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How Much Are Diabetic Shoes

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Diabetes And Foot Problems

What are Diabetic Shoes?

High blood sugar contributes to poor blood circulation. It can also damage nerves in your feet, a condition called . Neuropathy can cause you to lose feeling in your feet, which may make it difficult for you to realize if you cut yourself or injure your foot. If you leave a cut untreated, it can lead to an infection. Poor circulation can make it difficult to heal cuts and infections.

You might develop open sores on your toes or the bottom of your feet. You may also develop calluses, or thick areas of hardened skin. The following are all more likely to occur in people with diabetes:

  • bunions
  • fungal infections
  • gangrene

Nerve damage can also change the shape of your feet. People with diabetes are more likely to develop , which is a deformity that causes the toe joints to bend inward.

Even foot problems that might seem insignificant, like blisters or athletes foot, can be a cause of concern if you have diabetes. Because of poor circulation to the area, any foot problem will take longer to heal and may instead compound and grow into a dangerous infection that can progress and lead to amputations if not correctly treated. Thats why any foot issues should be called to the attention of your doctor if you have diabetes.

Why Shop At Diabetic Shoes Hub

Trying to find the right pair of shoes that are comfortable and stylish can be difficult. You dont need to spend hours scrolling through multiple websites to find the best diabetic shoes available.

Diabetic Shoes HuB offers a wide variety of shoes in various styles for both men and women. You can find everything you need on our easy-to-navigate website. With our diabetic insoles, you can customize the support underneath your arch. You can also adjust the space thats inside of your shoe. This eliminates any foot slippage around your heel and provides you with the perfect fit.

Another area we strive to excel in at Diabetic Shoes HuB is providing excellent customer support. Were here to help you find a quality pair of shoes that you love and will feel comfortable in. Our shoes are designed to improve foot health and comfort. Find your next pair with Diabetic Shoes HuB.

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Don’t Suffer From Poorly Fitting Shoes

Inadequate and inappropriately fitting shoes can cause issues for your feet. This includes ulcers, rankles, and calluses that cause pain and discomfort. A diabetic shoe needs to have a removable shoe insole to help support your foot. By combining diabetic shoes and insoles, you can avoid foot problems and wounds while improving your overall lifestyle. Our diabetic insoles are specifically designed to alleviate foot pain that is related to arthritis and diabetes. All of our insoles are resilient and lightweight, providing you with unmatched support and cushioning.

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How Much Coverage Does Medicare Give To Therapeutic Shoes And Inserts For Diabetes

Typically Medicare will give 80% coverage to the Medicare-approved cost of therapeutic shoes and inserts for diabetes, leaving you cover the 20% coinsurance of the Medicare-approved cost.

This is of course if you used all Medicare-enrolled doctors, providers and suppliers, and a supplier who was a Medicare-enrolled participating supplier who accepts assignment.

On the point of payment, Medicare advices the following

To find out how much your test, item, or service will cost, talk to your doctor or health care provider. The specific amount youll owe may depend on several things, like:

  • Other insurance you may have
  • How much your doctor charges
  • Whether your doctor accepts assignment
  • The type of facility
  • Where you get your test, item, or service

The source of the text is Medicares website page on coverage for therapeutic shoes which you can read here.

The source of the text is Medicares website page on coverage for therapeutic shoes which you can read here.

Importance Of Proper Care

Is It Time for a New Pair of Diabetic Shoes?: Ankle & Foot ...

Proper care can help you avoid problems that may lead to amputation. Practice good hygiene habits by cleansing and thoroughly inspecting your feet and wearing clean socks each day. If you are having trouble healing a wound on your foot, schedule an appointment with your primary care physician or podiatrist to ensure you achieve the best possible outcome.

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Complete Your Purchase With Our Copper Cloud Diabetic Socks

We recommend bundling with our Copper Cloud diabetic socks. We have more copper per square inch of material than any other sock out on the market. Copper provides antibacterial/ antifungal/ anti-order, and softer skin. Wearing these socks with your Apex shoes provides the ultimate solution in healing the pain caused by diabetic feet. We recommend white socks as this helps identify any bleeding commonly associated to diabetic feet.

