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Are Vessi Shoes Good For Hiking

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What Are The Best Shoes For Traveling

COLORADO WATERFALL HIKE – Waterproof Vessi Sneakers Put to the Test

The less you pack, the lighter and more agile you can travel. So when selecting the best sneakers, runners, or shoes you want a pair that can do it all.

Not only should they be comfortable but versatile in their looks too shoes that can dress up and work well with a casual tee are a perfect combination.

And even better, if your shoes are built for performance, be it trail running, hiking or athletics, then that means you can exercise and kick off on awesome outdoor adventures, without packing an extra pair.

Best Waterproof Travel Trainers

The first week of wearing the Vessi Cityscape shoes saw me put them through the urban challenges: running, cycling and exploring the city during the day, followed by eating out at restaurants in the evening and maybe one or two beers in a bar afterwards. The shoes excel for urban exploring, although it must be said that they are very casual looking. My friend Dan even said to me they looked a bit like slippers and hes got a point. But they also feel like slippers in the best way possible.

One slight comfort criticism Id make of these shoes, though, is that the laces can dig into the top of the foot if you tie them quite tight. Otherwise though, they were a roaring success in city life.

But how did they fare when exploring the Georgian wilderness: hiking up mountains and along rivers?

My other explorer friend, Tom, who actually lives in Georgia, told me to bring some walking shoes ahead of the trip. I scoffed, and told him all my shoes are walking shoes.

So, when he saw that I was being serious about wearing what Dan had labelled slippers ahead of the first hike up to a monastery in Kazbegi, he looked at me like I was a maniac about to be scorned.

Fortunately for me, three hours later my feet felt light and fresh. Unfortunately for him, he complained that his shoes were rubbing his ankles. Humbly, I laughed in his face. A win for the slippers.

Knowing that I was going to have to get wet anyway, I decided to do so in style with a trademark Pete bellyflop.

Ethical And Socially Conscious Production

In this day and age, one of the common distinguishing factors between shoe brands is their set of design principles. Buyers dont just want functional and comfortable shoes; they want to support a brand that aligns with their own values.;

If its important to you that your gear was made in a social and ethically conscious manner, dive into the finer details of the makeup of your prospective travel shoes. You can check if theyre made from renewable materials or recycled fabrics and do some research on whether or not the fabrics used are certified by an environmental board of some kind.;

You can also research the company itself and how the brand incorporates sustainability into its shoe designs and production process. Many buyers want to know that the brand they are supporting uses ethical design practices with a focus on socially conscious standards in the workforce. If this sounds like you, you can read up on the brands mission statement and find out if the brand is ethical enough for your tastes.;

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Armour Men’s Charged Assert

The Armour Men’s Charged Asseret is a low-top designed shoe for runners. If you are a professional runner or just running to stay fit, these are the best choices. These shoes are very flexible for their upper mesh design, and also they are very comfortable for the compression-molded foam midsole.

Also, to make the shoes durable, the manufacturer used leather in the shoes’ sides and beneath the lace design. The outsole is designed with impact-absorbing points, which are very effective in running and jumping.

Key Features:

  • Low-top lightweight designed shoes for runners.
  • The compression-molded midsole for comfort.
  • Used leather in the sides for durable construction.
  • Weight is only 9.9 ounce.

How Did I Test Out The Waterproofing Of My Vessis

The Worlds First 100% Waterproof Knit Sneakers Are ...

There are plenty of videos online on peoples Instagram/Facebook stories, Snapchat and even YouTube. The first thing someone would do is get their Vessis wet in front of their friends and to show them off. I can tell you that is what I also did.

Ive seen people ..

  • Pour a bottle of water over their Vessis
  • Rinse them off with a garden hose
  • Splash in puddles
  • Wear them on hikes up the mountain to test out how dirt stays off the shoes.
  • Check out my first outing with my shoes where I decided to dip my shoes in a pool of water at the Robson Square fountain.

