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Caterpillar Steel Toe Boots Men

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Caterpillar Men’s Second Shift 6” Boot

Caterpillar Men’s Second Shift Steel Toe Work Boots

Outer soleSpeed lacing

They fit as expected

They are a sure fit and will lead to blisters if you but one that is close fitting also, they dont break in

Caterpillar Boots Selection Criteria

Safety Toes

Your toes are the lowest part of your body and are exposed to bumps and get tripped a lot. Thus, safety toes should be compulsory especially in demanding industries such as construction. Safety toes should withstand 200 joules of impact and carry 1000kgs of resting mass. Steel toes are the most common, but there are equally good alternatives such as composite and alloy toes.

  • Steel toes If you want protection that goes above and beyond, pick steel toe Caterpillar boots. They are compact and a traditional choice for people in hazardous industries. They are difficult to damage and bend without breaking when under pressure. However, steel conducts temp, and thus they are not for use in areas with electrical hazards or extreme temperatures.
  • Composite toes These, on the other hand, are either plastic, carbon fiber, or Kevlar. However, they comply with ANSI/ASTM standards, but that means they have to be thicker. They are non-magnetic and non-conductive and thus excellent for areas with electrical hazards.

Heel and sole


Small fitting shoes result in ailments such as blisters and corns while large boots will rub raw certain places leading to discomfort. Therefore, get an appropriate pair especially when working for long hours.


Caterpillar Work Shoes & Boots

Caterpillar Shoes and Boots are built to handle all types of terrain. Choose from styles like Caterpillar Steel Toe shoes and Caterpillar Work Shoes. CAT Boots are designed to last a long time. The range of styles of Caterpillar boots we sell is impressive, ranging from Safety Boots, to soft toe work boots and shoes. With Caterpillar boots and shoes for men and women, you’ll find just what you need for work and play. Free Shipping Orders $49.99+ Flat Rate $5 Shipping for Orders Less Than $49.99.

Cat Safety Boots Price

Cat Safety Boots Price. Chelsea boot style safety footwear is a popular choice for many safety footwear users, so much so that almost every brand of safety footwear includes a chelsea boot style in their range of safety boots. Featured best selling price ascending price descending date ascending. View our range of cat safety boots & shoes.


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Are Caterpillar Boots Any Good

Not just good, but some of the best work footwear you can buy. Caterpillar boots and shoes are tough, comfortable, and come in different designs and with a variety of safety features, in order to meet the requirements of any industry and environment. If safety and reliability are what you need, CAT boots will not disappoint.

Cat Footwear Men’s Freedom Pull On Steel Toe Construction Boot

Mens CAT Caterpillar Gravel Steel Toe Cap Safety Work Boots Black Beige ...

Cat safety footwear is high quality safety footwear that is loved by all our hard working customers. Ace safety shoes is a leading manufacturer of industrial safety footwear and safety boots in kenya. Caterpillar safety boots usa cheap price.

Local_shipping free delivery over â±6,044 local_shipping. You can return your order for any reason, free of charge, within. The intruder inspired by the 90âs,.

Cat trainers are a good alternative to their boots with their lightweight and amazing designs, they are worth for the vaule. Caterpillar women’s cat mae work boots beige honey 002 8.5 wide caterpillar women’s cat mae work boots beige honey 002 8.5 wide r6 104.00 import it all view offer Money_off extra 5% off your first order money_off.

Median s3 lace up safety boot s3 black. Safety jogger desert steel toe cap and steel midsole safety shoes â± 1,714.00 : Caterpillar navigator mid waterproof steel toe safety.

Monetization_on 30 day money back guarantee monetization_on. Monetization_on 30 day money back guarantee monetization_on. Shop caterpillar safety boots online at low price.

Buy caterpillar mens boots online south africa. Caterpillar safety boots at cpc. Competitive prices from the leading caterpillar safety boots distributor.

Get the best price for safety boots cat among 139 products. Caterpillar outline steel toes safety shoe black p90800. Browse caterpillar work boots, steel toe work boots, shoes & workwear along with casual shoes & apparel for men and women.

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Caterpillar Boots For Men

Caterpillar shoes and boots for men come in a range of styles that reflect the company’s emphasis on workplace functionality, safety, durability, and comfort. These styles include footwear like the Second Shift boot, the Argon C/T Oxford, the Granger boot, the Outline boot, the Ergo Flexguard S/T boot, and several more.

Caterpillar Steel Toe Boots

For those working in construction or moving heavy objects on a daily basis, be sure to prevent injury with a pair of Caterpillar steel toe boots or shoes. has the newest, most versatile Caterpillar steel toe boots, including their steel toe pull-on boots, lace-up boots, high and low top boots and more. Safety is just one of the features of Caterpillar’s steel toe boots. Choose from additional features including electrical hazard protection, slip resistant technology, metatarsal guard and more. For those looking for a classic everyday style, our Caterpillar second shift steel toe boots are a great choice. Looking for more great options? Check out our Chippewa, Ariat and Twisted X steel toe boots, as well, or view all of our great Caterpillar work boots! All of our boots are on sale and ship free, so get started shopping today!

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What Features Comprise The Second Shift Boot

The Second Shift boot is designed for slip resistance and extra stability on low-traction surfaces. They feature Goodyear welt construction for flexibility while still maintaining rigidity. A steel shank adds more structure and stability. The midsole and outsole are both rubber, and there is a nylon mesh lining. They also have a Climasphere sock liner.

How Do You Maintain Your Caterpillar Footwear

Caterpillar Shoes: Men’s Composite Toe 90287 EH Non-Metal Streamline Work Shoes

Your Caterpillar work boots and shoes are designed and constructed with the intent to be worn for work, including in rugged environments, and they will get dirty and need to be cleaned. The following tips will help you maintain your Caterpillar boots and shoes.

  • Cleaning: Use a soft toothbrush or other brush with soft bristles to periodically brush dust and dirt off the surface of your CAT footwear. Following periods of heavy-duty use of your boots, moisten a clean cloth with leather cleaner or a mixture of warm water and mild soap. Use the cloth to gently rub away dirt, taking care not to rub too aggressively. After cleaning each work boot with soap, rinse the cloth thoroughly and then wipe down the boots again to remove excess soap.
  • Drying: After cleaning your boots, give them plenty of time to air dry. Remove the insole from each shoe, loosen the laces, and pull the tongue forward to expose all parts of the shoe. Avoid leaving your Caterpillar footwear in direct heat or sun while drying. Direct heat and sun exposure can dry out leather and cause it to become brittle.
  • Treating: Depending on the material used to construct your footwear, you might wish to apply leather conditioner. Applying water and stain-resistant spray may help to ward off unsightly stains.

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What Is The Ergo Flexguard S/t Boot

This steel-toe boot is designed to provide a flexible toe guard. In addition, it is meant to provide maximal shock absorption and protection from dangers such as slippery surfaces, impacts to the foot, and electrical hazards. They are also meant to provide chemical and heat resistance. It features iTechnology construction, an Ortholite sock liner, and mesh nylon lining for breathability.

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What Are Steel

Caterpillar has a special collection of steel-toe work boots and steel-toe shoes that all have specially designed reinforced toe boxes meant to provide more protection for your foot against injury from various sources. This box can be made from steel, but other possible materials used include thermoplastic polyurethane, aluminum, and other composite materials. Caterpillar’s steel-toe boots are constructed to meet industry safety standards.

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