingbacks and the flats have a caged front and ankle straps, the flat version has one additional horizontal strap positioned just above the vamp of the shoe. Aside from the extra strap, the flats also have an additional buckle making the fasting of the shoes a slightly more onerous task. However, nowhere near as time consuming as the Valentino Rockstud caged kitten heels with 3 buckles! While the double buckle is not the end of the world, if in a hurry, the caged Rockstud flats may not be the right shoes of choice.

With regard to comfort, it may not be the easiest thing to compare heels and flats as they serve different purposes but some overall principles still apply. As mentioned in the earlier section, Valentino Rockstud heels are exceptionally roomy and well balanced, and thus can be worn for many hours without having to suffer squashed toes or aching foot arches. For 10cm/4inch heel shoes I would rate them 5 out of 5 for comfort, without hesitation.

Does Stuart Weitzman Run True To Size


4.3/5Stuart Weitzmantrue to sizesizesizedetail here

From my experience , Start Weitzman boots are true to size, but if you’re leaning between a half size bigger or a half size smaller I’d go with the slightly larger size. I’m a true 8, and the 8’s I ordered fit me perfectly!

Similarly, is Stuart Weitzman a good brand? Stuart Weitzman is a good brand of shoes so I think they should hold up for you. If they are really slippery I would get a rubber sole put on the bottom of them, or wear them outside and walk around and the sole will get worn down.

Simply so, how do Stuart Weitzman Highland boots fit?

These boots are also meant to be worn with bare legs and dresses, but fit just as well over skinny jeans. Between how snug they are, and that little tie detail at the top of the boot, you don’t have to worry about them sliding down or getting too bunchy.

How do you tell if Stuart Weitzman shoes are authentic?

The shoes also have a Style number which is printed on the inside of the shoe. It should match the number on the white label on box. The soles of the high heels are mostly made out of leather. Stuart Weitzman puts that on display as the sole fetures the company logo, a Made in Spain sign and a leather sole sign.

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How Durable Are Valentino Rockstud Heels

Valentino Rockstud ankle strap slingbacks with the price tag of £650 are up there among the more expensive luxury heels on the market. Having paid such a considerable amount for a pair of shoes one may be forgiven for expecting that they should last longer than a couple of seasons. The quality of Rockstud heels is superb but the proof of durability is really in the wear. So how durable are they?

Owing to the fact that slingbacks are an example of seasonal footwear, they are unlikely to be worn all day every day and will be spared rain and mud and dirt. My slingbacks only come out of the box on certain occasions so, unsurprisingly, the scuffing is minimal. At the same time, even with rare wear it is quite apparent that certain parts of the shoe will deteriorate at a quicker rate and in Rockstud heels this can be noticed on the tip of the toe. Even though my caged slingbacks have been used less than 10 times, the short, pointy tip already started displaying signs of gentle wear and I expect this to become more prominent with time. If the Rockstud flats are anything to go by, with heavier use the tip of the sole may even start to detach from the toe cap as the sole is worn off. To counter that, the shoe design would greatly benefit from having reinforced tip to ensure longevity. Valentino, have you heard that?

Shoes: Chanel & Manolo Blahnik Sizing & Buying Guide

Even though I touched on Chanel sizing in this previous post, I get asked this question so often, I figured it was easier to have a clear and concise go-to reference for Manolo Blahnik and Chanel shoes.

For starters, if youre able to try on your style of choice in a store, I highly recommend it. I realize that not everyone has access to boutiques or department stores, but if you do or are traveling to a bigger city, make a fun little afternoon out of it. This way you have knowledge of what size you wear without running into the risk of the shoe not fitting. This also gives you the ability to find incredible deals online, especially if youre not able to return. Ive purchased several shoes for 30-50% off of retail because I was familiar with my size.

Okay, now on to sizing. I typically wear a US 8.5 which in my experience, translates to a European 39. Ive never been a size 38.5 in any brand, so personally speaking, 8.5 has always translated to a 39 for me.

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Jimmy Choo Shoes Sizing And Fit Guide

Digital entrepreneur and content creator based in Madrid, Spain

I’ve adored Jimmy Choo shoes ever since I started wearing them for two key reasons: 1) theyre of the highest quality and 2) theyre easy to wear for long periods. Im a fan of all kinds of Jimmy Choo silhouettes from mules to flats to boots to sandals and each pair is guaranteed to have the wearer feeling confident and cool.

How do Jimmy Choo shoes fit?

In my opinion, Jimmy Choo sizing usually depends on the design of the shoe. I opt for my true size, and EU 37.5, when purchasing Jimmy Choo flats, boots and sneakers but I size down to an EU 37 when purchasing Jimmy Choo sandals.

How do you style Jimmy Choo shoes?