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    Can Vessi Shoes Fit In Wide Feet

    Yes, they can. The vessel shoes are made of elastic type materials. They can get stretched easily. For their stretchy fabrics, you won’t feel any problem with your wide feet. Rather than squashing your feet inside, these shoes will fit themselves in your feet.

    About Vessi

    Vassie is one of the new shoe manufacturing companies in the shoe industry. It was founded recently in 2018. This company is growing speedy day by day. They sold fifty thousand shoe pairs in a month, which is fascinating for a new company. They are getting popular because of their waterproof shoes.

    Final Words

    Vessi is the perfect shoe for working or traveling on a rainy day. They can be used for hiking, mountain climbing, and also for off-road tracking. If you live in a snowfall area, shoes are the best choice to enjoy time with your boyfriend or girlfriend outside. Vessi construction materials are very high quality and also very comfortable. So choosing them for your traveling or workplace or regular use won’t make you regret them.

    Vessi Footwear: Quick Answers

    • Vessi footwear makes three lines of ultralight, waterproof sneakers designed for all seasons and all terrains. These arent water shoes, theyre truly the all-rounder shoe.
    • Vessi is a Vancouver-based company founded by Mikaella Go, Tony Yu, and Andy Wang.
    • These shoes are made from water-based synthetic materials, modified polyurethane, and synthetic suede and leather. Theyre 100% vegan.
    • Theyre perfect for one-bag travelers who want a multipurpose sneaker that can see them through everything from snow to sand to epic rainstorms.
    • Vessi shoes are best for urban travelers who might do some light hiking. If youre going on a full-on trek, you definitely still need proper hiking boots with ankle support.

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    Vessi Everyday Shoes Review

    The Vessi Everyday Shoes are as waterproof as advertised, but they cause your feet to sweatwere not sure the trade-off is worth it for most people.

    Save time. Get access to brief summaries of our reviews so you can browse and make decisions more efficiently.

    • Antimicrobial coating helps with the stink factor
    • Thick padding and sock-like feel make them super comfortable


    • Our feet sweat a lot when wearing them
    • 100% waterproof sneaker may be overkill for a lot of people
    • EVA Foam, Rubber, Polyester, Nylon, Dyma-tex

    • Manufacturing Country

    These Are Extremely Comfortable Shoes

    Differences between our sneaker styles â?| Vessi Footwear

    These are extremely comfortable shoes for anyone who is on their feet all day! I love the fit and it feels like Im walking on a cloud. My sore joints are no longer something I notice at the end of the day. Unfortunately, any time I sit down with them on for longer than ten minutes, the backs start to dig into my ankle and it gets a little painful. The portion that contacts the back of my ankle tends to be red and swollen for a while after wearing them because of how they dig in while Im sitting. I also wish the shoes were a little more breathable!

    Reply from Vessi Footwear

    The shoes feel really comfortable and I can’t wait to use them when it comes to hikes or long walks!

    Reply from Vessi Footwear

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    Vessi Mens Everyday Sneakers

    They might not look it, but Vessis Everyday Sneakers are a performance shoe disguised in sleek, urban style. They pack a range of features into their design, including sustainable construction, a 100% waterproof and breathable knit upper, cushioned antibacterial insoles, and four-way stretch. If youre after a go-almost-anywhere urban shoe that isnt afraid of the elements, this is a worthy pick for your packing list.

    For The Outdoor Runner Who Needs To Stay Dry On Running Makes Great Waterproof Running Shoes

    If you’re planning on adventuring in the great outdoors this summer, you’ll definitely want a pair of On Running shoes in your closet. The Swiss-based performance brand has engineered three different shoes designed for all conditions and yes, that includes summer thunderstorms.

    The Cloud, Cloudflyer, and Cloudventure all have full waterproof protection for a range of running environments. Whether you plan on being outside in the city or on an unkempt trail, these shoes have you covered. Thanks to the brand’s signature Cloudtec treads, you’ll have a firm grip on any surface, and won’t run the risk of slipping. Plus, the unique outsole is designed to absorb impact and offer a firm takeoff.

