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How Do You Tighten Hey Dude Shoes

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Do You Wear Socks With Hey Dude Shoes

Hey Dude Wally Sox SKU: 9032753

Whether you prefer to go barefoot or not, Hey Dude Shoes can be worn with or without socks. Each sneaker comes with an elastic band at the heel, which keeps those arches blister-free and supported during walking. According to the brand, several customers have opted to wear their kicks alone.

How To Tighten Hey Dude Laces

Pull the laces tightly together. To tighten the double laces, follow these steps:

  • Step 1: take one lace end in each hand
  • Step 2: stretch and open up both lace ends
  • Step 3: put one end under the other and around it to make a loop
  • Double back on itself once to create a knot

Repeat four times for each lacing. Take care not to pull too hard as this may damage stitching. For single-laced shoes just follow Step 3 and skip Steps 1~2.

Why Are Hey Dudes Called Slip On Shoes

The shoes only have shoelaces in the front which allows for easy removal and tighter fit around the ankle. You can easily slip them on by bending your foot sideways to start. After that you can just pull the tongue over until its tight enough for you then put pressure from your heel and roll forward until theyre completely on. It should take no more than 3 seconds to get them on!

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How To Tighten Hey Dude Shoes

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Tightening your Hey Dude shoes is an important part of the shoe-tying process. A loose shoe will cause you to trip and fall, which could lead to a twisted ankle or worse! To tighten shoes, use one hand to hold the laces near where they meet at the top of your foot.

Use the other hand to grab the loop that is nearest it on each side and pull them up tightly together. Now take both loops into one hand and tie them in a knot, making sure not to leave any slack in either loop as you do so!

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Canvas Material Of Hey Dude And Sanuk Shoes

How To Tighten Hey Dude Shoes?

There is not a slight difference between the canvas of Hey Dude and Sanuk shoes. The canvas upper of Hey Dude shoes is made of eco-friendly products i.e., 100% recycled fiber from PET bottles.

On the other hand, the canvas of Sanuk shoes is same as the material of yoga mats, i.e. the material includes recycled fiber from PET, recycled rubber, cotton, and other forms.

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Are Hey Dude Shoes American Made

Youve got to love a brand that values transparency when it comes to sourcing. According to their website, Hey Dude Shoes are made in China and Indonesia. Fortunately, the brand states that they believe in fair labor practices, as the company ensures equal opportunity and fair wages for their employees.

What Is Special About Hey Dude Shoes

The special thing about Hey Dude shoes is their comfort, distinct styling and several color patterns. Unlike Sanuk shoes, Hey Dude shoes feature a business-casual design. So, if youre looking for comfortable shoes with a professional touch to wear in office or business meetings, you can consider buying Hey Dude shoes.

The other unique thing about Hey Dude shoes is their Flex and Fold technology, so you can toss them in a bag when youre on the go.

Moreover, Hey Dude shoes are available in several patterns and two-tone colors. On the other hand, Sanuk shoes are available in plain dull colors.

Furthermore, if you head over to Hey Dude shoes website, youll see that they are classified in terms of their several features like airflow, cork, slip-resistant, etc.

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Why Makes Hey Dude Shoes So Popular

Timeless Design

Whether you love classical, traditional-looking shoes, or something off-the-wall, probably to contrast western-like outfits, Hey Dude shoes are meant to match just about any fashion choice. The shoes are lightweight and flexible and are available in standard colors and unique designs like doodles, plaids, and patterns.

For those who want something more comfortable, yet more dressed up, probably for a meeting, you can find a pair that suits your needs. Whats even better, most Hey Dude shoes are machine washable, meaning you can count them looking excellent for years.

Also, Dudes footwear line seems to be a great choice for someone looking for a good pair of walking shoes. Their soles are developed with a patented sole technology while the insole is considerably thick memory foam. One Hey Dude insider described walking in Hey Dude shoes as walking on the cloud. Theyre generally soft and supportive starting from the collar down to the footbed.

Large Selection

Designed in Italy, Hey Dude shoes are made for everyone to enjoy. The brand offers a wide selection of mens and womens as well as youth products. Indeed, they seem to understand that every foot is unique. Perhaps this is the reason why most of their shoes are crafted with comfortable fabric that adapts to your feet alongside replaceable memory foam-based footbeds for sustainable comfort.

Hey Dudes Eco-Friendly Options

Some Dudes are Machine Washable

Are Hey Dude Shoes Worth It

‘HEY DUDE’ Shoes Review – Proper footwear or hippy slippers??

Lets be real. Most of us just suffer in silence when it comes to uncomfortable footwear. Fashion requires a bit of sacrifice, right? Fortunately, theres a better alternative instead of walking around in pain.

Hey Dude Shoes offers a cost-effective solution to ensure those days of blisters and bruises are long gone. Not only are their sneakers cushioned with memory foam and flex technology, but theyre also quite stylish to wear.

