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Can You Clean White Shoes With Bleach

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Using Toothpaste To Clean White Shoes


If you do not have cleaners in your home, there is a secret ingredient hiding in your bathroom that doubles as a cleaner. Believe it or not, toothpaste works great for getting dirt stains out of white shoes.

  • Toothbrush

Pour hot water, hydrogen peroxide, and baking soda into a bowl and mix the solution well. Dip the toothbrush head into the cleaner and apply it to your shoes fabric using a gentle, circular motion.

Set the sneakers outside in the sun to dry for three to four hours, and then smack the shoes together with your hands to shake the dry residue free.

Tips To Maintain Clean White Sneakers:

  • Prevention is key for maintaining white sneakers. So, before you wear your new white shoes on for the first time, treat them with a spray-on stain-and-water repellent.
  • Make spot-cleaning your shoes a habit. Wipe off any stains or scuffs as soon as you see them with some dish soap.
  • Pick up a Magic Eraser next time youre in the store, because it will soon become your go-to for keeping sneakers white. Simply wet the Magic Eraser with water, and rub your shoes in a circular motion to watch the melamine foam work its magic.
  • Dont forget the shoelaces. Remove the shoelaces and clean them in soapy bath.

Cleaning White Laces With Vinegar

To clean your white laces using vinegar, start by making a solution. Have a 1:1 water and vinegar ratio for the most effect and efficiency in terms of cleaning. Once youre done with making the solution. You can add slight bits of dish soap in the solution too. When finished, drop the laces inside the solution so they can soak it up.

Keep the laces inside for approximately 15-20 minutes. By this time, the mixture shouldve done its job of getting the dirt and dust particles separated from the laces.

Finally, collect the laces and put them inside a mesh bag, and give it a good washing. The stains should be gone by now!

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Can I Use Bleach To Clean My White Shoes

Yes, you can, but you have to dilute the bleach, or it will turn your white shoes yellow. Mix one part of bleach to five or six parts of water. Dip a toothbrush in the solution and scrub gently. Rinse with warm water and allow the shoes to air dry. Repeat the process until you get the right results.

How To Keep White Shoes Sparkling Clean


Prevention is the first line of defence in keeping your white shoes spotless. Before you put your white shoes on, you need to apply a stain repellent. Do this once every two weeks to keep your white sneakers dirt and stain free regardless of the weather or where you plan to wear them.

Another useful tip that you should try is spot cleaning. Wiping off any stain that you find on your white shoes seems like a lot of work , but it’s worth it because youll find it easy cleaning them thoroughly. To do this, you need to have a cleaning agent or wet wipes every time you put on white sneakers to wipe off dirt and stains. Wiping off dirt and stains once you see them is crucial because stain won’t have enough time to penetrate the fabric.

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Considerations Before Cleaning Your White Shoes

There are a few important aspects to take into consideration before you start any of the cleaning protocols below.

The first step in cleaning your white shoes should always be to remove the excess dirt. The best way to do this is to brush it off while it’s drygetting dried dirt wet will turn it into a muddy mess.

Leather shoes need a different cleaning and whitening method than canvas. Knit or mesh materials like those found in some athletic shoes also need special consideration, so take note of what your shoes are made of to figure out the best way to clean and whiten them up.

How To Remove Dirt From White Sneaker Soles With A Magic Eraser

Sometimes you dont have the time to give your shoes a thorough cleaning. If youre in a rush to get out the door and you notice that the soles of your white shoes are unsightly, try using a Magic Eraser to clean away the dirt.

Magic Eraser Shoe Sole Cleaning

Get one side of a clean Magic Eraser wet to activate the micro-scrubbers and wring out the excess water. Slip one hand inside the sneaker and rub the damp eraser back and forth over the sole of your shoe.

After you finish cleaning around the whole sole, repeat the steps on the opposite sneaker. A Magic Eraser is also useful for cleaning the toe box, wedge, and eyelets.

Most of us have different shoes for different occasions, and clean white shoes are top on the list.

However, their crisp whiteness fades with time, and its not long before those shoes look drab and filthy. Fortunately, there are ways to restore those shoes to new using everyday cleaners.

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Baking Soda And Detergent Scrub

This technique works best on canvas. Scrubbing lightly might work on knit material or leather, but it could also scratch the leather or damage the knit, so be more gentle with all-over leather or leather detail.

First, make a 50/50 mixture of a tablespoon of laundry detergent and a tablespoon of baking soda in a shallow bowl or small plate.

If the shoes are dry, wet the outside of the shoesthey don’t need to be soaking, just moderately wet. Then, dip a nail brush, old toothbrush, or dish brush into the detergent/baking soda mix and start scrubbing. Cover every part of the shoe that’s dirty, and keep re-dipping into the pasty mix as needed.

Let sit for 20-30 minutes, then rinse out under a running tap or in a bucket of water . Hang to dry in the shower or sunshine for an extra blast of natural whitening power.