There’s a Jimmy Choo shoe for every type of style, which is useful for someone like me whose style has many facets. I wear flats for daily meetings mules for afternoon events heels for parties and cocktail nights boots for autumn/winter adventures.

How comfortable are Jimmy Choo shoes?

I find Jimmy Choo shoes to be so comfortable, especially those constructed with leather. Theyre perfect for long days on your feet because they never cause blisters even those embellished with studs and crystals.

How do you care for your Jimmy Choo shoes?

How Do Valentino And Red Valentino Fit

Valentino Shoes

Does Valentino run small or large? And what about RED Valentino?

Heres what you need to know about the brands sizing:

  • Both apparel lines use Italian sizing.
  • Valentino apparel is available in womens IT 36 to IT 50, and mens IT 44 to 58. Valentino denim uses the brands own sizing system. It comes in sizes 24 to 36 for women, and 28 to 42 for men. Valentino footwear comes in half sizes: womens IT 34 to 41.5, and mens IT 30 to IT 48.
  • RED Valentino is more inclusive when it comes to sizes. RED Valentino apparel is available in womens IT 34 to IT 52. RED footwear comes in half sizes: womens IT 34 to 42.5.
  • Generally, both lines fit true to size.
  • When buying denim, the brand suggests going one size up if youd prefer them to be longer by 2 cm .
  • Before you purchase a piece online, we recommend comparing measurements to a similar item you already own.

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How Do Alexander Mcqueen Sneakers Fit Sizing Guide By Curashion

Alexander McQueen is a brand we once associated with its iconic skull scarves. Its been a favorite amongst everyone from royals, such as the Duchess of Cambridge, to celebrities, influencers, and fashion editors alike. Just like the skull scarf was a must-have in the early-2010s, the brands sneakers have become their new staple accessory. Their oversize sneakers are a best-seller and synonymous with street-wear fashion. Alexander McQueen led the way for more structured sneakers from brands like Balenciaga and Bottega Veneta.

Were going to cover everything you need to know about the Alexander McQueen sneakers size chart, so you can find the right size for you. By the end of this, youll have an answer to the question about how do Alexander McQueen sneakers fit?

How To Care About Valentino Shoes

As mentioned above, Valentino has an extremely soft cowhide leather. This requires a special care to make the shoes last long:

  • Before the first wear spray generously with a general purpose protector spray and let it dry as instructed. The patent leather has to be covered with a special patent leather daily care solution. This will not only prevent the dust from settling in, but will also prevent the scratched. Do not forget to treat the heel as well.
  • Clean your shoes with damp cloth after each wear.
  • Keep your shoes in their dust bags each shoe in a separate bag. Do not allow then to rub against each other.
  • Repair your heels a.s.a.p. they get worn down at a cobbler.
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    What Is The Difference Between Italian And American Shoes

    There are several differences between Italian and American shoes:

    • Weight: English shoes tend to be heavier than Italian. In the US, the weight of a shoe is sometimes seen as a sign of good quality. But Italians see things differently, they prefer lightweight shoes that are flexible and much more comfortable.
    • Stitching: High-quality US shoes tend to be stitched using Goodyear welting, but quality Italian shoes are mostly made using a Blake stitching method, which makes the soles much more flexible and comfortable.
    • Width and length: Italian shoes tend to run narrower and smaller than American. So before you buy Italian shoes, its good to measure your feet and check the conversion charts.
    • Price: Most Italian shoes will cost you quite a lot, whereas a classic American shoe brand will probably cost you less than half, and youll still get a good quality pair of shoes.
    • Leather: Italian shoes are most famous for their handcrafted, durable and quality Italian leather, which you can, of course, only get in an Italian tannery.

    Do Valentino Wedges Run Small

    Valentino Rockstud Shoes RANKED Worst To Best!

    The ankle straps are adjustable and the shoe is lined with leather. Valentino shoes run small and they typically say to go up half a size, which I do in my other pairs. However, in this shoe, I took my normal size.

    Also, How do Valentino open sneaker fit?

    Italian brand Valentinos sneakers are crafted from luxury calf-leather and high-quality rubber. They fit true to European sizing and wed advise you to opt for your usual size.

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    Valentino Shoe Dupes & Look

    Im linking a few more dupes below but the Tuckernuck sandals are easily the best option Ive tried. The color is a little different than the Valentino pair but Id have to get out a magnifying glass to see any real differences.

    What do YOU think?? Do you have a pair and love them and think they are worth the money?? Or do you think its still WAY too much to spend on sandals? Please share in the comments below. To get my blog posts delivered directly to your inbox, along with some awesome freebies, be sure to sign up for my newsletter here.

    Thank you for stopping by!

  • I love this series. You give such great reviews to help me maximize my budget. Rockstars are definitely on my list now.


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