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How Do You Measure Baby Feet For Shoes

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Next Step: Test If Your Kids Shoes Fit Nice & Well

How to Ensure you have the Right Size Shoe for Your Baby’s Feet!

Once you’ve shopped and tried on your new baby shoes, youll have to double-check that all that measuring we did before actually paid off. Here are a few small tips & tricks on how to test it out:

  • Visual check

  • Most shoes that dont fit well should be easily identified just by the naked eye: Do the shoes leave marks on the babys feet? Do they appear to fit snugly? Are they too loose? Or maybe too tight? Make sure you turn the shoes upside down or inside out if you can, anything to check that theyre the proper size.

  • Check the insole

  • If the shoes fit a bit too tight when you first put them on your babys feet, then they might actually become too small in a very short while. Babies outgrow their closets sooo fast! So heres one thing you can do: take out the insole of the shoe and measure it then, compare it to the measurements you have for your babys toes to the tip of the insole – there should be enough space to fit approximately 12mm, at least. If its any longer than that, then the shoes will be too big for your baby. And if its less, then theyre too small!

  • Pinch the shoe

  • Preferably, the shoes should fit snugly enough that youre able to pinch a bit of the material at the widest point. Most barefoot shoes have a very flexible material that usually stretches to fit the feet.

    What To Look For When Buying Kids Shoes Online

    Many parents of young children are big fans of online shoe shopping. Its easy and convenient behind the computer or with your iPad at home. Even the most easygoing of toddlers can become whiny and weepy in the childrens shoe aisle. Unfortunately, the greatest thing about online shoe shopping is also the biggest downside when shopping for childrens shoes. Youre not in a department store so you cant try them on until you buy them.

    In the below Shoe Size Charts for Boys and girls, well make it easy to understand your childrens shoe size and reduce the hassle of getting wrongly fitting shoes delivered to your doorstep.

    How Does Kids Shoe Sizing Work

    Kids clothing sizes can be deceptively simple. A two-year-old is likely to wear around a 2T and a childs small is often perfect for a first-grader. Shoe sizes, on the other hand, do not correspond neatly to a childs age, so its important to measure their feet.

    Childrens shoe sizes start at a 0 and run through a 13 ½. Then, they start back over at 1 and go up to a 7. This may sound confusing, but it is very easy to tell the difference between the little size 1 and the big size 1.

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    How To Make Sure The Fit Is Correct

    Once you’ve tried on your new baby shoes, you will want to double-check that all that measuring paid off. Here are a few mom tested and approved ways to confirm a perfect fit:

    Visual Check

    The baby shoes should appear snug and you shouldn’t see them leaving any marks on your child’s feet.

    Toe Test

    From your baby’s big toe, measure to the tip of the shoe. The longest toe should be between the width of your pinkie and the width of your thumb from the tip of the shoe. Any longer than that and they might trip any less than that and they might be too snug .

    This will also depend on the type of shoe, as materials vary. Moccasins are commonly made of leather and will be sturdier than say softer baby booties. The bottom line is that you want to make sure your child’s foot length isn’t restricted by their new baby shoes. If they feel too tight, they probably are !

    Test for Width

    You should be able to pinch some of the material between your fingers at the widest point. If you can’t do this, then they are too tight. The great thing about soft sole shoes like baby moccasins is that they stretch to fit the width of your child’s feet. Moccs are perfect for both skinny feet and those larger babies who have what we in our family call “Flintstone Feet.”

    Pinkie Test

    Slide your pinkie between your baby’s heel and the back of the shoe. Your finger should fit without extra room for the best fit.

    How To Measure Baby Shoe Sizes

    Pin by Christine Jones on sizing charts

    There are many different ways to measure the shoe size of your little kid.

    Some are more simple than others and require lesser materials.

    A Brannock device, the standard tool used to measure the foot size, is not suitable for babies.

    Some size converters are also available online but nothing beats actually letting your kid fit the correct shoe before buying, but for those that want to do it at the comfort of their own home, here are the two best ways:

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    Year Old Shoe Size Guide

    As every parent knows, a babys first steps quickly turn into energetic exploration! As little feet learn to walk, they move, flex and grip in new ways, so its important to choose shoes that fit properly.

    The average shoe size for 1 year olds tends to vary, so its best to carefully measure your babys feet before shopping for new shoes. The shoe size charts below will help to get you started.

    Our My Flexx baby moccasins and My Shoes baby shoes have unique sizing..choose the correct size from the charts below.

    Sizing Guide For Baby And Toddler Shoes

    Choosing the right size shoe for your little one as they are learning to walk need not be a difficult task, and a good baby shoe size guide can help. To keep it simple and consistent, our beautiful baby, toddler and childrens shoes follow Australian sizing. However, to make it easier for everyone, weve included a handy sizing conversion table / chart so that you can easily convert and compare between European, American, UK and Australian sizes.