Different Wear Different Tear

A diabetic shoe is built to support a foot against excess pressure and friction, but it is still experiencing those forces itself. Eventually, the protective elements are going to break down, leaving the foot more vulnerable toward receiving irritation and injury.

Of course, if all the factors were the same with every individual, it would be easy to schedule an exact time when someone should have their diabetic shoes checked for refurbishment or potential replacement. It would be like replacing a toothbrush every few monthsjust something we know to do!

However, while there is a general guideline that diabetic shoes should be replaced every year , some people may need their footwear inspected sooner than that! It can depend on a variety of factorssome controllable, some not:

Ultimately, you should not think of diabetic shoes and inserts as static devices. They are going to change over time, and so are your feet, so it is important that both stay in sync!

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Best Overall For Women: Propet Women’s Tour Walker Strap Sneaker

  • May feel hotter on the foot in warmer weather

These slip-ons from Sketchers come in at a fraction of the price of most other picks on this list, but they still do a great job of supporting and protecting your feet. They use highly responsive midsole cushioning and a high-rebound footbed to give your feet the extra support they need.

Lined with bamboo fabric, they keep your feet cool, dry, and safe from unwanted bacteria. The tapering midfoot design offers improved arch support over previous versions of this shoe.

The mesh fabric on the top of the shoe provides excellent breathability while still protecting your skin from debris that could lead to cuts and scrapes. The nearly seamless construction of the shoe makes it extremely comfortable, and the materials used make it surprisingly lightweight. Consider this slip-on sneaker a safe pick for working a desk job, running errands around town, and relaxing at home.;

Arch Support: Yes | Materials: 100% mesh fabric, rubber sole | Close-Up: Slip on

Diabetic Shoes For Men

Diabetic Shoe Fitting Tips

When it comes to footwear style, men don’t have to be left out when shopping for diabetic shoes. offers a wide array of diabetic shoes for men to complement their active lifestyles. Men who are dealing with diabetic neuropathy, poor circulation or nerve damage need footwear that helps them protect their sensitive feet against wounds. An ill-fitting shoe can lead to an ulcer that can develop under the foot in just a few hours. The proper orthopedic diabetic footwear can prevent complications, which can include ulcers, calluses and strain. These can ultimately lead to amputation.

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Where To Buy Medicare

When youre ready for a pair of diabetic shoes, youll have plenty of options. You can buy the shoes from your podiatrist or other medical supply carriers. Another option is finding a supplier online.

You can find diabetic shoes at stores like:

  • Diabetic neuropathy with evidence of callus;formation

If you think youre;unsure about your;eligibility,;you can contact a Medicare representative.

Defense Against Foot Pain & Numbness

Because polyneuropathy the most common form of peripheral neuropathy is the most common symptom of diabetes and prediabetes, excellence in manufacturing and materials are of critical importance. Apex manufacturing and materials are the finest in our industry. Polyneuropathy often causes numbness in the feet that makes it virtually impossible to feel the rubbing and related sores that cheaply-made shoes can cause. Those diabetic wounds can lead to infection and amputation.

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Superior Fit & Layers Of Removable Depth

Apex footwear has a minimum of 5/16 and as much as a full 1/2 of removeable depth in multiple layers making proper shoe fit a breeze. We also feature more widths to better accommodate our diabetic customers’ needs and ensure that they receive great fitting shoes for even the hardest-to-fit diabetic feet.

How Do Special Shoes Work

Diabetic Shoes in Action: 8 Tips for Healthy Feet ...