    If you’re planning on doing a lot of running up and down mountains, the Cloudventure is a worthy companion. Thanks to the 11 individual pods on the shoe’s sole that stretch upon impact, you’ll offset the strain of running downhill, and, hopefully, give your knees a much-needed break. Plus, the fact that you can run through water means that you can travel with abandon.

    All of On Running‘s shoes are extremely breathable but have managed to maintain their watertight elements. Like Vessi, the waterproof aspect of these shoes doesn’t come from a coating, but rather the specially engineered membrane. Not only does the shoe keep water out, it also keeps your feet safe from wind and other elements, resulting in a more comfortable experience. Lulu Chang

    Cons: Very limited colors

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    Update: Our Top Choice Waterproof Running Shoes For Europe

    Our wool walking shoes served us well for casual wear in Europe. Despite being fairly easy to clean, we felt we shouldnt wear them on muddy hikes because we wanted to keep them nice. And since we like to stay activewith hikes, work outs, and really long walkswe found we really needed an additional pair of shoes for our Fall Europe travels.

    We both ended up with waterproof running shoes from Columbia. Columbia bought Montrail, which specializes in sturdy shoes for outdoor activities. Theyre perfect for running or walking in the rain. They have good traction for slippery surfaces. And they keep your feet dry while at the same time providing breathability.

    The down side of these waterproof shoes is theyre more bulky and somewhat stiff, especially compared to our comfy and light-weight wool runners. That being said, a traditional waterproof hiking shoe would be even more bulky and heavy. Not to mention those big hiking shoes seem out of place for most situations, like you should be on a safari. For this reason, the waterproof running shoe is a good compromise between a casual walking shoe and a sturdy hiking shoe.

    To be honest, we ended up wearing the Columbia waterproof running shoes more than our wool sneakers on our Europe trip. Which would I rather lounge in on the airplane? Definitely the wool sneakers. But if we could only take one pair of shoes to Europe in Autumn, it would probably be the running shoes.

    What Can Be Improved

    Vessi Footwear Pine Green
    • Perhaps the price is a little on the higher end for a sneaker, but hey, $5 of every shoe sold is donated to a great cause!

    • Theyre not made for running. But hey, theyre quite fashionable, so you can wear them at work, at a day-time party, at the mall You can go hiking with them and go on a light jog with them, but more supportive shoes are recommended for high-intensity activities.

    • You cant swim in these shoes. Water will go in through the ankle opening. Ok now Im being very nit-picky, but its very hard to find things I dont like about these shoes. These are definitely my favorite pair of Vessi shoes! You can wear these shoes around a swimming pool though. Just dont jump into the pool. Your shoes and feet will be soaked, LOL.

    • I believe people with latex-allergies still cannot wear Vessi Weekend Sneakers. –

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    So Yea These Shoes Are Pretty Sweet

    Aside from a small issue that Vessis warranty department handled with absolutely zero drama, the two pairs of Vessis Im rocking have proved to be good quality shoes that do exactly what they claim to.

    One major benefit of all this: these shoes are ultra-easy to clean. If your kids like to spend time in the dirt or grass, or if you love to wander off of the beaten path, these shoes will more than stand up to the challenge. Im a fan.

    These Are My 3rd Pair Of

    These are my 3rd pair of Vessis. 4th if you count the pair I got my wife. We both love them. Stylish and totally waterproof without overheating your feet like traditional rain shoes or boots. Perfect for summer rains. They a hold up well in a couple of inches snow or slush as well, all while keeping your feet surprisingly comfortable and not ice cubes.