    All you need to do is measure your childs foot from heel to the tip of their big toe and add about 1cm for growing. Handy hint: We sometimes find it easier to put their feet on a piece of blank paper, trace around it and then measure after.

    Then order your required size based off the cm measurement . If your baby is between sizes or you arent completely sure, select the larger size. They do grow quite quickly!


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    What Are The Best Shoes For Toddlers

    Toddlers need shoes to enhance their natural development. Whether your kid is a rookie walker or running rings around you, we recommend our SRtech shoes.

    Made with special Sensory Response Technologytm, these shoes have outsoles with sensory pods to help improve children’s balance and coordination. Each shoe is comfy and lightweight to never slow them down, while being durable and supportive enough for the playground and beyond.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Baby Shoe Sizing

    How to measure your baby foot
  • How do baby shoe sizes work?

  • Although we might be inclined to believe that baby shoe sizes are just tiny versions of adult sizes, thats not really how they work. Theyre specifically tailored for the feet of newborns, infants, and toddlers. Theyre also the same for both girls and boys – not like the adult sizes.

  • Should babies wear shoes when learning to walk?

  • It’s usually recommended that babies start learning to walk barefoot or wearing soft-soled shoes, but you should alternate with hard-soled shoes once they start walking outright, to help avoid them injuring their feet.

  • What’s the smallest shoe size for babies?

  • The smallest shoe size available is for newborns! And its a 0 , measuring only 8.2 cm/3.22 in length and just 10.8 cm/4.25 in width.

  • What size shoes do babies wear?

  • Baby shoe sizes usually come in different categories, depending on the babys age: so there are 3 kinds we can think of from the top of our heads:

    • Shoes for newborns – between size 0 and size 2 or up to size 18

    • Shoes for infants – roughly up to size 4 or up to size 20

    • And for toddlers – usually between size 5 and size 10 or up to size 28 .

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    How To Measure Childrens Feet

    The surest way to get accurate results is with a child’s foot measurement chart, which you can buy or print off the internet. Simply place the chart against a wall so that it is completely straight, and fix it to the floor. Place your child on the chart with their heels touching the bottom edge. The toes should be stretched, the foot spreading its weight evenly. Now draw the outlines of both feet, holding the pencil at a vertical angle. Alternatively, if you don’t have a chart, you can trace your child’s feet on a sheet of paper, then compare that to the shoes in the shop.

    When learning how to measure childrens feet, you should generally add about 15 millimetres to the recorded foot length in order to calculate the optimum shoe size.

    Buy the first pair of shoes at Zalando Lounge as soon as your child’s feet need protection.

    To our sales

    Common Shoe Sizing Mistakes To Avoid

    If you follow the tips above, and make sure to use a size chart from the brand you’re shopping with, you shouldn’t have any problems selecting the perfect size shoes for your baby’s feet. Here are a few “gotchas” to make sure to avoid…


    Try to avoid hand-me-downs while your little one is still mastering motor skills. Shoes mold to the child’s foot through use, and hand-me-down shoes will be molded to the original wearer’s foot. This could cause irritation in places where the shoe rubs against the foot, and might even cause them to shift their weight incorrectly while walking.

    Keeping an eye on foot size

    They grow up so fast, and in the blink of an eye they will need to size-up about every 3-4 months. Monitor that growth with regular checks every couple months to make sure they don’t start to outgrow the shoes. It helps to set a reminder on your phone so you remember to check.

    If your little starts taking shoes off, hobbling around, or rubbing their feet, those are late signs that they’ve outgrown their shoes and need a new pair quickly!

    Go big!

    If you have done all the calculations and find your baby between sizes, go with the larger size. A little extra room to grow is a good thing.

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    When Do Children Need Shoes

    Children usually take their first steps barefoot, and learning to walk is best done without shoes. You can keep out the cold with a pair of socks, and there are non-slip varieties available for when your child starts to crawl. However, as soon as the little ones take their first steps outdoors, the first shoe purchase is due. This generally happens when they’re about ten to twelve months of age.

    A child’s first shoes should be soft and flexible to give the feet as much freedom as possible. And always go for a rounded shape pointed shoes should be avoided as they don’t provide enough space for the toes.

    Flexible, round, made of natural materials

    And last but not least, it’s also important to pay attention to the quality of the little one’s footwear. Ideally, children’s shoes should be made of supple leather or natural materials such as canvas or cotton. These are strong and reliable, while also allowing your child’s feet to breathe. Children’s feet sweat more than adult ones. So it’s reasonable to have at least two pairs of shoes on the go, so that one pair can be aired while the other is in use.

    Otherwise, fungi and bacteria can take root and lead to infections. Also, it’s best to avoid hand-me-downs. Each child wears in their shoes differently, so to give your child’s feet the best chance of developing healthily, it’s wise to stick to new shoes only.

