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How Do Uk Shoe Sizes Compare To Us

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Mens Uk Shoe Size Chart

“Find your US shoes size vs EUR & UK through ebay “simple & easy
31.8 12.5

Above, you will see our guide on UK mens shoe size chart with conversions to US, EU and AUS. For more in-depth charts, you can see our guide on the mens shoe sizing guide that covers every size under the sun!

When converting a UK mens shoe size to the US standard, an easy way to get a size it to simply add .5. For example, a UK mens size 9 would equate to a US size 9.5. Also when converting to AUS sizes, they are exactly the same which should save a lot of time.

  • For Indian mens shoe sizes, refer to the UK column as they follow the same standards.
  • For NZ womens shoe sizes, refer to the UK sizes as they are the exact same.

Can A Man Wear Womens Nikes

Mens and womens Nikes are generally very similar in build, but men will usually find it harder to fit into womens sizing. Even when you find a pair of Nikes that are the right length, many Nike models are narrower than standard. This might not be a problem with a wide sneaker like Air Force 1, but in tight running shoes, it could be an issue.

Is It Bad For A Woman To Wear Mens Running Shoes

Its not bad for a woman to wear mens shoes for running, if they fit right. Test the shoes by running a bit in the store or your home when trying them out. Make sure your foot doesnt move inside them, because it can affect your bodys alignment. Shoes that are too large can also give you blisters.

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Things To Remember About Uk Sizes

  • When converting the US size to UK size, rules are different for men, women and children, especially when it comes to clothing.
  • Women have to go for bigger sizes for clothing.
  • Men can buy the same size of clothes they buy in usual US sizing.
  • For kids, the size differences in clothing are not very noticeable up to certain ages. But rules change depending on the gender if the kid is above 10 years older as certain measurements like chest tend to be more prominent than guys.
  • All the size charts and conversion techniques can help you find the ideal size. But trying out the clothes before buying them is still the best way to find the perfect fit. Different manufacturers after all, uses different sizing standards.

How To Measure Your Uk Size


Before trying to convert your sizes to UK sizing standards, it is a must to find out your most accurate measurement first. You might have an idea of what your size is, but making sure your size is correct will save you tons. Most people who think they are wearing the right size are often mistaken. Many usually get a larger size, while some mistakenly go for a smaller size.

You might want to get yourself measured with a tape in order to find your correct size. Then use a conversion chart to find your UK sizes.

In order to find out your correct size you might need the measurement of the circumference of your chest or breast . This is measured in inches by wrapping the tape measure around the widest part of your chest/breast. This measurement will typically be useful for jackets, suits, tops and shirts.

Another important measurement is your neck size. Simply wrap the tape measure around your neck, and add an extra half inch to the number to get the measurement fast.

The measurement of your waist and the length of the legs are needed to figure out the size of your jeans and trousers. This can be done by wrapping a tape measure around the waist at the navel. For women, these measurements are taken at the widest part of the hips.

Knowing these measurements and converting them to find out your US sizes will be very helpful once you start shopping. Once you know your correct US size, it is also easier to find out your international sizes including UKs.

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What Is The Largest Shoe Size

I don’t know, but Shaq wears a 22G shoe.Here is his shoe size growth chart.This shoe in the Philippine Shoe Capital, is 5.5 meters/16.5 feet .This shoe in Hungary is size 217 or 145 cm. = 1.45 meters = 4.5 feet.Zappos in the online Shoppes at Wellington Square carries a U.S. men’s size 18EEEEE shoe.Bill Clinton and Abraham Lincoln were the presidents with the biggest feet. Both wore size 13 shoes. Clinton is 13C.

Womens Uk Shoe Size Chart

33 13

Above, you will find a comparison table for British womens shoe sizing with CM and Inches. For more information, you can also see our guides on EU and US shoe sizing guides. which has charts for kids, womens and mens shoes.

When converting UK ladies shoe to the US, it is always a good rule of thumb to simply add 2 to get your conversion. For example, a UK womens size 7 would convert into a US womens 9 size. The same is also done when converting to AUS or NZ show sizes.

  • For Indian womens shoe sizes, refer to the UK column as they follow the same standards.
  • For NZ womens shoe sizes, refer to the US sizes as they are the exact same.

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How Can I Measure My Foot Size Uk

To quickly measure your UK foot size at home, you should but the heel of your foot against a wall while wearing socks. From there, measure from the edge of the wall with a ruler to the tip of your longest toe . Once measured, you can refer to the above tables in centimetres and inches. To learn more, see the video below.

