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Where To Buy Cheap Skechers Shoes

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Are Skechers Good Quality

Skechers GOwalk 2 Mesh Lightweight Slip-on Shoes – Axis on QVC

No matter what your opinion of Skechers, there is no denying that this company produces good quality shoes.

As we have said, this company now focuses on comfort above any other factor, and high-quality is vital if you want shoes to be comfortable. So, yes. Skechers are of good quality. This is part of the reason these shoes are not cheap.

If you look at the prices of Skechers, you might be surprised to realize that they arent considered cool shoes. This will mainly be because Skechers are priced at a similar value to other popular shoes.

However, unlike some of these brands which produce poor quality shoes with a luxury label, Skechers produce high-quality shoes and charge high prices because of the materials that they use.

So, even if you are not a big fan of the look of Skechers shoes, there is no denying that the company produces excellent quality shoes, with materials that are comfortable. So, yes, Skechers are good quality.

So Are Skechers Good Shoes

In short, we would say that Skechers are good shoes. They might not take the prize for coolest shoes on the market, but the other benefits of these shoes far outweigh this. When it comes to footwear, comfort should be a top priority, especially if you plan on wearing your shoes for a long amount of time. Skechers offer comfort in bounds.

But, the comfort that Skechers offer isnt the only thing that makes these shoes great. Additionally, these shoes last for a very long time, so while they are expensive up front, they are great value for your money.

The only real downside of Skechers is the public opinion of them in terms of coolness. But, if you can look past this, then you will realize that Skechers are actually excellent, and definitely a brand to consider if you are looking for a new pair of shoes.

Skechers Sneakers For Men

Skechers for men meets all the needs of your active lifestyle. With styles made for performance at the gym, no-tie convenience while running errands, or memory foam comfort for those extra-long days at work, you won’t want to go anywhere without your Skechers. Needing steel toe or non-slip technology for the daily grind? Check out Skechers Work shoes.

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Skechersafter Burn M Fitskechersafter Burn M Fit

  • The SKECHERS® After Burn M. Fit sneaker will enhance each and every walk with a smooth nubuck leather upper, durable synthetic overlays, and cooling mesh panels.
  • SKU: #9026741
  • Slip-on construction with front elastic panel for easy wear.
  • Round toe with reinforcement at the bumper.
  • Padded collar.
  • Rear pull-tab offers assisted entry.
  • Signature logo accents at the instep, side, and heel.
  • Breathable fabric lining.
  • Removable Air Cooled Memory Foam cushioned insole provides added comfort.
  • Shock-absorbing midsole for added support.
  • Rubber high-traction outsole.
  • Imported.
  • Product measurements were taken using size 11, width 3E – Extra Wide. Please note that measurements may vary by size.
  • Weight of footwear is based on a single item, not a pair.
  • Measurements:

Tips Before You Buy Shoes Online


When you shop for shoes online, youll quickly realize how much lower the prices are, compared to local stores.

Even though you cant try the shoes on first, buying shoes online is a pleasant experience for many consumers.

It is the only way that Ive bought my shoes over the past 15 years, says Carol Gee, an author in Atlanta. She looks for sales that are at least 35% off the regular price. That is when I pounce if I see something I have to have, she says.

To have more confidence when buying shoes from home, here are the best tips:


If you can score free shipping and a great shoe price, thats the ultimate combination. But some stores will give you free shipping only when you hit a minimum purchasing requirement.

Make sure you know the shipping costs before spending too much time browsing the site.


Your life is busy and sometimes its tough to meet a 30-day return window if you dont like the shoes you ordered. Look for a store that offers you at least 60 days to save yourself some stress.

Pricing Deals

Comparing prices from different sites is easy when youre shopping online.

And there are tons of options for discount, clearance and coupon savings, especially if you sign up for the companys email newsletter. Save even more by using a coupon app.

Search Options


Since you cant physically hold the shoe in your hand, find a retailer that has large enough images to see the details.

Dont Wait To Try Them On

Test Them Indoors

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Why Is It Important To Buy The Right Pair Of Shoes

The simple reason why you need to invest in footwear that fits right is to feel comfortable and look good every time you put on your shoes. Sams Club has a range of sports shoes that have been designed to make recreation fun and stylish without putting you at risk of injury. With cushioned ankles and textured soles, our sports shoe collection features shoes that are breathable and comfortable to wear in hot and humid weather conditions. We also have an assortment of formal mens dress shoes and womens boots that can be worn daily for elevated style and comfort. You can also check out our team sportswear collection if youre looking for an outfit for the entire sports team.

How Do I Know Im Buying The Correct Shoe Size

When buying a shoe, make sure that the toes and heels give a snug fit to your feet. There shouldnt be any discomfort when you wear them. The correct fit of a shoe should be when youre able to insert your index finger comfortably behind the heel. Your heel should also be able to slide in and out of the footwear without much force. If your finger isnt fitting or theres too much room around it, your shoe is probably not the right size. The opposite holds true for your toe, which should have enough room to comfortably wiggle around. If its not able to do so, your shoe is probably too tight. At Sams Club, we can help fit you with the right selection of footwear from our exemplary collection of shoes for all ages and genders. With high-quality products available at affordable rates, youre sure to find something to suit your style and fit requirements.

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Are Skechers Bad For Feet

This might seem like a strange thing to ask, especially as we have just spoken about Skechers being comfortable. But, just because a shoe is comfortable, this doesnt automatically mean that it is going to be good for your feet.

