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How Do On Running Shoes Fit

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Nobull Shoes Vs Reebok Nano X

MEC: How to fit running shoes

When Nobull released their shoes, they did so knowing they would face some very stiff competition from the more known names on the market.

To my knowledge, one of the most known shoes in the workout/cross training shoe space that could be directly compared to Nobull shoes is the Reebok Nano X, which is currently believed to be one of the best fitness shoes on the market.

So, how does the newcomer on the block stack up to the established brand of Reebok?

How Should Running Shoes Fit A Guide To A Comfortable Run

Comfortable running shoes are shoes that fit well, butâ¯how do you find the proper running shoe fit?

Since you spend a lot of time in a pair of running shoes, it’s worth getting to know your personal running style. A pair ofâ¯running shoesâ¯that fit well.⯠Consider the following when shopping for the most comfortable running shoes:

  • Shoe width and the shape of your foot
  • Type of running terrain
  • Running gait, including foot pronation

This guide will show you how to find proper fitting running shoes for your running style.

Buying Into The Right Fit

While getting a pair of shoes that is eye candy is easy and highly dependent on personal taste and preference, finding a good-looking pair with the right fit should be based on actual data using real-time measurements. Here are some tips that can get the right fit for you anytime:

  • Its In the Timing

Some say that the best time to buy shoes is in the afternoon. Your feet are a little more swollen than usual, and you get a better fit that way.

  • Have Your Feet Measured

Most shoe stores and specialty shops can fit you using a Brannock Device. This measures your feet length and width and is the standard to which most shoes are designed around. One thing to take note of: never assume that your last measurement is your ideal measurement. Your feet can swell or atrophy without you noticing, due to many reasons.

  • Width vs. Volume

Some people often confuse these two measurement terms. Many think that an ill-fitting shoe means that they just need to get a wider shoe, or size up, for a better fit. What they do not consider is that it might be the volume of the shoe that affects the fit. Wider shoes equate to a longer sole, which means that the heel section might end up being too loose for your feet and vice versa.

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Things That Suck About Nobull Shoes Pros And Cons

You cant make a good choice if you do not have all the information.

You need to know what makes a trainer good and what parts of it suck, to decide if the good outweighs the bad and you want to buy.;

First, we will talk about what makes Nobull shoes suck.

One of the biggest problems with these shoes is not being able to try them on first.

Purchasing from their website is great, but it does not allow you to feel the shoe and walk around in it before buying.

Some people have said had they been able to try Nobull shoes on first, they would not have purchased them.;

Although there are people who swear by these shoes, there are some who think they are more hype than substance.

If you look at the Nobull website, it is clear to see that they focus a lot on style. While there is nothing wrong with wanting to look stylish, it is better to choose performance and comfort over aesthetics.;

None of the above makes Nobull shoes suck as a whole, but they are important to consider.

You need to know if the trainers you are buying are going to work for you or simply become a nice accessory to wear.;

Why You Always Need To Go Up One Size

Finding the Right Fit: A Guide to Running Shoes

How should running shoes fit? Turns out, any expert will tell you that you need to go up a size when youre buying trainers. For instance, if you’re normally a UK 5, then go up one full size or at least a half size to a UK 5.5 or UK 6. Experts also say the best time of day to try a new pair of shoes on is at the end of the day. This is because your feet swell throughout the day, so this will help to assert whether they will be truly comfortable when running.

Molly Renfer at New Balance explains, As your feet swell when you run, you need to allow room for this to happen. The last thing you want is your toes repeatedly hitting against the end of the shoe.

Also, its good for your toes to spread. As well as avoiding the toes rubbing against each other, it allows for greater contact and a better feel for the ground as youre running.

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How To Find The Right Shoe Size

For some reason, running shoe manufacturers do not quite agree on how big a size 7 or a size 10 is. Thus, if you have a running shoe already, it does not mean that you can automatically assume that you need the same size if you change to another brand!

We have compiled this guide that makes it easy for you to find the right shoe size when you buy your next running shoes.

There are two main ways to find the right shoe size:

The first option is that you have a pair of running shoes that fit you perfectly already.

The second option is that you do not have a pair of running shoes already.

I have a pair of running shoes already:

The best way to find the right size shoes is if you already have a running shoe that fits perfectly.

Its All About What Feels Good To You

There are as many types of shoes as there are types of people. You might hear that shoes with tons of cushion are the best. But you might feel more comfortable in a firm shoe. There are shoes with zero drop , or ones that have a much higher heel-to-toe differential.