Compared to pricier brands like Nike and Adidas, Hey Dude Shoes teaches us that expensive doesnt mean quality. By browsing through their collection, customers dont have to empty out their savings in order to purchase a shoe they like.

Were also big fans of their sustainability efforts, as most of their designs are made out of recycled materials. For a footwear brand that looks towards the future, this Hey Dude Shoes review highly recommends checking this company out.

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Do Hey Dude Shoes Run True To Size

Hey Dude shoes are meant to be ordered a half-size up from the size you normally wear in order to stretch into new footwear.

These shoes are not designed for all-day comfort, so we recommend ordering a shoe thats about a half size larger than your everyday shoe just so it can stretch and form to your foot more comfortably. For people who want some seriously good looks and an equally comfortable shoe, we suggest you go one size bigger than your normal shoe.

The hit will be custom fitted and very likely taller with increased arch support! Youll love it for hours on end without any discomfort or irritation! If you typically purchase wide widths in most other brands, then please note that Hey Dude shoes run truer to size in both width and length than most shoes!

We also have a wide selection of insoles that you can order from us or find on, which will help the shoe fit better and provide all-day comfort for your foot.

Hey Dude Shoes are not meant to be worn indoors or used as everyday walking shoes since they are mostly designed for outdoor activities such as hiking, fishing, camping, etc., but Hey Dudes may work great as everyday party shoes if you plan on being active while wearing them! If not, we recommend ordering one size up either way!

Living The Hey Dude Lifestyle

Sponsored by Hey Dude

Living the Hey Dude lifestyle means exploring each day with an insatiable appetite for adventure. Created in 2008 from our obsession for quality and passion for new experiences, our shoes are built to take you anywhere. Each new style is so much more than just an awesome shoe, but also a promise to give back to our communities and environment. Enjoying all that nature has to offer is essential in keeping a healthy mind, so its Hey Dudes commitment to continue finding ways to create products, programs, and partnerships to support these efforts.

With creating real environmental change at the forefront of many of our projects and products, weve looked at all aspects of the business as opportunities to make a small improvement. Over the last year, the company looked at how much cardboard and plastic was being used in our shipping and display materials as an opportunity to get better. Weve since provided our retail partners with shoe hangers that are made of mostly cornstarch, rather than the traditional plastic hangers used over the years in your favorite stores. In addition to changing our hangers, there has been a switch to the packaging of most of the shoes sold on our online store to a cornstarch material making them 100% biodegradable. These two major efforts will significantly reduce the long-term waste created when providing our amazing products to stores and customers all around the country.

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Are Sanuk Shoes Good For Your Feet

It depends on whether youve flat feet or high arches. The bottom of Sanuk shoes is similar to the flip-flops as they feature a patented sandal construction that allows your feet to bend naturally. However, this feature of Sanuk shoes is only suitable for you if your feet are flexible and have fallen arches.

Id not recommend you to buy Sanuk shoes if you have high arches. The reason is that the insole of Sanuk shoes is not removable, due to which you cannot replace it with your custom orthotic inserts if you try to add your inserts in your Sanuk shoes. However, the default EVA footbed of Sanuk shoes is quite soft like a sponge. So, if youve flat feet, these Sanuks are ideal shoes for you.

Heres what users say about the arch support of different Sanuk shoes on .

Although their EVA footbed offers a gel-like cushioning, you cant wear Sanuk shoes for walking on hard surfaces or roads due to their thin sole and absence of support underneath your feet. Sanuk shoes are only good for wearing them in the house, and surfing or walking on the beaches.

Heres what customers say about the walking experience with the Sanuk shoes.

I also contacted the Sanuk brands customer support and asked them whether I should wear Sanuk shoes for long hours standing or not. Here was their response.

I can give you an idea. If youve flip-flops and can do longer walks in them, it means youll get excellent comfort in Sanuk shoes, and they will feel like you are walking on a pillow.

Christmas & New Year Opening Times And Delivery Dates 2020

How to Tighten Hey Dude Shoes in 5 Easy Steps for You

This year could definitely be the one to forget! However, no need to worry about what to buy for who and if theyll even like it or not! Hey Dude Shoes are a great festive gift because theres no question that the Dude addict in your life will love another pair to add to their collection or that the new convert would love to branch out and try a different Dude style. We understand that sometimes you might need to return an item intended as a Christmas gift so any… Read More

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Do Hey Dude Shoes Run Big Or Small

Some Hey Dude styles might run bigger or smaller than others. Likewise, the organization states that they proposition standard sizes of their shoes. Theres no such a yes or no response to whether or not Hey Dude shoes run big or small. The perfect size is best for fitness shoes.

There is no unmistakable response regarding whether Hey Dude shoes under this classification run big or small compared to other well-known brands like Nike. Sizes shift from one model to another.