How To Clean White Sneakers With Bleach

how i bleach my white shoes

Bleach is one of the harshest cleaning items you can use. However, bleach can work wonders when used to clean white canvas. After finding a well-ventilated area and opening a window, get your supplies ready: bleach, a toothbrush, a bucket or container, and water. Carefully dilute the bleach in your bucket by mixing one-part bleach to every five parts of water. Then dip the toothbrush in the solution and use it to gently scrub your dirty shoes. Afterward, rinse your shoes with warm water and let them air dry, possibly overnight.

Hereâs a useful tip: a bleach pen may aid you when youâre in a pinch, so you may want to add one to your toolkit. Apply the pen to spots and after letting your shoes sit for about five minutes, wash them using a cloth dipped in hot water mixed with liquid detergent. Also, bleach works well when cleaning your all-white shoelaces. Put them in a white mesh bag and soak them in a similar solution to the one mentioned above for about five minutes. You may need something heavy to try to keep the bag submerged. After soaking them, toss them in the washing machine with your regular detergent and air dry them once theyâre done washing.

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How Do I Wash Nike Sneakers

White Nikes look especially bad if they are dirty, probably because sneakerheads take such good care of them we have a higher expectation on how our Nikes should look. So heres how to clean your Nikes. 1. Remove the laces and use a dry, soft brush to get off any debris or mud. 2. Make a mild cleaning solution using 2 cups of water and a small amount of laundry detergent. . 3. Mix the solution together4. Massage the laces with the solution for about 2 minutes and then rinse them dry. Air dry your laces. 5. Use a soft-bristled brush and your solution to clean the soles of your Nike shoes. Blot dry with a soft cloth. 6. Use an old toothbrush to gently scrub the main fabric of your Nike shoes. Use a dry cloth to blot the excess solution off your shoes and lift any remaining soap. You do not need to rinse your shoes, nor should you in order to keep their structure intact. 7. Air dry at room temperature.

When cleaning nikes it is best to avoid putting them in the washing machine or using bleach. Because nikes have an internal structure to them machine washing and bleach can cause them to look older and hold their shape less.

A Sneaker Pro On Keeping Your White Kicks So Fresh & So Clean

Classic, go-with-every-look white sneakers are wardrobe staples in practically every shoe lovers closet. If youre like us, you probably have more than a few pairs. And chances are, theyve probably seen brighter, whiter days. Were talking scuff marks, sole streaks, discoloring, grimy laces you know how it goes. But it doesnt mean your white kicks are ruined for good.

For some serious sneaker-maintenance schooling, we reached out to Johnny Fajardo, sneaker whiz over at innovative shoe-care company Sneaker LAB, to share some of his best insider tricks for cleaning white sneakers. The man personally sets aside an hour out of his weekend to tend to his shoe collection, so you know he knows whats up. It’s actually quite a relaxing experienceit’s my only time to de-stress, clear my mind, and disconnect from my phone, emails, and electronics, he laughs.

His top pointers, below.

Protect Right Outta the BoxThe key to keeping white kicks looking brand new, Fajardo says, is to apply a sneaker protector as soon as you unbox them. The spray forms an invisible layer that protects them from dirt, stains, and liquids, he says. Sneaker LAB makes a great one, but generally the rule is to look for a protector that repels liquids and is safe for your shoes material. Adds Fajardo: And remember to reapply every other week.

Enjoy your sneakers, wear them without fear of scuffs, and have confidence that nearly any stain is treatable.

  • Johnny Fajardo, Sneaker LAB

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Hand Cleaning White Shoes With Baking Soda

This section looks at how to clean white canvas shoes using your hands, elbow grease, and some top-notch household cleaning solutions. DIYers will love this section and will find all sorts of recipes for getting your white shoes back to factory condition. We give you tips for cleaning white shoes with baking soda, vinegar, and many other powerful agents that can get them looking fabulous.

How To Clean White Shoes Or White Shoelaces With Bleach

How To Clean Shoes White Shoes or Vans Simple!

Youll need bleach, a container, warm water, gloves, a brush and a soft cloth.

Mix one part bleach for every five parts water .

Dip the brush in the solution and scrub gently. Rinse with warm water when finished and leave to dry.

Finally, use a damp towel to wipe down the shoe repeat the process if necessary.

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Can You Clean White Shoes With Bleach

Wondering if you can use bleach on white sneakers? The short answer: Yes, but its not your most gentle choice. In fact, the caveat with using bleach to clean white shoes is that you have to dilute it carefully. As for how much bleach to use to clean white shoes: It varies, but most shoe-care guides suggest mixing one part bleach for every five parts water. Any more bleach used will increase your risk of turning your white fabrics a strange yellow tone.

Its important to note that household bleach is not technically considered corrosive or toxic, though bleach exposure can cause irritation in the eyes, mouth, lungs, and on skin. You should also follow the standard bleach safety tips youd use anytime youre working with bleach for regular loads of laundry, which means staying in a well-ventilated area and protecting your eyes and skin from exposure.