There is not one type of shoe that is best for everyone. Whats important is that the shoe you pick fits your foot shape properly and that you like the way it feels. Out-of-the-box comfort and continued comfort is the very most important part of the equation.

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How Often Do Runners Wear The Wrong

About three-quarters of the people tested in Grays lab are wearing the wrong-size shoe, mostly too small. Theres no standard for what sizing numbers mean, says Gray, so sizing can be inconsistent between brands.

Sizes can also shift when a company releases a new version of a shoe. Sometimes it doesnt fit the same because the material changes or how they did the construction of the forefoot changes and every time they change the forefoot, you can change the length of the shoe, says Vincent.

And then theres the question of width. In general, our feet stay the same length but grow wider with time.

And women tend to have a greater differential in width between heel and forefoot, but are often squeezed into shoes that narrow near the toes for aesthetic reasons, says Vincent.

Shoes in wider widths are marked with letters, from B onward for women, or D onward for men. Meanwhile, a few brands eg Altra have wider toeboxes even in regular widths. Thats often better for conditions like bunions, where your forefoot needs more space.

Given all these variables, finding the right size in your ideal brand and model can take some fine-tuning. You might have to repeat the process each time you change shoes or your model gets an update. But its worth it for miles of comfortable and injury-free running.

Flex Grooves And Toe Spring

Whats my size: How to properly fit running shoes

To make the shoe bend like your foot bends, many shoes use grooves under the ball of the foot. Turning the toe up, called toe spring, or cutting away the midsole into a rocker pattern also allows the foot to roll through the stride. Small differences in location or angle can alter the mechanics and feel, and what degree of flex works best for your stride as it changes with speed.

What to look for: A shoe that flexes or rolls the way your foot wants to moveat the pace for which youll be using the shoes.

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Putting It All Together

In a perfect world, you are trying on the running shoes in a local running store that offers a trial before purchase. Many stores specializing in running shoes have a treadmill right in the store where they can assess your running style and gait.

Watching how you run helps the specialist determine if you pronate or supinate and can assist the clerk in guiding you toward a shoe that is a good choice for your feet. For this trial run, bring the types of socks you prefer to run in with you.

While running in the store, ask yourself these questions:

  • How does my heel feet? Does it slip? Does it pinch? Is there uncomfortable rubbing anywhere?
  • How do my toes feel? Are they too tight? Are they moving around too much, which could result in blisters? Can I wiggle them slightly? Are they comfortable?
  • Does the width of the shoe feel good? Is it comfortable?
  • Are your feet comfortable through the arches? This is an important consideration. You should feel properly supported.
  • Is there enough cushion? Some runners like and want a lot of cushion, while others prefer a very natural feel.
  • Are they breathable? Most runners desire breathability in a pair of shoes. We all know someone who is a particularly sweaty runner, and breathability is a huge thing for those people. This is also an advantage when you have just finished a rain run.
  • Are they pretty? Do they make you happy? Sure, you can run in ugly shoesbut why would you want to?

How To Avoid Slip And Slide In Trainers

Cant get to the professionals to test out whats best for you? Then there are a few tricks you can try at home to help you determine if the trainers are right for you. Begin with checking to see if your feet slip inside the shoes while youre wearing them, and check how stable they feel as you walk, or even run in them.

Another trick, says Olly Law, Sales Director at On is to kick your heel back when youre in the shoe, to check they are fitting correctly and theres the right amount of space at the front of the shoe.

They should also be snug around the heels and laces, says Jonathan Quint from Saucony, and have plenty of space around the toes in order to avoid any injuries.

Black toenails are not a badge of honour and a sign of a runner, says Jonathan. Theyre a sign of badly fitting shoes, normally because theyre too small.

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Visual Differences & Similarities

First, lets talk about the visual differences and similarities. Both shoes offer 4mm heel to toe drop. They are both covered in a breathable fabric.;

Both shoes are made in much the same way and are approachable for just about every style. They are available in a variety of colors and styles, for both men and women.;

If you look at both shoes from above, you will notice the Reebok Nano X is a touch wider in the toe area. They look roomier from above, but how does this equate to comfort?

Dont Assume Your Next Generation Shoe Is Improved

Are You Wearing the Correct Shoe Size?

One problem some runners find is that the shoe they love is changed, but not for the better. Every runner has had this problem. You fall in love with a shoe. You run hundreds of miles in it and need a new pair. When you go shoe shopping, you find that the design has been new and improved.

Trying on the shoe, you discover that the improved design does not make your feet happy. You should never assume that the next years model of the shoe you love is the same and will still work for you.

Always either try on the shoe or purchase from a store with a money-back guarantee. Many shoe stores now allow returns, even on shoes you have worn.