As a rule, Hey Dude shoes for women-run massively in comparison to Nike. Nonetheless, you may run over situations where theres no contrast between Nike and Hey Dude shoe size. This makes it a bit difficult to offer an adequate response.

Like womens forms, Hey Dude shoes for men ordinarily run enormous contrasted with Nike shoes. Be that as it may, we discovered situations where these shoes run small. So once more, theres no a yes or no answer concerning whether Hey Dude shoes run big or small, particularly when contrasted with other striking brands like Nike.

What Is Hey Dude Shoes Shipping Policy

This Hey Dude Shoes review is happy to report that they offer free standard shipping on all US orders that total $100 or more. Anything below this amount is charged a flat fee of $5 . They also provide free 2-day delivery on some select models.

To monitor the status of your package, customers can click on the track your order link at the bottom of their website. Unfortunately, they do not provide international shipping to other countries at this time.

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Are Hey Dude Shoes Wide Or Narrow

Hey Dude Shoes are a unisex, medium-width shoe and are available in both standard widths and wide widths.

Hey Dude is a company committed to pushing boundaries in creativity and innovation they want their customers to be able to partake in design as well. As such, the philosophy of the company is embodied by their slogan fit for life. They carry so many different types of shoes that nothing can keep them down! So whether youre into lightweights or heavy plantigrades, Hey Dude Shoes has got you covered.

In order for the foot to function properly, it is important that there be enough space for the toes on both sides of the shoe in a forefoot-to-hind foot or TDH position. If they do not have enough space, we would typically recommend looking at broader widths instead.

The good news is that Hey Dude shoes can be custom-made with any size sole so that you get your perfect comfort! You will also discover that this model comes up higher at the back of the heel which better supports and safeguards your Achilles tendon from injury.

Can You Bleach Hey Dude Shoes

A Day in Austin with Hey Dude Shoes

You shouldnt do that. First, its not recommended to bleach anything. If you need your shoes changed, there are places that will take them in for a fee and then ship them back to you after theyre all clean and shiny . But if theyve just gone a bit blank or grey from age, use water with really hot soap to rinse them up. That should be better than something that will actually give more chemicals.

Why is this? Well, chlorine cannot only deteriorate the upper area of the shoe but can also cause discoloration on those white balls inside which may affect comfort when playing tennis-ball sports chlorine can also weaken the glue on the rubber of the sole and cause it to eventually disintegrate.

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How To Wash Hey Dude Shoes In The Washing Machine

Its best if you use a laundry bag like this one when washing Hey Dude shoes in the washing machine. With just a few simple steps, you can clean the Hey Dude shoes and have them ready without rewashing or damaging anything else in a load of laundry.

  • Add laundry detergent to your washing machine as usual.
  • Place feet inside of the prepared plastic bag, insert into the washer, and close front flap securely.
  • Now put your items to wash on top of the lid/bag dont mix!
  • Turn the washer onto the hottest setting with the heavy-duty cycle for at least 15 minutes.
  • At end of the cycle wait for it to stop working .
  • Open the front flap and remove the bag/feet. Scrub feet with brush or sponge if needed!
  • Let your items air dry!
  • Now you can use the shoes again for another season of fun. Make sure to follow the manufacturers instructions for cleaning and maintenance so that the shoes last longer.

    Precautions While Cleaning Rod Laver Shoes

    The cleaners should be aware that the material used in Rod Laver shoes is of a very delicate nature. It shouldnt be exposed to any kind of rubbing or abrasives, which may lead to damage and deformity. The area surrounding the upper part where shoelaces are also attached is very sensitive and must not be exposed to force.

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    Hey Dude Mens Shoes Review

    Guys, dont worry. We havent forgotten about you. From their Welsh Grip collection to their ultra-comfy Flinn Free sandals, this Hey Dude Shoes review will highlight three of their customer favorites within this section.

    Out for an afternoon stroll? The Wally Stretch shoes can help you walk that extra mile. With Hey Dudes patented Flex & Fold technology, these high-performance sneakers can offer that cloud-like feeling of treading on air.

    Bring on those bumpy pavements and uneven terrainstheres a chance you may not even feel a thing. For the upper lip, this sneaker comes with a vibrant band of colors as an added touch. Ideally paired with cargo pants and a comfortable shirt, walk 500 miles and walk 500 more with the Wally Stretchshoes for $60.

    Theres something about the Wally Sox Classic shoes that scream arctic city chic. Showcasing a stylish design consisting of a wide toe, adjustable laces, and speckled outsole, these stone-white sneakers make the perfect fit for a winter-inspired look.

    Built with Flex & Fold technology and a stretchy upper, you can say goodbye to those ultra-stiff dress shoes. In terms of outfit ideas, we recommend wearing some light shorts and a matching grey polo. We dont recommend wearing these babies out in a snowstorm!

    Also available in 6 different colors, the Wally Sox Classic sneakers sell for $60.

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