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    Whether You’re Buying Babys First Infant Shoes Or Looking Into Shoes For A Beginning Walker You Probably Have Questions Here’s Some Expert Advice For Finding The Right Shoe Size And Fit

    Pin by Carey Martin on Baby stuff

    Whether youre headed to the shoe store or shopping online, buying your babys first pair of shoes can surface many questions. What should you look for in a shoe for someone just learning to walk? How will you know if it fits?

    I think parents always worry that a toddler may not be able to express how the shoe feels, says Dr. Jane Andersen, a Chapel Hill, North Carolina, podiatrist and spokesperson for the American Podiatric Medical Association.

    Dont worry it is possible to take some of the guesswork out of finding the right size and fit for your baby or toddler. Heres how.

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    How To Check Shoes Fit Correctly

    Once youve got your pair of shoes, youll want to make sure they fit your childs feet.

    • Length – Once your child has their foot in the shoe, make sure their foot is placed right to the back of the shoe and that it is fastened properly. Feel the end of the shoe for your childs longest toe to make sure there is sufficient growing room. 14 mm is the ideal growing room length.

    • Width – Feel along the sides of the shoe with your hands. There should be no pressure on the sides or pinching so make sure your little one isnt feeling uncomfortable while you do this and make sure they can also move their little toes.

    • Depth– Press down on the front of the shoe to check there is enough depth for their comfort.

    • Fit at the top – feel around the opening of the shoe where their foot goes in. There should be no gaps.

    • Heel grip – Sit your child down and lift one foot. Pull on the back of the shoe to make sure it grips the heel well and doesnt come off. Repeat with the other foot.

    • Walking – If they can walk, ask your child to walk to check they are walking easily and naturally in their new shoes. This is also a good opportunity to double check the heel grip and to check for any gaping at the sides.

    How To Measure Your Babys Feet At Home

    Choosing the right size shoes can be one of the most difficult tasks, particularly as most brands are sized differently.

    Weve come up with a simple piece of advice that will help ensure that you opt for the correct size.

    Rather than getting their feet measured at a local footwear store, do it yourself at home!

    Make sure that you have a piece of paper and a ruler or tape measure to hand.

    Firstly, find an appropriate room that has a hard flat surface and then stand your little one onto a piece of paper. Make sure that their feet are as flat as possible and not arched.

    Then, mark next to their heel and big toe. Take a note of this measurement in centimetres, to the nearest millimetre. Its really important that you are as accurate as possible.

    Now that you have the measurement, use the size guides that are on each of our product pages to help you decide which is the correct size.

    Remember that not all brands are made to the same sizing, so be sure to check each style.

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    Shoe Shopping Tips For Toddlers

    • Bring socks: Unless youre shopping for sandals, your tot will likely have to wear socks with shoes. Use the appropriate socks thick for winter boots and light for summer sneakers. Then the shoe will fit right even when theres extra padding.
    • Forget trends: Dont give in to the latest trends of clogs, pointy boots, or high heels. These arent likely to provide any beneficial support to a toddler whos still mastering their walk. Instead, go for something supportive.
    • Provide options: Some toddlers want to decide what they wear. If so, find a few different, but appropriate, shoes and ask your little one to choose which they like best.
    • Opt for Velcro: A hook and loop closure such as Velcro is much easier for a toddler to put on without assistance. This way, your child learns how to put on shoes, and you save time otherwise wasted tying shoelaces.

    How Do Shoe Sizes For Kids Work

    How to measure kids shoes and feet at home the easy way?

    Understanding Kids Shoe Sizes: Shoe sizes for kids differ greatly from adult shoe sizes. First of all, there is no differentiation in gender, meaning that boys and girls use the same size . But kids shoe sizes are divided into different age groups: Small or Little Kid Shoe Sizes vs. Big Kids/Youth Shoe Sizes. Small kids are newborn, infant and toddlers. Big kids shoe sizes are from size 10C up to size 6Y.

    Kids US Shoe Size
    Big Kid, Youth, Grade School Youth 6, Big Kid 6

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    Printing A : 1 Scale Baby Shoe Sizing Guide

  • 1 For U.K. and Euro sizing, for example, you could use one like this: .
  • Make sure your print scale is set to “none” or “100%.”
  • 2Measure the line to the right of “Euro size.” To check for accuracy, measure the line on the right. It should be 220 millimeters.
  • 3Follow the instructions on the sizing guide. Each sizing guide will have its own directions, but generally, youll have your child step on the guide and measure from the tip of the big toe.
  • 4Convert your measurements. Depending on where you live, you may need to convert your measurements for appropriate sizing. If, for example, you live in the U.S. but have a U.K. / Euro sizing guide, youll need to translate your results to an American size. There are conversation charts online .Advertisement
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