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How Do You Know If Your Running Shoes Are Too Small

Running shoes that are too small can cause you a wide variety of pain. Because everyones feet are unique you may find that particular running shoes are tighter in some areas than others.

Your running shoes are likely too small if any of the following thing apply:

  • You dont have a thumbs width from the front of the shoe to your toes,
  • You struggle to lift your toes inside the shoe,
  • You feel pressure upwards on the arch of your foot,
  • Tightness or rubbing around your heel.
  • Running in shoes that are too small will cause much discomfort in the long run. This is particularly true if you plan on training and running anything longer than a 10k race. I found from personal experience that it is worth ditching a pair of running shoes that are too small in favour of correctly fitting ones. Its really NOT worth the pain!

    Ive Heard That The Length Of The Shoe Is A Big Deal Why Is This

    Although you might think you know your shoe size, you need to bear in mind that that will change when its about running shoes. The simple rule is this: the more you run, the more space you need. This is because your foot undergoes a natural expansion process when you run, and the shoes you buy need to be able to accommodate this. The Asics stores in Australia are a great starting point to help you determine what size you need they have highly trained staff, who are a wealth of tips and tricks, just waiting to be unleashed! Quite simply, if you do not allow your foot enough room for swelling and expansion, it will get squashed in a shoe that feels right in the store, but which does not allow enough room beyond that when you actually start to run.

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    How Do New Balance Shoes Fit: Get The Right Size

    Initially founded in 1906, the fledgling company produced orthotic insoles and not much else. Today, New Balance sells sportswear apparel and accessories, as well as a wide range of athletic and casual footwear.

    Are you curious to know how do New Balance shoes fit? If youre considering a pair, correct sizing should be your priority after picking your preferred style.

    We detail all the information you need to achieve a comfy fit, from the New Balance shoe size chart to helpful sizing tips.

    How do New Balance shoes fit includes:

    • Shoe size chart.
    • Do they run true to size?
    • Do they run small?

    How To Lace Running Shoes

    Do Your Running Shoes Fit Properly?

    How you lace your running shoes can make a big difference in terms of fit. If youre new to running and unsure which style of lacing to choose, ask a shoe expert for help.

    Beyond that, Lobkova recommends using the style that provides the snuggest fit: Laces that are too loose and too tight are common signs that the shoe is not the right fit, and the lacing is being done to compensate for poor fit.

    In general, Holland says, make sure the shoe fit is correct before you consider lacing techniques.

    If theres any part of the shoe that slips or feels tight, or you feel the structure of the shoe too much, tell your running store adviser, and they will help you with lacing or provide socks, heel cups, or other accessories that make the fit better.

    A good rule of thumb, says Holland, is that the shoes should essentially disappear from your consciousness when you run: Anything that registers to you will turn out to be a nuisance at mile 14.

    To get a better idea of lacing techniques, check out this video that demonstrates several methods.

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    Mens Width Size Chart

    Shoes using width letters to fit are a confusing topic. We cover it all in our article, what does shoe width letters mean?

    There are so many letters to pick fromusually AE. But some brands will use C over B, or B over A. Some have combination width-sizes. How are you supposed to know how one brand of shoes fit over another?

    New Balance does things the simple way. Unfortunately, theres no specification of foot width compared to size. But, since New Balance fits true to size, its easy to assume your most common width size fit will suffice.

    Extra Narrow

    What To Look For In A Running Shoe For Wide Feet

    A wide fitting running shoe should feel a little roomy around the toes, and snug around the middle foot and heel. When testing the size of the shoe, try pressing your thumb around the toes and sides of your feet. There should be a little space for your feet to move slightly, but only a little. Running shoes that are too wide will cause your feet to slide around more than they should and affect your stability.;

    Your running shoes should also feel snug around the laces, but not tight. Again, your feet need the space to breathe. A rough way to check if a shoe is too tight is to put your fingers between the eyelets on your laces. To do this, tighten your laces until they feel snug. If you can put only one finger then the shoes are likely too loose, as youre having to fasten the lace tighter than it should need to be. If you can put three fingers between the tops of your laces, this means the shoe is probably too tight, as youre unable to fasten the lace in its natural position. The laces on a perfect fitting shoe should be approximately two fingers wide at the eyelet and should give a snug but comfortable fit.

    Main features to look for:

    • ; Wide toe box, so your toes have room to move slightly
    • ; Arch support, to avoid over pronation and supination;
    • ; Snug heel, and upper lace area of the shoe, not too tight or too loose
    • ; Overall wide fit for comfort and stability

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