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Is Pastry Shoes Still In Business

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A brand born into hip hop royalty, Pastry was founded by celebrity fashionistas Vanessa and Angela Simmons, the daughters of Joseph “Rev. Run” Simmons, in 2007. Their bold colors and unique patterns instantly captured the hearts and minds of costume designers and Hollywood wardrobe stylists, making Pastry a household name.

Following international success, Pastry identified a need for fashionable sneakers in the dance market. Pastrys distinct features, quality, and passion for innovation has established the brand as Americas #1 Dance Sneaker for professional and university dance teams.

With Vanessa Simmons’ return as Creative Director, the brand is focused on movement, activity and style creating comfortable footwear that fits every need. An effortless fusion of high fashion and streetwear, Pastry delivers style that doesnt sacrifice performance and comfort a perfect recipe for dancers and shoe-lovers alike.

Here’s How Much Angela Simmons Is Really Worth

As the daughter of hip-hop legend Joseph Simmons a.k.a. Rev Run, Angela Simmons has stepped out of her father’s shadow and made a name for herself as a successful businesswoman and entrepreneur. Audiences were first introduced to Angela in 2005 when she appeared on her family’s reality show “Rev’s House” on MTV with her parents and siblings. Per Essence, the reality show was so successful that it spawned a spinoff called “Daddy’s Girls,” focused on Angela and her older sister Vanessa’s move to New York City and building their Pastry sneaker brand in 2009. The show ran for two seasons before it was canceled by MTV.

“Rev’s House” and “Daddy’s Girls” gave Angela the opportunity to live life as a reality star and entrepreneur. She became a fashionista and has continued to build her brand with editorial work, fashion design, and her role as an executive producer on “Growing Up Hip-Hop,” according to IMDb.

With a huge social media following and several different brands, Angela could literally give other celebrity influencers a run for their money. So, how much is she exactly worth? Find out below.

The Simmons Sisters Business Tips

So youve been checking this site because youre so inspired by the Simmons Sisters and want to find business tips from Vanessa and Angela Simmons? Well today youre in luck because we bumped into a report from that the Simmons Sisters were featured in Black Enterprises Entrepreneurs of The Week. Here they are:

LESSON 1: Just because youâre given a golden chance, doesnât mean you can just kick your feet up.Angela: Nothingâs given to you, because once you get the opportunity, you still have to put in the work. Weâre hands on : We have meetings, take calls, choose what we like, what we donât like. We pick colors and fabrics.Vanessa: At the end of the day, men lie, women lie, but numbers donât. Results have motivated me to keep going despite challenges or naysayers.

LESSON 2: Working with a relative can have its challenges, but who better to work with than someone who knows your quirks and strengths?Angela: Itâs an advantage because itâs easier to be 100% real when itâs your sister. More than likely, she wonât get offended if I donât like something. Disputes can happen, but you learn to let personal things go and move on.Vanessa: Angela went to school for fashion and I studied business. We build each other up, and we try to come to reasonable compromises.

The rest of the lessons are available at OR just check the video!

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Did You Ever Manage To Get Your Hands On A Pair

FOR MOST OF the worlds population, the first thing that comes to mind when you say Pastry shoes, is an image of a person wearing apple lattices on their feet.

For young women who grew up glued to MTV in the early 2000s, however, the words Pastry shoes will invoke either a huge wave of nostalgia, or a slightly bitter feeling in those who never managed to procure a pair of the butt ugly shoes.

The garish early editions of the shoe came to our attention through the TV show Runs House, which ran for six seasons every Sunday night on MTV. If you dont remember it, it was a reality TV show that basically featured loads of clips of Rev Run in the bath typing inspirational messages on his Blackberry, while his daughters tried to get their careers off the ground in their teens and his young sons tore lumps out of each other in various rooms in the familys mansion.

Daughters Angela and Vanessa decided that their futures lay in the shoe industry, and the show documented the creation of their business and its massive growth in popularity from 2007 onwards. Because these shoes were only available in America, and online shopping was not a thing , any kid who had a pair of Pastry shoes was extremely lucky, and they very often made sure that they rubbed it in.

That little spoiled kid on your road who went on holidays to Orlando every year before the recession definitely had a pair of these at some stage:

They also do more plainly designed ones too.

Pastry Shoes By Vanessa And Angela Simmons

Remember how badly you wanted a pair of Pastry shoes? Here ...

Pastry is the brainchild of Vanessa and Angela Simmons, who came up with the idea of feminine but sporty footwear when the sisters couldnt find anything suitable themselves one day while out shopping.

The line debuted with four shoe styles in the spring of 2007 and plays on a recurring theme of desserts and candy. The creation of the line was documented on the girls reality series Runs House on which they star with their family and famous dad, Joseph Rev Run Simmons founding member of Run DMC. The shoes have been a smash hit, and the budding designers have expanded the line to over 200 footwear items, including matching clothing and handbags.

While many sneaker brands release womens shoes as an afterthought, Pastry puts girls first. They offer a unisex collection of shoes designed for co-ed dance teams, but most styles are available only in womens and girls sizes.