The shoes often are prescribed by foot and ankle orthopaedic specialists and fitted by a group of professionals called pedorthotists. The shoes may be designed to have a very stiff sole and rocker bottom foot to decrease the forces sent to the ball of the foot. They also may have a bar or wedge applied to the sole to even out the weight distribution on the foot. Shoes will be designed to prevent any seams that are inside the shoe from rubbing against the foot.;

There can be several benefits to wearing custom shoes:

  • Relieve areas of increased pressure. Any area where there is too much pressure on the foot can lead to skin breakdown. Footwear should help to relieve these high-pressure areas and therefore reduce the occurrence of related problems.
  • Reduce shock and shear. The footwear should decrease both the amount of vertical pressure, or shock, on the bottom of the foot, as well as reduce the horizontal movement of the foot within the shoe, or shear.
  • Accommodate, stabilize and support deformities. Deformities resulting from conditions such as collapse of the arch, loss of fatty tissue, hammer toes and amputations must be accommodated. Many deformities need to be stabilized to relieve pain and decrease the risk of progression of the deformity.
  • Limit motion of joints. Limiting the motion of certain joints in the foot can often decrease inflammation, relieve pain, and result in a more stable and functional foot.;

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Shoes For Diabetes: Double Trouble For The Feet

Why are diabetic feet so vulnerable?

Diabetes patients — who number 17.9 million in the U.S. — know that good blood sugar control reduces risk of complications. But poorly controlled diabetes delivers a double whammy to the feet.

Diabetes can cause nerve damage, or neuropathy, that lessens the foot’s sensitivity to pain. Guanci’s nerve damage is extensive. After years of “funny, tingling feelings in my feet” — a sign of abnormal nerve function — he has now lost all sensation in both feet, he says. “I broke a big toe once and the only thing I noticed was that my toe was swollen. I didn’t feel a thing.”

Doctors see many similarly affected patients: those who have stepped on broken glass, knitting needles, syringes, or nails and never felt pain to alert them to injury.

Nor can they sense foreign objects in their shoes. James McGuire, DPM, PT, director of the Leonard S. Abrams Center for Advanced Wound Healing at Temple University’s School of Podiatric Medicine, described one patient who didn’t feel a jack, the star-shaped plaything, inside his shoe. “He just put the shoe on, stepped down and drove the jack into his foot and walked around all day and ended up with an infection from that.”

Besides loss of sensation, diabetes can also cause poor circulation because high blood sugar can lead to narrowing of small and large blood vessels. When blood flow is reduced in the feet, wounds heal more slowly.

Where Do I Get My Diabetic Shoes

  • In order to receive diabetic shoes, the prescribed patient must be fitted for diabetic shoes by a podiatrist or any other qualified individual.
  • The certifying physician is not allowed to provide the patient with the footwear, unless they practice in a defined rural area or there is a shortage of health professionals
  • The prescribing physician may be the supplier.

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So When Should I Have My Diabetic Shoes Examined

Some patients may be fine going a year between diabetic shoe replacements or refurbishments. Others, not so much. How do you know where you fall?

Ones condition, lifestyle, and external factors can help determine a general guideline for follow-up. This is something we can discuss during your first fitting.

Of course, things can change, however. When you perform a daily foot check , inspect your shoes as well. Not only should you look for anything that might have fallen into them, but also see if there are any spots that are looking particularly run down or bare. If so, let us know!

Another factor to consider is the effects of neuropathy. If the sensation in your feet is particularly low, we may recommend seeing us every few months to check the state of your feet and shoes, as you might not feel if a problem has come to light!

One of the benefits of a more frequent approach to checking diabetic shoes is that, if an adjustment needs to be made, we can typically tell through seeing the wear patters inside and outside the footwear. Adjustments can be made sooner than later, increasing your overall comfort and reducing the risks of a problem spot developing!

Our offices in Edison and Warren are ready to hear from you. Give us a call or fill out our online contact form to schedule an appointment.

