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How Much Are The Balenciaga Sock Shoes

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Why Is Balenciaga So Popular


Thats something Ralph Rucci has trouble figuring out. Balenciagas new athletic shoes are clunky dad shoes in rather hideous colorways. Rucci has expressed disgust at the current Balenciaga brand using its name to sell such mediocrity, such tastelessness, and such ugly ideas. Balenciaga is currently popular due to appealing to the streetwear culture and pandering to nostalgia and historical touchstones. In short, they sold out.

Balenciaga Speed Trainer Triple Black

Brand: Balenciaga

Model: Speed Trainer

Key Features: The popular Balenciaga Speed Trainer is given a triple black makeover. The stealthy colorway allows the white Balenciaga logo on the knit upper to stand out.

Release Date: Available now


Editors Notes: There are not many things sleeker than a pair of triple black sneakers, which is why Balenciagas most sporty design had to also come in a triple black variant. The sneaker rose to prominence during the height of the sock-runner popularity. While not as popular anymore, its still a big part of the brands footwear offering, providing a sleeker alternative to the Triple S and the Track sneaker series.

Balenciaga Track Neon Green

Brand: Balenciaga

Model: Track

Key Features: The sneaker has a multi-paneled upper with cord laces. The layered sole features foam cushioning and a reinforced rubber outsole. With the midsole and the outsole done up in green, the bottom of the sneaker truly pops in contrast to the black upper.

Release Date: May 8, 2019

Price: Approximately $845

Buy: Balenciaga

Editors Notes: In early May, Balenciaga presented a new colorway of its Track Trainers. That time around the low-top silhouette was offered in black, with neon green accents. The predominantly black shoe was a more subtle option than the multi-colored version that was dropped when the style debuted. If youre into green Balenciaga sneakers but dont want something that totally dominates an outfit, this is a solid option.

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Nike Max 270 Running Shoes

For those looking for shoes that look like Balenciaga Track Sneakers, our favorite pick under that description has to be the Nike Air Max 270 Running Shoe. These shoes boast a similar look to the Track Sneakers and are offered in a range of colors.

They feature a lightweight design for a trendy and agreeable look. Theyre durable and available in so many great colors- not to overlook the wrap-around air unit that comes in handy for shock absorbency. The only gripe is that they may take a while to break in properly, especially if you have wide feet.

Fila Ray Tracer Tl Shoes

Cheap 2020 Balenciaga Speed Sock Stretch Knit Sneakers ...

We found this Fila Balenciaga look-alike to be quite affordable. The shoes are carefully made employing great texture and color that make them so unique and fun. Some of the pros include the chunky rope laces and comfortable outsole.

You will also find pull tabs that make it easy slipping on and taking off and mesh upper to ensure breathability. Some said that the shoes are a little hard to style, so you might want to stick to a plain design for a more casual shoe.

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Why Are Balenciaga Shoes So Expensive The Real Reason

Ever wonder what could make a shoe a regular footwear cost more than a months house rent?

Its not just you a lot of people, and we too wonder more often than not about the surges in the prices of luxury shoes especially those from luxury brands like Balenciaga which in most cases is basically an ankle sock with hard soles.

The question of the high cost of Balenciaga shoes, however, is not so much about the quality but also the status those shoes uphold. Balenciaga, of course, makes high-quality fashion products.

Balenciaga has had a reputation since its early days of uncompromising quality and has been called the master of luxury fashion by Christian Dior.

Asos Design And Knitted Sneakers

This pair of sock sneakers from ASOS boast the same sock-like fit, great sole, and futuristic cool that make the entire construction worth consideration. One would even say that the only difference between these shoes and the original Balenciaga is the price. These cost $50 and we cant stress enough how much of a difference that is from the $750 going up.

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Balenciaga Laced Sole Leather Derby Shoes

Brand: Balenciaga

Model: Laced Sole Leather Derby Shoes

Key Features: The derby shoes upper is made of leather with a classic Derby lace closure and round toe. It sits atop a bulky black midsole, which features multi-colored whipstitch detailing.