Uk Shoe Size Charts: Conversion & Measurements For Men Women & Kids

Ralph Lauren Crockett & Jones Sizing UK vs US Sizes Width Measured Comparision to Alden and AE

UK sizing and measurement is considered as one of the prime size guides and is being adopted by so many other countries as well. Specially are the ones, which were being occupied by the Britain in early 1800-1900 hundred AD. In this dedicated post, we have tried to list the UK Shoe Size Charts measurements & conversion for men, women and kids compared to US & Europe shoe shizing.

If you are in europe and wondering what would be the converted shoe size for european 41? It would measure the same as 8.5 in UK size. Same would measure 10.5 in US sizing. Here is a basic UK Standard Show sizing chart table in inches and CM.

Have a look at:

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Commonly Asked Questions About Shoes Sizes:

  • Do shoe sizes go by inches?

    No, shoe sizes dont directly represent the length of your foot in inches. To measure your foot in inches, wed recommend using a tape measure. You can find approximate foot lengths in millimeters in the chart above.

  • Do shoe sizes vary by brand?

    Occasionally shoe sizes can seem to vary from brand to brand by up to half a size, so when possible, its always worth trying the shoes on first. Alternatively, look for online retailers with free returns policies and sizing guides. For the chart above, weve done our research and based the conversion on the majority of online retailers, but if youre thinking of buying from a specific retailer, its worth checking their own conversion chart if they have one.

  • How do mens shoe sizes compare to women’s?

    In Canada, Mens sizes are approximately 1.5-2 sizes smaller than womens. For example a Canadian mens size 7 would be a Canadian womens size 8.5. Its often hard to tell if a supplier is listing their shoe size in Canadian, UK or AU sizes so we find the best way is to check your European shoe size and use that as a guide.

  • Does shoe size determine height?

    While shoe size is not a definite factor in height, there has been a general correlation drawn by data analysts such as StatCrunch. Often taller people tend to have larger feet, however this is not absolute.

  • How can I convert shoe sizes?

    The easiest way to convert shoe sizes is to use a shoe size conversion chart, like the one above.

What Is My Uk Shoe Size In Cm

To best find out your UK shoe size in CM, it is best to refer to a sizing chart which you can find above. But on average, a womens size 7 equates to 25.1cm and a mens size 9 equates to a length of 26.7 CM.

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We have compiled dozens or charts, conversions and reviews to help you find the exact information you are looking for. Seek the right fit! Enjoy the site!

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How To Measure Foot Size

In the ready-to-wear shoe world, feet are measured using a Brannock Device. Many of us remember these from shoe shopping with our parents when we were kids, but few of us have had our feet measured as adults. They measure both the length and width of your feet and give you a

While a Brannock Device is still just an approximation, theres value in getting your feet measured about once a year. Our bodies change over time, and anyone whos ever looked at the mega-cushioned, puffy shoes that very elderly men often wear can deduce that our feet get bigger and more sensitive as we age.

It is imperative that we wear properly fitted shoes. How do we do this?

  • First, have a professional measure your feet. Its not a difficult process and most entry-level salespeople can do it accurately, but its not really a thing you can do yourself due to the physical positioning required.
  • Second, have your feet measured at the end of the day. This is when your feet are largest, especially if its warm outside.
  • Third, be honest about how shoes feel on your foot regardless of what you think of them aesthetically. Uncomfortable shoes will make your life miserable, and youll stop caring how cool they look very quickly if youre in pain.

Foot Versus Shoe And Last


The length of a person’s foot is commonly defined as the distance between two parallel lines that are perpendicular to the foot and in contact with the most prominent toe and the most prominent part of the heel. Foot length is measured with the subject standing barefoot and the weight of the body equally distributed between both feet.

The sizes of the left and right feet are often slightly different. In this case, both feet are measured, and purchasers of mass-produced shoes are advised to purchase a shoe size based on the larger foot, as most retailers do not sell pairs of shoes in non-matching sizes.

Each size of shoe is considered suitable for a small interval of foot lengths, typically limited by half-point of the shoe size system.

A shoe-size system can refer to three characteristic lengths:

All these measures differ substantially from one another for the same shoe. For example, the inner cavity of a shoe must typically be 15 mm longer than the foot, and the shoe last would be 2 size points larger than the foot, but this varies between different types of shoes and the shoe size system used. The typical range lies between 1â2 to 2â3 inch for the UK/US size system and 4â3 to 5â3 cm for the European size system, but may extend to 1â4 to 3â4 inch and 2â3 to 6â3 cm .