To clean white shoes with bleach: Youll need bleach, a container, water, a toothbrush, and a fan or a nearby open window. Mix a small amount of bleach with at least five times as much water in a well-ventilated area. Dip your toothbrush in the diluted bleach solution and scrub the shoes gently. Rinse with warm water when youre finished, and then let the shoes air dry for at least several hours .

Baking Soda Can Be The Answer

Strange but true, your regular household item baking soda can, in fact, get rid of dirt and dust off the laces. Start the process by first soaking your laces in boiling water for five minutes.

Now, get a toothbrush and rub the loose dirt off using it. If it works fine, then continue like that. If its not working, use your hand to do the job.

In the next step, use the toothbrush to collect baking soda and rub the shoelaces using it. Use this technique to perform the cleaning job as long as the marks dont go away.

When you discover the marks have withered, rinse them properly.

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Cleaning Shoes With Baking Soda And Hydrogen Peroxide

A baking soda paste is one of the most tried-and-true solutions for cleaning stains on a number of surfaces, and it works wonders on fabric shoes, too. The properties in the baking soda safely promote whitening without the threat of deterioration for the rubber, adhesives and fabric, and can be used regularly to keep your shoes looking sharp.

To make a paste, mix two parts baking soda with one part hydrogen peroxide and stir it together until it is mixed. The solution can then be applied to any dirty areas of your shoes using an old toothbrush and massaged in gently to soak into the fabric and agitate the soil. Use a clean cloth to wipe off any excess dirt that lifts from the fabric and rinse the toothbrush when it is visibly dirty. Apply two layers of the paste to the fabric of the shoes and then rinse clean with water. Allow the shoes to air dry.

How To Clean White Sneakers With Baking Soda

How To Clean White Shoes Without Bleach!

Time to pop out the baking soda and white vinegar. To make the paste-like substance for cleaning, you will need to mix in a small bowl one tablespoon of white vinegar, one tablespoon of baking soda, and one tablespoon of hot water. Then using your handy toothbrush, scrub the canvas parts of your shoes in circular motions to remove dirt and stains. Then, let the paste harden . After they have dried for 3-4 hours, wipe off the paste using a soft cloth or paper towel. Your old canvas white shoes should appear brighter and as good as new.

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Cleaning White Shoes With Bleach

For years, bleach has been the benchmark for restoring white shoes to an immaculate white state. When used correctly, bleach is excellent for removing stains and dirt off white shoes as well as disinfecting them but its hardly the gentlest option.

The majority of white shoes, as well as certain colored shoes, may be bleached.

Difficulty: Easy

  • A fan or an open window around.

Lets Not Forget About White Toothpaste

Last but not least, white toothpaste is a classic shoe-cleaning hack. Again, its very straightforward.

You just have to squeeze some toothpaste onto an old toothbrush and start rubbing your shoes. .

Of course, you should concentrate on dirty areas. Butmake sure all areas are covered evenly. When youre done, let the shoes dry for 15-20 minutes.

In the end, just wipe the toothpaste off with a damp cloth.

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Use A Dedicated Shoe Cleaner

If you love your white sneakers and you cant stand the site of them being dirty, buy a shoe cleaner from the store. Youll find different types of shoe cleaners, but you should buy the one with natural ingredients. Stay away from shoe cleaners with harsh chemicals because they wear away your shoes.

Natural shoes cleaners are gentle on different materials and loosen a variety of food, grass and soil stains.

How To Deodorize Shoes

How to Clean Canvas Shoes

Weve all got that one pair of sneakers or other closed-toe shoes that stink. If youre looking to freshen up shoes, the experts at Arm & Hammer recommend the simple use of baking soda to deodorize shoes, as the baking soda will kill odor-causing bacteria and absorb odors.

Tools and Materials

  • Trash can or sink

Step 1: Add the Baking Soda to Each Shoe

Add one to two tablespoons of baking soda to the insole of each shoe. Tilt the shoe back and forth and shake side to side to evenly distribute the powder. Allow the baking soda to sit overnight.

Step 2: Remove the Baking Soda

Tap each shoe over a trash can or sink to remove the remaining baking soda. Some small residue left behind is OK.

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What You’ll Need To Clean White Shoes

The first item that should be on your list of must-haves for cleaning white shoes is a toothbrush. Using a bristled toothbrush is an easy way to get to those hard to reach places. Use light and straightforward motions to brush away the dirt and add some pressure for stubborn stains. Youll need warm water and soap to get the dirt out, but if that doesnt work, youll need to add bleach, toothpaste or baking soda.

One thing that you should never do is throw your shoes into the washing machine. If you throw them in with laundry or even by themselves, youll make the stains even worse, or permanently damage your shoes. The cleaning motion of a washing machine is harsh on shoes, whether leather or canvas and can cause tears, leather breakdown and loose threads. Throw your white shoes in the washer, and theyll never look the same again.

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