Skechers produce a lot of different styles of shoe, but a lot of their sneakers are designed for walking and other types of exercise. So, are they good for your feet?

Generally speaking, Skechers arent bad for your feet. If you wear them for everyday use or short term exercise, then they will provide ample support for your feet, and be comfortable every time that you use them.

But, it is possible for these comfortable and supportive shoes to be bad for your feet, so lets take a look at the scenarios in which this can happen.

If you have a job where you will be standing for long periods, or are considering purchasing Skechers for a scenario in which you will be doing this, then they might not be the best choice.

This is because Skechers are designed for comfort, not support. So, while they are comfy, they will not stabilize ligaments and joints, which can put you at risk for injury. In this scenario, Skechers could be bad for your feet.

Get Sporty And Stylish With Comfortable Sports Footwear


Looking to wind down after a long day with a game of basketball, a jog in the park or a trip to the gym? Check out the Sams Club collection of activewear to find the right sporting outfit, complete with the best choice of sports shoes. If youre looking to resume your morning runs on the track, we have a large collection of running shoes for all genders and ages so you can find what you need for yourself and the family. Our range of products is affordable, durable and of the highest quality, ensuring a long-lasting performance to help you stay fit and healthy while sporting a classy, sporty look.

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Are Skechers Good Shoes

You can tell a lot about a person from the type of shoes that they wear. From just their shoes alone, you can tell whether a person cares more about looks or comfort, and you can also tell if they care more about brands than quality.

Generally, people spend a lot of time thinking about the footwear that they put on their feet, ensuring that their shoes match their outfit, and their personality. This is why you can find out a lot about a person from what they wear on their feet.

One thing that majorly gives away the type of person that someone is, is the brand of shoes that they wear. Some people care about brands, others simply care about quality.

In this guide, well be taking a look at the Skechers brand, and whether, or not, they produce good shoes. So, to find out more, keep on reading.

Why Are Skechers Good For Your Feet

As we have said, it is possible for Skechers to be bad for your feet. Especially if you will be standing in them for prolonged periods, or wearing them for heavy impact activity.

But, it is important to recognize that Skechers are not designed for this purpose. So, it is unfair to say that they are bad for your feet when you are wearing them in a scenario which they are not designed for.

If you wear Skechers for what they are designed for, then they are very good for your feet. Traditionally, the company produced utility boots and skate shoes, but now they tend to produce shoes for everyday use.

Skechers are designed to be spongy and flexible so that they offer comfort when walking around in day-to-day life.

For day-to-day use, Skechers are very good for your feet. They are made with memory foam soles to make sure your feet are comfortable, and are also designed to be breathable so that your feet do not overheat.

All of these factors make Skechers very good for your feet, as long as you wear them to do the tasks that they are designed for.

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How Long Do Skechers Last

Skechers are designed for day to day use, and light exercise such as running and walking. Due to this, they are designed to last, and they do this very well.

You can measure the length of time that Skechers will last in distance, and you should generally expect them to last for around 600 800 miles before they begin to show signs of wear and tear.

It is highly unlikely that you measure the amount of time that you wear your shoes in miles, so lets put this into a different metric. If you want to convert this distance into general everyday use, you should expect your Skechers to last for around 3-4 years before the soles begin to wear.

Even when the soles begin to wear, the shoes will still be usable, they will just become less and less comfortable as time passes.

Like we said earlier, Skechers arent exactly cheap shoes. But, when you consider the length of time that they can last, it is clear that you will be getting excellent return on your investment because they last for a long time.

Are Skechers Cool

Sketchers shoes Things To Know Before Buying the Skechers ...

One of the main things that influence whether, or not, you see Skechers as good shoes is how cool they are. The world is now filled with generations of people who care about looking cool, and also care about what people think of them. For this reason, a lot of people will only buy shoes that make them look cool to others.

While Skechers will physically cool your feet with their breathable fabric, they are not the coolest brand on the market. This is mainly because their heavy focus on comfort has caused their styles of shoes to become outdated.

So, while the shoes that you buy will be incredibly comfortable, they will not be the best looking option for your feet. Due to this, younger people have begun to stay away from Skechers when it comes to everyday use, and the companys primary customer base is now made up of older women.

So, it is generally accepted that Skechers are not cool, and because of this a lot of people stay away from this brand. But, there are much more important factors when it comes to shoes than coolness so bear this in mind when deciding whether, or not, to buy Skechers.

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What Are Skechers

First, lets take a look at what Skechers are. Unless you have been living under a rock, you probably know that Skechers are a brand of footwear. Skechers is an American brand that was first founded in California in 1992.

Compared to some other brands of footwear, Skechers are still a baby in the industry, but despite this they are incredibly popular, and most people will have owned a pair of Skechers in their lifetime.

The people who are most likely to have an affinity with Skechers are young people who wore these shoes when they were children. For a long time, Skechers were the go-to childrens shoe, and youd often find many kids wearing them for gym class. Since then, the type of customer that Skechers target has changed a little.

Their primary customer base now consists of older women who focus on comfort over appearance, and this is why peoples opinions of Skechers have changed.

A brand that was once seen as cool and trendy when you were a child is now seen as old and unfashionable, simply because the company focuses on comfort above everything else.

But just because their customer base has changed, this doesnt mean that Skechers is a bad brand. So, lets take a look at whether, or not, Skechers are good shoes.

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