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Generating Over $75 Million In Sales For Pastry Footwear Brand

2019 was inarguably the year of the woman and Vanessa shows no signs of slowing down in this new decade as she kicked off the year by announcing her return to her footwear brand, Pastry, as creative director. With so many business moGALS in heels, women dominated the scene from sports to politics, music and beauty. Vanessa Jean Simmons has been the definition of a power across fashion, beauty and entertainment for the past few decades.

Daughter of hip-hop pioneer Rev Run of the legendary rap group, RUN DMC it was only fitting that Simmons step into her own at an early age. As a mother, an actress, a fashionista and a creative director, Simmons quickly showed the world she was boss material when she was introduced on her familys hit reality tv show, MTV Runs House. It was on that show where the lifestyle influencer became a household name. Vanessa hit the ground running creating a fashion empire alongside sister Angela, called Pastry.

Vanessas unparalleled business savvy, fashion sense and love for beauty and skincare has only fueled her creative fire and has led to the successful launch of her natural and cruelty free skincare line, Sugar Me and her successful Mommy & Me clothing line, Glitter and Lace, featuring fashion forward and playful pieces for both mothers and daughters. Vanessa currently stars in UMCs hit show, Monogamy and BETs breakout hit serise Games People Play and has more incredible opportunities launching in 2020.

Vanessa Simmons Is Back On The Board As Pastry Executive: I Feel So Blessed

Model and actress Vanessa Simmons is now back on the board for her shoewear line Pastry. Vanessa Simmons announced the news via Twitter on November 25th.

I fought hard and long to be back on board as an executive of Pastry , 2 years later Im so excited to be having design meetings for a new collection and checking on our new store for the holidays at Century City Mall ?? I feel so blessed.

Fans quickly responded to her announcement showing their support for the shoes.

Pastry shoe company was a popular sneaker line, making its debut in the early 2000s often mentioned on the MTV show Runs House where Vanessa Simmons appeared. According to Pastry websites about me:

A brand born into hip hop royalty, Pastry was founded by celebrity fashionistas Vanessa and Angela Simmons, the daughters of Joseph Rev. Run Simmons, in 2007. Their bold colors and unique patterns instantly captured the hearts and minds of costume designers and Hollywood wardrobe stylists, making Pastry a household name.

Since its conception, reportedly the brand has generated over 75 million dollars in sales. In a press release by the company put out in November 2019, it was revealed Simmons was returning as the Creative Director, though its unknown when she originally stepped away from the role.Christina Johnson Chalmers, Pastrys Head of Marketing, wrote:

What do you think about Vanessa being back on the board? Let us know in the comments.

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Rev Run And Russell Simmons Allegedly Stole Millions From Pastry Business Partner

According to TMZ reports:

Russell Simmons and Reverend Runs business partner has declared war on the hip hop moguls claiming theyve hijacked MILLIONS in profits from their kids shoe company and now, hes gearing up to sue.

Lawyers for Rasheed Young President of Run Athletics sent Russell and Rev. Run a letter back in November, accusing the brothers of secretly funneling millions in revenue from their Pastry brand of footwear into a company that Rasheed isnt a part of.

Rasheed claims Pastry has raked in tens of millions in sales and so far, he hasnt seen a penny of it.

Rasheeds demanding the Simmons brothers fix the screwed-up business structure ASAP and pay him his share of the shoe profits. If they dont, Rasheed says hell sue.

We cant say were totally surprised at BDR, but we never thought Rev. would turn into one of these suspect, money-grubbin, preachers.

They got some splainin to do.

Image via AP

Angela Simmons Runs Several Businesses

How Phyllo Is Handmade By One Of Greece’s Last Pastry Masters | Still Standing

While Angela Simmons got her start in the fashion business after she was named editor of Angela’s Rundown a teen magazine that specialized in fashion and music in 2016 she has since expanded her empire from shoes to apparel to beauty and skincare. Angela and her sister Vanessa founded Pastry Footwear in 2007, which has since generated over $75 million in sales, according to Impact Magazine.

Per Angela’s official website, she also has several ventures, including a fitness app, personal merchandise, a training program, a skincare and beauty line, a non-profit organization, and more.

Simmons Beauty, which launched in March 2020, was important to Angela because she wanted to share her skin secrets with the world. “I’ve always been big on my skin and like what I do with it, and I’ve just never really put anything out there,” Angela told Black Enterprise of the launch.

Besides her skincare line, Angela has a book in the works, which will no doubt add to her estimated net worth of $7.5 million, per Celebrity Net Worth.

As for Angela’s attitude towards success, she recommends that people stay motivated no matter what, telling Black Enterprise that people should “put down the remote” and “get to work.”

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Rev Runs Daughters Vanessa And Angela Simmons Owe Nearly A Half Million Dollars In Back Taxes: Report

The celebutante daughters of Run-DMC beat master Rev. Run appear to be deadbeats when it comes to taxes.

Vanessa and Angela Simmons, made famous by four seasons of “Run’s House” on MTV, owe nearly a half million dollars in back taxes, according to the Detroit News’ Tax Watchdog column.

Angela Simmons, 24, owes a whopping $225,910 based on liens filed by Uncle Sam in New York and by state officials in Sacramento, Calif., the newspaper reported.

Vanessa, 28, is behind to the tune of $224,568 according to similar filings, Tax Watchdog said.

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