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  • 4.81/5

Innovative Diabetic Shoes Offer The Ultimate Comfort & Protection For Diabetic Feet

Diabetic Shoes for Women
  • Protective Interior, padded with foam eliminates praessure points and friction against skin, offering superior comfort and protection in these unique walking shoes for diabetics.
  • Orthofeet diabetic shoes feature Premium Orthotic Insoles with anatomical arch support control overpronation and help reduce pressure on the bottom of the foot.
  • Stretchable uppers offer a 4-way stretch that conforms to the contours of the foot and offers a comfortable, pressure free fit.
  • Wide toe box and extra depth design offer a relaxed fit and extra room for bunions and toes.
  • Ergonomic soles with a mild rocker shape and superior cushioning help propel foot forward and enhance comfort from heel to toe.

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Durable Roomy And Soothing

Apex diabetic shoes incorporate reinforced shanks for rearfoot stability. Higher, wider and reinforced toe boxes enable enough wiggle room for diabetic feet to avoid rubbing and dangerous irritation while still providing a feeling of gentle cradling within a firm foundation. Lastly, our anatomically-shaped lasts invite the foot to rest in the shoe more naturally.

Where Can I Find The Best Shoes For Diabetics

While style and selection for diabetic footwear might have been a concern in the past, it isnt any longer. Whether shopping for diabetic shoes for men, diabetic shoes for women, a particular type of shoe to address a specific foot problem, such as shoes for swollen diabetic feet, or shoes for diabetic neuropathy etc., you can find a wide selection of top-quality diabetic shoes at Orthofeet. They come in a variety of styles, colors, widths and sizes and you can try them risk free for 60 days. If youre not completely satisfied, return them within the 60 days and receive a full refund.

Do I need diabetic socks too? For additional comfort and protection of diabetic feet;it is recommended by podiatrists to wear diabetic socks as well. Feel free to read our article on why diabetic socks are needed for more information. Orthofeets diabetic bamboo socks come with special features, such as a loose and non-constricting fit, a unique seam-free design, an excellent moisture wicking system, and a white bottom that help detect lesions at the bottom of the foot.

Can people that dont have diabetes wear diabetic shoes?

Of course! In fact, it is quite common for non-diabetics to purchase diabetic shoes precisely because they provide so much comfort and support. They are also great for foot problems that are not necessarily related to diabetes such as heel pain, ball of the foot pain, blisters, flat feet, wide feet etc.


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Diabetic Footwear & Medicare Coverage:

**In order for diabetic footwear to be covered by Medicare, you must see your healthcare provider for a diabetic shoe prescription; simply bring in the prescription and let us take care of the rest!

Medicare currently pays 100% for one pair of diabetic shoes each year.

If you have not seen your physician for a shoe prescription; don’t worry! We are more than happy to contact your physician and request the necessary documentation. We can still begin the process of custom shoe fitting and have your shoes ordered quickly!

See the Dr. Comfort footwear we have available to order:

Is Footwear For Diabetics Covered By Health Insu

How Custom Orthotics Can Help with Diabetic Foot Care

Hey there is a great shoe company just for diabetics it`s called DR. Comfort Oh my god they have the best shoes and socks You can also get your ped dr to get them for you.. the shoes are kind of expesive and coverd but well worth it.. My hubby has heel spurs,arthris, and plater flantis and swears by them.. I love the socks!! they both mens and womens shoes. they have a great look too and comfy too thye also have ever size you will ever need.. I do not have and have never had foot problems. For a while the neuropathy did prevent me from knowing if my feet were cold or not. Between getting my BG under control and taking lyrica I know when I have cold feet. The C,PED that I saw trimmed my toenails and said my feet looked to be in good condition. My dr sent me to him hoping he would prescribe diabetic shoes for me. No the C-PED did not think they were necessary thank God as my medicare hmo would have paid all but $300. In my house I wear my flip flops, these help to cushion the heel spurs that I have had for around 30 years. When going anywhere I either wear my well cushioned sandles or my Nikes. Both fit well and do not rub or irritate my feet. I buy mens shoes they are wider then womens, are much more comfortable and last 3 times as long. We should be checking our own feet as well, and not go barefoot .I wear shoes outside, and slippers if cold in side. I have gone barefoot in my house as shoes make my back problems worse, but I try not to do that to often.Continue reading >>

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