Release Date: March, 2019

Price: $900 to $1,090

Buy: TBC

Editors Notes: Led by Demna Gvasalia, Balenciaga gave the classic leather Derby Shoe an interesting update. The hiking laces threaded through the midsole evoke a certain Givenchy design which featured a chain-wrapped midsole. The sneakers were available in either a more conservative black colorway or a statement green colorway.

Balenciaga Speed Trainer Triple Red


Brand: Balenciaga

Model: Speed Trainer

Key Features: This Speed Trainer sees both the sock-like, knitted upper and the performance-inspired midsole reimagined in all-red, perhaps taking inspiration from Kanye Wests Air Yeezy 2 Red October.

Release Date: Available now


Editors Notes: Triple red, as long ago as the surprise-drop of the Red October may have been, is still in style. At least thats according to Balenciaga, who are offering an all-red version of its popular Speed Trainer silhouette. The sneaker rose to prominence during the height of the sock-runner popularity. While not as popular anymore, its still a big part of the brands footwear offering, providing a sleeker alternative to the Triple S and the Track sneaker series.

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Balenciaga Triple S Bred

Brand: Balenciaga

Model: Triple S

Key Features: The Balenciaga Triple S defining feature is its quadruple-stacked sole unit, which gives the sneaker a very bulky shape. The upper is constructed of a mesh base with leather overlays at the sides, heel, and toe box. Balenciaga branding is found on the side of the shoe, while oversized rope laces add to the exaggerated theme of the sneaker. This specific pair is available in black and red with white detailing.

Release Date: Available now

Buy: Balenciaga

Editors Notes: Balenciagas perhaps most famous and popular sneaker design, the four-sole behemoth that is the Triple S, is available in a black and red colorway. Nicknamed Bred, fans of Michael Jordans signature line will immediately know why and may be drawn to this colorway over others due to its cultural significance in the sneaker community. The design is a far cry from Jordan Brand sneakers but may present a healthy compromise between fashion forward and still in-tune with streetwear culture and retro Air Jordans.

Balenciaga Triple S Faux Smudge

Brand: Balenciaga

Model: Triple S

Key Features: The first pair features varying degrees of black, with faux distressing on the lower part of the mesh and nubuck upper, as well as the rubber midsole. The second colorway features a similar smudged black upper, but with a predominantly white midsole with black, red, and beige accents.

Release Date: April, 2019.

Buy: Balenciaga

Editors Notes: The ever-controversial super-chunky Balenciaga Triple S was released in two new smudged colorways in mid April. With new colorways of the style coming at customers hard and fast since its debut a few years ago, this faux-smudged design represented a new direction. Instead of just switching up colors, Balenciaga played with distressing and the above smudging to set its new colorways apart from older ones.

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Do All Balenciaga Shoes Have The Same Number

Lets break this down and see the flaws on the Balenciaga Track replica pair. The authentic pair of Balenciaga Track has this number less visible than the fake pair. This may interest you : American airlines baggage. The authentic pair have the number in the middle on the front of the sneakers, while the fake size number is almost completely visible.

Whats the number on Balenciaga shoes? They feature a round toe, black and white lace lacing, the iconic Balenciaga logo on the side and the magic number 44 embroidered on the toe in white that cleverly reminds us of the size of our feet.

Do the Balenciagas have different numbers? A very unusual detail of the Balenciaga Triple S sneakers is that the size number is on the toe, rather than on the inside of the shoe. First of all, this number should have a distance between the two numbers. As you can see, the fake does not have it, and the two numbers are practically merged with each other.

Balenciaga Triple S Sneakers

100% AUTH NEW Unisex Balenciaga Knit Speed Sock Black ...

Easily one of the most wanted styles by Balenciaga, meet the Triple S Sneaker. Sculpted treaded rubber sole gives this style a distinct modern twist that can be paired with everyday looks. Laced up for a comfortable fit, the colorblocked style has fine details from the back of the shoe with a grosgrain pull loop to the shoe size number placed at the toe. Youll find a wide assortment of colors to choose from that fits your style.