    Reply from Vessi Footwear

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    Oboz Bridger Insulated B

    ;This waterproof Oboz Bridger insulated winter boot is the type of boots that you need to four-wheel drive your way through winter. It has a dual-density foam midsole that is thicker than a regular hiking boot for up-level comfort. Moreover, outsole rubber is infused with silica to give it extra friction and hikers upright on slick or icy surfaces.

    This winter boot has 400 grams of 3M Thinsulate synthetic insulation to keep the boot so toasty that you might not notice the cold temperature if you tend to have colder feet. The wool-topped insole also prevents heat from escaping through the bottom of your foot.

    Best Option For Slippery Trails: Keen Voyager Hiking Shoes

    WATERPROOF Vessi Footwear | BEST shoes for travel?

    Avoid slipping on slick trails with these hiking shoes from Keen. They feature a supportive rubber outsole that provides plenty of grip and a cushioned insole that molds to your foot. The durable leather and textile outer material protects your feet from the elements, while the ventilated slots on the sides make the shoes super breathable. Amazon customers have given it a 4.6-star rating, with one saying “I wore them on a two week trip to Europe last year. I walked city streets in Budapest and hiked the Dolomite Mountains in Northern Italy and these shoes were very supportive and comfortable. My feet never got sore and because they breathe so well my feet never got hot/sweaty on the 16 hour round trip flight. Traction while in the mountains was excellent. I can’t recommend these shoes enough!!”;

    To buy: , $120

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    Best Option For Arch Support: Merrell Moab Vent Hiking Shoe

    In need of a durable hiking shoe with ample arch support? Check out this pair by Merrell. They have a coveted Amazon’s Choice recommendation thanks to over 14,000 customers giving them an impressive 4.6-star rating. They feature a protective toe cap, a molded arch shank, and a fully-cushioned insole that adds both comfort and stability. “I needed something with an aggressive sole pattern so I can walk on sloped hillsides, said one shopper. “They have great arch support and are very comfortable. I took them on a couple of one mile walks to break them in.”

    To buy: , from $58

    Best Boots For Traction: Merrell Moab 2 Mid Waterproof

    These Merrell hiking boots feature an incredibly supportive footbed, a protective toe cap, and patented Vibram traction that’ll help you grip the terrain easily. They’re also waterproof, so your feet with stay dry and comfortable even if you get caught in the rain. “This is my fourth pair,” said one customer. “They are super comfortable and supportive. There is no need to break them in. Great traction. I love these shoes for hiking. I even wear them with gaiters all winter long in the snow in place of winter boots.”

    To buy: , from $100

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    Merrell Men’s Moab 2 Waterproof

    If you love hiking, then get these shoes. You will get full support with these waterproof shoes in hiking. These shoes are also appropriate for working all day long. You can use these shoes for months after months without any worries about hiking for their materials.

    The upper is made of suede leather above mesh material. Synthetic materials make the sole. But the design of the sole is very effective to walk on uneven and rocky surfaces. There is a toe cap made of rubber to give you the best safety to your feet. It has a pull tab on the back of the shoes. In brief, you will have complete comfort and all the protection with these strong and durable shoes.

    Key Features:

    • Best hiking shoes with suede upper and mesh.
    • The synthetic sole is very appropriate for an uneven surface.
    • All-day comfort with these strong and durable shoes.
    • 1.1 pound weighted shoes.

    Test #: What To Wear To Work And Match The Trendy Hoodie Test

    Vessi Everyday

    Finally, style.; Their understated black look with just a bit of pattern is just fancy enough that you can get away with wearing it with a button-down shirt.;; They are less formal in general but can be dressed up in a pinch.; You also dont feel awkward wearing them with sweatpants.; Shorts would be a bridge too far, so I do suppose Toms are still in my future.

    In short, they are basically the shoe version of the well cut and fashionable hoodie, except not as mainstream yet so you have time before they become a cliche.;

    Of course, all this is an extremely hypothetical test as Ive yet to be on a Zoom call that included my feet. For now I can say they hold up comfort wise to a full day of home office off camera wear.

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