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Uk Shoe Size Chart + Conversions For Kids Womens & Mens Sizes

October 5, 2020 by FeetSeek

When it comes to shoe sizes, the UK measurement standard is one of the most popular in the world. So if you are seeking out a new pair of shoes, we have rounded up this UK shoe size chart with conversions for kids, womens & mens sizes!

We have also included conversions from the UK to EU, US, AUS, Indian, and NZ sizes. Also, check out the most F.A.Qs about UK shoes below!

Kid’s Shoe Size Conversions Us To The Uk

Finally, when it comes to kids shoes, just like mens sizing, the shoe sizes differ by just one. For examples, if you need a US kids size 3, youd choose a UK kids size 2. If youre looking for a US kids size 7, grab yourself a UK kids size 6. See the shoe size chart below for full clarification.

When it comes to shopping for shoes, sizing is key. Don’t get confused by the UK brands and let it put you off shopping for different styles. Just make sure you rememeber to check the sizing and convert from your US size to ensure you’re in love with your fashion picks when they arrive.

At Shop It To Me, we’re huge fans of shopping internationally, which is why getting the sizing conversion just right is so important.

With brands from all over the world, and especially the UK, on offer through Shop It To Me, you can find the best deals and highest discounts available on the web and bag yourself an awesome designer or high street deal.

with a super-quick form and start being sent fashion pieces from your favorite brands in your size, today.

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Mens To Womens Shoe Width

How about shoe widths? Womens shoes tend to be a little narrower than mens, so the regular width is different for both.

Shoe widths are expressed in letters, from A to E, where A is the narrowest and E the widest. You can also have an extra-narrow AA or an extra-wide EEE at the opposite end. But it gets a little more complicated than that.

Women tend to have narrower feet, so in womens shoe sizes the B width is considered standard. This means a D width is already an extra-wide shoe for women. But in mens shoes, D is a standard size, and B would be a narrow width. You can often find mens shoes in E or EE widths, especially in the sports shoe category.

To find out more about what does shoe width letters mean, check out our handy guide with all the information you need.

Kids Uk Shoe Size Chart

How to Convert European Shoe Sizes to U.S. Sizes
18.8 7.4

Above, you will find a conversion chart from UK kids sizes to EU, US, and AUS kids sizes. You will also find lengths in both centimeters and inches for a more accrue measurement.

Also, if measuring for Indian kids sizes, the IND standard is the exact same as the UK. As for the sizing of this chart, it is from 2 years to young adult. For more baby/ kids/ youth sizing charts, see the guide here.

  • For Indian kid shoe sizes, refer to the UK column as they follow the same standards.
  • For NZ kid shoe sizes, refer to the US sizes as they are the exact same.

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Easy Shoe Size Conversion Charts Us

Find your perfect shoe size easily! Convert any size to UK sizes for men, women, and kids. Use our how-to guide to measure your feet or use our printable shoe size charts to find the right size.

International shoe size conversion: Weve put together a helpful converter chart that will help you find your UK shoe size , US sizes and Euro shoe sizes. Either convert from one shoe size to another or measure your foot and convert to the preferred size.

Conversion Tables For American Australian British Canadian European Japanesekorean Mexican Russian Ukrainian New Zealand Inches Centimeters Mondopoint Shoe Sizes

If your little piggies are going to market,these shoe size conversion tables can help. You can use them toconvert from the shoe size used in one country or region to theshoesize used in another country or region. However, store and manufacturer practice varies widely.Having studied manypublished shoe size tables on the net, I would not trust any of them. The best practice I can recommend, if the company allows this,is to place orders in terms of inches, millimeters, orcentimeters. You can at least measure your foot and measure theshoe and determine if you received what you ordered. Otherwise, you might encounter a compounded error of the manufacturerhaving a variation and the store conversion table having a variation which makes the shoe significantly different in size.I also note that tables and companies cite rules which only work for men, or women but not both. But often the tablesdon’t indicate gender or are used for both.

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Mens To Womens Shoe Sizing Chart

Mens to womens shoe sizing differences depend on the country youre living in. In the US, womens sizes are generally bigger than mens shoe sizes by 1.5. European sizes are usually unisex, but mens sizes in the UK may be half a size larger.

When youre buying work boots or sneakers, you might be choosing a mens model for women, or vice versa. Some shoes, such as Vans sneakers, have unisex sizing. But this generally means the brand uses mens sizes, so youll need to convert your size.

But shoe sizing does get confusing, so bookmark this mens to womens shoe sizing chart to keep your shoe size always at hand. Now, lets get to it!

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