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What Are Balenciaga Shoes Made Out Of

The Speed Trainers made by Balenciaga are made out of a nylon double-knit jersey upper and have a sculpted rubber sole. The sockliner is made out of terry cloth. Their high-end boots, such as the Tiaga, are pure calfskin leather. Some of the pumps are satin lined. While the satin pumps must be kept out of the water at all costs, the Excavator is made of waterproof rubber.

These Under Armour Hovr Phantom Sneakers That Just Might Be The Most Comfortable Sneakers You Ever Wear

Promising review: “As a ‘shoe nerd’ and marathon runner I was really excited to try these shoes from UA! I loved the way they felt straight out of the box but even more so I liked how they felt on longer runs. The upper hugs your foot in all the right places and the cushioning system felt great. They fit true to size IMO. I typically wear an 8 in regular shoes and a 9 in running shoes. I went with the 9 and they were the perfect fit. To be honest, the shoes are so comfortable and fashionable that I don’t want to take them off after my run! They will definitely stay in my rotation for 13.1/26.2 training this year.” MilePosts

Get them from Under Armour for $140 .

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The Balenciaga Sneaker Buying Guide

Need some cutting-edge kicks? Balenciaga trainers have you covered with these can’t-go-wrong styles. Whether it’s the iconic Arena with its signature folded tongue or Racerunners in paneled suede and neoprene, you’ll want to wear Balenciaga men’s trainers with everything you own. Don’t miss the label’s crackled-leather high-tops or monochrome slip-ons either.

With a modern approach to design, Balenciaga has become synonymous with sell-out, sought-after sneakers. The high-quality standards are unmatched, and this Parisian brand has continued to innovate and rework classic silhouettes to create a range of recognizable sneakers. Luxe sneakers can be found as high and low-tops, tech-knit sock sneakers, the iconic Triple S, Speed, Track and many more. Below, our Balenciaga mens sneakers buying guide will help you find your ideal pair, the best size for you, and provide some tips on how to make them last

Why Is Balenciaga So Expensive

I Bought A Pair Of Balenciaga Sock Sneakers Off Of DHGATE!!!

Balenciaga is so expensive because it provides exclusivity and status. Its products are made with the highest quality raw materials. This may interest you : Handmade bags. You pay for an experience while shopping. The brand is popular and loved by celebrities.

Why is Balenciaga so popular? Balenciagas success was almost immediate in Paris and began numerous collaborations with the European aristocracy. As a contemporary pioneer of streetwear, Gvasalias designs of aesthetic sportiness combined with modern minimalism have placed Balenciaga as one of the most successful luxury streetwear brands.

Is Balenciaga worth the price? Although the quality of Balenciagas designs are one of a kind, they are not worth its high price tag. Brands like Balenciaga are able to mark their pieces thanks to their popularity. The more prestige it has, the higher the price. You also pay for an experience.

Who Really Buys Balenciaga? Domenico De Soles Gucci Group has acquired a 91% stake in famed fashion house Balenciaga, taking another step towards its goal of beating Bernard Arnaults LVMH to become the leading luxury conglomerate.

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Where Can I Get More Information About Balenciaga Speed Trainer

As we said before, the best sources of data for online shopping are the main online stores such as Amazon, Ali Express, Assos, Zalando or Carrefour among others. In these big stores you will be able to check prices, ratings, possible discounts and comments from other users.

But if you want in-depth details about balenci, you will have to do your own research. We recommend you to access Wikipedia and the OCU, where you will find very specific guides to many products.

In addition to all these sources, we also recommend you to search Youtube, where you will find thousands of videos about balenciaga shoes, although many of them are in English.

Please Read If Your Nervous About Ordering Direct From The Website Based On Bad Reviews

I was extremely apprehensive about ordering direct from the website due to the number of negative reviews on here, however decided to go for it. Ordered on 24/03/2021 shoes arrived 26/03/2021, extremely speedy service despite the website saying to expect delays due to brexit . Unfortunately the shoes were too small, I accidentally ordered 2 sizes down from my usual size instead of the recommended 1 size down. Again, I was apprehensive about returning. Organising the return through the Balenciaga website was extremely easy, the difficult part was navigating the DHL website. After some time I figured out I had to use the Waybill number from the prepaid returns label to organise my pick up on the DHL Express website. I started the return process on 31/03/2021 – DHL collected my shoes the same afternoon and the next day my refund has been received by Balenciaga and is in process at the bank – really pleased with the whole service and would definitely order direct from the website again!

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How Do Balenciaga Sneakers Fit

Aside from how much are Balenciaga shoes, do Balenciagas run big or small?

Heres everything you need to know about Balenciaga shoe sizing.

  • Balenciaga uses European sizing.
  • Balenciaga sneakers come in whole sizes: mens EU 39 to EU 47 and womens EU 34 to EU 42 .
  • Balenciaga oversized sneakers tend to fit a little larger than usual. If youre in between sizes, we recommend going down a size.
  • Balenciaga Speed sneakers fit just like socks: comfortable, and snug. If you have wide feet and are in between sizes, you might need to go up one size. Otherwise, go for your normal size.
  • If youre still unsure about which size to go for, read our shoe size conversion article.

Do All Balenciaga Bags Have Serial Numbers

Balenciaga High Toe Sock Sneakers in Black

All Balenciaga bags will have a leather tag on the inside with the Balenciaga name on the front and embossed numbers on the back. See the article : What causes bags under eyes. Please note that newer bags that do not have a metal tag have the letter printed on the back of the tag along with the items serial number.

How do I find my Balenciaga serial number? The numbers, found on the label, point to the model of the bag on the back of the label the same number should be found another combination of numbers.

Do all genuine bags have serial numbers? Most designer bags will have an internal label with a brand and a serial number. The internal labels must be hand-sewn or printed on the leather. Many designers also include authenticity tags on the outside of the bag.

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Balenciaga Track 2 Monochrome

Brand: Balenciaga

Model: Track 2

Key Features: The Balenciaga Track 2 is even more complex than its predecessor, featuring an upper composed of 176 separate pieces. A mesh base is covered in countless layers made of a mix of synthetic and leather overlays. Track 2 branding is present on the tongue, while Balenciaga branding is on the side and embossed on the toe of the outsole. A bulky, multi-layered mid- and outsole combination rounds out a techy look.

Release Date: Available now

Buy: Balenciaga

Editors Notes: The Balenciaga Track 2 is the brands latest high-fashion yet super-technical take on a retro sneaker. Its an update of the first-generation Track, with pre-worn layers that create an open-air structure, exposing the mesh base. A dual-density lightweight EVA sole gives the shoe that distinct high performance look. This specific colorway comes in either all black or all white and, ignoring the obvious exaggerated design, is the most subtle version of this sneaker available. If youre into old retro sneakers, as well as either all black Balenciaga sneakers or all white Balenciaga sneakers, this may be the right choice for you.

Balenciaga Speed Trainer History

The moment Paris-based couture brand Balenciaga dropped the Speed Trainer in November 2016, it was welcomed with raised eyebrows and heavy scrutiny. After all, the high fashion brand Balenciaga, which had its early roots as a favored luxury brand by Spanish aristocrats, was not known to venture into the world of footwear.

Except for a few design releases of chunky sneakers in the same year as the Race Runners and Triple S, some footwear critics would claim the Speed Trainer looked like a scuba shoe. Others say its just a sock with a rubber sole. Others with a keen eye for iconic kicks, meanwhile, welcomed it as a high fashion sneaker alternative as opposed to the regular sporty sneakers of top footwear brands.

With the initial word-of-mouth buzz and a few clicks of snaps posted on Instagram, the Balenciaga Speed Trainers were on fire with thousands of sneakerheads wanting to buy a pair. The fashion editorials and digital marketing strategies also helped a lot.

Aside from the hype, what helped convinced many fans to invest in a pair of the luxurious Balenciaga Speed Trainer is that it is insanely comfortable. With a pillow-like terry lining, knit jersey sock feel, cushy memory foam and a shock-absorbing wavy rubber sole that feels like a marshmallow on foot, these Balenciagas are truly capable of pampering the feet in a high fashion style.

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